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  1. Warp drive could be described as the bread and butter of Star Trek, but it was far from the only means to get from point A to point B in the universe of our favorite franchise. One was using a generator on a planetary surface that generated Soliton waves that would accelerate a starship to warp speeds. A second generator was required at the destination planet in order to create a counterwave to slow the incoming starship down. A civilization could be lucky enough to find alternate means of interstellar travel on their doorstep like the Vaadwaur, and their Subspace Corridors. Another Delta quadrant species, the Sikarians possessed impressive transporter like technology with a range of 40,000 light years no Starship needed at all just hop on the trajector pad! The Iconians used their Gateways to rule a vast empire 200,000 years ago. Even Starfleet with a little Borg ingenuity developed alternative means in Quantum slipstream drive. So many interesting alternatives to warp drive it may be hard to pick a favorite. Tell us yours in the comments! This poll comes from Trek Technology and science category. Where we ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek. Often the questions will relate to how the lines between modern tech and trek tech blur more and more each day. Other times questions from this category will ask about your favorite gear or uses of the futuristic tech we enjoy seeing on the big and small screen.
  2. Over the many series and movies of Star Trek we were shown a bright future where the many worlds of the Federation live and work together as a grand galactic society. Like any society the Federation had rules, law and courts as well as a military in the form of Starfleet. Starfleet like many militaries has a JAG and that is what we saw most often on screen. Many episodes dealt with legal issues or were full blown court dramas! Who could forget Captain Picard being called to the stand by Admiral Satie during her conspiracy witch hunt aboard the Enterprise-D. Or when Worf was put on trial for supposedly destroying a klingon ship full of civilians, in a rather nail biting episode of DS9. Voyager’s Doctor found himself in the center of a case that questioned his right to control his own work and his very status in the Federation. Data had to prove his sentience in court when he was to be disassembled and studied against his will. So many awesome examples of legal themes were shown over the years. This week we ask; What episode was your favorite that dealt with the subject of law? Tell us below! This question comes from our General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.
  3. All over the series, Star Trek has introduced lots of different species, with their own culture and ways. Sometimes, that is so much the case, the species are an stereotype by themselves. Klingons are violent, Vulcans are logical, Ferengi are greedy. Sometimes, some characters have proven to be an exception to those stereotypes, used to show us that any species is at least as varied as human beings are. Vulcans are culturally logical, yes, but as with everything, there are more and less logical Vulcans. The same way the series showed us all this, so do us in our simming reflect this species variations. Some of our characters are the classical stereotype. With personal quirks, of course, and with the personal vision each player might have of that species, but the typical member one might imagine for them. On the other hand, other players make a point of trying to subvert the tropes and offer a surprising twist away from what you would expect. Both are equally good, of course. You might have a character idea in mind that fits exactly with a Klingon, and makes it easy to work and incredibly fun. Subverting the stereotypes takes more work, but can make for a surprising and amazing character. So here comes our question. Do you like to follow the stereotypes, or make a point of subverting them? Or try to not heed what the stereotype says, one way or the other? Discuss in the comments! This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.
  4. All hands report to code blue stations! Take the warp core off line, vent all plasma from the nacelles, and divert all available power to the atmospheric thrusters. Bring the landing struts online and set inertial dampers to maximum. Starship landing, it was something rarely seen in the star trek universe. Many Klingon ships had the capability to land as well as many smaller Federation vessels and shuttlecraft. Grand Starfleet ship classes like the Galaxy, Sovereign, and Odyssey are all simply too large. However Intrepid and Nova class ships were both shown to have the ability. Voyager landed only a few times throughout the show’s seven year run and each time was impressive. Our questions this week are; Do you feel that starship landing is underused in Star Trek storytelling? & Do you think more Starfleet ships should be able to land on a planetary surface? Discuss in the comments! This poll comes from Trek Technology and science category. Where we ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek. Often the questions will relate to how the lines between modern tech and trek tech blur more and more each day. Other times questions from this category will ask about your favorite gear or uses of the futuristic tech we enjoy seeing on the big and small screen.
  5. The holodeck, it’s one of our favorite subjects when it come to Star Trek. On screen this technology was used to show us fantastical stories and situations. While the holodeck worked most days without any issues now and then it went awry. Many episodes featured this circumstance from Professor Moriarty taking control of the enterprise, to most of DS9 senior staff believing they were characters in a spy adventure program, to beings from the fifth dimension mistaking the holoprogram Captain Proton for reality on Voyager. Each time the holodeck was affected in a way that put the crews in mortal danger were riveting episodes. This week we ask; What was your favorite Holodeck troubles episode? Tell us in the comments! This question comes from out General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.
  6. ((Par’tha Expanse, Beta Quadrant, Kiros, Kirosian Continent)) ::The world came back in slow agonising waves the loud whine in his ears blocked all other sounds even his own voice, he thought it was his voice but try as he might no sound reached his ears. Then he heard it a tiny voice in the distance it had no words or at least none that he could recognise, but it was there and slowly growing louder as the whine began to dim allowing one of his senses to come back to the world. The voice grew and grew getting closer and closer, they had to get with him soon they were so close, he felt his strength starting to return but his throat hurt a raw burning pain that felt as if hands were clutched around his neck squeezing hard:: Achim: BBAAAOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH….. ::The world snapped back into focus sharply as the whine in his ears stopped, the tiny voice that he’d heard was his, the raw throat from his own shouting. Pain lanced through his legs it felt like something was crushing them, his hooves could feel a breeze ?, where was he and why was it so hard to think. His right arm hurt as he moved it so he used his left to wipe his face, feeling wetness his light fur matted and slick, Achim looked at his hand..red with blood squeezing his eyes shut the sting of dust clung to them:: ::The dust was everywhere in his lungs and mouth, all over him and no matter where he turned his head the air was thick with it:: Achim oO Why, what happened … Oo ::He didn’t know how long he lay there thoughts refusing to form half sentences put together but then lost in the darkness that surrounded him, then word after word stayed joined becoming a thought that held a few more and a half sentence, still more and finally the sentence finally they held together:: ::It had been this morning or was it, how long he had been here he didn’t know but it had been earlier that he had visited his mother before heading to work, she had trouble walking these days, the lameness that set in among the elderly now sat