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  1. Genkos looking his best in a jacket that may or may not have been Elmer the Elephant
  2. Well he *was* taught by me and Addison in the academy. He knew what to expect.
  3. Aww thanks buddy! It's my privilege and pleasure to introduce our current tormentors
  4. Okay, wow. @Meidra Sirin and @Yalu have knocked it out the park with this beautiful romance JP. This is how you do it folks. ((Holodeck One, USS Resolution)) The sea of stars above Meidra’s head were of Vulcan in early autumn, from the last night she’d spent with her father. They’d been up on the roof of the estate, talking about life and her upcoming kahs-wan. He’d been a gentle presence, logically talking through her fears and insecurities. He’d been the last man to ever truly love her. Her brother was close to her, yes, but none could replace what her father had meant to her. She lay on the simulated roof, hands behind her head, staring up at the flickering stars and T’Kuht, Vulcan’s sister planet. The man sitting next to her wasn’t real, but still, was her father. Sahriv: Ko-fu, you have not used this program in five point seven years. What troubles you? The counselor took a few minutes to gather her thoughts. She remembered the crunch of bone, the pain that she could feel through her emotional connection to Dwich. Then she remembered standing there helplessly as others tended to his injury. He must think her an idiot, or at the least, not caring about him at all. She stared up at the sky, not wanting to answer, but knowing she must. Sirin: I have committed a grave error. I have wounded a …. fellow crew member during a training exercise. I broke his arm. Sahriv: I see. Did you intend this harm? Sirin: ::sitting up to look at him:: Of course not, I was demonstrating a fighting technique and lost focus in my actions. It should never have happened. Sahriv: Perhaps. Did you make amends with this - crew member? One black brow rose at his question, and Meidra wished again that he could be real, and not the product of her skills with a holodeck program. She really needed one of his hugs, as illogical as that would seem. He had always understood that Meidra was not as in control of her emotions as his other children, but had never once made her feel less for it. Meidra picked at an invisible piece of lint on her uniform, biting her lip. The guilt was rising again, and she didn’t know how to get through this. Usually, Genkos would be the one she’d turn to, since he was her counselor, but she didn’t think that he was in any frame of mind to be compassionate. She wondered if there would be some sort of stern lecture once he had time to think about what she’d done. She looked at her father and shrugged as if it didn’t break her heart to tell him more. The first thing Dwich wanted to do after being discharged from sickbay was talk to Meidra. After what happened in the gymnasium, they’d still not spoken to each other. Dwich felt that the hours that had elapsed had turned a molehill into a mountain, and he wanted to fix it right away. The Prophets, through those to whom They chose to reveal Themselves, had taught Dwich not to let something so trivial come between himself and someone he cared about. He hoped she wasn’t beating herself up about it, but when the computer told him she was in Holodeck 1, he feared she was punishing herself in some kind of simulated Vulcan penance ritual. As the double doors slid open, Dwich was relieved to see that Meidra wasn’t chanting or self-flagellating. Rather, she was lying on a rooftop somewhere, speaking to a Vulcan whom Dwich didn’t recognize. He started to announce his presence, but she was in the middle of talking about him, and he stood near the control arch, waiting for the right time to interject. Sirin: He went to Sickbay and then I had to fill out a report for my CMO telling him how I’d broken one of the crew. ::glances at him with a wry grin:: Part of me thinks Genkos could be a fierce warrior if he let go of his perfect manners. ::she leaned back on her elbows, staring up at the sky:: The question is, what do I do now? Sahriv: Perhaps you stop hiding from this friend of yours and try to explain that you meant no harm. ::he looked at her critically:: You have feelings for this - Sirin: Dwich Her father shrugged, most likely realizing it was not a traditional Vulcan name. Sahriv: Dwich. You do not deny it. Meidra blushed a faint green and her father grinned. Since this was just a simulation, she’d programmed him to be able to smile openly. Usually that would give her comfort, but today it just made her miss him more. She wished that she could be saying these words to him and getting answers that she could not program into a hologram. Sirin: I believe that my feelings for him are quite intense. ::looks at him:: I may even ::a cough startled her and she looked over to see Dwich standing there, staring at her. The hologram of her father and the rooftop disappeared and she was left standing in the garden of the estate. Dwich took a few steps forward into the simulation, registering a momentary disorientation as the rooftop beneath his feet transformed into a garden. He continued to approach, hands