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  1. Honestly I had to include @Ian OConnor's whole sim here, too, it's just too good.
  2. @Ian OConnor with a really demented version of duck duck goose
  3. I don't have an easy way of explaining what I mean, but the more I read @Kirsty L. Carpenter's sims, the more Kirsty she starts to sound to me.
  4. @VLen Kel this feud with Rox just makes me laugh so hard every time it comes up now
  5. This has horrific ramifications for Beck's personal reputation despite his innocence. Hilarious work by @LuxaLorana
  6. @VLen Kel providing a very sweet and heartwarming scene between Kel and Rox
  7. @LuxaLorana making me laugh with how disgusted she is by the whole situation; special mention of @Alieth for delightfully playing along
  8. A secondary honk of laughter for @Karrod Niac from the same joint post
  9. @VLen Kel has done it again, made me honk with laughter, and at the exact same moment Beck was inspired to honk with laughter for some unknown reason
  10. @Ian OConnor's Ferengi npc making me laugh my backside off
  11. Special recognition to @LuxaLorana for giving me such great stuff to work with with Emzai, Kipal, and Drisila
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