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  1. I really enjoyed the episodes that delved into the human nature and the human psyche. What happens when all our needs are met (post-scarcity world) and we shift from surviving to thriving.
  2. @Thalas th’Koro that would be amazing! I like to imagine it would be like the Even Stevens musical episode. I like the idea of both Starfleet Horror Story and Starfleet HQ. Though I'd also be very interested in a Star Trek Firefly that would focus on a freighter like the SS Xhosa, making deals with Orion Syndicate types, dive bars, cargo runs, dealing with people like those in TNG "Gambit", Maquis, etc.
  3. I agree it's nothing to be taken too seriously. I did enjoy it more than a lot of the other newer movies and series. I liked how they took a lot of inspiration for the sound and visual design from 90s Trek. That was nice. It was a nice little romp.
  4. @Mack Campbell @Jesmi Appa I really enjoyed both of your arrival posts! I'm looking forward to simming with you this week. @TheDotster I really enjoyed your post as well, but I'm assuming you're already almost done with training? My name is Nathan. I'm originally from Oregon. I've written for various characters here at StarBase 118 over the years (most recently Sasak) but unfortunately had a hard time staying consistent. I'm hoping this time is the charm and to be able to stick around for a lot longer. I'm excited to exercise my creative side, improve my writing, and make new friends.
  5. :: The young Trill sat with his duffel bag in his lap in the cramped passenger compartment of the transport shuttle. His hands, resting on top of the bag, held a PADD that displayed a graphic novel. No one had tried to talk with him and he had remained focused on his book the entire journey. However, as the shuttle began to tilt and curve in its approach to their destination, Mirkl looked up from his PADD and took in the sight of the huge, beautiful Trojan-class spacedock. It was classic Federation design. Very similar to Earth Spacedock, though larger. He admired the elegant lines of its hull and the blue lights that lit up key areas of the massive installation. He began to feel anxiety mix with his excitement. He still felt like the young eighteen-year-old who had started at the Academy four years before. One last test and then they would let him serve on a starship as an actual officer--But what if he didn't pass? He tried to shove his feelings of discomfort and insecurity down, deep down--But what if he did fail? What if he wasn't good enough? What if the other cadets were better than he? What if they didn't like him? He closed his large, watery, brown eyes and took a long deep breath before opening them again to watch the shuttle slip in through the open doors of a massive hanger bay. :: :: Mirkl hitched the beige bag higher up on his shoulder as he descended the ramp onto the station, looking around for a wall schematic so he could find his way to the holodecks. Training wasn't set to begin for a few more hours, but on such a large station he felt more comfortable heading first to where he needed to be, in case he got lost or delayed. He unconsciously put a hand on his lower abdomen--where no symbiont resided--steeling himself for what was to come... ::
  6. Medical technology that can (nearly) instantaneously diagnose and fix almost any issue.
  7. @Blaidd Vescori Those strengths sound just like you play him. Seems pretty accurate!
  8. Sasak came up as ISFJ-A, though on the cusp of ISTJ-A. The descriptions of both sound pretty accurate for him. Personality type: “The Defender” (ISFJ-A) Role: Sentinel Strategy: Confident Individualism Individual traits: Introverted – 81% Observant – 68% Feeling – 51% Judging – 89% Assertive – 97% Strengths: Supportive Reliable and Patient Imaginative and Observant Enthusiastic Loyal and Hard-Working Good Practical Skills Weaknesses Humble and Shy Take Things Too Personally Repress Their Feelings Overload Themselves Reluctant to Change Too Altruistic
  9. I'm excited to check it out but I'm keeping my expectations low. There were elements of the trailer that I wasn't exactly thrilled about, but at the very least we're finally moving forward in the timeline so maybe they'll stop retconning and rebooting everything and actually follow canon. I am looking forward to more possible appearances from other TNG/DS9/VOY characters. It would be fun to see where they take their characters (though also potentially frustrating).
  10. I agree. Voyager's Good Shepherd (6x20) has a similar vibe that I like a lot.
  11. I agree with Tu'Peq. The Federation is all about peaceful exploration and diplomacy. Transparency is the best way to signal that their intentions are peaceful and that they have nothing to hide. Cloaking technology would undermine the way that they want to be perceived. The Federation should study cloaking technologies in order to better detect and defend against potential aggressors, but cloaking devices shouldn't be standard equipment.
  12. For me the writer, I think I would enjoy the mess hall on Voyager and Ten Forward the most. Both have a chef or bartender that you can create a long term relationship with (you can be a "regular") and you have your colleagues and Starfleet friends to socialize with (so a much more peaceful, controlled environment). I have the feeling that Quarks would be too loud (and possibly dangerous) for me.
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