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  1. “Computer, Begin Program.” Those words excited us every time we heard or read one of our beloved Trek characters say the phrase. This week we ask you which Holodeck Program did you get the most enjoyment out seeing one screen. Was it the thrilling Spy Drama of Julian Bashir, Secret Agent, or was it seeing Data and Geordi take on the main roles in a Sherlock Holmes program. Were the escape to another time to relax creations of Fair Haven or Vic's Las Vegas Lounge, episodes you enjoyed each time they were revisited. The idea of on going series of holonovels was always a fun one and Trek showed us this well in The Adventures Of Captain Proton on Voyager and spanning nearly all of TNG even onto the big screen was The Dixon Hill in series, were one of these your favorite? Or was another tell us in the below as we ask; What was your favorite Holoprogram seen in Star Trek? This poll comes from our Trek Tech and Science category. Where we ask questions about Technology and science seen in Star Trek shows and movies.
  2. This week we are excited to bring you the first question in a new ongoing series from our General Trek category! Most Awesome Space Battles by series! We are starting things off properly with The Original Series along with Movies 1 through 6. Did you find the Enterprise’s battle against the Planet Killer to be it’s most epic? Or did you feel nothing could beat Khan and Kirk facing off in the Mutara nebula in Star Trek II? How about the enigmatic battle with the Romulan ship? Or was it the battle with Chang’s Bird of Prey that could fire when cloaked where the Enterprise-A was joined by the USS Excelsior, that is your favorite? Was there another you found to be even better? Choose your favorite awesome space battle of the Kirk era and discuss below! There are four more parts to this series coming soon. So keep an eye out for our next; Most Awesome Space Battle poll!
  3. I would agree NCC - 1031 puts it before the TOS Enterprise's 1701.
  4. I have hope for the new series finally breaking some new ground for Star Trek. There have been a good deal of excellent scfi offerings since they were last on the air. Also sensibilities have grown and changed quite a bit, we expect more. Never would this one be told they needed to be more episodic and less serialized. Most shows have season long/several episode arcs these days even if the big plot is only b-plot for the week.
  5. We are all used to simming our characters in their Star Trek lives. And, with their own problems and conflicts, they are the protagonists of our stories, they uphold (to their own extent) the values of the Federation and generally win, at least in the end. But simming occasionally offers the unique opportunity of writing an antagonist, the bad guy our characters fight against. Not every mission has one, we might be just fighting nature, or internal conflict, for example. But, on those missions that have an opponent, someone has to sim them. If you have, you know how fun and amazing it can be. If you haven’t, consider it and contact your captain, because it is a fascinating opportunity. But, when we sim them, there are lots of styles and types of enemies our characters can face. So here is our question, what is your favourite kind of enemies? Maybe so alien we can’t understand their motives? Maybe ruthless and cold, so far from the most human parts of our own characters we can’t relate? Or maybe with their own interests, loyal to their own faction, a good agent just in a different side? Or approachable, with their own problems and fears, relatable, where we could see ourselves doing the same things in their same situation? Each one has their own perks and is fun to sim in their own manner. But what is your favourite? This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.
  6. Last time we asked What Tech from all of Trek do you think you would see next in the real world. This time we would like to ask something a bit different. How would you like to travel through vast distances of space in relatively short time? How about get from one spot on the planet to another in blink of an eye? How about some other impossible in the here and now or the soon to be Technology you have seen on Star Trek that would vastly improve your life or the lives of all humans? This week the question is; What Technology from all of Trek would you want to have? This question comes from our category Trek Technology & Science. Where we ask questions on well the science and technology of the shows and movies we all enjoy. In this category we will often ask questions that relate to real world science and technology and how it compares or contrasts to the universe of Star Trek.
  7. With some style advice from his from his friend LtCmdr Sevo, Brell is properly dressed and ready to enjoy the awards party!
