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  1. (( Planning Chamber, Deck 2: The Jade Geming )) Romani: The all-knowing, all-seeing vision of the council of gods ends. Today. ::Romani waited in the darkness along with the people standing behind him. He shifted from foot to foot, and tapped the fingers of his left hand against the insignia on the glove of his right.:: Vinpri: Message sent, Demra. Romani: Thanks, lights up please? ::A collective sigh hissed around the room as the thick shadows dissolved. Most of his crew departed on their way back to Main Control. Romani moved forward to sit at the planning table. Chanko and Lorana remained and took seats to either side of him.:: ::Chanko had an imperious, thoughtful demeanor that suited him as the Ohan, Romani's strategic commander of the organization. Lorana contrasted this with a more outspoken personality, more suited for her role as Mishra, his council. The fact that she was Romani's mate sometimes made things far more complicated than he cared for on more than one occasion.:: ::They sat in a mellow silence for a while. Chanko perused a holographic screen of information. Lorana had her own screen up and was responding to a few messages, and Romani had his own thinking to do.:: ::When he'd completed a few trains of thought, he broke the quietude by tapping on the table with his right-most finger.:: Romani: Well, what do you think of the speech? ::Chanko and Lorana exchanged a silent glance, apparently deciding who was going to speak first. They were equals in terms of qualifiers such as rank or position, and contrasted each other to a fine degree. Romani looked back and forth between them, and opened his mouth to repeat the question but Lorana beat him to it.:: Lorana: My honest opinion? It sounded like a villain delivering a monologue. Pollution protocol, Usah? ::Chanko broke his normal routine by delivering a quiet laugh.:: Romani: ::Parting his lips to smile.:: Good. It's precisely the image I wanted to convey. Lorana: The image of a villain? Then I would say you succeeded on a grand scale. ::Her small shake of the head was one he'd come to recognize as mockery riding on the winds of disdain.:: Romani: It's a caricature. An exaggeration to get their full attention and evoke strong emotions. It's the only way I can reach them. As we've seen, appeals to logic won't work. ::Chanko permitted himself one of his slow, ponderous nods and slid one hand over the other indicating understanding.:: Chanko: An appropriate tactic, and one that was well executed. ::Lorana narrowed her gaze at Chanko and tipped her head up a fraction. Romani shifted in his seat, and hoped they wouldn't begin an argument that he would have to reign in.:: Lorana: Of course you agree with him. But was all the posturing necessary? Gods of pollution, council of gods--it borders on a secular attack on their ideology. Romani: It has a strong impact on the technocratic mindset. Comparing them with deities should at least get their blood boiling. ::The door slid open and Ebso, a male Kunjai, poised on the threshold. Physically intimidating, he had hardened layers of muscle and sinew visible under the dark, violet-hued skin. Lorana regarded him with a smile.:: Lorana: Yes, Niffidi? Ebso: Thank you Mishra. Important message from Vedima. ::The Kunjai's fate was one of Romani's chief reasons for taking up his cause. The uplifting bio-techs had enhanced their physicality, but more importantly their brains ability to rapidly process information. Their minds broke things down into chunks, storing them and iterating over the whole with supremely fast analysis. The result was a fearsome combatant, who could react to multiple situations in an engagement with swift precision. Romani had seen a holorecord of a Kunjai warrior facing no less than six trained soldiers. It was over before it began.:: ::This alteration had an unforeseen side effect. This chunking tendency carried over into speech processing. They rarely spoke in more than four or five words between pauses, as their brains were simply too fast for their speech center to handle.:: ::The Dryary technicians had done their best to mitigate this with each new generation, but Romani's position was they never should have tampered with them in the first place. He'd done what he could, taking in any Kunjai that wanted to join their cause and offering them any position they were suited for.:: Romani: To the main display. Thank you. ::Speaking to them using the same structure was a courtesy that Romani insisted his crew adopt, as it made it easier for them to analyze the words.:: ::Ebso bounded over to the screen and tapped his fingers over the wall panel. A female Dryary appeared, but the colors were offset and reversed, an effect of the encryption methods they used.:: Chanko: Receiving, Vedimi. Vedimi: There is a complication. The council has moved to ask for help from the human presence at dreaming star. Iristi is meeting with their leader now, a Captain Selene Faranfey. Lorana: So their alliance is all but official. Romani: Wonderful. Do you have any more information on them? Vedimi: They have three vessels at their disposal. The largest is capable of incredible speed, and the report shows they defeated Agragonian warships with one of the adjunct ships. Chanko: Impressive, and troubling. Lorana: What is their stance on the u-protocol? Vedimi: Their own protocol is opposed to it, from what I gather in the planning chamber. Romani: That's splendid news. Vedimi: I must close the transmission now. Remember them forever. Lorana: They are remembered. Chanko: Forever. ::The screen returned to the flat, grey gradient. Ebso made a quick hand gesture, almost too fast for the to catch before speaking.:: Ebso: Return to work now? Lorana: Yes. Thank you Niffidi. ::After he quit the chamber, they sat in a contemplative silence. Romani's heart and mind throbbed with the new information. Chanko, as usual, was waiting for someone else to speak. Lorana, as usual, was happy to oblige. She looked between them as she spoke.:: Lorana: Usah, you have to contact them. Maybe this Faranfey will aid us, and convince the council to at least consider stopping the program. ::Romani offered a few taps on the table with his fingers. He knew she would suggest it, and he would have liked nothing more than to take the advice.:: Romani: Assuming they'll listen, what makes you think they'll have an easier time of it than us? The council won't concede, especially to outsiders. Their judgement is clouded by technocratic rigidity. It's a cultural psychosis. Chanko: The immovable pillars of science and vision. Romani: It's far too late. No doubt they've heard my ultimatum since it was broadcast openly. Vedimi indicated in a previous message that they've already helped the Directorate. As you said, their alliance is all but official. Lorana: Be reasonable, Usah. At least make an attempt? ::Romani stared back at her. She wasn't going to let this go, and he had too much on his mind for an involved argument.:: Romani: I can't be reasonable. Don't you see? The council's reason is their foundation. It's unbreakable. I must be fully unreasonable to get around it. This Stellar Federation, once a legend, has now come to aid them. My ultimatum will irk them, if Vedimi's assessment of their culture is right. Lorana: ::Spreading her fingers on the table:: Then you're hoisted by your own petard. If you'd only waited before delivering your villainous pledge, you wouldn't be in this situation. Romani: I'm only Dryary. I make mistakes. Chanko: She's correct-- Lorana: Thank you, Ohan. Chanko: --but so are you, Demra. It's far too late. I recommend accelerating the plan. ::Romani looked between them, then stared at the table for a moment. His breath felt hot in his nostrils.:: Romani: Accelerate it how? Chanko: Destroy the UP7 