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  1. I completely forgot I made this until now! Please welcome to the stage - Caitríona Cayne
  2. Welcome everyone! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. It's really fun and everyone is so nice and welcoming - so you made the right choice in joining
  3. Praying for a spin off! Just to have more of her 🙌🏻
  4. Marked my answer as a spoiler, just in case it could be considered one for someone who hasn't watch Star Trek Discovery yet
  5. Hi all! Dia dhaoibh! My name is Ally. I am from Ireland and I am looking forward to enjoying my time here with you all. So I used to actually be a member of SB118 a long time ago, although I think back then I wasn't as grown, or mature as I am 25 now. I think back during those days of my life I had a lot going on and couldn't commit to simming as much as I would have liked and to be honest I felt a little bit of a let down for my team! (I played Kotir Arith on the USS Mercury, but again, that was a while back now! - maybe it will be a bit confusing, as my name was Alan back then but I have since started transitioning in RL) I have more time on my hands now, and I think I am in a good space and maturity to enjoy the roleplay and appreciate how much it can help me grow as a writer! A bit about me, I studied Film and Screen Media with English at University and I am going back this September to get another qualification in Computer Science. I’m very tech savvy, having previously worked as customer support for Google and Blizzard (as a temp Game Master for the BFA launch ). I hope I get to make a lot of new friends and reconnect with people who I enjoyed speaking with when I was last here.
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