  8. This week’s Poll is the conclusion of our series asking you to pick moments from all Star Trek movies and television show that have touched, shocked or saddened you the most. The shows and movies are filled with these those scenes that leave you feeling warm or full of joy, or on the verge of tears. So which moment did you find most touching? In this series we asked which of these moments got to you the most, and your responses have shown just how personal yet shared watching Trek is to us all.
  9. We head back to General Trek category this and this week and to our ongoing Moments series. Many scenes throughout the history of the Star Trek movies and television show have touched, shocked or saddened viewers. In this series we ask which of these moments got to you the most? We will give you some of the scenes we found to be the most heart touching, tear-jerking, and most surprise jaw dropping and ask you to pick which one got to you the most. There have been so many, but few that have truly caught us as off guard as some of these have. This week ask; What moment from all of Star Trek did you find the most shocking? Did your jaw drop? Did you stare at the screen for a few moments blankly while the images and sounds you just witnessed sank in? Tell us in the comments below about what moment shocked you the most from Star Trek along what your reactions were.
  10. If you have been following the news or our own SB118 facebook links you may be aware of the fascinating tricorder xprize underway, to design a working version of Leonard McCoy’s medical scanning wand that can connect to a smartphone. Making you able to scan yourself and send the data to your doctor or emergency respondents. This got us thinking what now not so futuristic trek inspired technology do you think will we be seeing soon? Tell us and then tell us why you think so in the comments and how you can see it being used. This Is the first post from our new category TrekTech & Science. This category will deal with questions regarding technology and science of star trek. They questions will not always relate to real world tech like this one did but that theme will pop up from time to time.
  11. I too was mad after I found out about all the behind the scenes stuff with Terry Farrell wanting to do more comedic stuff, how she asked not to be killed off in case there were any DS9(or crossover) movies. Got killed off anyway, and leaving for Becker ... Becker of all shows ... ug. Oh and she didn't even stick out that shows run! Making her DS9's Denise Crosby, leaving and regretting it. Ezri was okay but was no Jadiza and didn't have enough time to really become a character we viewers could become invested in. But I did choose her death as my saddest moment for one reason, I was very young for TNG(It starting when I was a toddler, but have stories of watching the premier while my aunt was babysitting, so trekkie since i was in diapers LOL) but for DS9 I was able to understand the concepts a bit better. I was two months from my fourteenth birthday when "Tears of the Prophets" aired and seeing Dax get murdered after watching her all those years and the impact her death had on all the characters of this character development heavy show made me actually cry.
  12. Many scenes throughout the history of the Star Trek movies and television shows have touched, shocked or saddened viewers. In this series we ask which of these moments got to you the most? We will give you some of the scenes we found to be the most heart touching, tear-jerking, and most surprise jaw dropping and ask you to pick which one got to you the most. First up in this series of questions is which moment from all of Star Trek did you find the saddest. Did you shed a tear or feign allergies upon seeing any of these scenes on the small or big screen. Choose which moment below had you feeling sad, that just happened. Was your most tear jerking moment not listed let us know what It was in the comments. So tell us Which moment from Star Trek did you find the saddest? This question is the first from our category General Trek, where we will pose questions about favorite scenes, characters, and starships. Many will be parts of on going themed series as this one was.
  13. Before invoking the prime directive in effort to save two species; I would agree to attempt an arbitration between the cells and their humanoid hosts. A Trill for a diplomatic officer or counselor would be a big help as an example of a host/symbiont species that make it work. Showing that working together they could embrace this new step of evolution in their people. If these talks broke down however I don't think I could give the order to condemn one side or the other and it would be at that point a civil war of the planet's two native sentient species. Leaving no choice (To Captain Me for a day) but to back away and invoke the prime directive, and loose some sleep I'm sure.