in pockets, not wanting to make a big deal out of anything, but at the same time awed by her beauty and wanting nothing more than to embrace her. She took a hesitant step towards him, glancing at his arm. It appeared to be fully functional, but the memory of that crunch stayed with her. Had he come to express his desire to stop seeing her? She would not blame him, but it would not be easy to hear. She stood stiffly, trying to hide her apprehension. Sirin: How do you feel? Hamsan: Fine. ::looks down at his arm:: Good as new. How do you feel? How did she feel? Stupid, reckless, ridiculous. She settled on the emotion that seemed to overpower the others. Sirin: Guilty. Hamsan: I know. When everything happened, all I wanted was to talk to you, to tell you everything’s okay and not to be upset. But then everything got so panicky and the doctor was called and-- It’s like everyone conspired to keep us apart from each other. She could read his emotions even if she couldn’t read his thoughts. He wasn’t angry with her. In fact, he was quite happy to be with her. The realization of this struck her, and she wanted to… no, first, she needed to know that he understood that she hadn’t meant to stand there and watch him in pain. Sirin: Maybe that was a wise decision. I hurt you, then did nothing to help you. Hamsan: It was an accident. They happen. To be honest, ever since the class, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that moment when we were standing in front of everyone, and how much I wanted to kiss you. She stared at him for a long moment, replaying his words in her mind. She had realized that it had been an accident and yet had blamed herself with the harsh words of a grandfather that had never seen how much she truly wanted a family. She looked into his eyes and she knew the truth. Dwich was her family. And all she had to do was tell him. Sirin: Wanted? ::the beginnings of a smile crossed her face:: As in past tense? She moved slowly toward him, watching his eyes dilate. Hearing his breath quicken. As a scientist, she was quite intrigued by all of the biological signs that he wanted this moment with her to become more. As a female, she just knew that she wanted more. She wanted him. Hamsan: ::returning Meidra’s smile:: Past. Present. ::beat:: Future. Sirin: That sounds like a wonderful idea. Neither of them seemed to move, but as the seconds passed, they were suddenly close enough to touch. All she had to do was reach out and make the first move. A sense of calm elation came over her, conflicting emotions of excitement and peace, all because of this one man. Meidra’s gaze drifted to his lips, their breath mingling as time finally caught up with the moment, and she moved that last tiny inch to close the space between them. Whatever she thought she would feel was nothing in comparison to his arms coming around her, pulling her into his embrace. Her hands quickly found their way onto his shoulders as she leaned into him. A momentary gasp of surprise, then the warm rush of affection flooding her senses to the point where she knew that if he was not holding her up, she would not be able to stand. Breaking away to catch her breath, she looked up into his eyes, the only sound that of their heartbeats racing in time with each other. She laughed lightly, leaning in to kiss him again, her heart full. After a few moments, she looked up at him, letting him see everything she felt for him. Knowing that being in his arms was exactly where she was meant to be. Sirin: I’m guessing this means I’m forgiven. Dwich leant in closer, wrapping his repaired left arm around Meidra and placing his hand on the small of her back. Hamsan: As far as I’m concerned, it never happened. ::beat:: In fact, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Meidra laughed again, a freeing sound that made her believe that things between them would only get better now that she had stepped away from her fears of not being good enough for him. Sirin: I’ve wanted to tell you how I felt about you for some time. Hamsan: So have I. I love you, Meidra. And just like that, the last traces of self doubt evaporated into nothing, and she found herself saying words she never thought she’d have a reason to say to anyone. Sirin: I love you too. Lt JG Meidra Sirin Counseling Officer USS Resolution R239707MS0 & PNPC Crewman 2nd Class Hamsan Dwich Emergency Medical Technician USS Resolution NCC-78145 simmed by Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu Helm Officer USS Resolution NCC-78145 D238804DS0
