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USS Invicta: Notable Quotables

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Moonsong: Although Alora alone could now recharge a warp core with ease thanks to you.

::He took that to mean that Raissa could sense strong positivity from Alora. Saveron could only sense her mind, her emotions, when they touched. Raissa did not have that constraint.::

Saveron: Alora has always been a positive individual. My presence can only be part of that which influences her outlook.
::Vulcan for ‘Not my fault, not my responsibility’.::
::Raissa had to struggle to keep her amusement under control, but it did make her dark eyes sparkle.::
Moonsong: Saveron, while I cannot read you, I can read her. Since the two of you have taken your first steps toward a mutually agreeable relationship… Her joy in the situation is broadcast on a wide mental band.
::Well, alright. Maybe some of it was his fault.::
Seriously, I really wanted to ROFL. LITERALLY!
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Playing catchup on posts.

::Not that he could really talk, since he’d woken up on the floor of her apartment with the feeling that an incontinent tribble had spent the night in his mouth, and a Klingon was using his head as a training dummy. Good times.::

Gabi's parties have reach rock star status. Thank you, Ray.

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DeVeau: ~But...but...chocolate...~


DeVeau: ~Chooooocolate...~

::Alora resumed the slow pull of the bag.::
DeVeau: ~Come to me, preciousssss...~

::taps Alora's hand away.::
Moonsong ~There is a price for chocolate. ~
::Alora straightened and eyed her friend.::
DeVeau: ~I refuse to jump up and down, scratch my head and make monkey noises. I also don't like bananas.~
Edited by Nia Calderan
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::Saavok’s first impulse was to ask what the logic was behind that statement, but if there was something that he was learning about aliens it was that, when it came to personal preferences, there often wasn’t any. Misha hadn’t been able to provide him with a logical reason for his preference for sugary foods, but was quite adamant about it.

Yeah, that sounds like the little rascal all right. I can already see Lidia's disapproving stare.

Misha: But mama! Cookie!


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::It probably wasn't a good idea to get on Nairi's bad side. He'd killed Jonan relatively quickly and painlessly with a shot to the neck. Judging by how Nairi went to town on his own cloned corpse, Jonan had been lucky. It wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't make it just so obvious how much she'd enjoyed mutilating "him".::

She does enjoy her work. :whistling:

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TLea: As I was saying, we are seeking information, and a moment of Mr. Grazaks time.

Receptionist: Yeah, I dunno where he mights ought to be. Id hafta check and Im kinda busy right now.

:: She picked at her nail.::

Moonsong: ::softly:: He is in his office.

TLea: ::flatly:: Hes in his office. Start there.

Receptionist: ::huff:: Fine. Ill have a looksee.

:: She hit the comm and barked.::

Receptionist: Heyya boss, its me, Yenna, gotta couple of fancy looking hookers out here to see ya, you want I should let them in?

:: Raissa blinked and coughed. That was a new one for her.::

I feel like T'Lea and Raissa could have their own Law and Order spinoff...

Oh dear, I think I just gave Mandy an idea for her next video.

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Calderan: Heehee, well I think you need to get out more. Find yourself a decent man, or woman, or sentient android curious about its own existence, and kick your heels up!

Where's Data when you need him?

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::She heard T’Lea shout something. She had crumpled to the floor and decided moving at this precise moment would be bad. She glanced down and noted that the Gorn’s claws had ripped through her uniform as well.::

Moonsong: oO Crap… I’m doing a ‘Nia’. Oo

And Chythar missed this? Sad puppy!

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Core: Let's call it an incomplete water slide and leave it at that.

::She gave him one of those stupidly subtle Terran looks he wasn't able to translate yet and handed him the pile of clothing.::

Core: Thanks.

Loupaz: Meh. Not every day you get the opportunity to see your department head shirtless. I was curious.

::On one hand, he understood the feeling, having shared that same curiosity once upon a time, not too long ago - but when he shook those thoughts away, he frowned.::

Rahman & Mei'konda:


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Sometimes, the funny moments aren't even spoken:

DeVeau: I believe he knows something, sir more than he’s telling. I can’t say why, just a gut feeling.

Rahman: I don't mind gut feelings, commander. Lord knows they've saved my own life and those of my crew a number of times.

::Nara raised her eyebrow and Alora mimicked the gesture.::





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:: Chase's gaze settled on Rahman again, and it wasn't an idle look either.::
Chase: You know, I could fix that for you.
Rahman: ?
Chase: The doctor who worked on you obviously didn’t know what he was doing.
:: Say what now? Del's arms uncrossed in a hurry, and he was only saved from bellowing at the commodore by a swift look from Rosh that told him in no uncertain terms that she would handle it, thank you very much. ::
Aww! Noble Del. And nice job, Amanda, on making Chase a grade A a hole, haha.
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Core: =/\= Core to Invicta. =/\=

Shandres: =/\= Invicta here. Whats going on, Commander? =/\=

::Of all the people to pick up the call - it had to be the knight in shining armour. The man who could be thrown into just about any situation and still somehow cope without too many issues - Ki Shandres was to the rescue.:

That awkward moment when you realize your boyfriend has a crush/is best friends with your ex.


You say this now, but I joke not when I say that this section originally had "If Roshanara wasn't in the picture, he may have kissed him". B)

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You say this now, but I joke not when I say that this section originally had "If Roshanara wasn't in the picture, he may have kissed him". B)

Congratulations. You just earned this look.


Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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