in both hooves. She had been the head of their herd for many years after his father passed and went to the great pasture, so now it was his turn to look after her. Well not only his there was his sister as well so one went in the morning the other in the afternoon, where was he… oh yes in the morning after seeing to his mother he had headed to work in the office the same one he had been in for the past seven years. It wasn’t a major career but it provided enough, on this morning everything had gone had it had done of all those past days until … until that rumble started. It grew from such a tiny sound to the rear of an angry mountain as everything started moving shaking and swaying as if it had been drinking to many intoxicants the night before, glass panes shattered bricks crumbled and fell concrete fractured and exploded:: ::They had tried to get to the stairs but people scrambled in mass hysteria like a colony of ants; in these long moments that lasted an eternity the world had ceased to abide by the laws of gravity and physics. It was impossible to try to stand still because one second you would be standing there and then the next, chunks of floor would vanish or drop only to vanish moment’s afterword. What had been thought of as a solid floor was no longer but instead became precarious suspension bridge of terror without railings and surrounded a buildings whose structure was failing faster than you could see:: ::He thought he knew fear but at that moment nothing he had ever experienced came close to comprehending what he had felt then or now, from the window he had seen other buildings fail and fall taking all those within them plummeting to the ground. At the sight of not one but many more such buildings fall sent a wave of nausea through his stomach, each chamber spasming feeling the adrenaline pumping through him. Clouds of dust rose up as the city’s skyline crashed earthward, then it happened to them a massive lurch sent them all to the floor the lucky ones that is those that were unlucky disappeared through the holes already rent into the building:: ::Falling..a serene feeling with no pressure upon you if the realization of what was coming wasn’t there then sleep would have been easy, but the dawning outcome shouted loudly as dust rose up and obscured the view of the destruction out of the window. The office building mirroring the collapse and destruction of its neighbours, mirroring the fate of the city as fires erupted as lines that brought light and heat snapped and twisted like thing young shoots pulled out of the ground to eat:: ::Then he awoken he didn’t know how long ago parts of the building trapping him where he lay, unable to move unable to run to his mother’s house or his sisters place of work, no he had to get out to get to them they needed each other he had to. But the debris failed to move un-swayed as it was by ovine personal concerns or anguish, another cry escaped him as he lay there, within the heavy silence other voices joined in:: Achim oO I’m not alone more of us survived Oo ::The thought lifted his spirits if others survived being in this building surely there must be others, there had to be. When would they come, when would the government send help and what had caused it, he knew of earthquake he had seen explanations of them watched programs about them but here, they were nowhere near the region that experienced them:: Achim oO If it wasn’t the planet shaking then what could it be ? Oo ::There were always stories about the warlike A’kir but surely they couldn’t have done this, could they. Lending his voice to those that had survived Achim called for help, help he hoped would come soon, very soon:: MSNPC Achim Office worker Kiros lll As simmed by Ensign Kurt Logan – Security/Tactical Officer USS Atlantis, NCC-74682 E239203KL0
  7. ((Conference Room 1, Level 4 - Deep Space 26)) ::It has been a nice evening full of success for Isabel. She had met some new people, was recognised for her achievements during the last mission with two new ribbons added to her collection and was able to celebrate with others who had received promotions and other accolades.:: ::It appeared to her, that Starfleet parties are always over quite abruptly. It didn’t even need a red alert or other similar emergency. As soon as people start to leave, it was basically a rap for everyone. Right now, their guests from across the galaxy were leaving, from Isabel’s point of view simply by disappearing.:: ::This was bad news, as one of the more important items on her imaginary To-Do-List was not yet checked. She was quite relieved when she saw Commander Traenor still being there, obviously in the last moments of a talk with Commander Thomas.:: ::Isabel smiled, as this pair most certainly brought up some memories. It was the two officers who had led her mockup mission serving as part of the final exams of the Academy. Even though Thomas had been the Commanding Officer, she had always thought of Traenor being her examiner, since they had had to split the team during the mission, leaving her without much time with Thomas.:: ::This bond has been strengthened further on Turisan, where Traenor and Isabel had met again and shared an apartment for a couple of weeks. But unfortunately, he had been assigned to another position and their correspondence had dropped to literally nothing.:: ::Now, it was time to act, as it appeared as if he got ready to leave this place as well. Isabel made a quick exit out of her current conversation which could easily be continued as her counterpart was not disappearing to a place lightyears away.:: ::She rushed over and actually reached him in time. The quick sprint across the room had actually taken her breath a little.:: Pond: oO I have to start exercising again, instead of laying around with Randal on the couch all the time… Oo Pond: Commander! ::trying to find her breath again:: I’ve been trying to get a hold on you the whole evening. Do you have a couple of seconds for your old student? ::smiling:: ::Having mentally prepared to exit the simulation that placed him at the celebration on Deep Space 26, Maxwell Traenor had steeled himself to consider this the last time to see his former colleagues for a long time, if not forever. Therefore, he was quite surprised to be interrupted at the last second by someone he was very fond of, and had not gotten the chance to talk to before this very moment. The smile that erupted on his face was enough to give him facial cramps.:: Traenor: Isabel! None of this rank stuff! We’re former flatmates, after all. ::With all these previous thoughts, Isabel had a bit of a substitute-dad-reunion-vibe going on, which was quite confusing, as she had never actually felt their connection was that strong before.:: ::She somewhat awkwardly extended her arms for an invitation to a hug, until she realised that this surely wouldn’t be inappropriate, leaving her standing like a old scarecrow with arms that had already bent under the weight of the rain soaked coat.:: ::Maxwell saw the momentary hesitation in Isabel’s carriage and doubt on her face, and understood fully. A combination of time apart and rank, conflicting with familiarity and shared history, made for a perfectly reasonable moment of awkwardness between the pair. Whether it was proper or not, the scientist swept in and gave the doctor a warm hug. It was simply the mood he was in.:: Traenor: You look good, Isabel. Happy and content. Everything is going well, then? Pond: ::Happy about how the hug-attempt turned out:: Yes, very! A lot’s going on recently, with Randal and the new ships and everything… Traenor: This is an exciting time for you and all the rest. New ships, new region, new adventures. It’s a great time to have a party, and has been a great chance to catch up with everyone. ::There might have been a trace of wistfulness on his visage, but Maxwell buried it behind an authentic smile. He could live vicariously through the accomplishments of those like Isabel, whom he had seen rise through the ranks and become an accomplished officer and doctor.:: Pond: It is a great party, and really great that they were able to bring you all here! But I see, you’ve changed colours! Blue suits you well, I must say. ::smiling:: How come? Traenor: Thank you! I’ve worn blue for so