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  1. This has to be the most repugnant description I have ever read and I tell you what, I absolutely loved it.
  2. Mirra we need to have a chat about something called World War One...
  3. Way to kick a Gorn while he's down, that was some seriously funny shade.
  4. ((USS Albion - Trauma Room 1)) ::Having received the call that haunts the dreams of everyone in teal, Mirra sprinted as soon as the lift doors opened enough for her frame to slip through. She arrived through in Sickbay just moments after the mobile gurney. Stopping outside of the surgical ward, she hastily stripped her lab-coat and briskly walked through the bio-filters, finally to step into the room, arms outstretched. Within moments, she was scrubbed up and mask in place. Time to go. She listened intently while various members of the trauma unit called out numbers and codes. Having read the preliminary report, one would expect to be prepared for the scene in front of her. Blood was everywhere, fresh blood, pouring from a mangled, mass of muscle, bone and scale where his arm had once been. His uniform was being cut away at the same time that frantic actions were being taken to stem the bleed. Mirra fought hard against her emotional instinct that would bring her to her knees. It wasn't time for that, and she would be damned before she'd allow that be the final outcome. Steeling herself, she locked eyes with the Trauma team lead.:: Ezo: ::sharply:: Status report. Trauma Medic: We've got a massive bleed, as you can see. He's flatlined on us twice, we've had to intubate. Shrapnel is fused to his clothes causing removal to be halted. If we're not careful, we're going to strip his scales along with his uniform. Ezo: Understood. Be as careful as you can, but remember, we don't need him pretty, we need him breathing. ::Flatlined. Twice. She refused to dwell on that update any further. It had no room in her headspace, clouding things up and getting in the way of her work. Grasping the readied medical device, Mirra began to scan the arterial perforation caused by the violent loss of limb. She had barely begun the arduous task of repairing the perforation when the alarms blared.:: Nurse: He's going into shock! Ezo: ::glancing up to the readout:: Give me twenty units of blood, find an intact vein and get it flowing. ::Still engrossed in her task of stemming the massive blood flow, Mirra was keeping equal attention to his BPH readings. If they weren't careful, they shock of the tremendous loss of blood was going to take it's toll. She had to stop the bleeding. Nurse: Twenty units pumping, BPH is dropping, reflecting bradycardia. He's loosing more than we can pump in Doc. Ezo: ::gritting her teeth:: Keep it pumping, watch that cardiac monitor, and someone get me subdermal scalpel, now! ::The room was a flurry of hands, and moving bodies. The beeping kept getting slower, erratic, the bleeding wasn't stemming. It seemed his body was pumping out directly what they were desperately pumping in. Her eyes zeroed in on a secondary bleed, hidden by the first. Then another...and yet again, another. The force of which removed his arm had exposed a lot of what should be covered. Layers of scales and muscle were just...gone. Blood poured from deeper inside the ragged wound that was her current advisory.:: Ezo: Give me fifteen more units! Nurse: We're...out ::Her eyes shot up in bewilderment. Out? They can't be out. How could they be out??:: Ezo: HOW are we out? ::She let out a barrage of very unladylike curses before getting a handle on the catastrophic complication.:: Ezo: Get to the replicator, have it working double time. Get me fifty units. Until then, give him twenty CCs of saline. Get something into him before we los- ::The alarm blared. It was happening. He was going into arrest. Calling out the order, everyone backed off instantly as the cardiostimulator descended. They all stood back. Waiting for the flatline to be replaced by steady, even beeps. She'd take uneven, barely noticeable beeps over that blaring constant note. One application. No change. Second application. No frakking change. To her left, she saw a medic glancing at the chronometer above the bed.:: Ezo: DO NOT. We aren't done here. You understand me?? ::The medic jolted in place. It wasn't necessarily a wrong call, but right now? it was the worst call of his career. Mirra lost track of the applications, the angry constant blare of the machine being the only sound. She wasn't giving up. She refused. It may have been just minutes, it felt like hours, but...it happened. One bleep. Silence, then the second. They gave no time to rejoice as they all sprung back into action. Tools in hand, shrapnel being removed, sutures being applied, three more orders of blood, a half a dozen close calls, and a never ceasing team fighting hard against the odds. And somehow...the scales seemed to be tipping in the favor of the scaled Marine. Piles of twisted metal pulled from his body littered the trays beside them, discarded tubing and empty bags that once held the newly replicated blood fell to the floor to be quickly replaced by a full one. Having finally managed to stop the major bleed, Mirra was working to cauterize the minor irrupted vessels in an attempt to get his vitals regulated. Her focus was grabbed by a sudden blare of an alarm.:: Ezo: He's going tachy, talk to me people.. Medic: He's coming around Doc, orders? ::This was great news...just poorly timed. As hard has they fought to bring him back, he was making his arrival too early, and if not careful, they were setting themselves up to lose him all over again. oO Last thing we need his for him to be ripping out tubes and sutures. Or going for a throat with his good hand...Forgive me for this...Oo:: Ezo: Knock him out. ::Order given, in a flash the medic returned with a hypo prepped and ready. It was administered swiftly, and his vitals began to stabilize within moments. While she finalized the last of the repairs to the ruptured blood vessels, and moving on to repairing the little remaining musculature and outer tissue, she reflected briefly on the conversation she would have to have when he awoke. And he was going to be waking up. Gorn and Klingon alike may find honor in a warriors death, but Mirra viewed death more as a professional rival. One, who in this instance, she was damn determined to beat. Finally, they reached stabilization. Final sutures applied, bandages wrapped, IV fluids changed, and vitals confirmed. They were out of critical and coasting along stable. He was moved out of the Trauma room to ICU, to be monitored closely in case the tides would change...But for now? He made it. Even better, when Mirra finally removed the surgical glove and took hold of his hand, she felt him. He was in there. With a brittle smile, gave his hand a firm squeeze.:: Ezo: ::quietly:: There you are... ------------------------------------ Lieutenant Mirra Ezo, MDChief Medical Officer Starbase 118 OpsC239205ME0
  5. There are many things that night that will remain forever shrouded in a blue mist. Like why I can never spell Mirra right in my sims.
