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Unique Quotes in Sims - USS Constitution-B

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I think most people would call security if a stormed into the room during tea time...


Triston: Counselor... I... have to speak with you.

:: She grinned slightly.::

Samford: In my room?

Triston: Yes, in your room. I thought that if the doors were open, I could enter, sorry.

::Hail waved at him, showing it was no big deal.::

Samford: It’s not an issue, I can assure you.

Triston: I can re-enter, if you think it's valid for some reason.

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I think this will work much better than the quote of the month!

Also, I feel slightly egotistical for putting my own quote so I'm adding your descriptive lol, but I laughed writing this and laughed more reading the response..

T'Mar: The command staff were held hostage. If you have thoughts on what programs we should implement, I am.. all ears, I believe the saying goes.

::Zage raised his eyes and almost let a laugh escape. She definitely had ears, and it was an odd thing to hear a Vulcan say. At the same time, he kept in mind that she was part Betazoid and a good sense of humor was usually a character trait of the species. Even though it was a struggle for T'Mar from time to time, she did quite well with humor. It seemed to be the one thing that she understood more than the rest.::

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  • 3 weeks later...

I thought this was cute.

::Loleh looked confused at the screen and tried everything she could think of to get to her sensor data, but nothing worked. Shrugging she stepped out into the corridor and saw that many others were looking baffled. With a sigh, she returned to the lab and looked desperately at the screen.::

Rejock: ::to herself:: Why can't this ship ever have a completely normal day?

No... No it can not...

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  • 6 months later...

This happened while Shelther was trying to show Ar'jin how to interact with others during a party, they had approached Danara's husband and were asking if she was alright when she left suddenly.:

:: He nodded, he wasn't sure if the woman had as hard a time socializing as Ar'jin or if the reason was legit, it probably didn't matter, he could catch her another time. But there was enough of a curiosity to ask. ::

Shelther: I don't normally see her around much, mostly if we are both on the bridge at the same time. Does she get out?

Ar'jin: oO We literally work on a spaceship flying around the universe. How the hell would she 'get out'? Oo

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  • 4 weeks later...

Walters: Why not? I mean they brought their own mob, I'm sure they just want to have a friendly one on mob chat. Piece of cake. :: He couldn't help himself and chuckled::

Harris: I seriously doubt they are here for a friendly little chat, sir.

:: He would get her to laugh one of these days. Marines.. always so serious.. ::
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Georgio: ::He held out his hand as if expecting a handkiss, spreading his pinky to the side.:: Enchanté, Mademoiselle! Pleasure, I'm sure. I am Georgio.

Walker: oO Of course you are. Oo :: She raised her eyebrows at the response and the hand. :: Georgio who?

Georgio: Simply Georgio, darling. Fabulousness only needs one name.

Laughed harder than I should have...and for much longer than was appropriate.

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Luna wasn't sure "fabulousness" was a real purpose, but the stylist had made her smile if nothing else.

I do not know what you are talking about, sweetcheeks, but being fabulous is the greatest purpose there is! :D:whistling:

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  • 4 weeks later...

:: Blake gave an audible sigh as he could see the guy was intent on seeing her, even if it meant going into the lion’s den – not a wise move in his opinion. He was no counsellor, (that man was in front of him) so he had no idea what mental condition the chief engineer was in. If she had gone cream crackers then he didn’t feel comfortable letting the counsellor in without someone to watch out for him. ::

For some reason this made me laugh out loud.

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  • 2 months later...

I know you issued an OOC correction for the post this came from, but this still made me choke on my coffee...

::Nate laughed, he suddenly didn't feel so bad about being stuck with the fruity flute.::

But, it made me think, in only the way my mind circles erratically. Imagine what to a Risian is a lute, actually looks to a Terran like a flute? They hand it to you, thinking there's really only one way to play it, and you try to play it in a completely different and unexpected manner? I imagine it would set up a scene not unlike this...

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Someone has been tinkering with the computer:

Sherana: Computer, can you scan the amount of water to confirm if there are 1.5 pints in it?

Computer: Only if you say please.

Sherana: Wha...wait what? Are you kidding me?

Computer: Say please.

Really made me giggle! Nice one.

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I'm finding that any sim with Bellem in it is highly entertaining and I loved all of the sim - Spidey, but the follow got a loud chuckle from me drawing the attention of the room. Cheers for that Jason. :P

Bellem: Really? ::sighing:: By the way, Spidey, you know that they designed the display of this room to zoom down to your stationary location on the catwalk? No need to backstroke along the ceiling.
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Jaxx: I mean it...being annoying is not grounds for removal.

Dang, there goes my plan lol

Whew, I'm safe on the Apollo after all! =)

You do have the booze.

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In fact it's still there, isn't it?

Somebody's probably going to notice it at some point.

I re-e-eally thought about how much fun it would be if the bottle had gone missing on Max, but that would force me to show a dark side of him that nobody wants so see. Hehe! The brandy is not so much even that important, but the bottle is sentimental now, so I had to have him spirit it away. I promise though, next time Max brings alcohol to an emergency, we can hide it on him!

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