laboratory ahead of schedule. It would show them you are unpredictable, and put pressure on them. ::Lorana rolled out an exasperated sigh, and swiped her hand across the table.:: Lorana: Moving quickly caused this new dilemma, you want to make it worse? Romani: I'm not sure how things could get any worse. We're already in league with the Cardassians, and have a mutual agreement with the Romulans. Lorana; I'm just waiting for those to backfire. And trust me, they will. ::Romani sighed and swallowed a few times, licking his lips. He picked at a wrinkle in the folds of his glove, staring at the symbol etched on it. He blew out a breath and looked at Lorana, then Chanko.:: Romani: Is UP7 evacuated? ::Chanko went back to his personal screen and flicked his hand over it. Lorana sat back and folded her arms a few times until she had them situated where she wanted them.:: Chanko: ::Looking at Romani:: Yes, the personnel evacuated an hour ago due to the threat. Lorana; Don't destroy it yet. Wait to see what the Federation will do. Romani: ::Exchanging a long glance with Lorana before turning to Chanko.:: Let's contact the Federation. Lorana is right, we can explain things and perhaps they will put a small dent in the council's armor of scientific faith. Chanko: You can't do that, Demra. Lorana: ::Unfolding her arms and leaning forward:: Why not, Ohan? Chanko: We can't risk it. I have no doubt they have a very capable crew to run that sophisticated ship. They will certainly have a signal technician, or an equivalent. The chances they'll locate the source of our position are high. If they choose to side with the Directorate, the most likely scenario, we'll have to evade and your agenda fails once again. ::Romani leaned forward himself and rubbed at the middle of his forehead with two fingers. Every solution brought with it unwanted complications.:: Romani: ::Taking a breath.:: All right. Open a channel to the operative. Lorana: This is a mistake. Chanko: ::Touching his screen.:: Channel is open, Demra. Operative: Jade Raven receiving. Romani: This is Jade Leader. Proceed with UP7 detonation. Operative: Understood Jade Leader. Detonating now. Chanko: ::Glancing at another inset on his screen, he slapped the table with the flat of his hand.:: Wait, it's not clear. A construction crew is still-- Operative: Detonation in progress-- Romani: ::Glaring at Chanko.:: What? Jade Raven abort, abort-- Lorana: ::Shouting:: Stop Raven stop! Operative: We can't, detonation complete. Facility destroyed. ::Charged silence filled the chamber in all directions. Lorana shot up from her chair, her eyes glassy and wide. Romani stood slowly, closing his eyes and bringing his hands together. He touched his fingers to his forehead.:: ::Chanko stared at the wall, his gaze downcast.:: Operative: Further orders, Jade Leader? Romani: ::Dropping his hands, his voice hoarse.:: No. Further orders. Jade Leader out. Lorana: ::Storming past Romani:: Don't come to our chamber tonight, I'm through with you today-- Romani: ::Reaching for her arm, grasping it.:: Lorana, please-- Lorana: ::Yanking her arm out of his grip, her eyes moist.:: Don't touch me with those hands. They reek of blood... Demra. MISSION SEQUENCE 2 - The Romani Gambit MSNPC's Usah Romani / Lorana / Chanko / And others: Respectfully Portrayed And Submitted By... F. J. HAWKINS Lt. Cmdr., Starfleet Executive Officer USS ATHENA, NCC-97780 Fleet ID: A239312FH0 Player Mentor
  2. The Apollo actually encountered such an experience. The false gods were about as technically advanced as Starfleet, but the world was primitive. The mission was called Gate to the Gods. We accidentally made contact with them, and they thought we were their gods. We tried to limit contact, but we had to protect them from the wrath of the fake gods and the village holy man. It was a pretty fun mission.
  3. (( OOC - This happens at the same time as Holly & Cody's JP )) (( The Command Complex, Deck 2, USS Athena )) :: Selene's day felt very long and tiring. It was exhausting trying to get people to understand why she was upset or disappointed in her. But she had a rewarding conversation with John Nugra at the end of the day. She wasn't sure if it was the conversation or the view off the cliff in the holodeck, but it calmed her a bit. :: :: She still had to check on Sundassa, who by what she was informed, was sleeping comfortably in her security officer's sleep chambers. Now she was heading back to her quarters, the chef usually had her dinner ready for her, so when she smelled the aroma wafting from the kitchen her mouth watered. :: :: When she rounded the corner, she expected to hear the normal hum as the chef worked. But what she heard instead was two voices. :: Cody: Now... the more you get to know your ingredients, you'll realize the various combinations are going to develop interesting and different flavors. That's not a bad thing. If anything, you want to see what those flavors develop and add to the meal at the end. Unique flavors are always encouraged when they develop, because they can add an unique spice to the meal you're preparing. But... don't let them get out of control, either. Holly: That makes sense. Now I kinda want cooking lessons. .oO I just want dinner. Oo. :: Her stomach growled as she realized she was not going to have access to dinner immediately, the two of them were talking. With how stern she had been with Holly earlier, she didn't have the energy to go in and ask what they were doing. Since she was being generous, and not bursting in, she hoped they would return the favor by putting together a plate for her. :: :: She sighed as she took the few steps to her quarters. From there, she changed into something more comfortable, got a small snack to tide her stomach and read a couple chapters of a book. :: :: When she thought enough time had passed, she stood up and exited her quarters. She was hoping that there would be food ready for her. When she got to the kitchen she heard their voices again. :: .oO What are they doing in there that takes this long? Oo. Cody: ::softly:: Where is your head at right now, Commander? And be honest. A lie you tell yourself is a lie you'll tell someone else. Holly: I would say cloud nine wondering if you’re making a pass at me Commander. .oO Well, that answers that... going to have to call Ops to have them sterilize the kitchen. Oo. :: Back to her quarters she went, making notes of what she needed to address, and what provisions she needed in her quarters when people decided to commandeer her kitchen while she too exhausted to be herself. :: Captain Selene Faranfey Commanding Officer USS Athena, NCC-97780 Academy Commandant - Starbase 118 Academy Executive Council - Captain At Large Writer ID: A239001SF0
  4. A lot of people getting their one and three year awards! Let's go for our 5 and 10 years together! Thank you everyone for being the family I have been part of for the last three years, I want many more years with you people!
  5. Congratulations Rustyy Hael, I haven't worked with you much except through the academy, but you are a shining light in the Academy, and I heard the same about you on the Conny. I am not surprised you won the Luminary Award, I look forward to seeing you continue to grow in the Fleet! Maxwell Traenor, I am going to summarize my presentation in just one word. Wow. Your ability, dedication, compassion and professionalism shine in every class you have participated in, you are amazing and deserve this award! Alright, not just one word. Thank you for being such a wonderful influence on the academy. To those who won 'The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award', I wasn't aware the number of challenges that were being simmed through. I want to say you all are an inspiration for continuing to be here, participating with the group, through your difficulties.
