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  1. Did someone write something that you loved? That made you laugh out loud, or gasp? Please share it here, on this post.
  2. @Quentin Collins III I mean I know we haven't written just yet, and not to be too forward or anything, but this first sim during the quick little visit makes me feel like I know Quentin personally as a friend. I am emotional about it. I love him, I love the writing style. So beautifully written. Just excellent. I am so excited Quentin is visiting because of things like this.
  3. Okay, I know I just put quotes from this in the littler appreciations forum, but I keep re-reading this because it makes me laugh and wanting to think there were many pieces of gold I could have also put. So I might as well put the whole sim here, haha! @Kettick has a sense of humor that just speaks to me. There's not a single time where Kettick's humor hasn't hit me at least a little. It's excellent. --- ((Main Engineering, Deck 15, USS Juneau)) Dekas: ::to Sera:: Alright I’m starting to think it’s better we go see nurse Pelley or whoever’s working in the sickbay sooner than later. Nothing permanently unfixable aside from maybe that specific replicator. I don’t fully understand how the acid didn’t burn right through it, to begin with, but I’m not going to follow that line of thinking yet. The more important thing is we don’t end up like the replicator, no? Sera: Yes, Ensign Dekas. I would prefer not to be disassembled after producing a corrosive vegetable. A very sensible goal in life, and one with which Kettick entirely agreed. Dekas: ::to Kettick now:: Hopefully you figure out if this is the error of a person or some sort of terrible malfunction of technology. If not, we’ll likely be back to help sort it out in a short enough amount of time. I can help write the report about the, ah, pickle and its effects once we’re back. As can Sera. And if it is a person’s mistake? I know some good words to use to really bring the point home that this was not great and someone needs a talking to if they’re going to try this type of thing. Kettick nodded in silent assent at the departing duo. Words were not his forte, and apparently, reaching an acceptable level of tongue-lashing involved him being stripped of his body and thrown into a telepathy-run alien simulation. Better leave this kind of task to someone more at ease with flamboyance. Now, the maintenance logs... :: Some time after. :: The rubber duck had been retrieved from the industrial accident of a replicator, and placed on a nearby workbench. From time to time, a spindly, chitinous finger prodded it, making it wobble and eliciting a somewhat indignant "quack". The logs were... illuminating. Apparently whoever had worked on this replicator last, one crewman 3rd class Lee R. Jenkins, had encountered an issue with corrupted software, and decided to rewrite the missing parts of the code instead of resetting it to factory parameters and going through all the necessary patches from the ground up. The resulting logs reminded Kettick of some fiction he had read, presented as the journal of someone who had discovered a tome of eldritch knowledge and narrated its study, the writing reflecting their slow descent towards madness. Kettick had managed to listen to the logs past the point where the crewman started singing nursery rhymes ("One hundred little errors in the code, one hundred little errors... Take one down, patch it around, One hundred seventeen errors in the code."), but had not made it further than the part where the poor soul started giggling. And, Queens preserve him, he had looked into the fruit of the poor crewman's work. Which had looked like the digital love-child of a one-night stand between Escher and Dali after a three-day absinthe bender at Lovecraft's. Being himself, he had not blanched or screamed, but he had very deliberately shut down the interface, formatted the replicator, and put an electromagnet to the remains before decontaminating the lot with plasma. And as far as he was considered, it was not overkill, but *mercy*. Shuddering a little, he decided to call it a night, closed the sessions on the various consoles, waved absently to the next shift, and made his way back to his quarters. Only there did he realize that he had put the duck in his pocket for whatever reason. END -- Ensign Kettick Engineering Officer USS Juneau G239107LR0
  4. @Tomas Falt and R'Kala wrote an absolutely lovely JP. It had a lovely touch into coping mechanisms, passion, and a little bit into the experience of friendship and knowing people when you're currently living a life that is frequently moving, and always at risk of people stepping away or transferring before you really get better chances for those things. Their interactions together are very thoughtful and I enjoyed reading this. ---- ((Incomplete Science Lab, Starfleet Research Station, Ring 42)) Falt: There’s a human phrase my mother taught me, “a problem shared is a problem halved.” I need to arrange a visit to the counsellor after my brief imprisonment on Anadasa. Maybe we could share our concerns together instead, like group therapy? R’Kala: Are you sure Falt: Why not? We could go outside, find a rock to sit on? The weather is lovely out there today and I doubt anyone will bother us? R’Kala: Alright, I can do that. I haven't gotten too swamped yet this shore leave with evaluations. Tomas nodded. For a moment he hadn’t been sure if the Klingon would agree to his suggestion. Falt: ::smiling:: Excellent, I’m getting in before the rush then. R'Kala: Shall we continue? Falt: ::nodding:: Absolutely. R'Kala: Great. I was wondering if this lab would be big enough to include an arboretum or if we'd need to include it someplace else. It seems antithetical to have a science station studying the flora of a place like the Ring and not have one. Tomas checked the schematic. Falt: I agree. In the plans both science labs have configurable space set aside. I doubt the research station really needs two configurable areas so we could suggest that the section in this lab becomes an arboretum? It wouldn’t be huge, but it would be bigger than those on most science ships. What do you think? R’Kala: Yes, I agree. Falt: We’d need another internal wall but I think the big change would be external windows, can’t have an arboretum without natural light. R’Kala: It’s a shame we don’t already know those calculations. ::she raised her PADD to see if she could find out:: Falt: Why don’t we go outside and see which area would be most suitable. I’m sure we could swap the science labs around if nothing else, especially if one lab will get more natural light than the other. R’Kala: Sounds like a good idea. I could use the air as well. Lead the way. ((Short time skip, Lake outside Starfleet Research Station, Ring 42)) A few minutes later Tomas stepped out of the half-finished research station and into the bright sunlight of a Ring 42 day. He took a deep breath. Nothing beat a real atmosphere, even one that was subject to artificial weather control like the Ring. The station was located in a city, but as fortune would have it the planners had found an area of what was presumed to have been a large city park. He quickly orientated the station's internal layout with their surroundings. As fortune had it the external wall of science lab two sat in a clearing, about 5 metres from a small ornamental lake. Falt: I think there will be plenty of natural light for an arboretum here, what do you think. R’Kala was looking at her tricorder as Tomas was talking. She looked up from her readings and smiled at him. R’Kala: I think it’s a perfect option. Falt: And as an added bonus the station’s personnel will get a wonderful view of this lake. He realised someone very sensible had understood that station personnel would likely feel much more at ease on the alien structure if they were living in a pleasant spot. He wandered over to the edge of the lake and peered at his reflection in the glassy water. Falt: This looks like it will be a great spot for the station's staff to enjoy some downtime. She nodded in agreement. This space certainly had a sort of serenity to it. R’Kala: Would you care to have some downtime before we continue with our assignment? Falt: ::pointing:: there’s a couple of rocks over, big enough to be seats. Can you think of a nicer spot to have a counseling session? As he said that he became aware that R’Kala, being Klingon, might not share his appreciation for the aesthetic of the place. Then again, maybe she did. She looked at the rocks. She suspected that the counseling suite would be a better place for a counseling session, away from distractions, but that was her own opinion. She could understand though how some might find appreciation of this space. R’Kala: Sure, this will work. The pair wandered to the lake and took a seat. Falt: So, since you’re the actual counselor I’ll go first. How would you like to begin? R’Kala placed her hands on her knees. She was still new to this counseling role. R’Kala: Well, normally during a session I’d invite the client to tell me how they’ve been doing. ::She looked at him:: So, how have you been? Tomas pondered how to answer this for a moment, should he blurt everything out at her at once, or take it slower and let the new counselor lead? He decided on the latter. Falt: Overall, I think I’m good. R’Kala: That’s good to know. Have things been okay for you on the Juneau? Falt: Again, good. I’ve been aboard for six months now and I really feel like I’ve settled in. It was the typical answer that most people gave when she asked that question. For the most part, the Juneau was a great ship with a fantastic crew. R’Kala: I read in the post-mission briefing that you were imprisoned for a while? Granted he had not been imprisoned for years, which could cause immense psychological issues, the very act itself could still lead to some kind of stress or anxiety. It was only appropriate that she, as ship’s counselor, make sure that that experience hadn’t affected him too much. Falt: I was, and that is one of things I wanted to talk to you about. ::short pause:: Not the imprisonment itself, that was brief and fairly undramatic, but the events leading up to it. R’Kala: Go on, I’m listening. Tomas was glad he’d already cleared the air with the Captain before this meeting. It meant he could be open and honest without feeling like he was going behind the Captain’s back. Falt: I made a decision to provide a distraction for Kendrick and the Captain to safely get away from some soldiers. The Captain and I have disagreed since as to whether it was necessary. I believe it was, but would also acknowledge that I was angry at the time and it might have affected my judgment. R’Kala looked out into the lake as Tomas spoke. Having a disagreement with the captain was an interesting image in her head. Even though Oddas was the commanding officer, it didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be people who had different thoughts on procedures. They were all sentient beings after all. R’Kala: And how did you feel after this? What did you do with these emotions? Falt: I was still agitated when I got back to the ship. I went to the holodeck to unwind with Dekas and a couple of the new Ensigns. During the