  14. Curzon for the win! I mean he had the hots for the person who ended up being Dax's next host. Was very into klingon culture and partied with a young ben Sisko! But no in all seriousness, Jadzia was an impressive character and always one of my favorites. Often comic relief but tough as nails when in command of the Defiant. I too was shocked and put off by hear death. Also felt it was a bit of a cop-out to make Erzi(I did like her) Dax's next host female. They had a chance to go deeper with past feelings there, and missed it. Though DS9 had only two female leads so it would have been just Kira if Dax's new host had been male.
  15. They have let so many other fan productions go though. It seems to be a bit of a harsh treatment of Anaxar simply because they have real name actors who have been on star trek and higher production values, plus all the fan funded money to consider. Renegades also featured several known star trek characters and actors reprising roles. I wonder if CBS/Paramount will sue them too.
  16. ((Personal Quarters, Deck 6 - USS Darwin-A)) ::After a long day in the office dealing with personnel files and liaising with departmental heads, Maxwell Traenor was beat. He was used to office work, a career of lab work had prepared him for that, but the bureaucratic finagling was still foreign to him and taxed his acuity. All he wanted to do now was sit at the piano for half an hour to limber his fingers and arms, then flop on the couch with a snifter of brandy and read the latest FNS feeds. A bit of smooth jazz wafting through his quarters would be a nice relaxing addition as well. Then, after a light meal, he'd hit the bunk early.:: ::When he opened the door to his quarters, Maxwell paused for a moment. Though he liked his room fairly dark, at half illumination, it was darker still than that. Puzzled, he walked in and threw the ever-present PADDs in his hand onto the closed piano lid.:: Traenor: Computer, raise lights to half illumination. Eden Taylor: Surprise!! ::A shape sprung out of the darkness, and Maxwell nearly fell flat on his rear, saved ignominiously by clutching at the edge of the piano. He might or might not have screeched in shock, but either way his response to the visitor in his room was not graceful or dignified.:: Traenor: Eden! Darn it, you scared me! What are you doing here?! ::The teenager had fallen on the couch herself, holding her sides and laughing at the reaction she had managed to elicit. Maxwell had half a mind to chuck a PADD at her, but in all honestly he was overjoyed to see her. It had been over a year since he had last been to Earth and seen her in the flesh, and she had grown into a proper woman. At 17, she was pretty much all grown. It was a poignant reminder of the rapid passage of time, as he could remember holding her swaddled form in his arms on the day she was born as if it was just yesterday.:: Taylor: I came here to see you, Mr Starfleet-I'm-Too-Busy-To-Come-And-Visit-My-Niece-Anymore! Traenor: ::drolly:: Somehow I don't see that moniker fitting on my office door plaque. Taylor: Seriously, though, Uncle Gordie. It's been like forever! I was tired of seeing you only via vidchat once every couple months. I had a mid-term break, and I decided to come out here to see you! ::Maxwell marveled; she must have caught some fast transports in order to get out to the Zeta Gelis region and still plan to get back to Earth in time for the spring term. Not that he minded, in fact he was overjoyed, but he wondered how she had managed to convince her mother to let her travel alone to the far reaches of Federation presence. His sister Kirsten was overbearing when it came to family, and it must have taken a LOT of negotiations between the two to allow this trip to happen.:: Traenor: You should have told me! I could have prepared for your arrival, made plans... Taylor: What, and miss that look on your face when I jumped out at you? Nuh-uh. ::wicked grin:: Wouldn't have missed that for the world. ::He tried to shoot his niece a dour frown, but the muscles in his face refused to comply. He was simply too happy to have her here to even pretend to be anything but overjoyed. She jumped up off the couch, and he swept her up in a crushing bear hug.:: Traenor: It's great to see you, kiddo. Whatever the circumstances, I'm glad to have you here. ::Maxwell let her go, and was going to go get them some refreshments from the replicator when he heard a strange muffled sound. He paused for a moment, head tilted, trying to suss out the location and cause