  5. A superlative log and letter home which really pulls at the heart strings and also makes you feel pretty good! Nothing to do with my name drop, promise. ((Yogan & Iljor's Quarters, USS Resolution)) Sat at the small workstation he shared with the currently absent Yogan, Iljor read the letter that he had finished writing for the third time, making sure that nothing was left out or spelled incorrectly. Dearest parents, First of all, let me say how sorry I am that I haven't written to you since I last saw you during the graduation ceremonies on Starbase 118. It's not that I haven't wanted to write- I just haven't had the time. Humans have a saying that probably sums everything up neatly- I've "hit the ground running". Actually, it might not sum it up nearly (I don't think anything can)- but you get the picture. I'm not entirely sure what I can and cannot say just yet, especially since I'm only a small cog in the greater machine that is the Resolution. But keep an eye on the FNS feeds for news of a peace treaty between two races in The Borderlands. I wasn't directly involved in the mediation (mother, please don't tell everyone in Talmulna that I was. It's embarrassing!)- but I was aboard ship and I was kept very busy. Right now we're heading back to Deep Space 224- a kind of central focus for Starfleet and the Federation's presence here- for resupply, repairs and maybe taking on new personnel. Yes, you read that right- repairs. Please don't be too alarmed, everything is under control and I am okay. I promise. I can already hear the worry in your voices- so please believe me when I say I'm in fine health and I haven't been admitted to sickbay for anything! While I can't tell you about our mission (for the moment, maybe) I guess I can tell you about the people I'm serving with. To start off with I haven't actually met Captain Nicholetti yet. She's been off the ship for the past mission dealing with something to do with a previous mission at Starfleet Medical. I'm pretty low down on the "need to know" ladder so I don't have the full details- but I'm looking forward to getting to serve with her in the future. Our first officer is Commander MacKenzie. I've spoken with her a few times and she seems the sort of officer who was born to lead. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side any time soon. What surprises me the most, though, is how she seemed eager to hear my opinions during this past mission. I know Resolution is a small ship but I still didn't expect to have any input of important decisions- but Commander MacKenzie seemed intent on getting my thoughts. I wouldn't say I have her ear yet- and I'm certainly not going to be checking her pagh any time soon, but I was honored by her interest in me. The CMO- Doctor Adea- is also our second officer. To be honest with you both- I really like him. He's very warm, approachable and friendly an he has a very funny sense of humour. He was my onboarding liaison and made me feel very welcome. Also insisted on me calling him by his given name, which threw me. From what I can tell, he seems very popular aboard the ship- it's certainly easy to see why. There's a charm about him. He was the leader of my away team and just like Commander MacKenzie, he made it a point to take onboard my findings and my thoughts. I've probably spent most of my time so far with Counselor Sirin. Don't worry, I'm not homesick or depressed or anything like that. We've worked together quite a bit and that's translated to a few lunches and conversations. She's interested in history- so of course I've enjoyed our chats a lot! There's quite a bit of gossip about her going on aboard ship, something to do with a prior shore leave and there definitely seemed to be…. something…. with her and Commander MacKenzie. A kind of uneasiness. I don't know. I've never been good at that kind of thing. Anyway, I'll keep out of it. But I'd say she's easily become my best friend aboard the Resolution. I'm rooming with a Trill- Lieutenant Yalu. He's joined, trained as a doctor but is the ship's pilot and is a mountain of a man. As broad as he is tall. That said- he's very kind and dare I say… sweet? He's invited me to travel with him and a few others to Trill in the next few days. It's part of a ritual a Trill host has to undergo. The zhian'tara. Its fascinating. I'll be embodying a previous host for a while so that Yogan can talk to…. oh you know what, I'm going to get on one of my tangents if I carry on. Look it up! But don't worry… nothing can go wrong. It's all very controlled and carried out by Trill guardians. I'm still getting to know everyone else. Lieutenant Sherlock is the one who looks after us all and seems to be fiercely devoted to the ship. We've shared a drink in the mess hall and I think we're spending some time together with Counselor Sirin on DS224 before I leave for Trill. I'm looking forward to that. I don't think I've seen Ensign Yellir sit still. Actually I don't think she knows how to. She's a fellow science officer and it's been nice to 'geek out' with her. She also has the most vibrant purple hair I've ever seen. Seriously. It's amazing! I've worked briefly with two engineers- Commander Amari and Ensign Nox. I can't really say much about them since I haven't had the chance to get to know them yet. Maybe in my next letter. I don't know when I'll be able to come home. The Borderlands is quite a distance from Bajor and its rarely quiet. There's always something going on, or a new system to chart, or a new spatial phenomenon to probe. But the first chance I'll get to come home, I'll take it. I miss you both and I miss the farm. Speaking of which… how was last month's katterpod harvest? Did it top last years? Is Grola still trying to sell you that plychyk dung fertiliser? Don't give in, father…. it'll ruin the soil not matter what she says otherwise. Trust me, I'm a scientist. A qualified one now. Wow…. feels