  6. That ship is... unique. I actually.. hmm... I really don't know. Aesthetically it's grotesque but at the same time it screams 'function over fashion', it -looks- like a deep space ship. Sturdy, powerful, designed to weather a storm. Spaceships (the real ones) arn't pretty. But it also looks very, very aggressive. It has the same forward posture of a Klingon or Romulan warbird.
  7. "Allamaraine, count to four, Allamaraine, then three more, Allamaraine, if you can see, Allamaraine, you'll come with me..." ::Foams at the mouth, shaking in the corner::
  9. It's gonna be awful. I just.. it just is though, I can sense it.
  10. I think I might hyperventilate. Thank you all so much! Massive well done to all the others on this list as well, all well deserved!
  11. Only if you wear a metal bra and pigtails! Horned helmet as well, standard.
  12. Falcons " Time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea " I absolutely loved Animaniacs!
  13. It always amused me too, especially in Wrath of Khan where the trope was poked at. I suppose it ties into the notion of naval ships being on the same Z axis. Maybe it's just good space-etiquette!
  14. (( Government Plaza - Anjunaar District )) ((30 Minutes post engagement – 06:13 Local Time)) ::Nine losses and forty-eight confirmed kills. For a hostile beam-in surrounded on all sides, the sheer maths of it should have made this a moment of triumph. All too often these sort of incursions ended in larger losses and lessons learned, promises to train harder that often didn’t bear fruit.But there would be no celebration, at least not from Tatash. He had nine letters to write when he returned to the station. Nine parents, partners and children that were going to be mourning a loved one, collecting little more than a folded flag and a note explaining why their dearest had to die on some backwater little world.::Hughes: “We tracked a few of the stragglers Sir, all hostiles have left the theatre”.::Tatash grunted in response. Of course they had ran at the first sign of a genuine military force. Tilanna consisted of a barely capable Police force rife with corruption, with no actual armed force to speak of. To go from taking pot-shots at a Police cruiser to being engaged by a true outfit would have been a shock to the system. The chances were they wouldn’t be met in the field again, not in a stand up fight at least::Tatash: “They were children, Phil. Look at them. Do you really think they knew the risks? That they knew what they’d be up against?”::He gestured to the row of enemy corpses, being loaded up onto the local ambulances. He’d already ensured his own fallen troopers had been beamed back to the Aegis::Hughes: “No.” ::They didn’t share any more words, just a few moments looking around the wreckage as the sun started to finally break through down onto the ground. Blackened vehicles and barricaded metal lay twisted, reformed by the heat of plasma into a twisted sculpture while the once pristine walls of the Governmental building were cratered like the surface of a barren moon. The occasional fire still burned, one by one being damped out by the planets fire service, the entire scene having transformed from a pleasant civic garden to the war-torn hell that Tatash had seen countless times before. It had always been and would always be nothing short of madness:: Jemet: "I take it that you are in charge here?" ::He turned to face the Cardassian woman who had approached them, Captain Hughes moving quietly off to assess the damage inside the building::Tatash: “I am, for now. Major Tatash, 292nd Iron Yaegers”. Jemet: "Senior Inspector Gilora Jemet, Anjunaar City Police Department" :: she extended her hand towards the reptile. :: "I'm glad you and your people are here..." ::He didn’t take the offered hand. His powered gauntlet could crunch her bones into dust if he squeezed a little too hard, he also found the concept of friendly gestures to be somehow immoral given their ruined surroundings::Tatash: “I can give you nine reasons why I’m not, Inspector.”::A harsh comment, but a fair one. The Police forces incompetence had cost both sides dearly and had started dragging in external forces to spill blood on their soil.:: Jemet: "I'm sorry you got caught up in our mess Major Tatash." :: she motioned to the smoldering wreckage of the skimmer :: "I'm afraid the mob were prepared to take us on."Tatash: “They were prepared to take us all on. I suppose we have the narcotics to thank for that.”::It had crossed his mind after the initial engagement, how a group of civilian mobsters could stand and face such a force as his head on. Then they had found vials of ATH on practically all of them, the blood-work would undoubtedly reveal they were all out of their minds on the powerful substance:: Jemet: "I take it you secured the Governor, is he unharmed?" Tatash: “He has been secured. He’s receiving medical attention