of the sound. Eden, seeing him stopped, moved forward with a bit of a blush on her cheeks. She stepped between him and the door to the washroom.:: Traenor: Did you hear something? Taylor: Yes, umm... well, your birthday is coming up within the next several weeks, and I didn't think I'd get the chance to see you before then again, so I kinda got you a gift... ::Maxwell was able to eke out a slight frown this time. Eden was acting strangely, almost as if with a guilty conscience, and her cheeks were continuing to redden. He heard the odd sound yet again, and between his niece's actions and triangulation, he was able to determine that it was coming from the washroom. Confused and consternated, he affixed Eden with an accusatory glare.:: Traenor: What do you mean, a gift? ::The teenager turned and went towards the washroom door. As it swooshed open upon her approach, a small four-legged apparition with floppy ears and a long snout, big dark eyes, and a lolling tongue hanging comically from its mouth. It stopped and gave a squeaking yap.:: Traenor: That - is that - is it what I think it is? Taylor: Uncle Gordie, meet Barque. Barque, meet Uncle Gordie. He's a beagle puppy! ::The furry creature bounded up to Maxwell and jumped up against his leg. It looked up at him with a lopsided grin, and yapped again.:: Traenor: "Bark"? Awfully onomatopoeic for a name. Taylor: Not "bark", as in "woof, woof", silly. "Barque", as in the boat! Huh? Huh? Get it? ::Maxwell groaned in mock distaste at the terrible pun, but in actuality he thought it was quite hilarious and clever. The wide grin of humorous anticipation on Eden's face betrayed that she thought it was a pun so terrible as to be hilarious, as well. The two of them shared the same twisted sense of humor, after all. Charles Darwin, the namesake of the vessel Maxwell called home, made a journey of evolutionary discovery on a sailing barque named "HMS Beagle". A barque named "Beagle", a beagle named "Barque"... Yup. That was definitely shared humor.:: Traenor: Whatever gave you the idea to choose that name, I wonder? Taylor: Easy. I suggested it to Mom, and she thought it was stupid. ::evil grin:: That's when I knew it was perfect! ::Maxwell knew he shouldn't laugh at such a disparaging comment about his sister, but it was so true that he couldn't help himself. The laugh was short-lived, though. There was the elephant in the room to deal with, or more accurately, the Canis familiaris in the room. Maxwell was diametrically opposed to the idea of "pet ownership", considering it barbaric to wield dominance and control over another creature. Yet, here stood Eden, telling him that she had just gave him a dog. He was not pleased.:: Traenor: Eden, you know how I feel about pets. Whatever possessed you to think I would accept a dog? ::She affixed him with a scolding, imperious stare, hands on her hips. Eden might have gotten her humor from her Uncle Gordie, but this gesture was all Kirsten. In fact, in this pose Maxwell could see the striking resemblance between his sister Kirsten and Eden. The more Eden grew, the more she adopted her mother's natural beauty and easy grace. As long as the younger Taylor woman kept her easygoing smile and didn't allow it to morph into the dour frown that seemed to dominate Kirsten's face constantly, then the similarity was not a bad thing.:: Taylor: You only hold that stance because you've never taken more than an analytical thought process to the issue. Use your withered, cold heart to look at that little bundle of joy and tell me that you couldn't love him! Traenor: It has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with denying a lesser creature its natural instincts, caging and restraining it, forcing subservience onto a living, breathing animal. Taylor: Yes, but Terran dogs are naturally inclined to a subservient relationship with people. Their evolutionary traits have formed synonymous with those of humans. They have an inherent need for companionship and a pack hierarchy, where they look to a dominant figure for guidance, subsistence, and affection. Being a dog owner doesn't pervert their needs, it enhances and fulfills them. It's genetics and evolution, Uncle Gordie, plain and simple. ::Darn, but if she didn't come prepared. She was using science against a scientist, his greatest weakness! Maxwell needed to change tack to try and get himself out of this predicament.:: Traenor: A starship is no place for a pet. It's improper to have a dog in such a confined space. Taylor: On the contrary, Uncle