programme I may have vented some of my frustrations on some holographic vampires, in a somewhat gory fashion. I did enjoy it immensely though; I’m kind of hoping that isn’t a bad thing. She raised an eyebrow. She had not expected to hear him say that he had gone vampire slaying to deal with the anger and agitation. She supposed it was a fairly healthy way to release tension. R’Kala: What’s important is your acknowledgment of these feelings. ::she turned to him:: Away missions can get messy, and in the heat of circumstances, we can easily become divisive from our heightened emotions. Falt: I… think I’m following… R’Kala: What I’m saying is that having the feelings you did—the anger, the agitation—is completely normal. It’s to be expected in fact. You’re human. You were able to transfer these feelings into a hands-on activity, which is not a bad thing. Falt: It wasn’t intentional. Dekas was the one running the programme, I didn’t even know what it was about. My main motivation was to spend time with him and see how he was recovering after his… incident. The holographic vampire killing was part of the programme, although I doubt the designer intended participants to be quiet as enthusiastic about the slaying as I was… R’Kala truly didn’t see anything wrong in the activity, but the situation didn’t end after his holographic program. R’Kala: What we need to understand though, is how you feel after...::an awkward pause:: spending time with holographic vampires? Tomas raised an eyebrow, surprised by R’Kala’s awkward pause. He hadn’t expected a Klingon to react that way when discussing a violent holodeck programme. He was rapidly forming the opinion that R’Kala was no ordinary Klingon - in a good way. Falt: I did feel better. Although how much of that can be attributed to the holodeck programme, I’m not sure. I left the holodeck as I was called in by the Captain, she debriefed me on the mission and we cleared the air. R’Kala: And how do you feel about your relationship with Captain Oddas now? Falt: I like to think I’ve got a good working relationship with her. I’ve been lucky to have spent as much time with her as I have since I joined the ship. ::short pause:: The event has made me realize I’m not that close to many officers on the ship though. When I came back from the away mission I’d hoped to talk to a friend, Doctor Sival, about how I felt. Unfortunately they had just left the ship and I discovered there wasn’t anyone else I could turn to. That is something I hope to rectify. The life of a Starfleet officer could sometimes be very isolating when people came and went. His comment about Dr. Sival made R’Kala think about her former roommate/first friend on the ship, Vitor Silveira, who had left the Juneau before they could really become good friends. It had also been a while since she had seen T’Lea, someone she considered to be a mentor. She let out a sign, wondering what was the point of making friends on a starship when there was always the opportunity of them leaving in the blink of an eye. R’Kala: Well, I wish you luck in that, and it seems to me you have everything worked out or in the process of being worked out. Falt: Well, if you’re happy I’m not showing any Red flags then I’m happy. ::short pause:: How about you, do you still want to talk about what’s bothering you? This would be particularly difficult for her. She wasn’t close with Tomas, but she had to start somewhere. R’Kala: Before I joined Starfleet I was an instructor at the Daystrom Institute—sociology. I was placed on an extended sabbatical and told to enlist in Starfleet to gain ::using air quotes:: “field experience.” Tomas raised an eyebrow. He hadn’t known R’Kala had taught at the Daystrom institute. She must have been one of a few Klingons ever to have done so. There was clearly a lot more to his fellow officer than met the eye. Falt: As you were already an instructor that seems like an odd requirement to have placed on you? She chuckled. R’Kala: My supervisor was very diplomatic in handling the situation as it was actually a sabbatical for me to leave as I had several student and faculty complaints stating that I was too aggressive, too rude, too Klingon. He thought me joining Starfleet and working on a starship might teach me how to work with a team. ::pause:: I received a call from my colleague at the beginning of shore leave, essentially informing me that I had been terminated permanently from my teaching position. Tomas winced, getting that information over subspace must have been painful. Falt: That must have been… difficult. She had gone through several emotions after getting the news, something she might even call the stages of grief. R’Kala: Initially, I was very angry. I broke a lot of equipment and yelled a lot, and then I felt embarrassed. After some reflection, I think my move towards counselor stems from my frustration as a science officer. Now I just feel...indifferent. Tomas nodded, he’d have been angry too. Falt: Your anger seems entirely appropriate, it sounds like you were treated unfairly. You’re… different… from most Klingons I’ve met, but I’d wager you get ::short pause:: as passionate about things as the rest of your species. They must have known that when they took you on as an instructor, Tomas made a good point. R’Kala: Well, I’m no longer interested in what they would have known. Falt: I’m glad you’re moving on. It sounds like they didn’t appreciate your passion, and chances are they never will. R’Kala: Yes, you’re definitely correct about that lieutenant. ::letting out a sigh:: I know you’re not a counselor, but any thoughts? Falt: I’m no good at giving advice but I will ask you to do something, one ship mate to another. Be yourself. Hold onto that passion, that Klingon fire. It has helped make you the clearly formidable woman you are today, and I’m sure the rest of us will only benefit from that. R’Kala: Thank you. I’ll try and remember that. It was good advice, and she would have to work on keeping that passion alive, even if she was no longer in the traditional science role or in the educator role anymore. She would have to apply that passion to her new position now. Falt: ::nodding:: If it helped you in any way then I am glad. Thank you for listening to me as well. R’Kala: ::smiling:: Well, it’s technically my job to listen, but I’m also glad we were able to help each other. He looked around. The nature of the Ring meant there was never a true night, only an artificial one. Regardless of the cause he could see the light levels had reduced since they had first sat by the lake. Falt: We should probably get back to work. I need to send these updated schematics to Commander Vamiz aboard the Grace Hopper for review. Assuming he agrees we can make a start on adding your arboretum tomorrow? R’Kala: Sounds like a plan to me, lieutenant. Falt: Excellent, I love it when a plan comes together. END Ensign R'Kala Ship's Counselor USS Juneau I238808Z10 and Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt Science Officer USS Juneau, NX-99801 J239807TF2
  5. Wanted to take a moment to share this shore leave sim from two of the Juneau's 'newest' crew members @Kettick and @Sera. You're both fantastic writers, it was hard to chose which one of your sims to share from this thread! I can't wait to see what you both come up with during an actual mission!
  6. @Kettick It took me organizing my inbox to get the chance to fully appreciate this one for the absolute gem of a sim that it is. There are a number of specific little narrative quotes I could pinpoint, but when I tried to do that I just found that the ones that came after it were equally funny and added to the humor in the most perfect ways. So I'm going to agree with Sera's assessment that your inner monologue was hysterical. And I think every person deserves a good laugh out of this one. Because I was wheeze laughing. ---- ((Main Engineering, Deck 15, USS Juneau)) Dekas: ::Clearing his throat:: Are, ah, any of you free to help me with a problem I’m having? The Aurelian's voice drew Kettick's attention away from the broken phaser gun he was trying to fix. A good thing too, he was beginning to harbor uncharitable thoughts towards whoever had tried to use it as a space heater during their last camping trip. Dekas: I’m Dekas by the way. The Vulcan engineer with the most traditional fur walked towards the Aurelian, Kettick one step behind her, and extended her hand in the traditional salute of her people. Sera: Greetings Ensign Dekas. What is the problem? The Remmilian nodded briskly, in what he hoped was an appropriate greeting among equals. Careno: Response Dekas: Right. There’s a replicator that is really giving me an issue. It isn’t responding to the normal line of fixes, and I think some extra eyes could help me sort this all out a lot faster. That was an expression that would have caused him no end of trouble, once. But now, he knew that the Aurelian was not suggesting he needed multiple ocular grafts, but the professional opinion of one or several of his peers. Given the fact that the replicator was at present faintly smoking, his professional opinion was somewhere in the vicinity of a pained wince. Careno: Response Sera: Have you attempted to ‘turn it off and turn it back on?’ Dekas: Response Sera: Well, as that usually fixes this type of device, further diagnostic studies should be performed…or we could simply replace the entire unit? Kettick: We should do our utmost to minimize the downtime. Due to widespread caffeine addiction among the Engineering crew, it has been suggested that this replicator be taken off the Master Minimum Equipment List, for fear its absence would compromise Juneau's flight worthiness. Dekas: Response Careno: Response Kettick: I also have a sonic hammer at hand, in case you want to try the illogical but time-honored 'percussive maintenance' technique. Careno: Response Dekas: Response Sera tilted her head in assent. Sera: I will obtain my tricorder and hydrospanner and assist you. The diagnostics I was working on can continue to run in the background without direct supervision for sometime before becoming corrupted. Dekas: Response Kettick tilted his head to the side, in thought. The little green flashes coming from inside the casing were most distressing, if somewhat pretty. Kettick: I will try to look into the access logs, to see if someone has tried to make it replicate a forbidden substance... again. Similarly, reviewing the code for any unauthorized addition might be worthwile. If crewman Jerroh had tried to replicate their infamous "coffin varnish" recipe again, Kettick would put forward a motion for drowning them in the vile stuff. Careno/Dekas/Sera: Response Kettick: The probability that it has become sentient and is currently trying to communicate via smoke signals is low. And my other hypothesis would necessitate jury-rigging a flamethrower, but I am reasonably certain we managed to find and destroy all the eggs last time. TAG/TBC -- Ensign Kettick Engineering Officer USS Juneau G239107LR0
  7. It looks like something else is cooking here 😉 @Arys and @Alora DeVeau I loved this one, specially the title.
  8. This is another fine example of @Arys writing talent. A word of caution this isn't an easy reading but gives a good account of the feelings running trough the character.
