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  1. I've voted for a deep space vessel, to chart the unknown and explore different things and put the officers to the test. I'd like some kind of hybrid ship, Federation/Klingon, Federation/Cardassian (as they're quite decimated by the Dominion), or one of those adapting Borg technology after the return of Voyager from the Delta quadrant, where the majority of the crew is not human. Maybe an Andorian, a Caitian or a Betazoid (good for diplomatic contacts and assessing potential threats).
  2. I'll agree with the request for outposts or even a starbase being built if not in all, at least a few of them to provide support to the assigned ships on the zone. But until then, the USS Harald Hardrada will be sent out of the zone to serve the Starfleet needs, where they'll have better installations to repair it more quickly. This way we could use our installations to fix the rest of the ships that will need less time, starting with the USS u Cơ. With that ship undergoing repairs, the USS Ngô Quyền will go for the pirates and their bases. The USS Æthelwulf will look for the silenced ships an
  3. Alert Spoilers! Aside from outer characters, the one from the crew that I liked more was Malcolm Reed. From his professionalism in his duties, to his bond with Trip, his development in dealing with the MACO and showing that he had been an agent from Section 31. The fact that he didn't reveal personal information like his favorite food, or that he worried about being well groomed when facing death made him an interesting character for me.
  4. Welcome to the group! I'm sure you'll find a friendly environment here and we'll be glad to help you in anything you need to have a good time and enjoy your time simming.
  5. Not a snark, a smirk and maybe an eyebrow raising. I just couldn't resist to the Jane way... *wink*
  6. Welcome back! It's been years wondering how it'll be to sim with you. Now I've got a chance.

    1. Antero Flynn

      Antero Flynn

      Very flattering Kelrod! Can't wait to jump in and see what adventures we can get into. 😄

  7. Welcome to the group!

  8. Just what Kelrod needed, a new sister that was a counselor, and that has an infant as a secret weapon. Poor uncle Kel...
  9. I know it's not mine, but Kelrod was becoming fond of Baxter. If someone has stolen it,... I'll help Vanlith to rescue him, or... (Picard voice)... make them pay for what they've done!!
  10. Yeah. energy weapons tend to have that side effect! LOL! At least it's better than other settings...
  11. From Commander Marshall post. Never thought about that! I might use the idea in the future.
  12. Poor Kelrod, drowns his loneliness in a glass of... whatever. Who'll notice... as long as he does his work.
  13. Glad to have you around! I've been here for about 18 years and still simming.
  14. Hello Marc, my name is Sergio and I'm 'hailing' from Spain, so we're about in the same time zone. I'm glad that you've joined us, I've been around here for about eighteen years and still simming! So, I understand these first moments when joining such a community in a foreign language, so feel free to contact me anytime if you need something. I've improved my english a great deal just by playig here, of course the use of a translator was a day to day basic for me the first years due to some expressions and made up phrases, so don't be ashamed to ask the meaning of anything you don't get
  15. Welcome to the group. You'll find that we're very easy going persons and it's good to have someone playing a character that's different. You seem to have a good brackground to play what could be a confused character on a strange environment filled with bi-gendered people. I also found interesting another species with three genders, one being "the cogenitor", ( Enterprise, season 2 episode 22). Hope you have fun and to see you IC around the fleet.
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