Gordie. Starfleet regulations have no qualms with officers having small pets in their possession while on active duty. As a senior officer, you actually have the luxury of large quarters that make space even less of an issue. The Darwin has a large arboretum for natural space, and the holodecks can create more space to devise any number of engaging environments for training and exercising a dog. Oh! By the way, congratulations on making First Officer! The Security officer that escorted me to your quarters and let me in told me all about it! Never thought you'd be anything but an egghead scientist, if I'm being honest. ::Maxwell sighed, realizing that he had neglected to contact his family yet and tell them the good news. Their return from the Delta Quadrant had heralded a heavy workload, and his own personal commiserations had distracted him from thinking of making the social call.:: Traenor: Thank you, but quit trying to change the subject. What about his health? There's not exactly a veterinary doctor aboard. Taylor: ::looking askance at him:: You trying to tell me that a science ship with a full contingent of xenobiologists and a medical staff trained to deal with hundreds of alien physiologies can't give a little puppy a regular checkup? Besides, ::slyly producing an isolinear chip:: many ships without the Darwin's prolific benefits make do with caring for crewmember's pets. Here is a veterinary subroutine for the holodeck, a program which fully simulates an animal hospital replete with trained and friendly doctors and nurses. Barque will not want for the best care possible. Plus, I've already programmed in the recipes for a dozen nutritional supplements for Barque into your replicator, varying based on the nutritional demands as he grows, several healthy treats for training and spoiling him, and the replimat catalogue has plenty of chew toys. Traenor: ::at a loss:: This all may be true, but having a pet still requires permission from a commanding officer. There's no guarantee that my captain will allow me to keep a pet! Taylor: ::broad grin:: I've already sent a message to Captain Renos on your behalf. Ne has the request. I was very sweet and convincing in it. I expounded on the benefits to your morale and health due to the regular exercise you'll get from walking him. By the way, you have a J'naii captain? That's so cool! I didn't know there were many J'naii in Starfleet! Traenor: ::distracted, exasperated:: There isn't. It's complicated. Never mind that! The most important thing is, you never considered whether I actually want to keep, care for, and train a dog. What if I say no? Are you prepared to take the dog back and keep him yourself? Taylor: You wouldn't. You couldn't. How can you say no to such a cute little face? ::Maxwell looked down at the puppy at his feet, and when the beagle caught him staring at it, it started wiggling it's tail enthusiastically. It let out another little yap.:: Taylor: C'monnnn, Uncle Gordie! You know you wannnt to keep him! You know you wannnt to love him! You're so lonely out here at the fringes of the Federation, and Barque will be the perfect companion. Please? ::Eden clasped her hands in a prayer fashion and skewered Maxwell with puppy dog eyes, affecting a begging whimpering to try and convince him. Barque, skewering him with real puppy dog eyes, affected a sympathetic whimpering in response. Though he tried to look annoyed, Maxwell actually found the both of them to be endearing.:: Traenor: Tsk tsk, Eden. You're not eight anymore. That won't work on me. oO Except that it kinda is... Oo ::Eden tittered in response, and called Barque over to the couch. The puppy, ungainly on his oversized paws, scampered over and jumped up. She proceeded to scratch him behind the ears, which caused the poor thing's eyes to roll back into his head with ecstatic pleasure.:: Traenor: Y'know, with the level of intellect and dedication you've applied to this debate, have you ever considered becoming a scientist? Or a diplomat? Taylor: No way! I'm going to be a pilot. You know that. I've already started flying lessons, in preparation of acing the Starfleet entrance exams next summer. ::Thinking of Eden entering Starfleet was bittersweet for several reasons. First, the fact that she was but a half year away from being eligible to enroll was mind-boggling. Second, a career in Starfleet wasn't without risk, and could be an isolating choice of callings, which was not a palatable thought to an overprotective uncle. However, with both himself and Eden's father