  9. OK, I couldn't let out the second part of the "Ham Sandwich" situation that T'Lea created for Wyss. Beat you again Doc Oh and no relation to the Dwich from the Res IC (( USS Grace Hopper - Sickbay, Deck 10)) Walked back to the bio bed, Wyss didn’t want to let go of Indobri’s helpful arms, but eventually was pried free. She flopped back on the bed, and got all glassy eyed about something thoughtful and warming. Wyss: Hey, Karise? Indobri: Mmm? Wyss: I might puke little. Indobri: You puke in my sickbay … well, it’s not my sickbay. :: turning to the nurse :: We need a puke tray here. I’ll get her a dose of promethazine. Nurse: Yes, Doctor. Over the next little while sleep took hold, and Wyss dreamed about many things, one of which was eating a ham sandwich. ((Dreamscape)) Nyka sat on her bed with a giant ham sandwich sleeping next to her. It was everything she wanted in a ham sandwich. Soft rye bread with a crusty, chewy top. Mayonnaise lathered between the slices. Golden cheese peeking out of the corners. And it was piled high with thin slices honey smoked ham. The sandwich slumbered and softly snored in the more adorable way. Flaps of bread fluttered with each purr of sleep. It looked so peaceful, so sweet and so very, very delicious. Rolling onto her side, the Red Head delicately caressed her hand across the spongy bread, and then dipped a finger in the mayo for a taste. Wyss: Mm… I could just eat you up. With a scoot closer she leaned in for a bite. Ham Sandwich: Um. Excuse me? What do you think you’re doing? Wyss jerked back on the mattress and her eyes popped open wide. The lips of the bread moved like a mouth and the thick layer of ham waved like a silky tongue. Wyss: Holy snikes! What the- Ham Sandwich: You were going to eat me weren’t you? Eat me in my sleep, without my permission. Wyss: N-n-n..nyes. Ham Sandwich: I told you already. You can’t have me. I don’t want you in that way. We’re just friends. Friends don’t eat friends. Got it? Its breath even smelled good, she thought. Ham Sandwich: Stop smelling my breath. I just woke up. I haven’t had time to gargle with mustard. Wyss: But I don’t like mustard on my ham. Its too spicy. The giant ham sandwich bent its bread-body upright towering over the small Red Head. It’s short cheese arms smartly landed on its mayo hips. Ham Sandwich: How dare you! Stop trying to change me. I will always have mustard, and you’d be better off just accepting that and moving on. There’s a nice bologna on white that lives two doors down. Why don’t you try eating him. You like mustard on bologna don’t you? Wyss: Yes. But I want ham. Ham Sandwich: But you can’t have ham. Didn’t I make that clear? Ham is not for you! Suddenly the giant Ham Sandwich turned angry, and then opened its bread-mouth and devoured Wyss right where she sat. She screamed and fought against the powerful ham tongue and cheese arms, but it was no use. ((Sickbay)) With a yell of fear, and a sharp gasp, Wyss awoke to the bright lights of sickbay. Her eyes darted around until she realized that she was safe and had not been gobbled alive by luncheon meat. However, on the side table was a covered dish. She glared at it suspiciously, eyes narrowing like she was about to go into battle. Flexing her fingers outward she reached for the cover and lifted the lid off the plate. Ham Sandwich: NOT FOR YOU!! The small sandwich leapt off the plate and attacked her neck. She swatted and wrestled with it, and then fell off the bio-bed. ((End Dreamscape)) ((Sickbay – No, Seriously, For Real This Time)) With a loud, hard thump, Wyss was on the floor of sickbay, awaking to a dull pain in her rear and shoulder. Wyss: Ow. She glanced around, but Karise was gone. END PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss Engineering Officer USS Grace Hopper simmed by Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Historian/Archaeology Specialist USS Juneau Author ID I238301T10
  10. Again T'Lea at her best. I saw this perfect line for the Juneau's quotes. Then another, then another, another and well, we really have to read it all. IC: (( Sickbay, Deck 10 - Stardrive Section )) Restless. Nyka was caught in a strange state of restlessness and total exhaustion. The redhead’s mind felt like jelly, and her body felt like dog vomit. All she wanted to do was curl up in a cute little ball and die. That was the only thing that would make her feel better. That and maybe a ham sandwich. With cheese. On rye bread. Ooh, mayonnaise would be nice. And potato chips. Because what’s a sandwich without chips. After being carried into sickbay, Wyss was placed on a biobed. The different faces that floated pasted her groggy eyes were dream-like, unreal, much like the past couple of days. Sounds of urgency and confusion whistled through her ears, none of it making sense. All she wanted was a sleep that wouldn’t come. Indobri: Re- Wyss. Look at me, Lieutenant. I need your assistance or :: she decided to take a gamble on her assumption :: the Caretaker might die. Wyss: ::yawn:: Aw. The Rodulan had made her feelings clear. She didn’t want Nyka, and that was that. Turnabout was fair play. The redhead ran from her feelings, and when she finally ran back, Karise had move on. Wyss: ::groggy:: That’s too bad. That was why she had been a little more willing to accept the care and unity with the City. It felt good to be needed and loved. All she wanted was to feel good after being dumped. But now she felt like she’d been dumped all over again. The connection to the city was nothing more than a hollow echo. She’d been a useful tool and now she was cast aside. She wasn’t a beloved Caretaker to the City. She wasn’t anything. She didn’t belong in their world, or this world. All she wanted right now was ham sandwich named Karise. Indobri: I know, I know. But I can’t connect the pod to the power conduits. That’s why I need your help. She was so pretty. And nice. Even when she rejected Nyka she’d been nice about it. Not like the crappy text she’d sent to Karise before she’d been transferred. “See ya!” Wyss: You don’t need me. That’s what you said. She flicked her hand at the Rodulan as if to pshaw her away. Indobri: response Wyss: I can’t sleep. Why won’t you let me sleep? Maybe she was talking to the shadow of the City, or about Karise, or the dark universe of war she’d left behind. Indobri/Airik: response Wyss: ::drifting off:: I’m so tired. I just want a ham sandwich. Indobri/Airik: response Her eyes popped open sharply at that, and she waved over the ham sandwich she was in love with, Karise, as she swung her legs off the bed to get up. Wyss: Get me over there, Doctor H. Sammich. She grabbed the Doctor and resisted hugging her as she was walked over to the pod. She kept staring at the side of Karise’s gorgeous face. Wyss: Where’s the pod? Indobri: response Wyss: Oh. Yep. I see it. Kay then… hmm… She leaned forward and pinched one eye closed as if to zero in on what the handsome counselor had done to facilitate an answer to the issue. Wyss: What’s all this mess? Oh, I see it. Never mind. Yep, That’s fine. That’ll work. ::at Airik and Indobri:: Where’s the three type Z couplings? Airik: response Wyss: Kinda need’em to coup-the-lings. ::chuckling drunk:: Sorry, sorry. This is serious. Type Z’s go there, there and there. Then a backflow stop between the Z’s and the Hopper. Calibrate to a lesser energy property than the pod and open the power slowly. Got it? Indobri/Airik: response Wyss: Did I earn my ham sandwish? Indobri/Airik: response Walked back to the bio bed, Wyss didn’t want to let go of Indobri’s helpful arms, but eventually was pried free. She flopped back on the bed, and got all glassy eyed about something thoughtful and warming. Wyss: Hey, Karise? Indobri: response Wyss: I might puke little. Indobri: response Airik: response T'Lea and Kendrick cruised into the room just as power to the pod was restored. A orange glow surrounded the Original Caretaker, and the bio-signs on the pod's monitors began to register, spike, then level out. T'Lea: Well done. Is it stabilized? Tierney/Indobri: response T'Lea: Pelley seemed to think it was in a stage of mitosis. Doctor, can you determine if there are any reproductive organs in this species? Indobri: response Wyss: Well that's no fun! Somebody somewhere in sickbay snickered loudly. Kendrick/Tierney: response T'Lea: It appears that the function of the pod may not just be for stasis, but to help facilitate the process of division. Indobri: response Kendrick/Tierney: response T'Lea: Let's make certain the Caretaker is stabilized, and then we'll let the Hopper continue to aid the situation. Indobri/Kendrick/Tierney: response T'Lea tapped her comm. badge. T'Lea: =/\= T'Lea to USS Juneau. =/\= Oddas: =/\= response T'Lea: =/\= Captain, everyone has been transported safely to the Hopper. Williams and R'Kala should be returning to the Juneau soon with new data gathered here. =/\= Oddas: =/\= response T'Lea: =/\= The species we recovered from the planet appears to be using a form of mitosis to reproduce, to divide into another whole humanoid. The pod is assisting in the process. And we believe it is stabilized. =/\= Indobri: =/\= response Oddas: =/\= response tag PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss Engineering Officer USS Grace Hopper simmed by Lieutenant Commander T’Lea Historian/Archaeology Specialist USS Juneau Author ID I238301T10
