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USS Invicta: Notable Quotables

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Core: Before you go, how are you with a hyperspanner?
::In mid-turn, Ryan paused and considered pretending he hadn't heard anything. It would no doubt have been easy to blame it on the white noise machines that were placed throughout the station to reduce the noise. But ignoring his exec? Even that was too brazen for him.::

King: A hipa-wha?
::Hyperspanner? The word evoked some type of tool used in a physical exam performed in Sickbay. Certainly not a tool Ryan had any idea or intention of handling any time soon. He wrinkled his nose as he looked back over at Core.::

Oh boy. XD

Edited by Tristam Core
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Kelrod: We all have our stories... the good thing is that as you two are new you're not in the same condition about me like the others. T'Lea knew me from a long time ago, we both knew us enough to acknowledge our rounds and edges. Right?

T'Lea: Rounds and edges?  ::a wry smirk::  Are you flirting with me?


That certainly made me go :ermm::whistling::sweating:

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Pandora: You have a list, Commander? Interesting. I had one myself for a while, though it was not generally considered an honour to be on it.

Whaaa??  What exactly would an android call that list?  I know what the human term would be. ;)

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::He nodded at the cobbler and moved out to the commercial sector with one additional gift recipient on his mind. Word had spread around ship that Jolara had given birth to her child. And as he had spent half of last night in lockup with her, he thought they had crossed enough of a threshold for him to get the new being a gift. He thought a moment at what made the most sense. A bat’leth, perhaps?

King: oO Too soon, Ryan. Too soon. Oo

Is it ever really too soon for a bat'leth? Really?



::  A crib was definitely something Jolara would need, along with other baby accessories.  T'Lea made a mental note to get her a years supply of diapers, and then something nice for the baby.  She smirked a little at her own joke.::

Jolara: =/\= Okay. Yeah sure. Whatever. =/\=

Pandora: response

T’Lea:  ::to Rune::  All is well here, so I’m going to ::looking at her soiled hands and uniform:: go set myself on fire.  

I laughed just a little too much when I read this.

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T’Lea:  This from a woman that doesn’t even date.  I am mildly amused at your attempt to fix a relationship, when you cannot even start one yourself.


Moonsong: Yes, I am well aware that I have no personal life. My patients do not look at me as a potential friend. Do I like it? No. But dealing with people like you and helping them to be at least content with their personal life gives me something in return.

:: Bullseye.  T’Lea had proudly struck gold for a second, until she realized just how kind of sad the confession really was.  Damn, she didn’t actually expect to feel sorry for Raissa.  She toughed up and thought about going for the throat, but took a different, more honest approach.::

T’Lea:  That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  You are more afraid than I am.

:: Honest, not soft.::


Another Top Sim nomination...

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Jolara: FINE! You and Lt. Tuk want to know the truth... I am sick of people trying to frak up my life. ::her eyes clouded with unwanted tears and her voice cracked:: Frankly I do not give a damn that the [...] who caused all of this is dead. oOLiar.Oo As a matter of fact, I am glad he’s dead. I wish I had been the one who did it. So there, you can put that in your damn report too!

Perhaps now is not the most opportune time for Ryan to show up with that Horta plush... :/

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Jolara: ::letting out a soft breath:: I would assume sensors would probably be useful.
:: It was still feeling rocky, but it was starting to come together.  Her amusement probably had more to do with a sense of relief that the meeting was working than the actual amusement, but it was still welcome.:: 
Walker: Good point.  :: She chuckled:: Very good point Commander.  Propulsion and helm are of limited use without them after all. 

Yes, better not drive at warp speed blindly...

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T’Lea: Ah, salted pork carcass. ::beat:: So, the original Captain’s chair finally arrived. I got it installed last night with a little help.
((USS Venture – Bridge))
:: And there it was sitting in its rightful place, the original Captain’s chair, fully restored to its majestic, uncomfortable glory.
:: T’Lea stood back with a holo-camera in her hands and took aim while the minions around her put the finishing touches on the rest of the consoles. In her viewfinder was little T’Sara seated in the captain’s chair wearing a replica command gold uniform.::
T’Lea: Smile.
:: Smiling was something T’Sara was already doing. She held up her hand in a Vulcan greeting and T’Lea snapped the holo image.::
T’Sara: Did ya get it?
T’Lea: Yes, Ma’am. How about we caption it before we send it to Della. What do you want it to say?
T’Sara: I gots one too!
:: The Romu-vulc chuckled, and added the caption, along with one of her own, "It runs in the family."::
T’Lea: Press send.
:: T’Sara’s tiny hand darted out and hit the correct command on the data padd.::
((End Flashback))


I must have this picture! Do we have an avatar for T'Sara? Photoshop Wizards, make it so!

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Ryan King: 
::He took a moment to try and think of a motivational or thoughtful thing to say. Only one thing came to mind.::
King: I hope you dance.

I laughed when I first read this.  Then I saw the video, and I went AWWWWWWW...

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