long, that I just couldn’t give it up for long. ::conspiratorial wink:: Actually, I was given the chance of a lifetime to specialize in my scientific field. It’s not a step back so much as a step sideways. I’ll get the chance to wear a red collar again someday, but for now, I’m happy and healthy, and that’s what truly matters. ::Isabel was relieved to hear that. Seeing her previous mentor drop out of the command path against his will would have been really heartbreaking. Although not entirely sure if that was the entire truth, Isabel decided to stick to the version to not kill the all around good mood.:: Pond: That sounds great. I kind of got a new position as well, as it sometimes gets a bit boring in Sickbay… Whenever there’s a biological question to ask, I guess I am the girl for that on the Atlantis now. ::laughing:: Traenor: I see you and Randal managed to get posted on the same ship in the Task Force, then. I ran into him earlier, he seems pleased as punch to get to pilot an Intrepid class. ::There was an unspoken question that Maxwell left hanging. He knew that Starfleet was launching a dedicated medical ship as part of the Task Force, the USS Blackwell, and he didn’t know if missing out on the opportunity to serve on such a vessel was a bad thing or not. If he knew Isabel at all, though, he was certain that she’d be content to serve wherever she was needed, and if she had Randal at her side, then all the better. Those two were one of the most successful couples he’d ever had the privilege of witnessing.:: Pond: Yes, I am so happy about that! I am quite sure Renos has pulled some strings to make sure of that. I was a bit afraid that Randal felt like being dragged along with me, as the Blackwell surely is bigger than the Atlantis. But if you say he said that, I am quite relieved... Traenor: ::laughing:: Oh, I’d say he is. I mean, if you can put up with that haircut of his, then it must all be good. That probably makes him happy enough. Pond: ::jokingly:: Heey, don’t speak ill of my boyfriend! His hairdo is brilliant! ::The laughter was hearty at that last jab. Glad to be finally in a place where he could joke about and with his former colleagues, Maxwell felt a warmth and happiness that had been muted for a long time. Any doubts that he had about visiting the ceremony had fully dissipated, and he was left with a contentment over all that had transpired during this virtual visit.:: Pond: ::hesitant:: Can I let you in on a secret? Traenor: Of course. I’m all ears and zipped lips. ::It really was a spur-of-the-moment decision to tell, as she hadn’t had the chance to talk about that to anyone. But with him leaving quite soon, there literally was no chance for some ill-informed rumor to spread which could ruin the whole endeavour.:: Pond: I think it might be time for Randal and me to tackle the next step… ::It was such an open-ended statement that Maxwell was left with an unflattering blank expression as his mind reeled through several possibilities. Before his imagination could run roughshod over the truth, he prodded Isabel for more.:: Traenor: Such as… ::Once again, Isabel was hesitating. She hadn’t told anyone and she was not sure if it was a good idea to do so right now.:: Pond: I am thinking about a way to ask him to marry me. ::If the grin that prefaced their fortuitous meeting was grand, then his latest one was simply macabre. There was no way for Traenor to express how overjoyed he was with the state of these two young friends’ union. He couldn’t help himself, he swept Isabel up in another bear hug.:: Traenor: That is the best secret ever! I’m so proud of you, so proud for both of you! There better be an invitation for me that comes across subspace when the date is announced! Pond: ::laughing while being hugged:: Easy! I said I was thinking about it! ::getting out of the hug:: But seriously. I have read that on Earth it is custom for the man to do that and you somehow have to ask the parents? That all doesn’t make much sense to me, do you think that would be a problem? Traenor: Randal doesn’t strike me as an overly traditional type of guy, especially with a custom as archaic as all that. I honestly believe that regardless of who does the asking, he’ll be over the moon. Don’t worry about it one bit. Do what’s right for you and him, and let tradition be damned. Pond: ::playfully grimmly:: Yeah. Screw tradition, I always say that! ::Isabel burst out with laughter. It was good to hear from another individual from the same culture as Randal hailed from that her plans weren’t doomed from the beginning.:: Traenor: ::once his own laughter subsided:: Look, my chronometer is telling me that my time is about up. But this visit wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t had the chance to reconnect with you. Thank you so much for tracking me down like this. It made my evening to hear from you. Pond: That’s too bad. But I am glad that I’ve caught you. So, already a new mission on the screens? Traenor: Yep, that’s the life of Starfleet, isn’t it? New life and new civilizations, etcetera. The Marchlands, our new area of operations, has it’s fair share of all that, and I get to chart it all. Pond: Let me know if you make any exciting new discoveries. Send me your papers or something, I have always time to read while waiting for patients. ::Isabel realized that there hadn’t been a big farewell scene the last time they had parted. She wasn’t sure if she had missed it or if there simply wasn’t time for that. It made the whole deal just more awkward as it was already.:: Treanor: The same goes for you. I’m always game for following the career trajectory of my former students and friends, and it’s so much more tasteful when I don’t have to cyberstalk them to get the details. ::wink:: Pond: I guess I’ll let you disappear then. Fair winds and all that… ::quite sad:: ::Before they got too wistful again, Maxwell gave Isabel a friendly wave and moved as if to walk away. But before he did, he leaned in conspiratorially.:: Traenor: I’m serious about that invitation. I better get it! Destination weddings are always nice, say Casperia Prime? ::chuckling:: Pond: Send me a leaflet, I’ll consider it. ::smiling:: ::Maxwell Traenor stepped back once again and disappeared. There was no transporter blur that normally accompanied such an event, it actually made Isabel startle for a second. After he had vanished, Isabel stood there for a moment reminiscing.:: Pond: oO Alright, time to go make plans, then. Oo __________________________________ Lt Isabel Pond Medical Officer USS Atlantis D239212IP0 ~and~ LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor Scientific Specialist, USS Constitution =/\= Top Sims Contest Facilitator =/\= A239111MT0
  8. Your vessel has been chosen for the important mission of first contact. The species is due to launch its first manned warp engine flight in a month, and they have already launched several warp probes to neighboring uninhabited star systems. A duck blind has been in place for several years, and it’s team leaders are in the process of removing themselves from the population. They have given you many reports on the culture, and of the current political state of the planet. They report that the people of this world are likely to have a mixed reaction to the knowledge that other life forms exist in the universe. While many would accept it, the research teams report that the working class, as well as the planet's military forces would likely respond with xenophobia due to popular belief and rhetoric. One of the duck blind teams fails to report in, and your operations officer is unable to locate their biosigns or the dermal communicators implanted in each of them. After a week of searching other teams report strange communications about captives being taken by the military. Looking into those communications it confirms the missing team is indeed being held in an underground government controlled facility. You can not beam in or out of the facility directly, and have little choice but to reveal your presence to them in order to rescue your team. As Captain what do you do? Tell us in the the comments! This is a new question from our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favorite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know!