  11. Another fabulous intership JP from @Vitor S. Silveira and @LtJG Aine Olive Sherlock; this time two old cadet cruise buddies meet up for some fun and funny banter. Quite pleased to see Academy friends continuing to get along! ((USS Juneau, deck 4, Silveira and R’Kala’s quarters)) Vitor passed again by the console in his quarters, finishing a cup of coffee, and putting it back to the replicator for recycling. It took a few more minutes for the comlink to load, so Vitor sat down and leaned back waiting as the screen flashed through the loading cycle. He stared quietly until he saw Sher on the other side. Aine sat at her desk, sipping her customary Barry’s with a splash of milk, in the Security Office aboard the Resolution waiting for the subspace connection to finish. The notification she received told her who it was, but she was a little nervous nonetheless. It’d been a few months since her and Sil had spoken, both of them busy with their respective ships. The connection seemed almost stuck at 99%, then it finally went through and there he was! Before she could react he raised his arms in the air, with a fake angry expression and shouted. Silveira: FINALLY. Sherlock: ::faking a shocked look on her face:: Am I late? Vitor laughed and shook his head. Aine couldn’t help but smile back. Sil always had a way of being dramatic and humorous at the same time. Silveira: I was thinking you forgot me already. I am pretty sure I still make an impression on those I meet. Sherlock: You know you always do. Rarely does anyone quickly forget the magnanimous Vitor Silveira! Vitor smiled and nodded, this time shedding away all the shenanigans. It was good to see Sher again. They were on the same Cadet Cruise and he bonded with her right from the start. Silveira: I know, I am just teasing. ::He winked as he nodded.:: You're looking good Lieutenant. It’s really good to see you again. Sherlock: And you as well, Lieutenant. ::giving him a nod:: Looks like the Juneau’s been keeping you busy. Silveira: I see active service suits you. Even sitting down you look taller, you must have grown what? Three inches? Sherlock: ::rolling her eyes:: Ha, ha. I know, still short as ever. Vitor laughed. Aine was glad to see he hadn’t lost his sense of humor. Sherlock: So, how are things on that big fancy ship of yours? Silveira: Pretty good now. ::He raised both his thumbs up. :: Shore leave time. How about you? I heard you had some trouble on your last mission. ::He kept smiling but his forehead wrinkled in concern. :: Are you alright? Aine suddenly had a flashback. Ash falling from the sky of a desolate colony world long dead. A Nascaik officer restrained and paralyzed facing imminent death. And the tall wispy Thama who’d set all of it motion by blowing a hole in the Resolution. Sherlock: ::nodding her head:: Yeah, was a little crazy. The terrorist was who we least expect it to be. But things worked out ok in the end. Silveira: I am glad to hear that. It must have been a daunting experience. ::Victor's smile dimmed slightly.:: We didn't face that on our cadet cruise. Sherlock: Most definitely not. Even if that’d been real, it’d have been a pleasure cruise compared to what’s happened to me since then. Specifically, Aine was now thinking about getting propelled 300,000 years into the future with killer lizard men trying to gun them down. It’d been a long 6 months. Vitor nodded, he knew that feeling all too well. In fact that was also one of the reasons he hadn't yet reached out to Sher. But he forced that thought away and put on a wider smile. Silveira: All is well when it ends well. Let us enjoy our leave and digress over more agreeable things. Sherlock: Yes! Onto lighter topics! Please! Have any fun in your downtime? Vitor tilted his head. There was a slight blush on his cheeks when he thought of what he planned to do. Silveira: Not yet, but I have something planned. Sherlock: ::eyes narrowing:: Something ::beat:: with someone? A sly smile quickly formed on Aine’s face. Vitor raised an eyebrow and shrugged. Silveira: Yeah, there is an engineer I find very attractive. I will be asking her out. Hopefully she will agree. Sherlock: Huh, an engineer. She must be good with her hands. Vitor raised an eyebrow and tilted his head sideways. Silveira: Really? Sherlock: ::laughing:: I’m only joking. I’m sure that if she’s caught your attention she must be special. I’m happy for you. Where are you guys taking leave anyways? Vitor shook his head and smiled. Silveira: Probably back at Lightside Station, not yet sure. ::Vitor crossed his fingers under his chin and leaned forward.:: And how about you, my little heartbreaker? I am sure you had many eyes turned in your direction. Any romantic encounters? Sherlock: No. ::beat:: Ok, there was an attempt at one. But I just don’t think I can do a relationship right now. Silveira: I don’t believe that. ::Winking:: Besides I know all too well you have a crush on me. Alas, long distance relationships are complicated. Sherlock: ::rolling her eyes with a smile:: Lucky me. ::giving Vitor a wink:: Silveira: We will always have our cadet cruise. Sherlock: And we never know where we’ll end up. Aine paused for a moment. Looking at the handsome Lieutenant, though she’d never admit that aloud so as not to feed that ego, she thought about just how far they’d come in such a short time. And even farther they had to go. Sherlock: Well, my shift’s about to start and we’ll be heading into the Briar Patch today. But, we’ll do this again, ::pointing at Vitor:: soon. And if by chance we’re at the same place in time on leave, we’ll definitely get together. Deal? Vitor kept smiling when Sher paused. He recalled when his career was starting, as he realized Sher was going through those growing pains as well. He wished they were closer to each other, she grew to become a true friend. oO Figuratively off course. But little as you may be I am pretty sure you are on your way to become a giant Little One. Oo Silveira: That we do. Sherlock: I’ll talk to you soon. Stay safe out there. Have a good one. Vitor nodded before replying and he waved as he spoke. Silveira: Take care and behave. I want to talk to you soon and in one piece. When the comline was cut he leaned back. It hadn’t come up in their conversation, so he just let his thought speak instead . oO Take care of Nicholotti as well, tell her… I said hi. Oo End Lt. J. G. Vitor S.Silveira Tactical Officer USS Juneau, NX-99801 O238907VS0 and Lieutenant Junior Grade Aine Sherlock Security Officer USS Resolution R239712AS0
  12. First there was a line to go into the "Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC". Then another, another and another. After laughing... I mean reading it again I thought it best to post the hole thing here. IC: ((Lightside Station – Mega Deck – Simulation Red River - Street)) Wyss: Yep. We’ll have to disconnect it carefully. She handed Dekas a set of tools and gave him a lopsided smile as his hat disappeared once more. It was like the thing had a mind of it’s own. And since they were possibly dealing with telepathic technology she had to wonder if it really did. It gave new meaning to the phrase, “put your thinking cap on”. She stifled a laugh as she turned her attention to the problem at hand. Wyss: It seems to be connected to the mainframe. Looks like it’s running on it’s own power source. Do you see any connections? Dekas: response When she looked over at him his hat was back on. Strangely, the accessory suited him handsomely. Wyss: Let’s cut around the main line first to reduce the energy. Maybe we can avoid catastrophic damage to the deck. Dekas: response Wyss snickered. Wyss: Good point. Meanwhile, the angry mob was approaching with guns, and farming tools. Their intent was clear. The burning torches meant they had something specific in mind. T’Lea: :: to Karise :: If you can read their thoughts, can you send them thoughts? Indobri: Um…. I’m not sure. Even with real people, it’s tricky because of my lack of training. And it would be painful for a real person. I’m not sure what to expect from a hologram, if it would even work. And besides, what would I say that wouldn’t clinch their ideas that we’re demon and witches? T’Lea: I don’t know, tell them they’re sleepy. Indobri: Sleepy? Do you think that would work? No! Of course not! T’Lea was being sarcastic! But she didn’t have time to explain her snarky remark before a voice from behind hurried the idea along. Dekas: Preferably soon. Hopefully they get sleepy and think they’re dreaming. This was going to be a disaster, thought T’Lea. Indobri was the strongest telepath in the room and by her own confession not very well trained with her abilities. The Romu-vulc would have touched one their holographic minds herself, but it would have required physical contact and that’s what they were trying to avoid. Indobri: Are you sure we’re not the ones dreaming? :: beat :: Okay, fine. I will try, but I am not holding my hopes out on this. Wyss: Just a few more minutes. ::at Dekas:: I’ve got the three couplings on my side disconnected. How are you doing? Dekas: response T’Lea: Somebody better do something soon. Wyss: Almost there! T'Lea reached for the two six-shooters on her hips and pulled them, only to realize they were no longer bright shiny metal but yellow. In her hands were two bananas with triggers. She closed her eyes and shook her head. This would have been hilarious if it had been happening to somebody else. With an egregious sigh she gripped stem-end of the bananas and put her fingers on the triggers. Aiming was going to be a problem, but it didn’t really matter since she was a terrible shot anyway. The bigger question, other than her aim was what would come of the end of the bananas when she pulled the trigger. T’Lea: Doc…? Indobri: Just don’t let them lynch me before I get done. This is going to take a lot of concentration. T’Lea: They won’t get near you. That was a promise. And that was a promise from Nyka as well. While Dekas worked on disconnecting his end, she was working on a back-up plan. T’Lea’s eyes hardened to steel as the townsfolk closed the distance. She held her deadly bananas firmly, but not too firm lest they squished. She planted her feet and took awkward aim. A glance to her side told her that Indobri was gathering her mental strength. Indobri ~ You are getting very sleepy. You need to go to bed. You are very tired. A nap would be good right about now. Go to sleep. ~ Wyss winced as a sudden headache stabbed at the front of her forehead. She blinked her eyes and thought she heard Indobri’s voice telling her to go to sleep. It was so soothing, and familiar. She found herself struggling not to obey. Dekas: response Wyss: I think I’m getting tired. T’Lea’s head turned and she saw Wyss rub her groggy eyes. She looked to the town’s people and they were only a few yards away now, and