weird writing that! Next time you see Areja say hello for me. She still makes the best pot of tea. Anyway, I hate to cut this short but I have to go. There's a self defense class that I promised I'd show my face at. And I've got a report to write on some long range sensor telemetry that I've been asked to analyse. It's nothing- just some elevated background radiation that no one will care about- but I want to get it done sooner rather than later. I love you both. May the Prophets light your way, Your ever loving son, Iljor. Satisfied that he had covered everything he had wanted to, he pressed a finger to his lips and kissed it, then transferred it to the screen. With a wistful and slightly melancholic smile, he hit the send button. -- Ensign Etan Iljor Science Officer USS Resolution C239302TW0
  6. For once, we’re not going to be asking about relationships, but STARships. One thing Star Trek has done really well in their fifty-plus year history is that almost every show has a completely different style of spaceship on which the stories take place, and in many of them, the ships themselves almost become characters in their own right (certainly I think the Deep Space Nine and the USS Voyager have distinct personalities). So, our question this week is, should a new series be commissioned tomorrow, what kind of spaceship would you like to see our heroes (or villains) flying through the stars? The original Enterprise had the most wonderful colour scheme (why doesn’t anyone else have lavender walls and bright red grilling?) that is very much a product of the time (it’s the 60s! Throw in every colour for new televisions!) and I’m really hoping that when Strange New Worlds starts, the Enterprise looks as mental as it did in the Original Series. The Enterprises D/E had that giant, massive, humongous entire-culture-on-a-ship vibe, which was really interesting (why don’t we ever see anyone else getting their haircut on a ship) and is something that a new series could explore in more detail (Cetacean Ops anyone?), whilst Deep Space Nine had that we-can’t-go-anywhere-so-bring-the-plot-to-us vibe on their immobile space station. Again, a future series could show us a lot more than *one* promenade and half a dozen offices, and an anthology series exploring the different lives of the different people on board could be cool. Then, with Voyager and the Cerritos, you have smaller, more specialised spaceships that perform completely different roles in the fleet. And the less said about Archer’s Enterprise, the better… (jokes). What kind of ship would you like to see focused on in a future instalment of the fleet?
  7. I was fully prepared to scream "ANCIENT ROME, ANCIENT ROME" until I went hoarse, but actually, upon seeing your options, the idea of travelling 30 years is fascinating. That's an inconsequential amount of time in the long run, but in personal history so much could change. Not to mention if we look at how society has changed in the last 30 years ourselves is just astonishing. I would love to do that as a mission. Especially considering the length of this group, who's to say we won't reach there anyway.
  8. Now Star Trek has a history of tugging at our heartstrings, from the “his was the most… human” speech at the end of Wrath of Khan, to the death of Data at the end of Nemesis (okay, the rest of the film is kinda trash, but still his sacrifice is pretty emotive). But both of those examples come from the films, which are given two, two and a half hours to make us cry, as well as the weight of seasons go past. However, even in the forty five minutes of a regular episode, there are still some incredibly powerful moments in the Star Trek ouvre. This might be more telling of what makes me cry than is possibly comfortable, but hey here we go! Naturally the first is Inner Light which often tops lists of the best ever episodes of the Star Trek canon. Picard with the flute at the end is guaranteed to break even the stoniest visage into at least the one tear, right? Next one is a bit more of a wild card, but I rewatched it recently and the end is simply heartwrenching. Innocence, a season two episode of Voyager, is the one where Tuvok has to look after the children on that asteroid, and they’re disappearing one by one. Turns out in the end that (questionable biology aside) that the kids are actually the aged members of this society and they are going off to die. Tuvok’s final speech at the end of the episode, reassuring the little girl that death is a natural end, is gorgeous. Another strong contender is of course Deep Space Nine’s The Visitor - who can forget Jake Sisko’s final sacrifice to save his father and undo that timeline? Continuing our DS9 sob-fest, why not Hard Time? That’s the one where most important Starfleet officer of all time, Chief O’Brien, lives in prison for 20 years, and is driven to murder and almost to suicide… Powerful stuff. Finally, we have the absolute classic TOS episode, City On The Edge Of Forever, in which Kirk has to stop McCoy from saving the woman Jim loves in order to save the timeline. Beautiful in its simplicity, this episode will always have a place in my heart. Have another suggestion? Let us know in the comments!