  9. ((Somewhere on DS 26)) … ((Isabel had promised to not tell anyone where)) ::It had occurred to Isabel that one very rarely saw the ship one was serving on. Isabel very rarely had gotten the chance to fly on shuttles which would approach the Darwin. They would just beam in and out from surfaces or space stations.:: ::It was when she had received the transfer orders from Starfleet, she had felt the need for that visual image once again. Some extensive research, a couple of determined questionings and a few pulled strings later, she actually had found and gotten access to a window where she could see what she wanted to see.:: ::Right bellow her, there was the Darwin, docked to the space station. For the reason mentioned above, Isabel had never grown fond of its unshaped exterior, that space-wise rather inefficient ball at the front and the dark-grey-ish paint job. But still, she had had the most amazing time on that vessel, had seen things she had never dared to imagine and met people that were now more important to her than anyone she had known before.:: ::But a little more to the side, there was laying her new assignment, the USS Atlantis. It was a fitting metaphor for the future, with its sleek, streamlined shape and very light hull. Nitpicking the aesthetics as always, the Trill found some of the proportions of the ship quite odd, but it was definitely much closer to what she imagined, when she entered the Academy.:: ::Isabel would have never thought that a transfer order could cause that much shock. When the guy at the recruitment center had warned her about ever changing postings, she had looked at it as an advantage. She had been adventurous, alone, independent… Who cares for packing the suitcases every once in a while, right? A new assignment would mean new things to learn, new patients to treat, new species to discover, new people to meet…:: ::Never had she thought that her first thought would be to the future of a relationship. Correspondingly relieved she was when Randal had come to her with the same set of fears, only to discover that he had received the same orders as well.:: ::The Trill was quite sure that somebody had actually made sure that this would be the case. However, it was unclear for whom it would be actually beneficial, career-wise. Yes, as a physician, it would have been tempting to go to the hospital ship, where most of the crew were transferred to. But there, there were dozens of Doctors walking around, all of them at least as competent as herself. She actually (and it bothered her quite a bit) still did not know how the personal situation on the Atlantis would look like, but surely it would be a more intimate work climate at least. The first glimpses at the medical facilities at least were more than promising.:: ::For Randal, on the other hand, it could also really be both. To Isabel’s understanding, in a helmsman’s career, the rule was „the bigger, the better“. And the Blackwell was definitely bigger. At the same time, the mission profile of the Atlantis sounded much more interesting if you are interested in high speeds and reckless maneuvers. Isabel decided to bring that issue up on the next opportunity.:: ((USS Atlantis, Pond and Shayne’s Quarters, Later)) ::One of the many things Isabel had never thought recently was how stressful moving from a ship to another was. Of course there was only a little time window to do so, as both ships had to be ready to return to their respective missions as soon as possible. A couple of days were intended, at least to Isabel’s knowledge, but one had always to be ready for an emergency. Therefore, she had crammed everything into the standard Starfleet baggage set, even though the last time it had proven to be a mistake.:: ::But luckily, no fastener malfunction caused a surge of delicates spilling out on the hallway and there was also Security Officer standing ready to embarrass her even further. However, Isabel was even more convinced that the bags where bigger on the inside, when her things (magically, as she later insisted) could now literally been found everywhere in their shared quarters. It was only a question of time until Randal would ask her to restore her usual exterior apparent of orderliness that was vastly contradicted by the inside of every single drawer and cupboard. But for now, both of them where quite busy, so Isabel sincerely hoped that they could spend their first free time together since half an eternity for just a nice, quite dinner in their new home, without thinking about such nuisances.:: ::They had been talking for quite some time about this and that, when the Trill saw the opportunity to bring up what she had been thinking about at her observation spot on DS26.:: Pond: Do you think you got dragged along with me to the Atlantis, when you really could have made much more career progress somewhere else? ::It was kind of an out-of-the-blue question, but Isabel did not think quite much by it. By now, she was convinced that even if he would think so, it wouldn’t really matter, as the more important thing was happening right here, right now. So, she actually wasn’t worried or anything, just interested.:: Shayne: ::Laughing gently.:: Where did that come from? Isabel, if I had to forsake my career to be with you, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You come first, before Starfleet, before anything else. I love you. ::Before she could even react to that answer, the door chime rang.:: Pond: ::mildly annoyed:: Who could that be… Shayne: At a guess? Someone with the worst timing in the world. ::As it was probably best to not show her chaos to every possible visitor, she decided to actually have a look herself and not just order the door to open.:: Pond: Just keep sitting, I’ll have a look. ::She walked over to the door and used the button on the side to open it. When it actually had opened, she faced a glass tank with two glowing fish and a distorted blue face looking through it. Apparently the First Officer himself had come for a visit.:: Brell: I’ve brought you a house warming gift. Pond: ::excited, without any bit of annoyance left:: Commander! How lovely they are! And how thoughtful of you. Please, come inside and try to not look at my stuff lying around… ::… and a bit louder …:: Pond: Randal, we have a high guest! Shayne: Hello! ::Still out of range of Brell's vision.:: Brell: Hello! ::He called out to Shayne. Then looked back to pond at the door.:: How are you both doing this evening? Pond: We’re just having dinner, would you care to join? I would say there were enough for you, too, but I guess there’s always enough coming out of the replicator, am I right? ::smiling:: ::Isabel realised to late that this harmless reference to times when one would cook a pan full of a dish which later had to suffice for everyone at the table could easily be mistaken for an insult on the implied appetite of the Bolian. Fingers crossed he would not notice or interpret it correctly. Brell: ::He chuckled a bit at Ponds unending replicator joke.:: As long as the power flows so does the chow. Sure I’d enjoy joining the two of you for a bite. Shayne: I apologize for the mess, sir. We're still trying to set up. ::The human came into view.:: Please, have a seat. Always room for you here. Can I get you a drink? ________________ Lt Isabel Pond Medical Officer USS Darwin-A D239212IP0
  10. I had to choose other for this one simply because I could not choose a favorite from the list or give another bottle episode that I liked more. When I was researching this poll I found out "bottle episodes" are some of my personal most often re-watched favorites across the series. Choosing between "Lower Decks", "Observer Effect", and "The Drumhead" in particular I don't think I could do, XD.
  11. Bottle episodes, every series had them. Some more than others. A lot of people really enjoy them for the more character driven plot lines. While many others prefer the episodes were our favorite characters have away missions to exotic places or get in epic space battles. What are bottle episodes you ask? Bottle episodes are a mainstay of science fiction television as well as other genres. Simply put they are episodes where nearly all scenes are shot on existing sets. There are few or no guest stars, the action tends to be light and special effects are not generally used or kept to a minimum in bottle episodes. This was most often done to save money over the course of a season to be able to spend more on major events and season finales. So tell us which Bottle episode was your favorite in the comments! Bottle episodes gave us many excellent character driven episodes and there are so many to choose from. It was difficult to narrow down the list! This question comes from out General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.