still wide awake. T’Lea: ::at Dekas and Wyss:: In case you haven’t noticed, I am armed with fruit. Please hurry. Dekas: response Indobri ~ You’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open. Lay down and take a nap. ~ Making a mental effort to block Indobri’s telepathic influences, T’Lea saw a villager yawn, and then another. Slowly half the crowd fell to their knees, and made their bed right there in the dirt street. The other half were struggling to stay awake and now even more frightened. T’Lea: We have a problem. The Gambler took aim and so did the remaining ten people with him. Indobri: response T’Lea: No, not them. Them. She thumbed back at the two engineers. Nyka was struggling to stay awake. Wyss: Cut. The main. ::yawn:: Line. She said to Dekas and slumped her shoulder against the arch. She reached in with her hand and did something just as the first shot from the Gamblers gun rang out. Then she literally fell to sleep on the ground. The Gambler’s shot zipped past the Romu-vulc, clipping the brim of her hat. T’Lea fired back, and the ends of her banana-guns exploded. The banana and their peels splattered the Gambler and his friends in a stunning display of scatter-shot fruit. But what was more stunning was that the sun had turned into a spinning disco ball, throwing sprays of flashy lights all over the dusty town. Suddenly, music from Wyss’s playlist sang-out loudly across the holodeck, and the remaining townsfolk started line-dancing. ABBA: Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah You can dance You can jive Having the time of your life Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Digging the dancing queen... Absurdity. That was the best word to describe everything going on. No, wait… Insanity. Yes. It was unadulterated insanity, thought T’Lea as she watched the Gambler and his friends toe-tap and slide along with the music. The Romu-vulc glanced down at her banana-guns. The tips were blown-out, and she had no idea if there was another round in the chamber... stem? Whatever. So she tossed them. Dekas/Indobri: response TAGGIES! Lieutenant Commander T’Lea The Surly Gunslinger Historian/Archaeology Specialist USS Juneau Author ID I238301T10 & PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss The Singing Sheriff Engineering Officer Lightside Station soon to be assigned to USS Grace Hopper Author ID I238301T10
  13. I really loved reading Kendrick's sim here. It got a few comments in our Discord channel, and I had to agree with them. His internal monologue is great and really gets you to feel for him. And that touch of humor at the end right before he passes out is great. Well done, Ensign Kendrick. ((DaiMon Kaybay’s Mining Camp – North Tunnel)) While the young Bajoran doctor Rel examined the creature’s bite in John’s neck, T’Lea checked her tricorder readings once more. John’s eyes drifted upwards to what appeared to be some kind of graffiti. He pointed his palm beacon up at the wall, hoping to get a better look. Rel: Well I don’t think this is life threatening. You might feel some irritation though, I’ll give you something for that, hold still. John was too focused on the graffiti to even notice doctor Rel injecting him with an antidote. Rel: That’s better. The symbols appeared to be Vulcan, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to read them. Luckily for them, there was a half Vulcan in their presence. Kendrick: Commander, my guess is those are Vulcan. Correct? As he made circular movements with his palm beacon to draw the Commander’s attention upwards to the wall. The commander’s headlamp took aim at the symbols John was indicating. T’Lea: Indeed. It is Golic. Golic? The name was unfamiliar to John. Rel: Interesting. I don’t suppose this is a coincidence. John watched as the Romulo-Vulcan frowned at the glyphs on the ceiling of the tunnel. As her headlamp shined on further down the tunnel, they discovered more of these symbols. T’Lea: It looks like a math formula of some kind. An engineering concept perhaps? There’s more that way… As the Commander started walking further down the tunnel, meanwhile making recordings of the ceiling with her tricorder, John followed her lead. Rel: It seems to be less stable now, like whoever was writing it was doing so faster. Kendrick: A mysterious message written in the Vulcan language, deep inside a tunnel on a planet dozens of lightyears from Federation space. It just doesn’t make sense. T’Lea: I have no idea what it means. It is definitely a formula for something, but it is beyond my expertise. Let me send it to Dekas and the Captain. John stopped as he watched Commander T’Lea fiddle with her tricorder, attempting to transmit the data to the Captain and Ensign Dekas. Her tricorder however didn’t seem to respond to her command entries. She rolled her eyes at the blinking device in her hand. John could’ve sworn he heard her uttering a swear. Not very Vulcan-like he thought, but then again, the Lieutenant-Commander was also half Romulan. T’Lea: I can’t get a signal through, can either of you? Rel: Nothing. John took off the tricorder from his belt and flipped it open. Little lights started blinking, indicating all systems seemed to be working properly – except the antenna. John looked up as he put the tricorder back on his belt. He shook his head. Kendrick: No, Sir. T’Lea: It must be interference from the cave. The Commander glanced over John’s shoulders, back in the direction they came from, as if calculating their next move. Without anyone really noticing, John shook his head. Earlier that day the Captain had ordered Ensign Dekas to join the Lieutenant-Commander to explore the surrounding areas of the Jem’Hadar colony. But it was John's reaction to Second Osasad’Mon’s hostile attitude that forced Major Han to change those plans. If only he had kept his calm, Ensign Dekas would be here in the tunnel instead of him, perhaps solving this Vulcan puzzle as if it were child’s play. Suddenly he felt Commander T’Lea looking at him. He quickly shook off the regret that was taking hold of him again. T’Lea: Are you feeling well enough to continue? He placed his hand on the back of his neck as he turned his head from left to right. Kendrick: My neck feels a bit stiff. Almost like I was in a shuttle crash and I’m suffering from a whiplash. T’Lea: Are you sure you are not feeling any ill effects from the bug bite? He glanced at doctor Rel, and with an almost boyish smile he tried to convince her he was feeling well enough to continue the mission. Kendrick: I’m still feeling like myself doc. The alien creature doesn’t appear to have taken over any of my cognitive functions. oO Although that would be a perfect excuse to explain my stupid behavior today. Maybe I should… On second thought, I better don’t. Oo The Romulo-Vulcan officer looked at doctor Rel for confirmation. It was only now that John noticed her beautiful blue eyes. He quickly diverted his eyes back to the doctor, awaiting her evaluation. T’Lea: Is he? Rel: As long as you are feeling okay, Ensign, I’m not worried. But let me know at once if that changes. The Commander took a moment to consider their options. Having come to a conclusion, she looked at both John and doctor Rel. T’Lea: :: firmly :: Let’s finish what we started. This is obviously leading somewhere. Rel: Yes, ma’am. Kendrick: :: nodding :: Agreed. If the Ferengi find out we discovered this tunnel, they might decide to send in more men to secure the area, making it more difficult for us to move in and out of this tunnel network without being detected. The group continued into the cave, following the writing on the ceiling. After about ten minutes, the darkness around them seemed to recede. They turned a corner and suddenly saw a blindingly bright light in the distance. It looked like a lamp or flashlight. Before John or anyone else could say anything, the light went out again. From behind him, he heard doctor Rel flip open her tricorder as she started taking scans. Rel: I’ve got a life-sign. Humanoid. T’Lea: Response The doctor tuned her tricorder for more specificity but shook her head. Rel: I can’t tell what species. Kendrick: Whoever is out there didn’t come through the same tunnel as we did. If they did, we wouldn’t have had to push our way through these cobwebs. As he spoke, he felt a scratchiness in the back of his throat. Perhaps the moist and cold of the tunnel was starting to get to him. John listened to the tricorder readings as they tapered off. Doctor Rel did her best to get them back but apparently wasn’t successful. Rel: It’s gone. No sign of life now. At this range I should be getting full data, but I think the cave is still causing interference, maybe the tritanium is causing it? Based on this, I would say the life sign is moving away from us. John heard the doctor’s words, but it was almost as if they were spoken from afar, as if they were an echo of sorts. He felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Was the temperature rising in the tunnel or was the anxiety getting to him? T’Lea: Response John wiped the sweat of his forehead and nodded. Although he wasn’t feeling all too well, he was determined not to let it affect his job and the mission. He took out his tricorder and tried to take some scans of the tunnel ahead as Commander T’Lea started to pick up the pace. Kendrick: Careful Commander. We don’t want to move too fast down here. These tunnels might have been equipped with defense mechanisms against intruders. Rel: Like booby traps? We can’t be too far behind, I can’t see them being able to set up traps for us… Suddenly John felt an excruciating pain coming from the bite wound on the back of his neck. Rel: Ensign, stop! As the pain got unbearable John couldn’t walk any further and dropped down to his knees. His hand reached for the back of his neck where he felt the bite wound swelling up. Kendrick: Doc :: sounding miserable:: Doc. He barely managed to get the words out of his mouth. His tongue felt stiff. Kendrick: What’s happening to me? The bite mark on his neck was growing, changing color. It was almost as if something living was growing inside of him. His face turned blue as he reached for his throat, barely able to breathe. This was it, he realized. He was about to die. Tears started to run down his face. Tears caused by pain as well as by the fear of dying. He would never see his family again, he realized. He would never be able to make amends with his father. And then it felt like he was cut open by a knife as the bulge on the back of his neck burst open. Hundreds of almost microscopic tick-like creatures fell out of the wound, moving crisscross over his uniform. With a sudden retch, he started vomiting all over his uniform before landing on his hands. As the little alien creatures darted away in the dark, John crawled towards the tunnel wall. He turned around to rest with his back against the wall and felt the swelling in his throat starting to go down a bit. Perhaps he was going to survive the ordeal after all, he thought. He looked down at his vomit-stained uniform. Kendrick: :: chuckles :: Looks like I made quite the mess. He looked up at both the doctor and Commander T'Lea. Kendrick: Please don't tell the Captain. And then he passed out. T’Lea: Response Rel: Response