  9. Oh I wish I'd put this in the options now!
  10. One of the big things that Trek loves to do, and probably one thing I enjoy most about the shows, is that they drop in historical events like candies to be picked up and chewed on. Most of them are, unfortunately, wars, but many have led to fascinating diplomatic situations. And the overwhelming majority of them are only mentioned in passing, and it is left to others to extrapolate or hypothesise what these events might have been about, how they came about or how they finished. So, this week’s question is to ask what you would like to see expounded upon in the Star Trek lore? I have detailed a few suggested time periods below (mainly wars, I’m afraid) but please drop any others you can think of in the comments! How might they be expounded upon? Perhaps in a time-travel episode (or two-parter, because who doesn’t love those? I’m looking at you Mark Twain), a Short Trek, or maybe (and personally, I’d love this) a Trek-themed anthology show that travels throughout the ages. Sure, many of these have been written about in novels, articles and online roleplaying groups, but which would you like to see “officially” represented in a show? So, some time periods that I think I’d quite like to see more about. First up, we have the Eugenics Wars, the origins of Khan Noonien Singh and his Augments; set before any of the shows as we know them, the Eugenics Wars would make an interesting, if bloody, addition to a show. The Earth-Romulan War is a fascinating part of our history, especially considering that humans took such a beating; possibly too dark/bleak for a Star Trek show, it would certainly provide a contrast. The Temporal Wars offer a time-hopping series of adventures that would give Janeway a headache, but might still entertain. What about seeing more of the Xindi before they met Archer and the Enterprise? Or finding out how the Kelpians made peace with the Ba’ul by the time Discovery [REDACTED]...
  11. This a beautiful ending to a storyline by @Meidra Sirin, a character at the end of their rag, forced to murder and suicide. ((Bridge, the Megalana)) Teril was not a good being, that was never in question, but he was not proud of how his life had turned out. Fighting the weak was not part of the mercenary code he’d followed his entire life. You kill those who have what you want, but you do it and move on to the next score, you don’t become part of the established cruelty. He found his way to the communications area and frowned. What he was planning was considered treason, but truth be told - Teril was tired. Tired of pretending to enjoy the boring, pointless existence he had been living as one of Lo’Thar’s lieutenants. He sent a message to the other ship, and waited in the silent command center of a doomed ship. Soon, an answering beep to his message came through. The warm bloods were willing to talk again. He had the feeling that they liked to talk quite a bit. Pushing the appropriate button Teril took a deep breath and sealed his fate. Farrel: Response Not the pretty bird...he vaguely wondered where she’d flown off too, he would have enjoyed seeing her again. No matter, there were greater things to sort through now. Teril: Resolution - I grow weary of thissss game. Lo’Thar isss dead. I am in command. I no longer think wasting resources of chasing your pitiful ship a good plan. Farrel: Response Teril ::glancing down at Lo’Thar’s corpse:: There wasss a….difference of opinion. It hasss been resolved. Teril could feel the alien presence in his mind again, a calming influence - he doubted she even knew she was doing it, but still, he was grateful to have it during this last exchange. He bowed to the screen, knowing that this would have angered Lo’Thar by its implied respect, and he felt even lighter now. He sent a silent thank you to this….Meidra….who gave her sense of peace to those who did not deserve it. Farrel: Response Any: Response Though they did not need it, Teril felt that he would give these people a basic understanding of why they had found themselves in this situation. He paused, not knowing why it mattered to him to explain, only that if he was to rid himself of the stench of Lo’Thar’s incompetence, he must begin with this explanation. Teril: Our people have used this tunnel in space to draw in prisoners for years. We’ve let them die to feed our machines, we’ve used that energy by ssselling it to the highest bidder. We have become ssstale cogs of a machine that bringsss no glory. It will be ended. I’ve sent the necessary information to your data banks. Tell your people on the planet to get far from the refinery, or they shall perish with the guardsssss. You have exactly two hours before it will be too late. Farrel: Response Any: Response Teril: Sssoon, reinforcements will arrive to help Lo’Thar’s pathetic quest for power. When they arrive, they will see a burning pile of death. This machine was a prototype, the only one built. When it issss gone, I will have no reassson to remain. It was ::searches for word:: entertaining to meet you. Tell your captain that I regret never hearing her sssssing for me. I’m sure she would have been my favorite songbird. He didn’t wait for an answer, switching the screen off. He did not have long before the soldiers arrived. He put in the code to start the self destruct sequence, knowing that merely crashing the craft into the buildings below would not give the explosion he required to send his soul into the warrior’s afterlife. Once he was certain that the little ship had received the instructions on how to reverse their trip