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  1. A great innovative post from my fellow Security/Tactical grunt Ensign @G'var. Great work! Holodeck 2 USS Veritas )) // Security Officer log - Stardate 239511.18 - Ensign G'var, reporting For the last two days Commanders Blake and Kelrod have been running the crew through combat simulations on the holodecks. Lt. Cmdr. Blake has assigned me the task of training the Gamma shift crew in close quarters drills. I have been assigned Security Chief Endilev along with Crewmen Bicondova and Welling. The Team and I have had little rest. We have been working through the alpha shift
  2. An excellent post by Ensign @Geoffrey Teller on board Veritas. Coffee aficionados of the world, unite! ((OOC: During shoreleave, a few days after the awards ceremony)) ::Between the full repair schedule and the personal project Teller had been working on, he hadn't had much time for sleep in the last few days. Exhausted and wiping his hands on his crumpled uniform pants, Teller took a moment to look around the converted conference room that had so occupied his waking hours with a smile. The place didn't look like much yet, but the parts he'd been able to scrounge or build had com
  3. I Spy on the trip back! (Hopefully) And so awesome you used Klingon!
  4. ...Inspiration. Mama Mia? Rahman and Blake?
  5. Yas! And... who are you calling little?!
  6. I've been refreshing gmail for this. Bahahahahahaha The idiot line: yes! I'm really starting to conceive him as Steve Martin in "The Jerk." Stretch out the clothes?!?! How dare you!!!! Poor Rune, he's going to be pestering you constantly now...
  7. Hailing frequencies will remain audio-only for the duration of our five year mission
  8. Bahahahahahahahahaha. Ok, I feel empowered now
  9. Perhaps now is not the most opportune time for Ryan to show up with that Horta plush... :/
  10. Oh I laughed so hard. I am in soooo much trouble
  11. ((First Officer’s Office)) ::There sat . . . lay . . . the Rodulan in his office, face down on his desk lightly snoring. He hadn’t managed to return to his quarters in time before he finally collapsed unconscious on top of the numerous PADDs waiting for him to sign off. He was out of uniform, having decided upon docking to Astrofori One, he was technically off duty. Or as “technically” as being First Officer would allow him to be off duty.:: Officer: =/\= Astrofori One to Commander Core. =/\= ::It roused him, if only barely, the man scrunching his eyebrows, his nose, before fina
  12. I'm rounding the home stretch on catch up (I know I should just jump in but I hate doing that out of respect for all of the amazing writing). A great one from Counselor Walker. I have a great deal of sympathy on this one.
  13. I liked the imagery from our guest simmer:
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