  12. ((USS Darwin-A, Sickbay)) ::Ren had no conscious awareness that he had been moved to the special quarantine aboard Darwin, but some part of him sensed he was caught in a transporter beam, and knew he was placed gently in a reclining position, separated from the shoulder of a captain he didn’t know yet. The puddle of drool he’d left had soaked through the captain’s uniform enough to still be present when they awoke later, but for now, Ren contented himself to curl up where he was left, and continue dreaming, breathing the clean, quarantined Darwin air.:: ((Ren’s Dream)) ::Arnom, that mysteriously unsymbiotic symbiont who served as the master of ceremonies to Ren’s afterlife, or dream, or whatever this happened to be, had already sent Ren through two dreams. In one, he saw what life might have been like if Navin was still alive. In another more nightmarish landscape, he saw what his fate could be if he chose to try again with Sovak.:: ::Now, Ren was deposited into a third and final dream, wandering out of the bright white mist onto a familiar scene. He emerged from a turbolift onto a Starfleet bridge, not one he knew, not even a class of ship that was real, but the whole thing was so Starfleet. In his dream state, he knew he had been there before. This was his ship. This was his crew. This was the future.:: Tarch: Captain on the bridge! ::The crew rose and stood to face him, all smiles. Ren blushed.:: Rennyn: Who, me? Ravenscroft: Welcome back, Captain Ren! We’ve been waiting for you. ::Ren paused in his celebration, and started to look more closely at the faces around him. Why was his ship crewed by dead people? Barbara Tarch stood proudly as his first officer, in her old maroon uniform with the white collar, her jacket buttoned uncomfortably high. Emerson Ravenscroft’s bright auburn hair and warm smile looked impossibly real, but he couldn’t be true. He was long gone now. And Mort Opfer was there. What was a deck chief doing on the bridge? Especially one who was dead?:: Rennyn: Am I dead? Opfer: Not yet, guy. But don’t worry. You’re getting there. ::A warm shimmer of light captured Ren. This dream was taking a dark direction, but suddenly there was blue light, and Ren was taken from the place that was killing him, and deposited somewhere safe. In his dream state, it was a long, protracted process that he observed as an outsider.:: Ravenscroft: Where’d the captain go? Rennyn: You guys, I’m right here. Tarch: Fire all torpedoes! Opfer, scramble all the jets! Launch the megazords! Power up the noisy crickets! Dispatch the battlemech! Call in Mega Maid! Rennyn: Yeah, but, you guys, I’m right h-- Oh! ::He was suddenly not right there. He was, instead, on a planet, alone in a barren, rocky landscape. Alone except for a Gorn who was bearing down on him in his clumsy but powerful way.:: Rennyn: What the--? ::Ren grappled with the Gorn. The Trill’s shirt was artfully ripped open for some reason, exposing one shoulder and part of his chest, heaving now with the effort of fighting off the powerful enemy. The struggle was tough, but Ren felt exhilarated. He knew more now about what it meant to be in command of a starship, and just how much it took, but when he was a kid, this right here was exactly what he thought it would be like!:: ::Just when the powerful Gorn seemed to have the upper hand, something magical happened. Ren was aware of a purple cloud gathering above them. It swooped down and swarmed the Gorn’s face, confusing the lizard and causing him to release his death grip on Ren. The Gorn ran away.:: Rover: It is Rover! ::Ren looked up in delight at the sound of the squeaky, excitable little voice. His friend was back! Rover was his mischievous cloudy self again, and all was right in the universe!:: Rennyn: How is this possible? Rover: Spotted One, you healed Rover with the power of your love! Rennyn: That makes so much sense! ::With Rover finally at his side -- or, suspended somewhere over his shoulder -- again, Ren was finally at peace. He was living his best dream, and he could be exactly what he wanted to be. He could have it all! His shirt torn artfully open, and a proud look on his face, he struck a heroic pose with one leg up on an outcropping and his chest heaving broadly.:: ::It wasn’t about being a captain. It was wasn’t about commanding his own ship. If Ren was second officer for the rest of his life, he would be happy, as long as he got to be the one thing he’d always dreamed of being, lying in a field in Arnmere gazing up at the stars. As long as he got to pull up from the drudgery Starfleet sometimes became, and be just the thing the wanted to be…:: Rennyn: Space hero! ::Rover was part of it, but this was the real dream Arnom was showing him. To prove it, the dream kept on giving.:: ::A storm of troopers in white helmets thundered over the horizon, and only Ren could stop them.:: ::He shot his laser effortlessly, and hit everything he meant to. All the return fire missed.:: Rennyn: Pew! Pew! Pew! ::To the victor went the spoils, and Ren happily accepted a large delivery of pizzas.:: Rover: Rover wishes Rover had a stomach! ::Someone was rubbing Ren’s shoulders, and another was feeding him slices with pepperoni and mushroom. It was the hunky Orion bartender from Outpost Unity, and some kind of sultry cat man. Ren found himself purring.:: Rennyn: Space babes! How YOU doin’? ::A plate appeared in the air before him, and the cat man took it down with one paw. Ren’s eyes went wide in excitement.:: Rennyn: NACHOS! ::Rover was playing electric guitar riffs and the Orion had duplicated himself to massage Ren’s feet. Everything was awesome! Ren leaned back across the cat man’s lap and sighed in deep contentment. His was a charmed life with barely a problem in it. Even the rocky landscape had been replaced with a luxury resort, with lush greenery, no tourists, and bottle service to the hot tub.:: ::Then Ren’s head turned to the side, and his eyes opened slightly, and he almost choked on a pizza-nacho combo bite when he saw that cheap plastic gate again. It was just like the first one he’d stepped through, at Arnom’s insistence. He knew this meant his dreams were coming to an end. Just like the other dreams, he knew this life wasn’t quite right. But it sure did feel good while it lasted.:: ::Ren had been obedient to Arnom throughout this ordeal, following through each gate no matter how difficult it was. This time, the feeling of a warm coat of fur against his cheek and the offer of a blue margarita with a lot of ridiculous umbrellas in it made Ren reconsider. He called out towards the gate.:: Rennyn: Five more minutes, Arnom! Half an hour, tops! ::Ren turned back to the scene at hand, and was pleased to find there was now three of the Orion. This dream was going well.:: Rennyn: Hey Rover. Why don’t you go see if there’s some other kids to play with? ::He hated to chase the little cloud away so soon, but there were six muscular green arms holding slices of pizza, and to be honest, it wouldn’t be fair in front of someone who didn’t have a stomach or taste buds.:: ::The dream faded to PG. No one wanted to see Ren eat that much pizza.:: LtCmdr Ren Rennyn First Officer USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force A239102RR0
  13. Forcefields, since their introduction in Star Trek have fueled the imagination of viewers and writers of future episodes alike. Forcefields have been shown to be able to do far more than just confine someone in a holding cell. They are the magic behind the Holodeck’s feeling of reality giving form to the characters and objects that mimics the feel of the real world counterpart. They can be used to sterilize surgeon's hands and keep patients from being able to move as well as keep an area quarantined in medical settings. They are used to contain fires starving the flames of oxygen and keeping it from spreading. In emergencies they keep the air in by closing breaches in the hulls of starships and space stations. Forcefields can even be used to create breathable places in the harshest conditions imaginable; like on the surface of an asteroid or holding back millions of pounds of water on the bottom of a sea. This week our question is: What use of Forcefields do you find most impressive? This poll comes from Trek Technology and science category. Where were ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek. Often the questions will relate to how the lines between modern tech and trek tech blur more and more each day. Other times questions from this category will ask about your favorite gear or uses of the futuristic tech we enjoy seeing on the big and small screen.
  14. Last week our question dealt with simming and the Prime Directive this week we wish to ask about watching the Prime Directive. Many episodes throughout the series dealt with the Prime Directive and all of the implications around it. Whether it dealt with the directive being upheld or the mess that occurred from a breach they were always fascinating and fun to watch. Many also have led spirited ethical debates in academia, print, as well as in homes and among friends. Which Prime Directive episode was your favorite? Tell us in the forums! There are so many great episodes that featured the Prime Directive it was really hard to narrow it down. TNG had a good number of episodes and the Prime Directive was even a theme in their movies. When the directive had to be broken or when the crews had to deal with the implications of contamination of other cultures were a common theme used to show the many aspects of the Prime Directive. Often it was broken to save people like in “Justice” when it was broken to save the life of Wesley Crusher, or when Nikolai Rozhenko beamed a group of Boraalans onto the Enterpirse-D in “Homeward.” Other times it was interference in the affairs of other worlds or civilizations that was the highlighted aspect of the Directive in an episode: Such as Section 31’s meddling in Romulan matters of state in “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.” Some of the most entertaining were the times that illustrated the importance of noninterference in pre-warp societies like in “Who Watches the Watchers”, “Time and Again” or “Dear Doctor.” So many excellent examples were shown and explored on screen there are many that were not included as options be sure to tell us about your favorite in the comments. This poll comes from our General Trek Category where we ask questions about our favorite moments, episodes, ships, and characters.
