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  1. Recent (if you can call them that) Star trek games have hardly been brilliant. The quoite ont he 2nd page of: "Those custom weaopns - quite a liberty with Trek lore and unique to this game - are designed to reflect their personalities. Kirk's phaser is a sci-fi version of a loud six-shooter" hardly fills me with confidence about this effort. Not a surprise given the film sadly.
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  3. If they could I would assume that would lose most of the shapeshifting ability as the inplants could not really change shape. Given the trouble they had with 8472 I think they would struggle, plus they would also have to find them as well.
  4. Problem is that the idea is not liked by some current fans and it won't get any new ones either. Paramount lose more cash than nemesis and the end arrives. I agree with Mal that J.J. Abrams will do a better job than Berman and Braga, that is not too difficult as they were not far off from killing off Trek. I guess we will wait and see but I have to reiterate that the idea for the new film is not a good one.
  5. Have to agree with T'Lara, you can hear the ringing of tills already.... The other three points are entirely valid as well. Abrams had done a pretty good job with Alias until series 4 which looks like naff copy of series one. Pretty sure the guy is out of ideas.. The idea itself is going to be bad, are they going to try and drag Shatner back and try and make him look a 100 or so years younger? You would have though they would have learned the lesson of "going back" from Enterprise, while not awful it had a habit of undermining what had come before. Things have moved on since 1965 when the idea came up and I don't think it will work. To be honest I think it will do worse than Nemesis. A new film, yes, but the writers in the UFOP could come up with a considerable better ideas for the film than the borrowed one from 65. Good writing, ideas and plots made Star Trek, not following the markets. They did not listen to the fans about Enterprise and if they don't listen now they won't be a whole lot of new Star Trek in the future.
  6. Oh dear... You are James T. Kirk (Captain) You are often exaggerated and over-the-top in your speech and expressions. You are a romantic at heart and a natural leader.
  7. Didn't firefly get cancelled due to low viewing figures? Not exactly the kind of think paramount would like to be even remotely associated with.
  8. Got DS9 series 5 somewhere. ::begins looking.::
  9. Is it just me or are the words "to be continued" appearing at the end of every ep so far? Could some kind soul tell me whether that is the case for the entrie season?
  10. Similar to the Federation that would keep changing the frequencies. The longer the conflict the better chance the Borg would have.
  11. Could not be doen quick enough. A Cube does not have many holding beams and the drones cannot get onboard while the jem' Hadar's shields are up. They would have time in my opinion.
  12. Can't really adapt to a suicide run aside from a lot of firepower but something would always get through. If the Dominion have enough ships they could do enough damage without firing their weapons. Considering the speed that they can replace them at I think they would be able to hold their own in a defensive engagement.
  13. With "working" shields, judging from other DS9 eps such as "sacrifice of angels" and "all that you leave behind" a galaxy would have taken out the three Jem Hadar ships. without shields they might have disabled the torpedo launchers and damaged the phaser array. the three ships might have been all that was close by at the time. The fact that it did not return after 10 mins in the gamma quadrant would probably hurt just that little but more. the suicide run proves a point not to mention gives a good kill ratio. the point is to show what lengths the dominion will go to get the job done.
  14. Seems to have been quoted twice in parts..... Don't think it will make much of a difference as the two companies would probably want to avoid the embarrassment of a warp speed U-turn
  15. I just look forward to seeing it. Starts Tuesday. Looks good from the short advert.
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