  6. What's your character name? I can put in the deferment for you.
  7. (( Corridor - Deck 5 - USS Doyle-A )) :: Brian Davidson stormed through the corridors of the USS Doyle in an uncharacteristically angry mood. He had heard it from his friend in security who had heard it from a Lieutenant on the bridge and the only person who would have phrased such remarks was a certain Romulan Tribune who he was heading for at the moment. :: :: Coming up to the holodeck that she was currently occupying, he strode in unannounced and ignored the surprised looks on the different holographic federation delegates faces and made his way to the face he did recognize. She, at present, was wearing a scarlet red sheer dress and clutching a small, silver handbag chatting nicely with the Bolian representative for the Bolaux Group, he saw her eyes dart in his direction and the sweet smile vanish immediately. :: Davidson: ::Angrily:: I want to speak with you, Tribune. Chekran: ::Surprised:: Tribune? :: Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae groaned in exasperation, dropped the silver purse revealing a compact disruptor.:: Shiarrael: There goes my clean exit. :: Snapping the neck of the Bolaux Group’s CEO, the Romulan then discharged the disruptor in to the holographic representation of the new Federation president before calling out for the program to freeze. :: Shiarrael: It took me three days to work this invitation, Davidson and you screw it up in one minute. :: Davidson did not care. He was shaking from all his anger and he stepped over the body of the dead bolian. :: Davidson: I have a bone to pick with you and I’m trying to ignore the fact that you just assassinated the highest leader of the Federation without blinking an eye. Shiarrael: ::grinning:: I love your holodecks. Davidson: Why did you tell everybody about the Pajamas I was wearing and the fact that I’m not good in a combat situation. Shiarrael: ::mock surprise:: me? Tell stories? :: Davidson balled his fists in anger and gritted his teeth. :: Davidson: I know it was you. I quote, “The poor ih'feanna saehne wore animal pajamas to a fight. Not like he can fight though.” NO ONE speaks Romulan while telling a story. Why did you do it? Shiarrael: ::growling:: Why did you tell Captain Faranfey that we slept together? :: Brian looked at her with genuine shock. What? The captain knew? Not only was that a surprise, but now he had an issue with his position being in jeopardy. Cavorting with an foreign officer was not good for business in the Diplomatic Corps. :: Davidson: I never told her. Shiarrael: Liar. She intimated it the majority of the weeks were on that aehallhai planet. Davidson: I wouldn’t have said a thing because it’s not good for my career, let alone you threatened to castrate me if I said anything. :: A gleam appeared in the Romulan’s eye at his words and he took one step back. His eyes darted down to her hands to make sure the blade she usually carried had not mysteriously appeared. :: Shiarrael: I did, didn’t I? But where's the fun in that? :: His anger began to reach the point of overflowing at the infuriating woman he had spent one night with. Had he realized how much trouble she would have caused him, Brian would have ignored her prodding in the hallway so many weeks ago. :: Davidson: I am sick and tired of you making fun of me. Shiarrael: Awww. Poor little Davidson. Don’t humans like cry when they get upset or something? :: He did it before realizing what he was doing. Davidson hauled back and took a swing at the beautiful face of his antagonist. Did he think he was going to succeed? Of course, not. She was a highly trained assassin who had given up that life and so she deflected the blow without even moving away. :: Shiarrael: Not bad. :: The next thing he saw was stars and fell over backwards on top of the holographic remains of the Bolaux Group CEO. Blood ran down his nose and she stood over him with that infuriating smirk. :: Shiarrael: That’s how to throw a punch, sweetheart. :: He growled at her, but then saw the hand she proffered to him. Taking it, she hefted him up rather easily and he accepted the handkerchief she pulled out of the pocket of the frozen bystander nearby. :: Shiarrael: It is my fault for assuming that was you. If you haven’t told anyone, I don’t know how she found out. It’s not like she knows you or me. :: Davidson held the handkerchief to his nose to stop the flow of blood trying to come up with an excuse to tell medical. He shrugged. :: Davidson: There is something about her. Something that we...er...I’ve been trying to figure out for sometime. Shiarrael: Computer. End program. :: The program shifted off and she smiled at him with the same eyes that got him in trouble in the first place. He glared back at her still not quite ready for forgive her. :: Shiarrael: ::silkily:: Looks like I owe you an apology. What are you doing tonight? Davidson: ::pointed:: Staying as far away from you as I can. PNPC Lt. Brian Davidson Diplomatic Attache USS Doyle-A & PNPC Tribune Shiarrael Diplomatic Liaison Officer Romulan Republic As Simmed By…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colonel Nugra Marine Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B Podcast Team Facilitator Deputy Commandant Captain's Council Magistrate V238008N10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Loving screenshots, they are my friend...

  9. (( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: As Selene finished up with the new Engineering officer that she had just been assigned. She noticed the medical ship’s former commanding officer. A woman whose paperwork was on Selene’s desk, with a recommendation for her as First Officer. Selene trusted her brother, but she wasn’t entirely sure if she trusted the woman, so she had set out to avoid the prospect of talking to her for as long as she could. Now the woman was approaching. Did Shel send the woman up, or did she come on her own? That was the question Selene had going through her head, but wasn’t going to be vocalized. :: ::Having done all she could have done in preparation for this moment, Joan stood in idle wait for the captain to take note of her presence on the bridge. She far from enjoyed taking a passive role, but there was only so much that could be done in an active manner. Besides, enough time had passed and there would be no doubt that Faranfey had at least taken note of her transfer orders.:: Faranfey: Commander. I assume we have a conversation to have. Follow me. ::A chill ran down Joan’s spine. She couldn’t read the emotions behind the comment, but the words came off as almost dismissive in tone.:: Hart: As you wish Captain. :: Selene would have to wait to have the conversation with the Intelligence Officer, at least until after this conversation had finished. :: :: It was only a few steps back to the doors of the ready room, and the doors opened automatically when they stepped in front of them. Like the room was anticipating being a host to whatever conversation happened next. :: ::Stepping inside, the human woman took a second to appraise the surroundings, reflexively noting if there was anything within arms reach that she would need if the “friendly conversation” turned sour. Naturally, this was entirely flawed thinking, but human nature with all of its advances, still fell to the whims of their base emotions, illogical as they were.:: Faranfey: :: Turning around, looking at the woman once they were safely behind closed doors. Her arms folded across her chest. :: My Executive Officer stepped down, and Captain Faranster recommended you as the best replacement. Do you know why that is? Hart: oO Well… that was sudden… Oo ::It didn’t take much to throw her mind into defensive turmoil. It had been so long since Joan had reported directly to anyone, and this situation was eerily familiar to when she started on her very first vessel more than a decade ago. Unlike before, however, she had more gumption and experience. She couldn’t allow herself to be intimidated in this manner anymore.:: Hart: ::With her arms folded against her back.:: I can only conjecture why your Executive Officer stepped down sir. My information would be vastly limited compared to your own. ::Though she had heard about the ordeal. Since it appeared to be a personal affair, she didn’t look further into the incident, though now she wished she had.:: Faranfey: Can you at least tell me what would make you a good choice as my next Executive Officer? ::The question she was trying to still find an answer to. Racking her brain day and night, there was no gentle way to convey her opinion.:: Hart: ::Taking a deep breath.:: Captain… permission to speak freely? :: Selene knew how she was coming across, but she needed someone strong, and someone she could trust. Right now she wasn't sure of the officer in front of her, but the fact that she didn't flinch at being