  15. ((USS Darwin / USS Gorkon Subspace Call)) ::It had been a while now since Chythar’s return from hell. The strange sensation of a real bed, the full eight or so hours of sleep per night, the comforting presence of the beagle, and a working replicator still felt a wee bit alien. Not nearly as strange as it had the first night he was back, but still not quite routine just yet. It was a long re-learning curve, and it would take time before it all felt normal again.:: Computer: Subspace call from the Darwin. Lt Commander Icavoc, USS Darwin. ::Chythar blinked and scratched his head curiously as he pulled on a shirt and walked over to his desk. The name sounded familiar, but he could not place it.:: Skyfire: oO Wonder what they want...Oo Skyfire: Onscreen. ::The screen flickered to life and displayed a rather disturbing set of blue eyes, the kind of icy blue that reminded him of Azin. It was disturbing in the amount of resemblances: blue eyes, black hair, and Dokkaran. The two reassuring features that made this the more pleasant were that this one was wearing red and was a lieutenant commander. CD blinked once, but then found his tongue in short order.:: Skyfire: =/\= Commander. To what do I owe the pleasure? =/\= Icavoc: =/\= I would ask you the same thing. I believe you wanted to discuss a matter with me? =/\= ::Nicu Icavoc shifted his weight, his was voice serene and even as ever, but a faint smile and sparkling blue eyes conveyed a sense of friendliness and amusement. He couldn’t really blame Chythar Skyfire for being surprised. He had tried to get in touch some time ago, unsuccessfully. That was the way it was with Starfleet, people were always busy and the last year had been challenging for the Darwin’s crew from start to end. It was only now that they were on leave on Trill awaiting new orders that he finally had free time and was at a loss how to use it.:: ::Had he put in a request for that? Oh yes, now he remembered. Captain Reynolds had mentioned putting him in touch with someone who wasn't Azin but was of that species to aid in his search for comprehension. It made sense now, sort of. In a few hours it might make more sense, but for now it was enough.:: Skyfire: =/\= Right. Sorry, I momentarily forgot. Okay. =/\= ::He paused and took a breath before beginning to explain the basics of what had happened.:: Skyfire: =/\= So, what I'd like to know from you is: is it possible for an ancient memory to cause blindness in your species upon awakening from hibernation? =/\= ::With Dokkaran, each individual was born with all the knowledge they needed to get started in life. No two individuals were blessed with exactly the same knowledge. He had been born with botantical and zoological knowledge, and had a love of science. It was his thirst for knowledge and concern about the threat represented by the Borg that drove him to enlist in Starfleet and learn about the galactic threats beyond his own world so that he might bring back knowledge to his people of how to defend themselves. It took many years but he did achieve that goal and later retrained at Starfleet Academy to take up a career as a scientist. He had walked many paths and it was the knowledge bestowed upon him at birth that started him along it.::::He knew of others who were blessed with the knowledge of their young species history, indeed there were a few individuals from those early days who still lived! They were among the species eldest members and showed no signs of slowing down. No one yet knew the natural lifespan of a Dokkaran as none had died from old age. Disease and disaster had claimed them but not time itself. Nicu looked down and fell silent as he searched his memories. This was one of the most intriguing and unique questions he’d ever been asked. While he was no medic, his background in biology, alongside all the work he’d been doing with Doctor Pond and scientific colleague Merrick R’Ven gave him a considerable understanding of his species.:: Icavoc: =/\= I have never heard of it, nor can I think of any way it would be biologically possible given all I know of my kind. What makes you ask? =/\= ::Difficult question to answer, and to explain it would be just weird. Here’s hoping.:: Skyfire: =/\= My circumstances...I was told long after the incident that I had a predisposition to the genetic mutation for the possibility of becoming telepathic. It wasn't until after I assisted with this...thing...that I became such. One of your people came to me with sensory difficulties of sight and collapsed in my arms. My nervous system became linked with his, and he mentioned my mental resistance was impressive for a human. It took both of us a moment to recover from the inciting incident, but he wished my assistance in combatting a memory of someone named Vehsa. After that second melding, which was actually the one which rewrote my genome, that’s when... =/\= ::He paused and took a very long breath, silent for a few moments as he tried to recall the events which practically killed him the first time.:: Skyfire: =/\= When this link broke, I was...transformed, and the patient’s sight was restored. I received an initial rating of T2/E2, meaning that I was a non-contact telepath and empath with other humans. It wasn’t until later that year my abilities changed again to my current rating of T4/E6 through a different incident not involving one of your people, but the linking of minds with that patient had messed with me in ways I didn’t imagine. =/\= ::It was an incredible tale! One Nicu had to consider very carefully. His people were capable of performing what some had likened to a sort of ‘Vulcan mind meld’ He had melded once or twice with other members of his own race he was chasing or being chased by. It was considered a most intimate act, in fact the most intimate act between individuals. He knew it to be possible to meld with others not of his own species, all he had to do was attune his nervous system to theirs, though he had never done it. One had to be very careful with such things as most minds could be easily overwhelmed by it. He could see a situation in which a meld might occur through unintended or even involuntary means and perhaps that is why it had occurred in this case. It felt like he didn’t yet have all the pieces for the puzzle however and Nicu hoped Skyfire would not be offended by his questions.:: Icavoc: =/\= And you are human? Forgive me but there are so many distinct species who look alike on the surface but are different enough genetically for it to be significant. =/\=Skyfire: =/\= Correct. Full human, born on Earth with no history of reader ancestry, only the predisposition for a telepathic mutation somewhere in my genome which emerged after the...meld. =/\= ::He still wasn’t sure what it was called with Icavoc’s race. It was a bizarre experience he didn’t really know how to explain, but he’d experienced a few melds since. It was different each time.::Icavoc: =/\= Any hybrid DNA? =/\=::Humans were not known for being a species capable to telepathy or empathy and the brain anatomy of those that were had specific biological foundations that made such things possible. Skyfire’s direct parents might both be human, but if there was a telepathic species, maybe a Betazoid somewhere in the family tree above him then perhaps it would account for this genetic predisposition that had been mentioned. His brain might be just slightly different enough to a regular human with no hybrid family history to explain how this was physiologically possible.:: Skyfire: =/\= None that I know of. According to my colleague Dr. Saveron, he couldn’t find any; just the predisposition. =/\= ::Humans were not known for being a species capable to telepathy or empathy and the brain anatomy of those that were had specific biological foundations that made such things possible. Skyfire’s direct parents might both be human, but if there was a telepathic species, maybe a Betazoid somewhere in the family tree above him then perhaps it would account for this genetic predisposition that had been mentioned. His brain might be just slightly different enough to a regular human with no hybrid family history to explain how this was physiologically possible.::::One of the reasons Nicu had joined Starfleet was to learn more about the species his had been modelled on. At the birth of their species they had been granted forms similar in appearance to Lieutenant Evangeline Dell, and Ensign Christian Allanzar - the first individuals to meet The Lady. He was no human or doctor, so while he wasn’t aware humans had any predisposition for this type of thing he had to accept it at face value. He was sure both Skyfire and Saveron had looked into this extensively, so the only insight he could give was about his own kind, which, thankfully was what the human