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USS Ronin Quotes that will have you Ronin around excited


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Kel:  =/\= Rest of the crew is pretty good too.  Our chief engineer is Mr. Tucker, he and I were on an away mission with our XO Mr. Raga.  Two great guys.  Our Helm officer is Mr. O’Connor, he’s not as crazy as Nilsen but I’m giving it time.  Our tactical officer is uh ::distracted:: um Kristy ::shaking his head:: uh Commander Kristy Carpenter. =/\=

Hey, this is Nilsen. Just popping over here from the USS Moo Moo to let Mr O'Conner know that he is fully supported in his descent into crazy,

Please pretty please @Karrod Niac can you order @Marty Tucker to make the Ronin do a barrel roll?

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I meant to put this one from @LuxaLorana's MSNPC Emzai here yesterday. Thinking about V'Len Kel being a Trilldorian. Emzai is sus and I love her.


The ancient lady’s eyes fell upon the doctor as she gave him a polite nod to recognise his words. She knew some who'd like to have him in a lab, to be studied. Perhaps she'd mention it to Droz, he had peculiar tastes.


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Emzai turned towards the door and made a slow walk towards it. 

Kipal. You foolish Vulcan. 

She opened the door to reveal a small room, which was once a stationery closet. Large enough for a single bed and some shelves. 

On the bed was Kipal, he was seated upright, his eyes wild and dangerous. She stood at the bottom of his bed. 

Emzai: When we first met, you asked me if I was good at fixing things. Do you remember what I told you? 

Kipal cocked his head before he spat in her face. She didn't raise a hand to wipe it. 

Emzai: No. You don't remember much of anything anymore. I told you that I could fix anything, and I did. I came to this broken world and with you I fixed it :: tears fall :: and you broke it. All of it. 

End scene for Emzai. 

@LuxaLorana This is gorgeous in a very dark way.

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From our newest ensign @IsKah I'm LOSING IT. This is SO funny. "Probably doesn't know a calculator from an abacus" Dekas was gold shirt for years😆 The Audacity. I love it. 10/10



Dekas: I’m not sure we need to take a trip into the ocean just yet, if things go… not as planned we end up as a starship in a body of water that we weren’t intending to be in, and there’s still the matter of those in triage and medical with the extra people right now. But it’s a good idea in a pinch if we don’t have enough Valkyries to help out with the other plan.

Is’Kah: oO blue shirt, probably doesn’t know a calculator from an abacus. Why must the incompetent always put their beaks where it doesn’t belong? Shoo, let the grown-up engineers talk. Oo



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