asked these questions, least not yet. Was a good sign of her strength. Trust was earned, not given. :: Faranfey: In this situation, it won't help me if you don't, so permission granted. ::Before the words exited her mouth, Joan once more felt the shame that haunted her until this day. Her removal of command from the USS Sacred Heart those years ago. Unfortunately, she could not wallow in these emotions, she never could if she wanted to save those lives....:: Hart: I can give you a detailed rundown of my history. ::She motioned with her hand.:: My flaws, my strengths, and even psychological reports about my state of being. However, I don’t believe that any of those things will change your mind because these items, much like the bytes of data they are encoded on, are unable to convey real information about how two individuals will work together. Given my last mistake, though I would still do it again, you have a limited notion of who I am and what I am capable of. Faranfey: You're right, I have a limited notion of who you are. As you have a limited notion of who I am. My crew is my family, and I take care of them. They trust me to do that. In order to do that, I trust them to have my back. It's a delicate dance, a give and take. Your mistake took one of my crew from me, with little explanation of why. Given the situation, I let it go. ::The woman resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow. Such things could hardly be “let go” at the drop of a bat.:: Hart: A trait that is admirable when applied to the correct context… Faranfey: I fight for my crew, it's what I do. I had a multi-directional battle going on, and you were just as capable of taking care of my officer as my Medical department, so I didn't fight. Doesn't mean I am not irked, doesn't mean I am not suspicious. ::Shaking her head, Joan said nothing. This is what she knew was coming, and she made no effort to change the direction. Completely contrary, she hoped that Faranfey would plow down this path without care of what she may encounter along the way.:: :: Selene knew what was in the files, and the woman said it right, the paper was unable to tell her whether or not she could work with the other woman. The vital information, whether or not the woman would have the best interests of her people at heart. :: Faranfey: What I need to know, if I take you on as my Executive Officer, and I fight for you, if you will do the same for me and my crew. Hart: ::Without missing a beat.:: I will, as long as I receive the same trust in return. Faranfey: I'm listening. ::Joan relaxed her pose slightly, to increase the flow of blood into her arms that had remained still this entire time. She was well experienced in being dressed down, though it never made the experience any easier.:: Hart: I promise to give you my all, but it will come with you trusting my own judgement. I find it insulting when another officer grovels for favours and promotion, as such, I will not play to your emotions since your opinion of me shouldn't matter. I am here to support you in all areas, and I will not pull out any blows if I feel there is a danger to the ship or her crew. :: Selene would have likely thought she was weak if she grovelled. Strength was a quality she needed, the ability to speak up when necessary, regardless of the consequences. Selene had a tendency to get a bit snappy with those who questioned her, so she needed someone who could handle that. But she still had the concern on the trust situation. :: Faranfey: Trust is a two way street, and it's earned. You started with a deficit, but I am willing to give you a shot. You have an opening to earn my trust. :: She paused for a moment. :: Liking me isn't a requirement, taking care of the crew and having my back, is. Respecting each other, is. If I ever forget my duty to the ship or her crew, I -expect- someone to speak up. ::The woman’s face was stoic and calm. What did she have to lose? Her position? Her rank? These things were already taken from her once… The only person she could rely on was herself… or…::: Hart: The offer is a recommendation only… ::She paused.:: Though, don’t get me wrong, I no longer play the political game. Faranfey: That's good, that means you can't be bought for favors and power. ::A compliment, well, maybe not quite. However, it was a fair assessment. Of course it came with a cost…:: Hart: ::Caught off guard.:: I… ::Regaining her cool.:: Would aim to meet the expectations. Faranfey: I do want to know though, do you have any diplomacy skills? ::That was a hard question. The truth? Yes. In practice though… she tended to be more abrasive since it usually landed her better results.:: Hart: I can sir, though I would have to admit it is something of an art that will take some time to be reaquianted with…. oO For obvious reasons. Oo Why do you ask? :: Selene leaned against her desk while she listened. When the other woman asked why, she took a moment to make sure that the woman knew what was at stake. :: Faranfey: There are times when a diplomatic response is not only recommended but necessary. In those instances it would be good to have someone who can take a soft approach. Hart: :: Lowering her voice.:: I see…. Faranfey: It's apparent you have a quick mind, or least quick enough to respond to me. The conversation immediately put you on the defensive, I told you that I don't trust you, I questioned your ability, and you haven't cracked or told me where to shove it. So I can tell you respect the command structure. But, this is the way I am, I can force diplomacy, but I will need you to take out your diplomacy skills, dust them off, and practice them. ::Taking a moment, Joan made the opportunity to phrase her words correctly. Words, were in essence weapons. While a hammer could be applied to many a situation, sometimes a scalpel would provide better results.:: Hart: ::Biting her lower lip.:: I am here to support you after all. :: She turned around enough to grab a PADD off her desk, she was glad for the conversation, it gave her enough reassurance that her brother wasn't trying to saddle her with someone who was going to make her wish she was back in 2414 dealing with the hunger. :: Faranfey: Then, the job is yours, for as long as I can trust you, or until you can no longer deal with my style of running things. :: She extended the PADD to the woman with her new assignment, crew quarters and clearance codes on it. :: ::Clasping the device gently, Joan nodded her head.:: Hart: Both fair and honest points. ::She forced a smile.:: Captain. I will… enjoy the challenge of working with you. ::The words were honest. Certainly more honest than she generally could be. Perhaps this would be her final hurrah before…:: Faranfey: I can say that is probably an adequate way of putting our working together, or at least the beginning of our working relationship. There will be a lot of work, especially your predecessor having stepped down so abruptly. Hart: I will take my leave then to appraise myself of the Doyle and her crew. ::Beat.:: Enjoy the rest of your few days off, and although I wasn’t able to say it before. Congratulations on the promotion. :: Selene pushed herself off her desk so she was fully standing again. When she leaned against the desk, she stood shorter than her new Executive Officer, however when standing, she was a good half a foot taller. :: Faranfey: Thank you, Commander. It was quite a surprise to me. :: She paused. :: We both have work to do, and since yours involves you getting acquainted with the ship before we are sent on our next mission, you should get on it. ::Turning her back, Joan left the Captain’s ready room. Her hands slowly relaxing as soon as she entered the hallway. However, she knew the hardest part was still yet to come…::: Lieutenant Commander Joan Hart Executive Officer USS Doyle-A T238303LF0 & Captain Selene Faranfey Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A Writer ID: A239001SF0