  14. The crew of the Juneau find themselves in New York, 1969, living normal lives unaware that anything is wrong, until the world starts shaking. It's been fun watching people flesh out their alter egos. This post from @Elijah Deckett is a good example of every reacting the confusing situation presented to us, without the normal structures of a Starfleet crew. ((Train, En Route to New York, July 11th, 1969)) Deckett was taking a few days off work and decided to head into the 'Big City' for some R&R, hoping that maybe a day walking around, shopping and people watching would help him decide his future plans. He loved the community he was apart of, some of the people within it were like a second family to him, but he felt like he needed....more. some small part of him knew he was destined for...something, anything that meant he could help people. Then there was his dancing. He loved Ballet with a passion but the chances of it becoming a career were so slim, besides, you couldn't really help people in that line of work. Deckett: oO Maybe i could become a dancing police officer? Fighting crime in my pointe shoes and taking down bad guys one pirouette at a time! Oo Elijah chuckled to himself as he boarded the train, glancing around for a place to sit. He spotted one next to a man across from a woman, he somewhat recognised the two from around town. As he sat with them made small talk, enjoying the small moments of silence and the thundering lull of the train. He learnt the woman, Aria, was a professor and the man beside him, Peters, a novelist. Aria was currently explaining what she taught. Oddas: Just a Combinatorics course, all about counting, the students either get it or they don't. Deckett: You make it sound so simple, like teaching someone something new is a walk in the park. I've always had a great amount of respect for teachers, especially the ones who had to put up with me. ::He chuckles before turning to Peters:: How about your work? Written any interesting characters lately? Peters: response Stelek: Do you enjoy doing that? Peters: response Deckett: ::Shrugs:: I work as a bouncer, not nearly as interesting and important as you two. Oddas: I'm afraid we don't get to clubs very often - this one ::she nodded playfully at the woman next to her:: doesn't like to go out. Elijah let out a quiet chuckle as he watched the two interact, brushing a few strands if hair from his eyes. Deckett: They aren't everyone's scene, but i found there a sort of an.... infectious happiness that comes with those places. The music, the laughter, everyone gathering to have a good time and let loose. Peters: response As the man grinned at his passenger, the train began to shudder, just slightly more than it usually did. The shudder grew until the train was rocking violently, metal screeching against metal as the shaking grew in intensity. Random Person: Earthquake! Suddenly Elijah was on his side and falling, he thrust his arms out blindly and manage to break his fall slightly. He hit the ground-or rather wall-hard, hard enough that he knew his side would be covered in purple bruises in a few hours. The first thing that hit him was the fear, overwhelming shock of what had taken place flooded through him and his hands shook with the force of it. A thousand voices screaming at once, praying, begging, crying, so many-too many-too much! He took a deep breath and focused on himself, focusing on hus aching side, his hands his breathing, his heartbeat. Elijah steeled his resolve and, groaning at the effort forced himself onto his hands and knees. As he stood the broken glass dug into the callused palms of his hands, leaving little . Decket: Okay, I need everyone to remain calm! Is anyone hurt? Oddas/Peters: response He took a moment to survey the damage before rushing to help people, sitting them up and checking them for any injuries. Thank fully the majority of the passengers had superficial damage, mainly minor cuts and bruises, but everyone seemed to be in shock or scared. Deckett: Proffessor, i need you you to check to see if people have concussions, check their eyes and try to keep them conscious. Peters, I need you to look for a first aid or anything to help cover peoples cuts. Oddas/Peters: response. He took time going to every passenger and speaking to them, using a soothing voice to try to calm them down. He found the more people he calmed down, the more the fear in him subsided. After about ten minutes, everyone had been tended to and the situation seemed relatively under control. He approached his companions and placed a hand on both their shoulders. Deckett: You two okay? Peters/Oddas: response TAG/TBC Ensign Elijah Deckett Security Officer USS Juneau J239709ED0
  15. “Toow-u latseen khaa jeexh attee.” Juneau motto translated from Tlingit language it means “It gives strength to the Spirit.” The Tlingit language is spoken by the indigenous Tlingit who resided along the coastline from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska. The USS Juneau (NX-99801) launched stardate 239705 (May 2020) under the command of Captain Oddas Aria. The ship was designed with experimental warp technology. It is the first to utilize this advanced warp propulsion system. Fittingly, Captain Oddas co-developed a prototype Warp XV engine that eventually became known as the Oddas-Rahman Next Generation Warp Propulsion Assembly, the precursor to the now OR-400MV. The Juneau is the first non-test ship to hold the OR-400MV and it is still working out some of the kinks. She is a fast ship with a cruising speed of warp 12 with a maximum sustainable cruising speed of warp 14 and a maximum warp speed of 15. When contacted for this article, Captain Oddas Aria noted the ship was “designed to be used as a test bed. It’s the result of really a multi-year effort from a lot of talented people in the fleet and I’m just beyond glad that we get to be the ones who are trusted with its continued success.” With a significant complement spanning across 26 decks, the ship has adapted to meet the working and personal lives of officers, crew, and civilians. Commander Shayne noted that “there’s so much variety, so much opportunity, and yet so much responsibility. On a ship with seven hundred people at any given time, managing crew rosters and duty obligations can be a serious challenge. At the same time, though, there is so much we can explore once those smaller matters are handled.” Many systems beyond the experimental warp propulsion have seen significant upgrades. Chief Intelligence Officer Commander Ash MacKenna has been able to customize the Intelligence suite and as she says, “make it as nifty and spooky as I please.” In addition, two sickbays offer state of the art medical technology to respond to both expected and unexpected emergencies. Regarding the upgrades, Executive Officer Commander Shayne is quick to point out that “our sensors are among the finest in the fleet, our engines can get us into nooks and crannies that haven’t even been explored by probes, but the most important aspect of our vessel is the crew.” The diversity of staff is a testament to the diversity of the Federation. Senior crew species include Bajoran, Human, Betazoid, Trill, Kerelian, Argelian, Magna Roman, Ullian, Fabrini, Rodulan, Vulcan, and Caitain. The Juneau seizes the advantage of the strengths and abilities of the diversity of the crew and leverages them to advantage. The Juneau currently finds itself assigned to explore the Aavaros Wilds, an area of space annexed by the Cardassian Union. To ensure stability in the region as the Cardassians vacate, the Federation provides exploration and other local services. The USS Eagle began initial patrols and discovered a rogue Gul fighting to restore the former Cardassian military state and a race known as The People who practice a severe form of eugenics. The Chief Science and Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins III added that “The Wilds always seem to live up its name, but I think the strengthened position of the Juneau will allow us a bit more freedom among the various factions and interests. Though we have no wish to be seen as a sort of occupying flagship to the region, I think the presence of the Juneau will facilitate some of the more aggressive and expansion minded parties to look at us a bit more seriously in the coming months.” Reports from the field note a new batch of Academy graduates recently joined the Juneau in her maiden voyage to explore a comet emitting Eichner radiation. This mission tested the newly formed crew who have little experience working together. Nearly half of the crew made their way to the USS Arrow, found abandoned and salvageable, ready for a new complement to take command. Learn more about the Juneau on the wiki. The post Ship Closeup: USS Juneau appeared first on StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  16. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! 