through the anomaly, he sat back and contemplated how this mission had gone wrong, yet somehow had ended in the perfect way for all involved. Farrel: Response Teril ignored the summons, his work was done, his life done as well. He allowed himself a few moments to reflect on his actions, knowing that the repercussions would echo through Sau history for years to come. There would be no second machine. There would be no reason to harvest slaves for the comfort of the elite. He could almost pretend he was a hero, instead of a weary soldier for hire, tired of his very existence. Somewhere, on a small planet, Lo’Thar’s wife would hear the news of her husband’s passing. She would hear that his small craft was pulled into a malfunction of the machine she had helped create. Perhaps she would feel guilt that her work had killed her mate, perhaps relief. Teril would have no one to grieve his death, as his father had declared him dead to his clan years ago. Putting in the coordinates to his final glory, he instructed the computer to play a lullaby his nanny had sung on the cold nights of his childhood. It was fitting to be lulled into the final sleep in such a way, not as the hardened mercenary he had tried to be, but the lonely boy who never had a home of his own. He grinned as he realized how maudlin his thoughts had become, watching as the instrument panel warned him of his reentry into the atmosphere while being in self destruct mode. As the song floated into his memory, he could almost imagine seeing his mother’s face, beckoning him to her side. He closed his eyes and sat back in the commander’s chair, ignoring the computer’s warning that the ship was on a dangerous course that would likely kill him. As the ship made its final burst of speed and crashed into the refinery, his last thought was that he had finally found the true meaning of glory. End scene/life Teril - Sau Commander Simmed by : Lt JG Meidra Sirin Counseling officer USS Resolution R239707MS0
  12. Well @Alieth, IC I guess I'd like to advance a bit here. I've got some mission ideas bubbling around in my head, I'd like to get them onto paper and then maybe actually use them on the Res. OOC - I'd like to get back into my theatre stuff. Admittedly that's less to do with me, and more about the whole 'plague' situation.
  13. So we're now two weeks into the new year, be that 2021 for the writers, or 2398 for our characters. We've shrugged off the festive coma, started working out to get rid our beer bellies, eaten the last of the Christmas chocolates, and polished off the last of the port. So now is the absolute perfect time to look at some good old fashioned New Year's resolutions (and not the New Year Resolution, which is to do with one of our ship's current missions); what are your Starbase 118-related resolutions and goals? Perhaps you'd like to get yourself a shiny new pip for your character, or make a Department Chief position (even if that comes with a buttload of extra PADDwork)? If you really like paperwork, perchance you'd like to embrace it and become a member of our beloved staff? Maybe you have a personal storyline that you'd be looking to expand upon, draw to a close or open up for the first time? What about relationships? You could forge new friendships, reopen old rivalries or maybe you want to make that special love connection? Or is it possible you've got a more out of character goal? Maybe you'd like to join a taskforce (or even facilitate one) and ensure that our community continues to grow and grow! Might you just want to continue to learn and develop as a writer (I know this is arguably my most consistent goal); do you have active steps you want to take, or do you just learn by doing and reading other's work? It's feasible that you've got a goal that even I couldn't foresee! If so, we'd be thrilled if you told us what it was in the comments. Heck, even if you pick one of the available options, please do let us know what precisely you want, and maybe even how you plan to achieve it!
  14. We rarely see the holiday season in the Star Trek franchise; with a plethora of cultures, species and systems of beliefs, that makes perfect sense. Ignoring that one scene with Jean-Luc spending a Christmas in the Twilight Zone, I mean, um the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations, of course. So... if we did get a one-off Christmas episode, who would you rather spend it with? Rocking around the Christmas tree with Data, Crusher and Riker (his leg posed on a large snowman)? Having a happy Hanukkah with Kirk, Spock and Bones? Spending Winter Solstice with Archer on the original Enterprise (and not just because it's the shortest day of the year)? Perhaps you'd like a krazy Kwanzaa with Janeway doing that face parents do when you open your presents and they know exactly what they've got you? Chakotay, of course, wouldn't have a clue what he’d got you, and Neelix would make a banging dinner. Perfection. But of course, there are plenty of other options of winter holidays that you could choose from; but that’s not what we’re asking for here. What we want to know is WHO would you choose to spend some time with over the holiday season? Below there are all the different crews from the Star Trek shows to choose from, although I’m sure some of you might select a crew not from one of the lead ships. Perhaps you’d rather spend an extra cold Christmas with Shran and the rest of his Andorian band? Or maybe take in some bloodwine at a Klingon opera with Gowron and his magnificent stare? Whatever you choose, let us know why in the comments section!