being Starfleet officers, it was in no way surprising that Eden would be drawn to the service. Why as a pilot he had no idea, but it was something she had obsessed about for most of her life. Traenor knew she could be most anything, an engineer like her father or a scientist like himself, or even a negotiator, he thought ironically. But, if she wanted to join Starfleet and aspire to be a helmsman, then Maxwell would be honored to sponsor her wish. He moved over to the couch and sat down on the opposite side of the puppy from Eden, and started stroking his back.:: Traenor: Oh, his fur is so soft! Taylor: ::with a knowing smile:: I knew you'd fall in love with him! ::He mock scowled at her, before looking down at the puppy. He was kind of cute. His fur was very soft, softer than he expected. He was so warm, and looked cuddly. His eyes were closed now, possibly napping, as they both continued to pet him. Though it was for all the wrong reasons, Maxwell could appreciate the sentiment behind getting him a puppy. It went against all he had believed in, that owning pets was wrong and borderline evil, but if she was right and it was a mutually beneficial relationship? Would it really be so bad to own a beagle named Barque? He snorted in laughter.:: Traenor: A beagle named Barque. You really are a dork. Taylor: ::quick retort:: Takes one to know one. ::The two laughed, a deep belly laugh that resonated throughout the quarters and roused the puppy from his slumber just long enough to give them a baleful look before slumping back to sleep. This made them laugh anew, and the two settled into a comfortable and animated recollection of their lives during the months they had been absent from each other. All desires for quiet relaxation dissipated as Maxwell cherished the chance to catch up with his beloved niece.:: TBC LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - First Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A Graphic Contest Taskforce =/\= Characters Guild Co-Facilitator A239111MT0
  17. Almost a year later and still wating on this one. I check into their website every once in awhile. The actors in this one are the main reason I cant wait to see it. www.axanarproductions.com/ ::Watches Prelude again to hold himself over.::
  18. ((Deep Space 6 - Deck 79, Sickbay Complex)) ::After so long an interminable period of time, Maxwell Traenor could stand it no longer. He knew that his captain and friend Renos had been placed in a medically-induced coma in order to facilitate nir healing, but no other info had been forthcoming since. All he knew was, “no visitors allowed!” But, that just wouldn’t deter the obstinate scientist.:: ::Technically, with his assignment to acting first officer of the Darwin, Maxwell should be wearing the maroon collar of the Command track. Thankfully though, he had some teal Science uniforms still left hanging in his closet, and it was one of these that he had donned. As well, sneaking into the Darwin’s sickbay, he had absconded with both a medical lab coat and a medical tricorder. He made his way onto Deep Space 6, and wearing his (admittedly) weak disguise, he furtively moved through the vast medical complex of the station. Every time a nurse or doctor passed by, he made to stop at a door and look carefully at the label, or lifted a PADD to his face as if studying a chart. Heart thumping with the tension of his pathetic ruse, Maxwell slunk through one twisted hallway after another, with one clear goal in mind. Find his friend.:: ::Todd did a double take as he followed a man along the corridor acting a little strangely. He seemed a bit skittish and kept stopping to check things. With a smirk he realised who it was and what he was up to. Thinking that his farce had seemed to go mostly unnoticed, and finally starting to feel that he might get away with the ruse, Maxwell jumped when he felt a firm hand clasp down on his shoulder. :: Manius: Nice try buddy. Manius: oO If he’d called I’d have given him an update. Oo Traenor: What? Hey, Doc! What’s up? Imagine seeing you here… ::affecting an obviously forced jovial tone:: Manius: You know, if you’d asked I’d have happily told you that Renos is now awake and accepting visitors… Traenor: Oh. Yeah. Well, I knew that… Manius: Of course that’s why you didn’t don a disguise and try to sneak yourself in. :: His tone was flat and totally serious. Part of him couldn’t understand how the man was smart enough to get to Lieutenant Commander and even be given the opportunity to serve as acting first officer - but