🤣 Great job, Nyka! ========================================== ((USS Juneau - Sickbay)) Wyss: I gotta know… gotta know if it worked. There was no way she was going to rest until she found out if the syphon was a success. There was also no way she could fight the hands that were ushering her back to the biobed. All she could do to resist was kind of cling to the person so that she didn’t take an embarrassing nose dive straight to the floor. Bellweather:::pulling the blanket up:: Relax Kid, Cadfael has things well in hand, we're all safe'n'sound...thanks to you ::squeezing her shoulder. As soon as Nyka hit the biobed, she gave up the fight and reached for her aching head. Wyss: Uhhgn… why do I feel like I drank the warp core? Bellweather:::smirking:: more like swam through it Luv. ::patting her arm:: you're lucky Karise was here, she saved your life. The use of Doctor Indobri’s first name caused a hiccup in Nyka’s brain for a split second. Personally, Nyka had never called the Rodulan Karise so it took a moment to figure out who she was talking about. That alone added to the crap factor of how she felt. Wait… what the hell was a Cadfael? Was it an acronym for something? Was this dark haired woman named Cadfael? There were so many questions running through the Nyka’s fried head in that singular moment, but she was only able to pluck the most important one from the muck. Wyss: What happened? Indobri: oO You died! That’s what happened! Oo The engineer winced at the painful words. Each one seemed to pierce her skull like a stabby little icepick. The origin of the voice wasn’t clear, but she gathered it was her own conscious yelling at how stupid she had been. Bellweather:::raising a brow:: Outstanding question. I'm not a hundred percent sure what happened but the CHENG was able to keep us from blowing up. As for you, you're out of immediate danger, but will need a lot of rest. My hope is there is no permanent damage ::smiling warmly:: time will tell. Cheng? Was that a person? No, not Cheng. THE CHENG. The Chief Engineer. They had a Chief Engineer? Since when? Just how long had she been unconscious? Wyss: ::sighing:: Ugh. Nothing makes sense... She was trying to recall the events in the M/ARA, but the fragmented information she was hearing only made things more fuzzy and confusing. Nyka’s tone was lit with a heavy shadow of gloom. Her brain felt like it was in a thick fog. Bellweather:::holding her hand:: Hey, I'm right here and so is Karise. ::squeezing her hand:: I don't give up on my patients and I don't expect them to give up on themselves. ::smiling:: You're never alone. Wyss’s hazel eyes drifted up to the… was she a doctor or a nurse? There were two full pips on her collar. She was a Lieutenant. Bingo! That had to count for something. But having come from a place where medical types weren’t to be trusted, Nyka found herself reverting back to that way of thinking. In that moment she actually found herself wishing that Indobri was there, even if it meant tip-toeing around awkward subjects. Wyss: You sound like a stalker. A flat joke. It was the best she could muster to hide her uncertainty about the woman, and well… every-damn-thing. Bellweather:::laughing:: I may have gotten a little jingoistic ::winking:: all the best Doctors do Kid. ::smiling warmly:: As for you just sit back and rest, the Ship is fine, so I'm giving you permission to focus on yourself. ::digging into a pocket:: Here take this and I'll be right back with something for you to drink ::holding out another blue lollipop:: Trust me I'm The Doctor. That answered that question. She was a Doctor. Her name was Doctor Cadfael. Nyka absently twisted the stick of the blue lollipop in her fingers, and then gave a lopsided frown at the cartoon Band-Aid on the back of her hand. She almost smiled at it, but pulled her gaze toward a familiar voice. Indobri: Well, look who has returned to the land of the living! The smile Nyka gave her was soft and welcoming. She was actually grateful to the Rodulan for the humor, and a great many other things. Indobri: You know, if you wanted to get my attention, all you needed to do was buy me a few drinks. Stopping your heart probably wasn’t the best choice. Was Indobri flirting with her, or was Nyka delusional? It was probably best to give a neutral reply. Wyss: Sorry about that. She looked down at the lollipop, and then it registered what was said. Wyss: Wait, did I die? Indobri: ? Nyka was entirely buying it. She remembered passing out a couple of times, but dead? Wyss: Like… a little dead? Or a lot dead? You mean, somewhere in-between dead and not-dead? Like undead? Indobri: ? Wyss: Oh. That kinda sucks. Yep. That sounded seriously serious. The redhead paused in thought and then gradually started to ease a smile. It was customary in her universe to do one thing every time something like this happened. Wyss: So, good news. That makes today officially my new birthday thanks to you. There will be a mandatory party when I get out of here. That definitely wasn’t the standard reaction after having left this plane of existence. Usually somebody might pause and reflect, or somber at their own mortality. Maybe it would hit her harder later, but right now she was feeling pretty dang lucky. She held up a finger to stop any comments. Wyss: But for now… can you sit with me for a moment? oO Don’t say no, don’t say no, don’t say no. Oo There was something she needed to say, and if she waited any longer it was just going to become awkward again. What was coming probably was a bit of a reflection on her life, or better yet a correction. Indobri: ? The redhead scooted over on the bed allowing a space for her to sit. There was a moment of hesitation, mostly to gather her nerve, but also to find some strength physically and mentally to put the words together. Conversation wasn’t exactly easy to produce, but if she didn’t say it now, then it might not ever get said. Wyss: I’m… oO Don’t be an [...], just say it. Oo Wyss: I’m sorry for the way I left things the other morning, ::frown:: and every day after. Like ripping off the Klingon band-aid on her hand. Fast and more painful than it’s supposed to be. Indobri: ? Wyss: Wait, just let me finish. ::beat:: I like you. Like, really like you, and I enjoyed our night together. ::blushing:: Like, really enjoyed it. Oh, for frak’s sake she sounded like a stupid teenage girl. She quickly ran a hand over her face in frustration. This was going poorly. Time to make a course correction. Wyss: Okay, I’m just going to lay it all out. I suck at relationships. I avoid them like the plague. They usually end horribly for me, and I freaked out the other morning because well… If I’m being honest, I don’t usually stick around that long afterwards. Not that I do that kind of thing a lot, but… oh hell. ::it just went from weird to humiliating:: Forget that last part. So here it is, I’d like to get to know you better, and I don’t know maybe we just don’t label it anything right now. You know, in case… I don’t know whatever. ::beat:: That sounded better in my head, and this was a bad idea, and I was dead so I’m not sure what I’m saying. You probably have patients to check on. There. That was an easy out for both of them. Ensign Nyka Wyss Engineering Officer USS Juneau Author ID I238301T10
  17. ((Comet Surface)) ((OOC: All thoughts are strictly in-character.)) To say Noa was nervous was an understatement. And even though she was safely encompassed by an EV suit, that would limit what the other would see of her - practically eliminating any and all chance to see her facial expressions. Yet, she chose to remain completely still. She was, after all, in the company of people who were nothing but strangers and shipmates to her. And if there was a way to act around those people, is the utter maximum possible professionalism. At that moment, however, she was stuck. It was like she was squeezed between a hostile situation, that made the emotions inside her boil like steam, while at the same time being in unknown company - in which she was practically incapable of expressing herself, or any of the building up nervousness. She was practically a pressure pot, building up its pressure on the inside. She had to release it somehow. If she were to stay focused at all for this mission, she had to vent it. Somehow. And she never did something like that around a group, let alone a bunch of strangers! Yet her logic relented, and agreed that special circumstances require special measures. And what could those special measures be…? What could possibly serve as a relief for her, while in such a situation? Then, it was as if a lightbulb lit up above her head, and she suddenly knew exactly what to do. She had to crack a little joke. