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USS Invicta: Notable Quotables

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I enjoyed this non sequitur:

SD 239011.08: "Unpleasantries"

Would he have responded to the situation in such a way if he hadn't just been mercilessly examined and cross-examined? Not that he was alone in that; Harry Ross had, of course, been at the trial and had undergone the same meticulous examination; Saveron had experienced his own ignominious incarceration; and Rahman had, by Aron's own order, been stuck in a volcano.

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Saveron: One wonders how that effect is generated.

Ivanova: Too much candy...

That made me chuckle. I have a very clear picture in my mind of Misha's antics, thanks to Rich's writing.

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Yay! Mission accomplished!

Also, I have to say in regards to this...

:: As he and Ms. Gupta walked onto the bridge, they passed Lieutenant
Commander -- what was her name? -- Ramen, or something like that

Rahman actually takes her name from a friend of mine, who, yes, when he makes ramen noodles for himself, enjoys telling us how he's having a cup of his famous "Rahman noodles"...

::Groan/pained smile.::

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DeVeau: =/\= Ready to begin whenever you are, sir. Where shall we meet? =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Main Engineering. Have Dr. Parks and Professor Cowens join you. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\= Yes sir. On my way. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Good. ::Pause:: And for the last time, stop calling me, "sir." =/\=

DeVeau: =/\= Yes sir. =/\=

Well, I think we all know who Alora's Halloween avatar is going to be next year:


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  • 4 weeks later...

ROFL! I can picture this beautifully. :)

ZEME: Everyone okay?
::He looked back.::
::He looked around::
::He looked down the crevice.::
ZEME: Oh, crap.
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I must say I really enjoyed how Amanda fleshed out the scene in which Alora and Roshanara get captured. It starts out with some humor and light-heartedness after they just survived a fall into the cavern before it turns scary with the Orion. When Alora answered the RESPONSE tag with a bloodcurdling scream, I could hear it reverberating off of my walls, too. Nicely done!

Rather than just quote a bit, read her whole sim again with the missing tags filled in for context in its Top Sims nomination thread!

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Oh wow, thanks Rich.

I can really scream like that. I think I'll spare you guys though. I've already freaked out enough people with it. :-D

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This cracked me right up, but I have an odd sense of humor:

Maréchal-Ferrant : Hwhat do you mean, Captain Kells isn’t here?

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DeVeau: Well, before you move on to your next party, why dont you come

back to my quarters for a few minutes.

Handley-Page: Really?

DeVeau: Yeah, really.

Smooth, Leo. Real smooth. :P

Also, who knew Alora could be such a flirt?

Handley-Page: Superb! They have chicken legs!

Ah, I see why these two get along so well.

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Thing is, Alora might seem like she's flirting but she won't get that there's any innuendo behind what she's saying most of the time. It might hit her later, but not usually at the time it happens.

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What would Captain Manno be like as a superior officer? She'd only really had Kells to compare with, to be honest. She gleaned there was a sense of uncertainty from the woman, but about what? Her new officers despite the assurance of her Vulcan companion? Herself? Something else? Maybe Alora should give her a plant. Plants were happy.

Happy little trees...


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Rahman: As much as I commend your enthusiasm to help Ms. Vistain, if you are volunteering your time, then perhaps you'll join me in modifying the Bussard collectors. On the Mercury, we had developed some enhancements for their use in the Menthar Corridor, and I'd like to similarly adjust the Garuda's before we depart DSX.

Del is right. Rosh is a cruel woman.

::Sedrin did as requested, hoping that they would be able to complete the rest of the proecdures without losing any more articles of clothing.::

Hehe. Not often you see a Deltan out inuendo'd.

Handley-Page: Well.. hats are also nice?

Admirable effort, that man.

Edited by Saveron
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::Sian ran forwards, ignoring the slight limp in her false leg, and flung her arms around Trel?lis, and kissed her repeatedly on the


Handley-Page: You two know each other then?

So British.

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