  10. (( VIP Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Doyle-A )) :: Shiarrael's eyes opened groggily and a piercing headache shot through the side of her head. Her mind was muddy and the Romulan had trouble gauging where she was. The cool breeze in the room immediately told her that she did not have a stich of clothing on and the small set of cases in the corner finished up the idea that she was in her room aboard the Doyle. :: :: Sitting up, she placed her aching hand to her forehead and tried to keep from collapsing back on the couch. :: oO Fvadt! What did I do this time? Oo :: Stumbling out of bed, she tripped on some hard and cold. Looking down through bleary eyes she saw four empty bottles of Romulan Ale strewn about and a half full cup on the vanity. :: oO Well, that explains the headache. Oo :: Slowly her memory came back of the night before, the uncomfortable conversation in the corridor and then rummaging through her supplies for the Ale. Blinking and looking in to the mirror to clear her eyesight, the thing that struck her was the second glass of ale and as the light in the back of her mind turned on. She heard a rustle in the bathroom. Grabbing her disruptor out of the vanity, she spun and aimed it at a young human man with dark hair stepping out of the bathroom in a clean uniform. He froze and put his hands up. A blush sat on his cheeks. :: Davidson: Uh...I'm not sure how to take this? Shiarrael: ::Angrily:: How the hell did you get in here? Davidson: :: Umm....you kinda...asked me in for a drink...and well then... :: The extremely hazy memory of the young man spending the night explained the lack of clothing and the bottles everywhere. She lowered the weapon trying to keep an air of control. :: Shiarrael: I...see. Davidson: ::hopeful:: I got you that new uniform replicated with the materials I told you about. :: He gingerly offered the faded gray jumpsuit to her. She snatched it from him and closed the distance. :: Shiarrael: ::Warningly:: I barely have any memory, Mister... Davidson: Brian. Brian Davidson. Shiarrael: ::hissing:: Brian. If you want to keep your happy memories of last night I highly recommend you don't tell ANYONE that you were here. Do I make myself clear? Davidson: Yes, Ma'am. :: He started for the door and stopped, turning scared and somewhat hopeful. :: Davidson: You want to get some coffee? Shiarrael: Get out, Brian. :: He quickly exited and she plopped herself on the floor exhausted holding her sore fist. :: oO [...] that Romulan ale! Oo ~tbc~ PNPC Shiarrael Republic Liaison Officer USS Doyle-A As Simmed By... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colonel Nugra Marine Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-980221-B Deputy Commandant Captain's Council Magistrate V238008N10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. I want more hours to sleep

  12. ((Sickbay, USS Doyle)) ::It looked like it was still early in Sickbay’s day cycle, that or the whole staff had partied a bit too much the night before to unwind from the mission, and was still recovering, Myrta thought .:: ::She had decided to make this her first stop of the day, she wasn’t fonder of physicals than the average fleeter, and hers always tended to run on the long side. :: oO Best get this done and over with, I just hope someone here knows what albinism is Oo ::Hers wasn’t distrust in Bishop’s professionalism. The condition nowadays was rarely seen in children or adults, it was almost invariably discovered through pre-natal diagnosis and corrected in-womb stimulating the production of tyrosinase, which, in turn, caused production of melanin; but during the early stages of her mother’s pregnancy they had been touring some fringe colonies, recently established outposts where such advanced treatments weren’t available. Which also meant that Myrta was mightily tired of having to explain the ins and outs of living with albinism to an ever-changing group of medical professionals. :: :: After a short wait, she called out, voice pitched to carry but not loud :: Myrta: Doctor Bishop? :: Hearing his name, he set the PADD down on his office desk and walked out into Sickbay. He wasn’t expecting anyone this early. :: Bishop: Hello? Myrta: It’s Ensign Shirazi, I called yesterday for my physical Bishop: oO I wasn’t expecting her this early. Oo It’s a pleasure to meet you. If you’ll follow me, we can get this done quickly. I’m certain it will be painless. ::Following the voice she went deeper into sickbay:: :: Alex lead the way to a private room where he could conduct the physical. Although physicals didn’t require to get undressed, he still found that some patients want to talk more privately about anything that they might have medical concerns about, and doing so privately helped to accommodate those conversations, rather than hinder them. :: Bishop: I’ll just run a quick bio-scan and check against your past medical history, then if you feel you need to bring up any concerns, feel free to do so. Myrta :: Nodding:: Thank you doctor. oO Is this the grumpy guy I was warned about? Wish all doctors were like this. Oo :: Alex picked up a nearby scanner and tapped a few buttons on it and moved it over Myrta’s body. Half a minute later, it came back up with no detectable problems. As expected, there were no issues that he could detect, but something was making her feel uneasy. :: Bishop: Scans show nothing wrong. But I can tell you’re a bit nervous about something. What could be troubling you? :: Surprised, the pale woman snorted a laugh:: Myrta: It is this evident, is it? It’s nothing, really, doctor, but you are the first medical professional I recall who didn’t bat an eyelid upon seeing me, it’s… a surprise, and a pleasant change. oO Oh boy! I hope it didn’t come out like I was flirting with him Oo Bishop: Just because it’s something that our species has tried to genetically engineered out of existence, doesn’t mean the condition should be ignored. Do you have any concerns about typical issues that commonly accompany your condition? Myrta: No. my nystagmus* was corrected surgically when I was little. I have amblyopia*, of course, but I was taught ways to cope with it. ::She paused, she was forgetting something, what was it… :: Ah, yes! I do a full-body sunscreen* treatment every year as well, but the last one was just before I was assigned so I’m set till next year. Bishop: If there is anything we :: He waved to indicate Sickbay :: can help with, then feel free to let us know. I’m unfamiliar with an annual sunscreen treatment, but if you need I can look up the information. Do you find it a complex treatment? :: In truth, Alex didn’t really know much about her condition, but he would look up what information he could and become very familiar with it for any future concerns she might have. :: Myrta: No, ::she smiled:: it simplifies my life. I actually started a few years ago, before the Academy. I love swimming, you see, and I snorkel any chance I get, without the treatment it could have been a problem… ((A few minutes later)) :: Myrta thanked again the CMO and left sickbay, with a spring to her step, she liked how her appointment had gone, how doctor Bishop had asked good questions and listened to the answers, she had also liked his regard for her privacy and his professional manner in general. Yes, she nodded to herself, life on Doyle-A was shaping up to be more pleasant than at the Academy at least on this significant aspect.:: :: After she left, Alex went back to his office and started to bring up any research documents about Albinism he could find, including treating common side effects that were typically associated with it and figured he would spend what time he had over the next few days going over the research notes to become more familiar with the subject. :: Joint post by: Lt Alexander Bishop Chief Medical Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-90221-A And Ens. Myrta Shirazi Science Officer USS Doyle-A
  13. ((Marine Facility, Deck Thirteen, USS Constitution-) ::Cerissa was stood in front of her unit going over the mission briefing. She felt like she should say that she knew it was their first mission together, that they could get through it if they worked hard and pitched in…but she didn’t. If there was one thing law school had taught her was that the right thing needed to be said at the right time – these people were Starfleet Marines, they didn’t want to see their commander second guessing herself before they had even set foot on the Edison.:: ::No, keep it focused on the mission, that was the key…for Cerissa as much as for them.:: Tyren: The virus is apparently spread via contact with bodily fluids so I wanted us equipped for a category four contagion. Also, we will need to go inside the transporter black out zone so everyone make sure you’re wearing two high power emergency transport beacons – one for you and one for our survivors. Fisher: What’s our triage protocol, Lieutenant? ::Cerissa turned towards the medic.:: Tyren: Ultimately, Corporal, that will be up to Commander Udas but the initial plan is to transfer them to the quarantine unit aboard the Constitution as soon as possible; based on that I don’t foresee the need to move to a disaster plan at this stage. ::It was a frowned upon part search and rescue missions but, sometimes, you only had so much in the way of supplies and you would have to make the choice – use a significant amount to save one person or spread that out to save multiple casualties but let the ‘expectant’ patient die. She didn’t relish the thought of having to make that call.:: Tyren: I’m uploading your ROEs to your combat tricorders now but, broadly, the ‘infected’ are still Starfleet personnel and the Captain hopes we can find a way of reversing its effects - so keep your weapons on heavy stun. That having been said, the