  15. Where everyone knows your name...and exactly how much you have in your bank account
  16. Spin offs are part of the lifeblood of television; did you know that one hundred spin offs are commissioned every year? Me neither, I just made that up. Now, we all love spin offs; Joey, Mrs. Columbo, and Baywatch Nights come to mind as my favourites. Not really, they're unmitigated disasters... Although check out Mrs Columbo for a pre-Voyager Kate Mulgrew. Also cheeky guest appearances from Rene Auberjonois and Andrew Robinson. But there are good spin offs; and every Trek is a spin off in some way or another. Obviously TOS started it all, and from that we got TNG and then… you get the idea. Picard was almost a second generation spin off, coming as it does off TNG. But the question is, who should get the next Picard type spin off solo series? I for one would love to see a spin off about Reginald Barclay's explorations throughout the galaxy along with BA Bara'cus his Klingon engineer, the Changeling Face and their Vulcan leader T'Hannibal. Not my best work, but you get the idea. An anthology series about the Doctor from Voyager's adventures through time might be fun! As an immortal computer programme, the Doctor could appear at any place and at any time… Like another Doctor I could mention… And what about the koala that the universe rides on the back of? What's his deal? And what's he smiling about WHAT DOES HE KNOW?! Or do you have a better idea (not hard I warrant)? If you do, let us know in the comments!
  17. What I really like about this is the way it forms a superlative coda; Ypartin attempted an unsuccessful coup against the Da'al people, and Zeneth (with a little help from Starfleet) thwarted it. Or perhaps he thwarted it himself... But most importantly, they used to be friends... Well done guys! E (( Detention Facility No. 1 – Vman, Da’al Capital City )) Ypartin had lost track of time. Without windows, clocks, visitors, he had become disconnected from the passage of time. Even the arrival of his meals was irregular, unpredictable. All he could do was wait. But for what he was waiting, that was less clear. The Da’al political system was characterised by ever shifting alliances, and prime ministers had often been brought down by loss of confidence. But this had always been a procedural matter; it had never been the result of a popular uprising. This was uncharted territory for Ypartin himself, as well as those who would prosecute him for his actions. The exterior door to his cell unexpectedly slid open and in walked Zeneth, being escorted by a uniformed detention officer. Ypartin stood and took a step forward, toward the force field which separated them. Ypartin: This is a surprise. Zeneth: I realize you thought our positions would be reversed. She moved a bit closer to the force field, disappointment in her eyes. This was the man who had taken her from a university internship and hand picked her to go into her role as military advisor. He had been there when she’d insisted that before she could advise, she had to first go through the same intense training that all military recruits endured. He had been there when her beloved father had died. And now - he was there still, behind a field of energy that separated them. She sighed, realizing that in truth, they had been separated for a long time. This was awkward, and Ypartin didn’t enjoy it one bit. Undignified in his prison jumpsuit and days’ worth of facial hair growth, he felt haggard and unkempt, the polar opposite to Zeneth. She projected an air of confidence and competence in her uniform, which boasted an additional medal or two that Ypartin didn’t recognize. Ypartin: What are you doing here, Zeneth? Zeneth: I wanted to see you. There are still things that need to be said between us. Ypartin: Seems to me like you already have everything you want. The Federation trusts you. The Klingons respect you. Our people support you. You have managed to achieve in a matter of days something no leader has accomplished in centuries. What could you possibly want from me? Zeneth: An explanation. An apology - an argument. I don’t know - give me something, Ypartin. Let me understand how this happened to a man I have admired for so long. Explain how you thought your plan was for the good of anyone but yourself. ::she almost started to cry, but took a deep breath and leveled her gaze at him:: Give me one valid reason you did this. Zeneth would not look away from him. It was like she was seeing him for the first time and wondering if there had been signs of his discontent from the beginning. Ypartin: I don’t see the point. I think everyone knows what is going to happen to me. Despite what my appointed legal team says, I am certain that my trial will be brief, and merely a formality. What purpose would there possibly be in my saying anything now Zeneth: It would bring closure for a chapter that should never have been written. You can still salvage your dignity, and leave a better legacy than betrayal. You can prove to your people that you did, in fact, care for their welfare. ::she blinked back tears:: You can prove to me that our friendship was not a lie. Zeneth saw something flash in his eyes so quickly, she wasn’t sure it had been real. She looked down at her feet, not knowing what more she could say to get the answers she needed. She was beginning to think this was a waste of time, when he spoke. Ypartin: It wasn’t. Ypartin too struggled to look Zeneth in the eye. Nothing he could ever do or say would undo what had been done to the people, the planet, and the government. But he could at least try to mend things with his friend. Ypartin: Zeneth, I– I am sorry. For everything. I regret what I have done to you. Zeneth: To