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    I am an historian. Mostly military history. I am an avid reader. I also enjoy PC games. Mostly RPGs and simulations.

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    USS Gorkon
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  1. 1...2...Cory's coming for you. 3...4...better lock your door. 5...6...grab your crucifix. 7...8...gonna stay up late. 9...10...never sleep again.
  2. "Oo, I love this town! Love it like you might love a mother who popped you out on the steps of an orphanage and now stops you to ask if you got a smoke for her!" Stanley, speaking to the world live via radio.
  3. My character Cory joined to leave the area where he was born. He did not do very well in school so he enlisted in Starfleet. A freak accident gave him a chance to go to the Academy and become and officer.
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