seemed to be after. The answer had filled in a few more gaps, allowing him to analyse the situation. After several more minutes of contemplation he could draw only one conclusion and perhaps this had already been considered too.:: Icavoc: =/\= It is not physiologically possible for telepathic abilities to be ‘passed along’ you might say, in the manner you describe - even with a genetic predisposition and a bad melding - that is to say one that was not deliberately and very carefully and purposefully executed. =/\=::Of this he was quite confident. A bad meld could turn someone into a vegetable and shut down pathways in their mind. He didn’t know the details about the memory concerning Vehsa - it was probably private and possibly traumatic. Knowledge was sacred among his people, he returned to the homeworld whenever he could to link with the lady and share all he had learned from academia and experience. The Lady would then pass that along to other Dokkaran. By communing directly with the lady he had on occasion gained insight direct from her that had first been learned by others among them.:: Icavoc: =/\= There would have to be something else - another, probably unaccounted for, third factor. Perhaps it was also affecting the individual in your arms. =/\=::It seemed most likely that if there was, Skyfire wouldn’t have been aware of it at the time with being caught up in the moment and the mind meld. Such things could take you so far out of your reality that someone could come in, climb on your back and you wouldn’t be aware of it. Of course, with all the time that had passed from the incident it was not something that could be easily checked either. It left him fearing that he could offer little help or closure about how exactly he had gained such fantastic abilities. Hopefully something he had been able to provide was of some use to the man.:: Skyfire: =/\= I’d say it was pretty purposeful and deliberate, given the scenario. I’d asked him the same question, but he neither confirmed nor denied I would be altered by the experience prior to it happening, nor had he seemed to consider the possibility it would be even possible to trigger the existing predisposition of telepathy polymorphing into limited abilities within my own species. The pain overwhelmed me and almost killed me, so whatever the third factor is...I hope you can figure it out and get back to me. =/\= ::Nicu doubted anyone could have known beforehand what the long term consequences would be so the response was hardly surprising to him. Nicu considered what he knew of the case and as much as he wanted to be able to help, the information he had about this case was limited and nothing jumped out at him. If something had been missed when the incident had originally occurred they may never find out what this third factor might be. Skyfire had called with questions about how a Dokkaran mind meld could bring out telepathic and empathic abilities in him and he had responded to the best of his knowledge as a scientist. Nicu did not believe the mind meld was the cause of Skyfire’s emerging telepathy, certainly not on its own as it was physiologically impossible.:: Icavoc: =/\= As much as I would love to help, I also don’t want to fill you with false hope. There is nothing more I can give, based on the information I have. Good luck with your search for the answer. =/\= ::As simplistic as the answer was, it also made Chythar rather sad to hear it. He was the first human he knew of with non-reader ancestry to have an “awakening” caused in this fashion. Since the commander could find no evidence in his species of this being what could only be described as a first time. He kept his expression neutral as he spoke, deciding to wrap this up before writing a log entry.:: Skyfire: =/\= Alright. Thank you for your time, Commander. =/\= Icavoc: =/\= ::Sincerely:: I truly hope you find the answers you are looking for. Good day Chythar Skyfire. =/\= ::Once the line closed, Chythar sat back in the chair and blew a strand of hair from his face. He now had something to report if Flt Captain Reynolds made an inquiry on whether the Dokkaran contact got in touch. Granted, it wasn’t particularly helpful, but it was at least contact. This made him the first case in Dokkaran history to have abilities awaken via such a meld. In any case, it was something to log for his next conversation with Lt. Uzoamaka. With a sigh, he glanced up at the ceiling.:: Skyfire: Computer, begin recording. Today consisted of a conversation with another Dokkaran who wasn’t Azin to discuss my unique abilities. Such an awakening, which is the name I’ve given it, is physiologically impossible. Bad meld or not. So, the third factor will remain a mystery and I’m the first human in the history of their kind to have this happen. End recording. ::CD contemplated going to bug Alex and talk it out, but he had woken up just for this call. So maybe it was easier to go back to sleep instead. He heard the inquisitive “raff” from the bed behind him, so it seemed like the answer was “go back to bed.” He left his desk and returned to the confines of his blanket and the reassuring presence of the beagle, leaving that mystery for another day.:: ::Meanwhile, on the Darwin, Nicu Icavoc stood and paced. Was he mistaken? Was there some detail he had overlooked? For the next three hours, Nicu reviewed all he knew about Dokkaran and human physiology and studied them both more closely, using the most up-to-date materials. The time he spent using advanced models and holoimaging techniques led him to one conclusion. There had been no mistake. Whether this unknown factor was environmental, or biological he could not tell from the information he had and the possibilities for what it might be were almost limitless. It was disappointing that he could not be of more help to the doctor. It would be wonderful to be able to point to something and say, this is it, this is the reason these wondrous abilities emerged. Perhaps one day he would find the answer he was looking for.:: PNPC LtCmdr Icavoc - Chief of Security Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A * Executive Council & Captain's Council Member * Academy Commandant A238805EB0 And Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire Chief Medical Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 O239002CS0
  16. Would you serve aboard a ship that was alive? One that was a sentient biological life form that traveled through space with the aid of it’s humanoid crew inside of it. We have seen vessels like this on screen a few times such as the Tin man which was telepathically connected to its crew. Another is the bioships used by Species 8472 though we don't know if their ships were sentient as well as being biological. The idea raises a lot of questions. Does the ship have the same rights as a member of the crew? Can it make decisions to protect itself or others at the cost of those on board? Can it refuse a given command? Is it a form of indentured servitude or slavery to use a living thing in this manner? Living starships are not as alien of a concept as you might think either. Just look at many of the Starfleet vessels that integrate biological components in the form of Bio-Neural gel packs. They allow the computer to think out problems like a living brain would and are even susceptible to infection. Of course a ship where the hallways pulse with a heart beat is a bit different than a computer that thinks. Here in the real world even organic computing is a technology we are striving to make into a reality. So would you serve or even feel comfortable on a living starship? Tell us below in the comments! This question is from our Trek Technology and Science category. Where we ask questions relating to the various technologies as well as scientific phenomena and principles seen in the universe of Star Trek.
  17. This week we come to the conclusion of our Most Awesome Space Battles Series! Though Enterprise had a short run Earth’s first starship capable of going warp five saw plenty of combat. Was it when the NX-01 was nearly crippled beyond repair in efforts to stop the Xindi weapon in the episode Azati Prime? How about when the Enterprise had its wits tested during the Augment incident that finally ended above the Klingon colony Qu'Vat, was that the one you found most awesome? Even the first episode saw the Enterprise in battle with Suliban Cell ships. One battle that certainly was epic was when The Vulcans and Andorians engaged in a battle with Enterprise caught in the middle, was it your favorite? Was it another battle that was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! This question comes from our General Trek Category where we ask questions about Characters, Episodes, Starships and more from the Star Trek Universe.
