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  1. Thanks Allen, as I've learned - it's impossible to stay away.

  2. I personally didn't feel that way. I thought it looked exactly like what it was - the Budwiser brewery with some Star Trek panels added to it, and radioactive stickers slapped onto wort tanks. I missed the established feel of a warp core - a single, long chamber for the antimatter/matter reaction. I felt like the set would have made more sense for the deuterium storage tanks and antimatter containment pods, but I never got a sense of where exactly the warpcore was.
  3. http://www.starbase118.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2433 Just so that everyone can see.
  4. ... interesting. I think it would be fun to splice video together for that, rather than do a flash movie.
  5. Hello UFOP. Long time no see... I wish I had more time and that I could be writing with all of you, my friends... but alas, that cannot be. However, I found this today, and it made me think of you all: http://hjem.wanadoo.dk/~wan13237/darkmater...picard_song.mp3 Enjoy.
  6. Ahh crud. I got sick and missed the deadline. I'll post my story somewhere else when it is finished.
  7. So will the next ST movie be a prequel like Enterprise?
  8. Speaking of your story... we went to the academy together. ::scared::
  9. Oooh! I can't wait. Just must make that deadline... *cry*
  10. Wilde, one thing that slightly buged me about it ws that Shatner wrote V, and then went of vacation. During that time, Nemoy and Kelly decided that the script was horrible and they should re-write it. (So he didn't intend to co-write it.) Lo and behold, because of the internal fighting (Shatner was not happy) Paramount almost cancled the movie... but instead hacked the special effects budget... hence why all the graphics in V are just pathetic. Yes, V is the worst... even worse than "Star Trek: The Motion Sickness" as many people called it. If you ask me, the top three bad ST movies are: 1) Star Trek, V- The Final Frontier 2) Star Trek, I- The Motion Picture 3) Star Trek, IX- Insurrection
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