priority of this mission is the recovery of the survivors and the safety of our away team so lethal force is authorised. ::She paused while she transferred the mission protocols to the marines tricorders.:: Tyren: One more thing, the Edison is in a state of significant disrepair, particularly in the aft section. We don’t want to compromise the superstructure or systems further with explosions and wayward phaser fire so keep your shots tight. ::She returned the screen to its ready state before addressing the room.:: Tyren: Okay, Gunnery Sergeant Tau, Corporal Fisher, Private McPhail you’re with me, transporter room one in five minutes. The rest of you will remain here on stand-by; Master Sergeant Reichart will be in command. Any questions? ::A selection of shaken heads indicated none were to be forthcoming.:: Tyren: Alright, you have your orders. Dismissed. ::Cerissa left the briefing room and began walking towards the armoury when she heard the footsteps behind her.:: Reichart: Lieutenant, permission to speak freely? ::She turned to face the man known, affectionately or not, as Golem.:: Tyren: Granted, Master Sergeant. Reichart: Why are you leaving me out of this mission? With respect… ::Cerissa raised a hand.:: Tyren: Don’t…don’t say ‘with respect’ and then proceed to insult me. I have ears and eyes, Clay, and your feelings about me are thinly veiled at best. Reichart: They’re my team, I should be there. Tyren: They’re our team; and whether you like that or not doesn’t change the fact. Look, I understand where you’re coming from, I do, and your care for our people is what makes you a good NCO. ::She leaned in closer.:: Tyren: But here’s the thing - they won’t miss me if something bad happens over there…and if something bad does happen over there I need you overhere watching our backs. Is that understood, Master Sergeant Reichart? ::The sergeant held her gaze for what felt like an eternity.:: Reichart: Yes, Ma’am. Tyren: Good. ((Timeskip - Five minutes later - Deck Twelve, Transporter Room One, USS Constitution-) ::Udas was already at the transporter when her team arrived.:: Tyren: Commander, allow me to introduce Gunnery Sergeant Tau, Corporal Fisher and Private McPhail here to provide extra protection as well as medical support. ::She saw Li arrive and gave her a nod while she went over last second checks with her marines. Tel-ar close behind.:: Udas: Well, there isn't any time to waste, I'd say. Chief, lock onto the corridor just outside the Edison's Engine Room. Energize when ready. Tyren: oO Here we go then, Ceri, this is the job you applied for… Oo Mongiello: Energizing. ::The world glimmered as the transporter activated, sending them across into the unknown of the USS Thomas Edison.:: ---Second Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren, SFMC Marine Officer USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B
  14. (( Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Constitution )) :: While Shel was recovering from the light headedness and lack of oxygen, the woman who was his sister from the future entered his ready room. The thought was strange, having another sister, well the same one actually but from a different time. She had come in to check on him and to collect his work and get him to his quarters where he could get some rest after the day they had. :: :: Once they got to his quarters, she went about working on some food for them. He had thought her cooking skills were lacking, as he was more the chef in the family, but when she presented the meal to him, he happily ate with no main complaints. When they were done eating, they sat there and stared at each other in silence, not sure what to say to one another. Her coming back from a different future wasn't something he wanted to worry about at the moment. :: Faranster: Thank you for the meal, Selene. Faranfey: It's awkward hearing that name come out of your mouth now that you know. Faranster: It's the name you decided to take up. :: He stood and went to the drink cupboard, pulling out a bottle of oachi and a bottle of juice, before collecting two glasses and carefully mixing the two. Looking at Selene he made hers stronger than she normally liked them, suspecting that was also different about her. :: Faranfey: Out of necessity, I suppose. :: She took the glass and didn't utter a word to protest the potency of her drink. :: I needed something that was mine. Faranster: Makes sense, but now you have to live with it... That means answering to it, to everyone. :: The look in her eyes indicated that while she understood that's the way things were, but she didn't really like it. :: Faranfey: I know. But, even though my name is different, I am still your sister. :: She had to state that fact, it was a bit of reassurance for her, cementing the bond between them. Even if she had to accept her life wasn't what it once was, she would still try to make sure he accepted her as his sister. :: Faranster: That's true, but we still need to get to know one another. You have lived a life different than the Sun I know, for 23 years. It's going to take some time to get used to this. :: Shel leaned back on the sofa as he finished draining his drink. He was used to being the older one, and now here his sister was sitting before him, eighteen years his senior. Although she didn't look much older than him at all, as their genes slowed the appearance of their aging. :: Faranster: Were you planning on telling anyone else? :: When she indicated she didn't, with a gentle shake, he wondered. :: Why? Faranfey: Because it's not my life anymore, I don't want people to have to choose between us. :: She was partially afraid that if people had to choose, they would choose the Sun that belonged here. Sun wasn't as fun as she used to be, she didn't want to smile and be friendly all the time. Sun of this time would want the terrorists that held her brother hostage, in jail. She however wanted them in the morgue, and she wasn't sure how many people would understand this. :: Faranfey: Besides, there are too many questions that I can't answer. Faranster: You do realize, they don't have to choose between you. :: But something about the look in her eyes when he said that, made him wonder who she was worried about having to choose. :: Unless it's someone specifically you are worried about. :: She stood and looked at him, it wasn't a conversation she wanted to have. The man that she had married, died years ago, the Admiral Jaxx of this time belonged to the Sundassa of this time, and that was all there was to it. Other people knowing, would make it more likely that her younger self would know about her existence, and her pain. :: Faranfey: I think I am going to go, I'm a bit tired Shel. :: She paused, letting their eyes lock, by now he had to know he hit a touchy subject. :: I'm glad you are back safely. :: Shel pushed himself to his feet, glad that he was feeling better, so he didn't feel dizzy when he rose the few feet quickly. The look of pain on her face, reminded him of her old self and how she hurt when he told her about Marseen. But he could tell she was stronger now, because the pain had to be different than it had been then. Marseen wasn't the right one for her, and now she was suffering because there were two of her to claim the one that was. Was that what drove her back here? When they could have more time, he wanted to have that conversation. But for now, he crossed the distance and hugged his little, but older, sister. :: Faranster: If you won't tell anyone else, consider telling mom and dad, okay? They won't need to choose between the two of you, and they will love you just as much as they love the rest of us, you know that. :: Her arms wrapped around him, her head on his shoulder. It was the first hug she got since she arrived in this timeline. There was a familiar warmth to it, one that she couldn't argue didn't belong to her. He was her brother, just the way she remembered him, and he cared about her whether she was the thirty year old lilac haired woman, or the fifty three year old brunette before him. :: Faranfey: Thank you, Shel. I'll see you in the morning. :: Her mind turned to work for a moment. :: Oh... I forgot to mention, that little imp you have in charge of the Black Hole, keep an eye on him. :: She pulled back, kissed her brother on the cheek and broke the hug completely before heading for the door, leaving Shel to wonder what was going on with the Ferengi named Zogi. :: :: After she left, he looked up information on the Ferengi to find out the man had been thrown in the brig for computer tampering during code red emergency. He was going to be cooling his heels for two days, so Shel had time to go down there and deal with it, after he had a moment to think about how he was going to. For tonight, he was going to go to sleep. :: PNPC Lieutenant Selene Faranfey Medical Officer also Simmed by: Commander Shelther FaransterCommanding Officer USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B