  18. Phasers, Transporters, Warp drive, Replicators, Star Trek has given us glimpses of many technologies that may be or are close to happening in the real world. But there is one Trek Tech that is common for most science fiction and indeed the very thing we need to figure to make long term spaceflight viable; Artificial Gravity. Star trek uses Synthetic Gravity generators and Grav-Plating to provide simulated planetary gravity. These utilized Graviton stabilizers that modulate the level of gravity produced allowing gravity to be altered at will. Other science fiction and many real world designs for creating gravity on a spaceship feature rotating hulls. That simulate gravity on their interior surface using centripetal force and has to contend with the Coriolis force and its effects. Yet another popular science fiction source of gravity generation is through engine thrust using linear acceleration. Where it is the ship’s engines that create the downward pull and if they are off so is the gravity. Most current data and theories about the effects of long term space flight suggest that the problem of gravity simulation has to one that is given high importance. This week we ask what form of Gravity Generation do you think humanity will use when we take to exploring our solar system and the stars? Tell us Below in the Comments! This question comes from our Trek Technology and Science Category. Where we often ask questions that bridge science fiction of Star Trek and real world science.
  19. We head back to our General Trek category and our on going Most Awesome Battle series. Deep Space Nine featured many engagements of space battles due to its Dominion war story arc. They often showed us the darker side of life on the frontiers of space giving us a bit of a deeper tone than many other trek series. DS9 also introduced the Maquis and included a short lived war between the federation and Klingon Empire. Were the many and Epic battles of the Dominion war among those you most enjoyed. Was it getting to see Federation against Klingon again like in the days of Kirk? Was another battle your favorite? Tell us Below! This week we ask; What was the most awesome battle of DS9?
  20. For me this is a personal answer. Ocular Implants. I was born with a heredity condition that left me blind in my left eye. I simply do not know the difference as I never had vision in both eyes. To me Close or far away all looks the same and I have to use cues learned over my lifetime to guess at "how far things are" So for me and anyone one else I'd imagine who has full or partial blindness the Ocular implants seen in the TNG movies would be life changing for sure.
  21. The medical technology portrayed on screen through the various Star Trek television series and movies have always filled viewers with awe in comparison to modern day technology. Many of them have moved from science fiction to science fact over the years with some if not most of their inventors citing seeing it on screen as their inspiration. For this week's poll we want to know what is your favorite medical device seen in Star Trek? Was it the Sterile Fields introduced in TOS and mentioned in the later series that kept the surgical site complete clean by means of a radiation field. Which sterilized surgeon's hands as well as any needed medical instruments automatically when they passed through it. Or is it the commonly seen and immeasurably useful Dermal Regenerator developed by many species of the galaxy. Capable of healing wounds without any scarring and even available for civilians to keep to handle minor cuts and scrapes. Another was the Cortical Stimulator an amazing medical device seen throughout the series capable of reviving neural activity of a patients in critical condition by sending a shock into their nervous system. One that would certainly impact lives would be the Ocular implant most notably seen during the TNG movies used by Geordi La Forge as a replacement to his VISOR. In common usage by the 2360's and gives those without sight vision cable of telescopic, infrared, and heat detection all controlled by the user's brain. Or was the experimental device known as The Genetronic replicator that you found most impressive? It was used successfully on a humanoid for the first time in 2368 replacing Worf's damaged spine and was a essentially biological replicator. Was it another Medical device that was your favorite? Tell us in below! This Question comes from our Trek Science and Technology Category where we will pose questions relating to the technology and scientific principles seen in Star Trek. As well as how they often relate to the real world.
  22. With recent scientific breakthroughs in particle transportation the Transporter as seen in star trek is closer to reality than ever. If it were perfected in your lifetime would you use it? So many questions and implications to consider. What about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? The computing power and sheer digital storage space required to store every tiny piece of information about whatever or whomever is being transported. Does it kill you and produce a copy of you on the other side? Would you want to wait until it has been in use for some time before you tried it. With all of these of these ethical questions you would be presented with the decision would not be a simple. So if you were alive to see the use of the Transporter becoming a reality we ask; Would you use it?
  23. Red Alert, Captain Picard to the Bridge! This week we go to our general trek category and our ongoing Most Awesome Space Battles series! The Next Generation and its four movies gave us many to choose from even though most of the time the crew of the Enterprise D and later E preferred diplomacy over their phasers. When they had to fight however they gave us some of the most memorable battles ever but which was your favorite? Was it when in effort to defeat the Borg and rescue Picard, Riker had to come up with tactics not known to Locutus? Of course the Borg came back and launched another direct attack on Earth; the battle of sector 001 saw the Enterprise-E save the day upon joining the fight. How about another time Riker showed us skills when he in command of the Enterprise-E used the metreon gas pockets of the Briar patch to defeat the Son'a ships chasing them? One certainly awesome battle in TNG did not include the Enterprise at all; Worf serving on his brother Kurn’s ship the Hegh'ta against ships supporting Duras in the Klingon civil war was truly a battle worthy of song. The Duras sisters did face the Enterprise-D in Generations in an unfair battle that saw them use Geordi’s visor to gain the shield frequencies of the Enterprise. Then there was Shinzon of Remus, clone of Picard with his warbird Scimitar that could fire when cloaked, the Enterprise-E nearly did not make it out of this one and the many of us were on the edges of our seats. Was it another battle that you thought was most epic tell us below as we ask; What was the Most Awesome Space Battle of The Next Generation?
  24. This week we go into our Technology and Science category for a fun what if poll. Every Science fiction universe has it’s own gadgets and technology sometimes quite similar sometimes quite different. Trek has shown us more than few variations of common Science Fiction technical themes over the years, tv shows and various movies, but what have you always wished Trek had? Would it be wormhole control; be it point to point travel via Stargates or exploring the multiverse with a Sliders remote? How about being able to bring a Lightsaber to a bat'leth fight? Fancy fixing a multitude of problems or overcome obstacles with a Sonic Screwdriver? How about suiting up in Mech for cargo loading like in Aliens or one made for battle like in Avatar? Something else? Tell us below as we ask; Which Technology from another Universe do you wish was in Star Trek?
  25. This week our poll from the General Trek category takes us back to our Most Awesome Space Battles series with Star Trek Voyager. Voyager’s seven years lost in the Delta quadrant saw them face many aggressive species and even the Borg! A few of these encounters stand out, Voyager versus Species 8472 using nano probe infused torpedoes to devastating effect was one. Some of the most impressive fights were when Voyager joined with others forming temporary alliances often to face a greater foe like Anarax’s Timeship in the alternate time line seen in “Year of Hell.” Or to reach a greater goal like in season seven's “The Void” even if Janeway’s Alliance did inspire the Raiders also trapped in the Void to form their own which led to a battle during Janeway’s Alliances escape. Was the cat and mouse battles between the Hazari and Voyager most impressive, especially when they turn the tables on the Think Tank? Was it when they were turned on by the Equinox the only other Starfleet vessel trapped in the Delta quadrant found on their voyage? Or was it anytime they engaged the Borg that had you on the edge of your seat? Was it another battle from Voyager that you found most awesome? With so many to choose from tell us below what you found to be the Most Awesome Battle of Star Trek Voyager?
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