me? That I could almost forgive, but your actions put our people at risk. They need to believe in their government. ::she paced, frustration in her every word:: They need to move forward knowing they are still safe. Ypartin: You are right. Our people need to move beyond this moment of madness. To regain their faith in their leadership. ::beat:: In us. Zeneth: ::incredulous:: In us? There is no us, Ypartin. Your actions have shown you to be a spineless coward. You will be lucky if you ever feel the sun on your face again. No, here you remain, awaiting trial. ::biting back a sob:: a monster that in my naivety, I helped create. Ypartin bristled at how plainly Zeneth spoke; how quickly she laid down the law. Ypartin knew it would be futile to argue this point. Ypartin: I understand. My political career is over, and rightly so. I know I am not deserving of mercy, but I am sincere in my desire to make things right. If only to you, and to our friendship. Zeneth folded her arm across her chest, trying to keep calm. She motioned to the nearby guard to raise his weapon and lower the force field. She threw the holographic base at him, then had the guard raise the shields again. For a moment she saw him as he’d been five years ago when he’d been chosen as Prime Minister. His eyes finally met hers and she stood up straight as she spoke. Zeneth: This is the only thing left of our friendship. I have no need for it, but I think that it could prove beneficial to you when the time is right. We will most likely never see each other again, Ypartin. I will pray to the Goddess for your safe journey, no matter how you access that path. With that, she turned away and started to leave the room. At the door, she paused, without looking behind her and whispered a final farewell. Zeneth: Goodbye, my friend. Zeneth left, taking the guard along with her, and once again Ypartin was alone. He sat down on the cot in the corner of his cell, feeling the sting of yet another shame. On the floor in the opposite corner lay the item that Zeneth had given him–well, thrown at him. He stood and picked it up, accidentally activating the holographic projector in the process. The image it displayed made his throat tighten and his face flush with emotion. The smiling faces, the friendly embrace. It felt like forever ago, and in a sense, it was. Ypartin set the base on his bedside table and laid down, keeping his eyes fixed on the image frozen in time, as if he could make a psychic connection across the years to his former self. He pressed the button to deactivate the project, but instead of switching off, it changed to a different image, one Ypartin didn’t recognize. He looked closer at it, and his eyes widened when he realized what Zeneth had given him. Contained within the holographic image were a series of security override codes, written directions, guard shift rotation schedules, everything he would need to make an escape. Ypartin grabbed the device and read them again and again, committing them to memory. According to this information, he would have to act quickly, and there was no opportunity to attempt it again if he failed. ((Da’al Homeworld, Vman - Private apartments of Zeneth)) The dawn came slowly over the mountains in the distance, the colors of a new day blended with the remnants of the previous night. She watched her falcon flying in the distance, welcoming the day. The reinstated Council had wanted her to consider becoming the next Prime Minister, but she had no stomach for such things. She recommended her most trusted officer, General Ulner, for the post, and he had been chosen as acting Prime Minister until the next election. She closed her eyes and let herself fall into the river of time, her mind going back to the moment she’d given Ypartin the access codes. She saw him realize what he had, and what he’d lost. She felt his remorse through the echoes of time, and bit her bottom lip to keep from crying. A final vision of him safely getting to the small craft she’d left unattended filled her mind. She opened her eyes to see Perra soaring high above her, free yet still bound to their planet, and thought of Ypartin’s words the day they’d met. “One day, when our people are ready, there will be nothing stopping us from truly being free to explore all that we can be. There’s an entire universe waiting, Zeneth. We just need to take that first step.” A frantic call from the officers monitoring the skies told her that an unauthorized vessel was leaving Da’al but she quietly told them it was a funeral shuttle for a fallen comrade. It was on a course into deep space. She watched the bright speck rip through the sky until it disappeared, then silently, decidedly, walked back inside, closing the door to her home and her heart. (( vessel Zhupan – the next day )) Ypartin looked at himself in the mirror, freshly showered and clean shaven for the first time in too long. By looking at him, one would never have been able to guess the ordeal he’d been through in the past week. Escape from prison itself was simple enough, but getting offworld was another story altogether. A series of near-misses and almost-failures hadn’t deterred him, and he’d managed to leave Da’al exactly as given in his instructions. Now, having made it safely out of Da’al space, and onto a he had the opportunity to think for the first time about what he should do next. He was young, barely 46 years old, and despite the indignity of being a deposed leader, it didn’t feel right to just go quietly into insignificance. Maybe not soon, but someday, he would return.
  18. When your female sibling needs a hand moving the boat she's in. Give your sis a row. Cicero. You may commence laughter.
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