  15. ((Earth, Los Angeles)) ::Sivah beamed down to the surface from the Starbase in orbit. She headed back to Earth as soon as she could in order to be at Angelica's graduation. She barely made it back in time. She had beamed down into the quad at UCLA campus where Angelica had transferred to in order to complete her degree after leaving Starfleet Academy. She glanced around and was overwhelmed by a tackling embrace by her beloved.:: Angelica: SIVAH!!! ::Sivah couldn't get a word in edgewise as Angelica was kissing her all over and holding onto her tightly. Sivah resorted to simply hanging on and letting her emotional spouse pour out her affections.:: Angelica: I have missed you so much!! Tell me, what happened? Are you okay? What's your ship like? Is the captain nice? How was your mission? Sivah: ::raising her hands some:: Easy, my love. I have missed you as well. The ship's crew was under the influence of something that caused delusions. Yes, I am okay. No, I didn't get a good look of the ship, but I assume the specs are typical of other galaxy class vessels. The captain seems polite and agreeable. Finally, the mission has ended, to which I am thankful. ::Angelica giggled as she took Sivah's hand and they walked across the campus to where the ceremony would be taking place. They walked closely together with Angelica's head on Sivah's shoulder. Sivah allowed the emotional display, knowing how lonely Angelica had probably been without her around. They made for a strange pair: a stoic female Vulcan introvert married to an emotional female human extrovert. More opposite people could not have come together if you tried. As illogical of a union as this was, Sivah would not trade it for anything in the universe.:: ((Timewarp: Later that day)) ::The ceremony went well, and the after party was more than Sivah could tolerate, but she endured it for Angelica. Angelica kept introducing her to everyone. Afterwards, they headed back to their apartment. Sivah was busy packing the last of hers and Angelica's things. She had her uniform laid out for the next morning. Everything would be efficient and ready for tomorrow's early return to the ship.:: ::As she was neatly and meticulously folding some of Angelica's clothes, she felt the warm soft hands and gentle embrace of her lover's arms come around her. She hid a smile as she felt Angelica softly kiss the back of her neck. Sivah continued her folding as she let Angelica tease. Like all couples, they have their little games. Angelica would get playful while Sivah acted busy. When the time was right, Sivah would turn the tables.:: ::Sivah gently laid the meticulously folded blouse into place, and spun around with a Vulcan's grace and precision as she picked up Angelica and flung her onto the nearby bed. Angelica squealed in excitement as she landed and was soon joined by her Vulcan lover. They shared a soft kiss before a command was given by Sivah to dim the lights. Suddenly the bedroom faded into darkness.:: -tbc-
  16. I actually use Jarte, it's a word processor, however any pasted text loses it's previous formatting automatically, it's the line breaks in some sims that kill me... like in the middle of a paragraph it will do this, and then continue to the next line. And I have to go through and delete those line breaks.
  17. (( Sick Bay, USS Apollo - A )) :: Jalana leaned back in the seat in her office. She was catching up with paperwork that had piled up while she had served as First Officer. While the EMH had been in charge of Sick Bay, she still wanted to know what had happened, not to forget messages from the outside that had come in and news in the medical field. But after such a long time reading she had to rest her eyes and raised her hands to rub over them and massaging her temples. :: :: For a moment the Trill closed her eyes. She still had not heard from Viktor and was getting really worried, wondering what kept him. She really needed to keep her mind busy so they would stop wandering to the worst case scenarios her brain tortured her with. Sighing she opened her eyes and looked at her screen. Nyals. The message he had sent her was highlighted on her screen, so she would remember that she needed to answer him. :: :: Shaking her head Jalana raised her hand to tap her badge. :: Laxyn: .oO Let’s get this over with Oo. =/\= Laxyn to Nyals. =/\= :: After he and Sherana planted his Rub'ratya Aristo, Nyals went to gym near his quarters on deck 4 to stretch. He checked the size of Gymnasium and figured there cannot be so many people using it. Nyals replicated both German and Cyr Wheels and after he changed into Leotard and stirrup pants, he started assembling them. Just when he was done with a puzzle of German Wheel and moved to assembling Cyr wheel, his commbadge whistled. Nyals got up from the floor and moved to answer. :: Nyals: =/\= Ensign Nyals, how can I be of assistance. =/\= :: He responded in calm even voice, though he was pretty annoyed by the call in time he wanted to play. :: :: A little piece of her had hoped that he was not on board, but she was not that lucky. So she really had to go through with that. She hoped deeply that he did not want to talk with her about this stupid incident. :: Laxyn: =/\= You sent me a message about wishing to talk with me. I would have time now. =/\= Nyals: =/\= Now, as right now, Sir? =/\= Laxyn: =/\= Yes, now. Of course if you don’t have time… =/\= .oO Don’t have time, don’t have time Oo. Nyals: =/\= No, I just planned to exercise I absolutely do have time. =/\= :: He hoped she need him for just a moment and he will be able to return to his workouts soon. Nyals did not exercise since he left Academy almost a month ago and he knew it would bear badly on his performance. He was a gymnast and was supposed to exercise regularly. :: Laxyn: .oO Darn Oo. =/\= Good, then meet me in my office in Sick Bay =/\= Nyals: =/\= On my way, Sir. Nyals out. =/\= :: The line closed and Jalana sighed as she dropped against the backrest of her chair. No turning back now. .oO Really, stop behaving like a child. You are a grown woman and are able to talk to other people. Get it together, woman. Oo. Sadly the mental finger wag did not work all too well and she raised from her chair and stepped to the replicator. :: Laxyn: Jestral Tea, hot. Slightly sweetened. :: The blue light began to form and soon embraced a cup of steaming tea. The scent of it floated into her nose and she sighed relishing it. Her father had introduced her to the tea from Betazed and since then she always drank it to calm her nerves. She took the cup and raised it to her lips for a sip and the warmth began to fill her. :: :: Nyals attached a commbadge to his chest and moved to the nearest turbolift. He was happy how good he was in going into right direction on the parts of the decks he knew, like the deck 4 with his quarters and the deck 13 with his ward on the right from turbolift and Medical Bay on the left. He passed through the center of the main part of the bay and chimed at the CMO’s Office door. :: Nyals: Commander! :: Hearing the voice behind her she almost dropped the cup but caught herself just in time. To spill only a little of the tea over her shirt. She still did not wear her uniform as she was not officially on duty. Turning she looked at the giant of a man, who only was topped by Tal’s height if she wasn’t completely wrong. She offered him a slightly nervous smile, hoping it looked not as bad as it felt, then her eyes dropped to what he was wearing and she raised one hand to her mouth, covering it, but not able to hide the snorting sound.:: Laxyn: Don’t tell me ::snickers:: that is all that is left :: chuckles:: after I ruined your robe. Nyals: What? No! :: He was so used to these clothes, Nyals never before felt wrong wearing it. Even during Academy, he was changing in his quarters and walking through the campus to Gym. :: Beg your pardon? :: Still very calm. :: oO Those spots are mesmerizing, especially those on her forehead. Oo :: She had to put the cup to the side and out of her hands because she could not hold it back any longer and began to laugh. She knew that this was probably a bad thing to do, but he looked too funny in this leotard and those leggings. Usually she was not one to judge anyone by what they were wearing but she could not help but laugh and laugh. Pressing her hand on her belly she tried to stop it, covering her mouth to press it back but nothing helped. Her face was tomato red by now as she tried to speak. :: Laxyn: I hahaha am soohohoho sohohohohorry. :: Nyals looked down. He was aware how ridiculous his clothes must look here in the sickbay. He was feeling… insulted? Nyals was breathing deeply as he taught Williams to do. :: Nyals: You do not look sorry, you seem pretty amused, SIR. :: It was not so