didn’t have the sense to call in for a status report. He was either too smart for his own good or missing his friend to the point of not thinking too clearly. The other part was amused and impressed that Traenor cared enough about Renos to try and sneak his way in to see nem. :: ::Embarrassed by the obvious lie he had just told someone who could see right through it, Maxwell cleared his throat noisily and shoved the awkwardly held medical tricorder into the pocket of the ill-fitting lab coat.:: Traenor: ::harrumphing:: Well then, is there any chance you can point me towards nir room? ::Led to the door of the private suite where Renos was housed, Traenor found himself pausing just outside. He had heard the stories, the descriptions of the terrible state that ne had been in when they had retrieved nem from the enemy warship. He feared his reaction to what he would find when he lay eyes on his friend for the first time since the debilitating injuries had been incurred. The all-too familiar warring emotions since nir abduction bubbled up within him again, those of abject fear of loss, and also of indescribable rage towards those who would do such a thing to Renos. Both emotions were ones that very seldom reared themselves within the normally jovial, easygoing man, so their presence together at this time were almost paralyzing. Taking a deep breath in a mostly successful attempt to steel himself, Maxwell poked his head in through the doorway.:: Traenor: ::quietly:: Renos, are you awake? ::finally seeing nem alive, in the flesh, his emotions boiled over:: Oh, my gods. My dear friend. :: Renos’s spirits immediately rose to see Gordie and ne gave him a small, goofy grin. Ne’d missed him more than any other while held prisoner on Raikenoff’s ship and worried about never seeing him again. The captain had realised their friendship was the strongest personal connection ne had. :: Renos: Gordie you have no idea how happy I am to see you again… ::Whether it was truly nir state, or a projection of Traenor’s own thoughts as to Renos’s vulnerability, all Maxwell could see was a frail, damaged J’naii in the place of the idealized strong, stoic captain that stood large in his mind. Without thought to propiety or consequence, Maxwell swooped into the room and collected Renos in a large, smothering hug.:: Traenor: ::voice muffled and choked, face pressed against nir shoulder:: Don’t you ever leave me again like that! :: Caught unawares Renos was too slow to wrap nir arms around him and hug him back but ne didn’t realise how much ne needed the hug until ne was wrapped in it. The J’naii really didn’t want it to end. Renos didn’t know what to think but the little spark of hope ne held seemed to grow and burn more fiercely in nir heart.:: ::Letting go and stepping back, Maxwell blinked in shock and modesty for his Freudian slip. Clearing his tear-choked throat unsuccessfully, he nervously smoothed the hospital gown’s shoulders where he had ruffled them and spoke again in a gruff voice.:: Traenor: Us. Don’t you ever leave us again like that. :: The J’naii’s heart beat with excitement and ne suddenly felt uncharacteristically nervous. Just what was ne thinking? Pushing down nir emerging feelings before they had a chance to be recognised or dashed ne replied hastily and bashfully. :: Renos: Yeah, yeah, I’ll try not to make a habit of it. ::Chuckling nervously:: :: The gruff medic smirked at the pair of them and shook his head. He’d taken note of the Captain’s increased heart rate and was interfering early. :: Manius: Okay cuddles back it up. The Captain’s got a heart condition and doesn’t need people throwing themselves at nem. Renos: ::A little irritably:: Watch your mouth Todd, that’s out of line. There’s no need to be so rude. If anyone’s causing a strain on my heart around here its you. Traenor: No, he’s right, Renos. We need you to heal, and come back to us soon. We’ll have time enough to talk later. For now, I’m just happy to see you up and about. ::His words were simple enough, but Maxwell could feel what was left unspoken between the lines. He had admitted a dependency on Renos’s presence more than even he had realized before, a close friendship that bordered on family. No, he amended, just like family. And, he noted with satisfaction that he hadn’t been rebuffed. This wasn’t a conversation to be held in front of Manius anyways, it could wait for a more appropriate time.:: :: Renos let out a long exasperated sigh. Ne wasn’t upset with Gordie for agreeing with Todd, rather ne wished Todd hadn’t spoiled the moment. He’d barely arrived but was set to flee already. It was almost too much to bear. Ne wanted him to stay awhile, to tell him how much he’d been missed and reach out to take his hand but that hardly seemed appropriate. :: Renos: Well thanks for stopping by. Traenor: Any time, my friend, and I’ll be back soon. TBC Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A and guest starring PNPC Dr Manius - Medic FWPA 2015 Co-Facilitator =/\= Publicity Team Facilitator A238805EB0 ~and~ LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - Acting First Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-AGraphic Contest Taskforce =/\= Publicity TeamA239111MT0
