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  1. Shayne: Well, when one of the boys at Utopia Planitia steps out of a malfunctioning transporter with their junk attached to their foreheads, they might finally get the message that placement matters.
  2. Shayne: Your affinity for acronyms is duly noted.
  3. Ensign Ambrosia Hayley, 'Obligatory Bar Post
  4. If you see an awesome post title and you really enjoyed it, share it here!
  5. Foster: Defective means ‘we don’t like you’ and recycled means… you know what happens when a transporter fails to materialize? Yeah, that.
  6. Did someone write something that you loved? That made you laugh out loud, or gasp? Please share it here, on this post.
  7. Hael: ::stumbling over his words.: Well- Uh… Um, I was jus’- … uuuh. Nothin’, jus’ - where we be? ::he changed subjects very ungracefully.::
  8. Mrs Anders apparently will bring you what ever you want lol
  9. Just so long as David Caruso and his sunglasses do not show up I'm good to go LOL.... (not your grandma's CSI) hahaha
  10. Aitas: I'll admit, I was hoping for an evening where the worst I had to worry about was finding a dress that didn't make me look pregnant.
  11. Whittaker: =^= Sal... I'll be right back, I'm about to become a murder suspect. =^=
  12. [sb118-ops] Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo - Breaking Baylen (Tags: Whittaker, Liani, Cain, Anders)
  13. Taybrim: It is a common counselor's gambit, to give someone enough rope to work with. What happens next? Will they create a bridge? A ladder? Or a noose?
  14. Major Tatash's whole dressing down and square your self away lines.... Perfection... Took me right back to boot camp and a little of OCS lol. In boot camp I was the last class of a Master Chief Petty Offers that was bent on having a blast, a blast for him meant a lot of pain for us. I will admit it, 16 years later I am still terrified if that smoky the bear hat lol... Nice Awesome post Major Tom :-)
  15. It's always awesome when you realize your complete life has been an absolute failure...

  16. Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo - Real Housewives of Risa
  17. It all about that bounce!!!

  18. Hey there, I remember these on the old Forums many years ago lol

  19. Soft Tribble, Warm Tribble, Little ball of fur, Happy Tribbble, Sleepy Tribble, Furr, breed, furr.
  20. Whittaker: :: raising an eyebrow :: "I shall be similiarly offended if you do not routinely invite yourself around for said [...]tails." :: beat, grinning wickedly :: "Just don't do that twirling... it cheapens the apartment."
  21. Ezo: ::linking her arm through his:: "Well I'm obviously in the wedding, but please don't pick orange for the color scheme. It doesn't look right with my hair...."
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