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USS Ronin Quotes that will have you Ronin around excited


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Niac: Understood Chief...the Tholians and the Sheliak seem intent on destroying one another more than us.  I'm not sure if I should be relieved or insulted but if it keeps the ship together I'll take it.  

we are just a wee little ship @Karrod Niac!


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I was just putting that in here. It is proof that Vulcan's do, in fact, meddle 

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Once more, you beat me to showing @Alieth appreciation for the same quote. 

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This one is another one from @Ian OConnor. Sir. What prank are you about to pull on the Captain lol 😂



Second, it was time for something a little crazy…


O’Connor: =/\= Ensign O’Connor to Doctor Beck.=/\=


Beck: =/\= Response =/\=


O’Connor: =/\= “Operation Glowy Beard” is a go. =/\=



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@Hiro Jones dropping facts like it's hot on @Dekas Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. 


Dekas: Hell of a time. Hell of a time. I feel like there are a million different things putting me on the verge of tears from stress right now. Which didn’t used to feel embarrassing to say out loud, but it feels slightly embarrassing right now. I’ve been here less than five minutes, I-I shouldn’t be threatening to cry on you this early into this, you know? Not very professional.

The crack in his voice - that was strength. More than all the bravado of the Klingon fleet combined, the willingness to admit we aren't strong enough alone speaks of a strength that can overcome anything, because it draws in all the strength of those with whom we've surrounded ourselves rather than shoulder the full burden alone.

Jones: Professionalism be damned. We're two friends having tea, and you need have no fear of judgement from me. Tears are good. They're cathartic. If that's what you need right now, I support you. What's weighing on you, Dekas?


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