at the moment.”Jemet: :: alarmed :: "Medical assistance? May I see him?"Tatash: “Of course, he’s still in his office. It’s probably the safest part of this entire compound.”Jemet: "Stay here and assistant the marines where you can." ::She turned to her uniformed officers. :: "Care to walk with me Major?":: He nodded and followed Jemet into the building, hydraulic servo’s whining in this legs. The lobby was absolutely ruined, thin plaster walls tore down by weapons fire, his feet crunching on shattered glass underfoot as several of the large skylights lay ruined on what was a beautiful mosaic floor.He couldn’t help but notice that Jemet didn’t seem at all phased by the sight of the pools of blood on the floor, smeared where people had been dragged away either for medical aid or to finish the job, Raisillius was as efficient a killer as he was disciplined. No prisoners were taken from the building, nor had he expected there to be. :: Jemet: "I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident." :: beat :: "This is the fourth major riot against the government in six months. Al'Akir is a good, honourable man but this planet is a cesspool. He's one man surrounded by bad, bad people." Tatash: “You call this a riot Inspector? Riots on most worlds involve broken shop windows and burning cars, not firefights and public executions. This was a out and out rebellion” Jemet: "All Time High is just the latest in a long line of problems Major" :: beat :: "We've dealth with traffickers, smugglers, arms dealers, other drug epidemics... all within the last five years. This is like Nimbus III writ large."Tatash: “Things are completely and hopelessly out of hand then.”Jemet: "I'll be honest with you Major, I've come close to resigning so many times." :: beat :: "Al'Akir persuaded me to stay, I don't understand how he can be so optimistic when 9 out 10 members of staff are on the take."::He didn’t say a word to that one as they stepped into the elevator which was struggling to lift the added weight of a tank armored Gorn.:: Jemet: "I take it your Marines won't be assisting in the search for Malinov's murderer?"Tatash: “No, that falls under the remit of Commander Whittaker’s team.”Jemet: "Is this 'Whittaker' a good man?"”::He suddenly felt a pang of emotion towards his friend. Theo was the definition of a good man, always wanting to see the best of a situation. When they had faced down that monstrosity weapon Providence, he’d seen how close it had pushed him to breaking. How would he react to coming down into this mess, seeing the death and the carnage that his best friend had brought down on the heads of these misguided souls. Would it harm their friendship?::Tatash: “He is. The best I know”Jemet: :: with a weary chuckle :: "He'll be eaten alive here Major."::He paused for a second to press the emergency stop button, leaning himself in with a hand covering his microphone pickup::Tatash: ::growling:: “If a single hair on his head comes to harm, Inspector, I will tear this city apart finding the ones that did it and I can promise you it won’t be pleasant.” ::He let that linger for a moment, locking his gaze with hers before letting the elevator start once more::
  15. Thank you so much! It was a real pleasure writing some heavy action. That was meant to be 'Street cred' by the way, my laptop's keyboard is rubbish with some keys!
  16. Oh that's some shady shade right there! Although he's totally right. Tatash has been known to secretly blast out a bit of Abba in his quarters. Mrs. Anders thought she'd pulled my tail once, it was only the smile on my face that told her otherwise. And you wonder why she likes me so much...
  17. My placement with Starfleet as part of an officer exchange program was to help facilitate the possibility of re-establishing dialogue between our respective factions. In my time here, I have discovered far more about the nature of Starfleet and the fine men and women that call it not only their career, but their family and home. I have made friends that I never thought I would, without compromising my racial culture or identity, and have never felt anything less then acceptance despite the hardships inflicted on each other in the past. It is with overwhelming joy that I read this article, having seen a similar one posted on the Hegemony's state-run news network. I would like to think, that despite our differences, our similarities will prevail and allow once again continued cooperation and collaboration on many mutually beneficial projects. By proxy, I received notification that the exchange program (at least my participation) has been extended from the initial 5 year to 'indefinite', giving me the full reign to fully explore my career and hopefully continue to serve with distinction while proving that differences can be overcome in the name of progress and opportunity.
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