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to stand it. She bit her lower lip only ever so slightly, to make sure that whatever eyes were inside the EV suit couldn’t see it, and told it. Levinson: I do not believe they would answer to knocking, would they? It may not have seemed like much, but to Noa, it was a huge relief. She pretty much has never done that, and under normal circumstances she would even chastise herself for even thinking about doing something like that. But this time, she was glad for it. It certainly eased the situation. Eiris: You can give it a try Levinson, but I wouldn't count on it. With Elris’ reply giving her just a tiny bit of reassurance, she nodded and gave a reply before approaching the panel. Levinson: I will begin immediately, sir. Noa approached the panel, pulled her tricorder out, and began working. While it was mainly a scanning device, during her Academy time, she experimented a bit with interfacing it with various computer systems - mainly Starfleet and Federation in origin, but she was sure she could try more systems. And that was the perfect opportunity for it. Some may call it hacking. They would probably be correct in that case. Slowly but surely, she began connecting the interface, and tested it slowly - while making sure not to trip any security, of course. Each successful connection improved her mood, and swayed her mood to the better. Hontrú: Response Eiris: We'll cross that bridge when we need the explosive. A few moments passed, and the connection seemed stable - and sufficiently secure to not trip any security alarms. A few taps on both the panel and the tricorder later, the door hissed open. oO Gotcha! Oo Eiris: Of course, this way maybe our hosts don't know we're here. She disconnected the tricorder from the panel interface, and held it firmly while the marines led the way inside. The interior was… odd. Not exactly what she expected - Not that she knew what to expect in the first place. At first glance, it looked… somewhat familiar. Workstations, an odd shape… She couldn’t quite place her finger on it. And once she looked down at her tricorder to get some readings after getting inside, she noticed one more detail - the nearly complete lack of Eichner radiation on the inside. Of course, no amount of Eichner radiation was safe, but that gave them a considerably larger amount of time to be inside - assuming the rest of the interior was devoid of radiation as well. Any: Response Eiris: I was thinking it looked a bit like the bridge to a ship? oO A bridge! That’s it! Oo It certainly made more sense than building a facility for whatever reason on a comet. Oliver: Response Noa nodded at the pilot. Levinson: It would certainly be logical. Hontrú: Response Her tricoder gave of a soft beeping, and she raised it up and took a look. She then raised an eyebrow at the readings, stopping the urge to frown. Levinson: The Eichner radiation levels are considerably lower on the inside than on the outside. I do not recommend opening the suits, though. As for the tricorder’s notification, ::beat:: I am detecting five lifesigns, headed our way. The radiation still is still obstructing any identifying signs. They are emanating from that ::She pointed at the opposite direction to the one the team entered from:: direction. Any: Response Levinson: I cannot be certain. Any: Response TAG/TBC -- Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson Science Officer + Wiki operator USS Juneau E239701NL0
  18. ((OOC: Awesome sim, Ensign @Keneth Nakada!)) (( Shuttlebay 2, USS Arrow )) Nakada: ::whispering:: Commander, those are some very primitive suits. Collins: Indeed, Ensign, but maybe we can turn that to our advantage. Scan for any junction points, exposed areas, or weak points in the structure of the suits if you can and as quick as you like, thank you... Keneth took a second to steady his hands. He was scared. Really scared. First time, eh? His brain chirped a little too cheerily. Adrenaline kicked in pretty quickly and he fumbled his tricorder open, carefully breaching the dampening field with just the front of the sensors pack. A reassuring stream of data began appearing. Atmospheric pressure, spatial volume … engineering schematic breakdown. The device’s scans showed what appeared to be unibody insulated construction, except for ... Nakada: The sides.The tiny black indentations on the sides of the suit appear to be exposed circuitry, maybe to ground it, or externally deactivate the suit. Regardless, I they appear to connect directly to the internal systems. Probably. Most of it was just guesswork. It had been a while since he’d read an engineering schematic raw. He was too used to nice holographic representations with simulations. Collins: Of course they bloody are. ::He turned to the warrant officer.:: Would shooting those kill them? The warrant officer thought for a second. Kingsley: It should - or I imagine it might cause an overload in their power systems and cause them some time to reset. Even some time to reset would be helpful. Collins: Okay, good. I want to stem any more loss of life if we can avoid it. Here's the play. I am going to get them to expose that area and then you two, being the hip young gunslingers you are, are going to disable them. Hopefully allowing us to ask them a few questions and get up to the Bridge to hopefully kill that ruddy dampening field. Everyone clear? He nodded, fighting an impulse to giggle at hip young gunslingers. It was a snort-worthy comment. Nakada: Yes, sir. Collins: If I told you that, you wouldn't let me do it. Just be ready... Keneth watched keenly. Maybe the commander had some further knowledge about them that he could glean from what he did next. Then the commander raised his hands and sprinted comically at the suits. He was torn between calling the commander a fumbling idiot and simply saying it was technically the simplest trick in the book. So simple it would work. The warrant officer looked like she wanted to have an aneurysm as she bit her tongue. Collins: Heya, boys! The suit let out a noise. He sincerely hoped it was a similarly raucous introduction. Collins: SAY, this isn't Deep Space 12! Gee, Stellar Cartography isn't what it used to be, is it? Keneth had to actively remind himself of what was happening to stay focused. This was hilarious. Collins: I tell ya, boys, you think you know a map and then it just spits ya out right where ya least wa- In a flash that broke his semi-unfocused state of befuddlement, the creature got over its confusion and grabbed the science officer, lifting him up like a helium carcass. Damn it, the commander couldn’t be hurt now. He had to find out what Skeets was. Just as he began to calculate how to get within range of the creature safely, Kingsley sprinted ahead. He wasn’t completely sure what to do, so he followed, staying to the side. Boarder #1: STARRRRRRFLEETERRRR. See, that was an aberration of Federation Standard. Kingsley raised her phaser and fired straight at the narrow strip of exposure. In a moment of horror Keneth realised he was directly where the creature would fall. Cursing his absentmindedness, he ran around the creature, hoping he was still hidden, though that probably meant very little to the boarder’s sensors. Kingsley: That was stun! Increase to full power! He could hear faint beeps as the warrant officer adjusted her phaser settings and fired again. CRACK A small plasma shockwave went through the corridor as the electrical discharge arced outward. The boarder holding Collins dropped to the ground, though he couldn’t see what happened to the commander. He also very quickly realised that the other boarder was very quickly approaching him, raising his arm. Keneth was still dazed from the shockwave and wouldn’t be able to aim and Kingsley’s phaser was probably completely discharged … So he did the one thing he had been told never to do. He aimed his phaser at the access hatch across the hallway, closed his eyes and fired. He couldn’t risk announcing it - hopefully the other two would duck. SNAP The plasma conduit exploded, the remaining superheated gas in it dousing the other creature, ions overcharging their suits. A loud snapping sound came as a pungent odour of burning bulkhead material filled the air, another flash searing his retinas. The remaining boarder had dropped down. Nakada: HELLO? Commander? Kingsley? Anyone there?! He coughed violently as he steadied himself against the wall, desperately searching for the other two in the haze. He could feel his jovial nature wearing off as the situation settled and he realized what had just happened. Collins: Response Kingsley: Response Nakada: ::coughing:: I can’t, I don’t - He wanted to pass out. He was in over his head. He was supposed to tinker with EPS efficiencies and Warp XV drives. This wasn’t fair. It had been twenty four hours. Barely any time to do anything he’d imagined. Time to be a normal officer. He fought his nausea, his head spinning. Well, he thought ironically. He had the opportunity so many dreamed of – to make a difference. His crewmates were depending on him. Collins: Response Nakada: I don’t know how long we have. They seemed to be able to abs, ads, absorb ::heaving:: a fair amount of energy. We should assume they’ll wake up within fifteen minutes I’d think. He dropped to the floor and shook his head clear, fragments of debris falling out of his hair. They’d come so close to being puddles of soup. Collins: Response Kingsley: Response Ensign Keneth Nakada Engineering USS Juneau, NX-99801 J239706KN0
  19. ((OOC: I really enjoyed the XO's impassioned plea to Lt. Waters, as she continues her transformative journey. Kudos to both of you for a moving interaction. Simple, but effective.)) ((IC)) ((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Eagle)) Waters: The Juneau is, by all appearances, larger, and superior to the Eagle. As Shayne settled into his seat, admiring the ridged contours it featured, he beheld his new home on the viewscreen. From here, she was even more imposing; enormous in comparison to their beloved garden spade, angular and slick and bristling dangerously. Shayne: She’s a beast. He spoke low, admiring her from a distance. She’d have to be tamed, and her kinks worked out, before she could safely be operated. He hadn’t the luxury of showing fear aboard her, but from this distance, he could respect her properly. Dear god, what had he gotten himself into? Waters: She is not the Eagle. I may sit at this station still, but it will not be... this. It is only recently I have begun to realize... this is my home. Now we are... I am, leaving her. Opportunities of many varieties have been squandered. This time... cannot be regained, and I am uncertain how to say goodbye to a home I only realized I lived in recently. Shayne leaned forward, fire in his eyes. Shayne: Hold that realization close! Don’t let it go. Let the pain brand you. Understand what you’ve missed, and realize how you can keep from doing it again. Waters: Response He stood, now impassioned but speaking quietly. Shayne: The crew makes the ship- and most of the crew is moving with you! New home or not, new world or not, you’ve got the chance to make this right. Claim it! I know you can. You have come so far! The words were infused with pride and a frustration Shayne did not mean to include but couldn’t avoid. Waters: Response Tag/TBC… Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne First Officer USS Juneau NX- 99801 G239202RS0
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