  19. ((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A)) :: Since the last shore leave, Valdivia had been attending to Kaigut classes, taught by Captain Renos nemself. The other attendant had been Rennyn. Renos was in a coma and Rennyn was getting transferred, which left Valdivia a bit alone on that. He wondered whether the Captain would be willing to continue the classes with just one student, once ne recovered. :: :: Until then, however, he was willing to keep practicing, even if there were no classes he still had the holodeck. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: The problem was, at his current level, practicing could only mean repeating the same series of kicks once and again against an static holographic opponent. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: Doll would be more accurate, it was completely white with a red line to mark the body and the articulations. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: There were basically three kicks Valdivia more or less controlled. And then several that he had seen and practiced a few times, but he wasn't sure enough about his level to be practising them. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: He started alternating the different kicks, creating random patterns on his head. He wasn't even sure he was doing them right, and there was no one there to check. :: Valdivia: oO This is stupid. Oo :: He stopped, took several deep breaths to recover, and started thinking. :: Valdivia: Computer, are there partice programs available for kaigut? Computer: Affirmative. :: Valdivia checked the list the computer offered. :: Valdivia: Run beginner level practice. :: A second doll appeared, and a J'naii uniformed for kaigut, that acted as sensei. Valdivia moved next to nem. :: Hologram: Low kick. :: Valdivia started a series of low kicks, aimed at the knee, following the rithm of the holographic sensei. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo :: Counting on the program to tell him to stop, he didn't count the series, but they probably did about sixty, changing side after each ten. :: Hologram: Middle kick. :: That was a bit harder, Valdivia was still struggling with keeping his balance for the recovery. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo Hologram: Recovery, try to keep your balance. :: Another attempt. :: Hologram: Recovery, try to keep your balance. Valdivia: oO Shut up. Oo Hologram: Recovery, try to keep your balance. :: It was clear than the program was exactly that, a computer program. He detected one flaw in his kick and repeated the same message. Which became even more frustrating that his own realizing of the flaw. :: Valdivia: oO Fold, chambering, refold, recovery. Oo Hologram: Recovery, try to keep your balance. Valdivia: SHUT UP! Agh, you are not Renos! :: Frustrated, he stormed out of the holodeck, with a new reason for hoping for Renos speedy recovery added to an already long list. :: Valdivia: End program! Lt. John Valdivia - Science Officer - USS Darwin-A D238701JV0
  20. Brell

    New Trek

    Karl Urban's McCoy is great character but it was really hard to choose. Simon Pegg's Scotty was a close close second for me.
  21. Went with the D always loved it. The E is a pretty ship, but the D to me any way was a true federation Flagship able to last in fight and boldly explore.
  22. Was also an 80s/90s kid so TNG was first trek. I'm told I even watched the first episode while being babysat by my aunt. Watched reruns of TOS as a kid too, had a lot of the playmates TNG action figures (oh if I had only left a few in there boxes) Then watched all of DS9 and Voyager going through school never missed an episode. Enterprise I watched at first but did not catch most of it as it aired most of those I didn't see until years later.
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