loud as it was firm. Nyals was trying to reach his inner calm, but even when he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate it was impossible to get rid of a picture of Doctor holding her belly laughing… laughing at him. If he was naked, he would be just naked. From her reaction, this was worse. :: Laxyn: ::chuckling:: What do you want me to do? Cry? ::She cleared her throat, trying to focus on not laughing but it was not easy. The whole stress she had been through for months, ever since looking up that rifle on Izar, seemed to become cracks, just in the worst moment.:: So… what is that get up for? Nyals: I am a gymnast; I was getting ready for exercise when you called me. :: He coughed preparing to continue. :: Gymnastics is good for whole body; developing strength, balance and flexibility. It helps developing healthy lifestyle and prevents numerous health ailments. ::sigh:: It should also raise the self-esteem, though sometimes may drop IT, too. oO I am not a clown. However, from her reaction it looks like I am. Oo Laxyn: ::Her laughter had stopped by now and she listened fascinated.:: Really, a Gymnast? I always thought that those are small. Nyals: I was Academy champion in Cyr Wheel. :: He pouted looking up to avoid her gaze. :: I am equally good in German Wheel, but there were better than me in that discipline. Laxyn: That is quite impressive. I mean that. Nyals: You sounded as it is emergency, Sir. :: He finally nailed that light in his chest and started to calm crazy beating of his heart. :: I regard my job seriously, Sir. Laxyn: I could say the same. You sent the note that you wanted to speak with me. So.. ::She gestured towards the seat in front of the table. :: .. what can I do for you? Nyals: I wanted to talk to you, to see what makes you tick and how you think. You are my direct superior and we are going to work closely together. :: He had to stop and breathe deep again few times before he could proceed. :: We obviously did not start well; I thought talking might change that. :: He stood straight and rigid, still looking up and avoiding her gaze. :: :: She took the saucer with her teacup and headed to the desk, noticing that he had not looked at her, so he hadn’t seen the gesture. Placing the tea on the desk she sat down in her seat and leaned back. :: Laxyn: Please, sit down. I wouldn’t want to get a stiff neck. ::smiling:: Nyals: Yes Sir. ::He sat as ordered. :: Laxyn: ::Watching him, though avoiding his eyes and thought about his request. And he was right, that they really did have a weird start, one she would want to forget about, even though she had not been responsible for how she reacted to that gas.:: Well the first thing you should know about me is that I am not very formal, despite my rank and position. Nyals: Yes Sir. oO Can you see me, really see me, Lieutenant Commander? No woman ever touched me the way you did in the turbolift. She is engaged, I must not think like that. I cannot tell her what I feel... how I feel. Oo Laxyn: That means I prefer to be simply called Jalana, especially in Sick Bay but also generally. We are colleagues at first, the rank is just some extra metal. That whole ‘Sir’ thing makes me feel incredibly old. Nyals: Yes… :: Cringe :: Jalana. Ma’am, I wanted to ask you, how old are you. :: Nyals cringed again, but it was impossible to retract the words. :: Laxyn: ::smiling:: If you are relating to Trills being ‘older’ than they look… No, I am not joined at this point, so I am the age you see in front of you, 30 Earth years. Nyals: Do you plan to join? Do you have a wish? oO Am I too direct, will she notice? Oo Laxyn: Yes, I have a remote Mentor. She was on the Apollo before, but got transferred, we keep in touch though and continue the mentorship until the commission is satisfied with her reports. Nyals: It is good to know. Laxyn: Well, what is it you want to know, Nyals? Nyals: You are joking a lot. :: He was badly out of tact, but she was making him nervous. :: :: The Trill tilted her head slightly and couldn’t help but smirk. He was direct and blunt, she did not mind at all. :: Laxyn: I take my job serious, while I am not by the book. I know when to be sober, well as we just have seen not always but mostly, but I like to take everything with a good portion of humour. Anything else? Nyals: Are you in a hurry? oO I cannot lie. I must tell her. Oo Laxyn: No, why are you asking? Nyals: You are trying to end this conversation and it is making me nervous. oO Because I do not want to talk, but feel good close to you, cannot you notice that? I am intoxicated with her, what is wrong with me? Oo Laxyn: I’m not trying that.. Nyals: “Anything else?” as the end of the sentence or response sounds same as “dismissed”. Laxyn: Then you are mishearing. I merely asked if you want to know anything else, nothing else. :: He seemed to be satisfied with the answer, because he went right on in the conversation. :: Nyals: Let us talk about serious things first? I have a few questions about the reports. :: He paused. :: Do you believe that as counselor I have a right to keep some information out of the reports? oO Those spots at the edge of her hairline are so kissable. I want to kiss her there. Oo :: She blinked slightly, placing her hands in each other as she curiously looked at the man before her. :: Laxyn: What do you mean? Nyals: Do you expect me to report everything to you or maybe you prefer to do not know? Sometimes Officers tell counselor things that may be very personal and told to explain some reaction, but may be understood wrong if were taken out of context of the whole picture. Do I have to include it all in my reports? oO Like my juvenile record... Oo Laxyn: You are the Counselor. I am not reading your counseling files and I will read a report only if you mark it as having importance to my job. Some CMOs might do that, but I believe in the confidence between Doctor and patient.. that also goes for Counselor and their clients. I do suggest to file in your report as detailed as possible without breaking that confidentiality unless it is important that the Leadership has to know. For example if it influences their ability to do their duty or are a danger to the ship, that is something at least the CO would have to know. :: He went right on to the next question and she wondered if he was just nervous or trying to get a feel for what was okay. Since he was new, she thought that both could be a factor in that. :: Nyals: Since my job is round the clock. It is not something I will never change. If anyone needs me I am available. Do you expect me to be in my office at some exact times or it is fine with you that I am commbadge away at all times? :: Jalana was pretty surprised about that question. She never had a Counselor ask her these things so she was caught a little off guard. He possibly just wanted to make sure that he did not step on her toes or something like that, since it was his first position as Counselor and he was new to the whole process.:: Laxyn: You do your job the way it works for you. Nyals: I understand that crew evaluations must be done seriously, with some ugly questions. I will always perform them in my office. :: He sighed. :: Do you expect me to perform all Counseling sessions in my office or other parts of the ward? Laxyn: Your position is not confined to your office, just as mine is not confined to Sick Bay. If someone needs my help they need the help, same goes for you. Nyals: Do you accept meditation and hypnosis as acceptable counseling techniques? :: His lack of reaction to her answers and jumping from question to question amused her but she tried to keep that to herself, so he would not think that she would laugh at him - again. But it reminded her so much of herself when she had just come aboard the Apollo. She had been thrown right into action because the CMO back then had been on an away mission, but after Sidney had been back Jalana could almost not stop asking questions. She smiled gently and leaned forward. :: Laxyn: Nyals. You are the counselor, not me. I might be the Chief Medical Officer but I will not interfere into your job or tell you how to do it. Nyals: I must thank you for your understanding, Sir. oO I must ask her. I should tell her. Oo This is personal question, but do mind that I will ask it officially sooner or later, but right now you don’t have to answer it. I have heard that you are engaged with a member of the crew who is often leaving on the missions for Starfleet Intelligence. How do you cope with it? :: After being all business she had not expected that question. Especially now that she actually wanted to not think about Viktor still not being back. She looked down to her engagement ring, took a breath and shook her head a little. :: Laxyn: Viktor has not left for Intelligence once since we are together. The only time he had to leave was for personal reasons. There is not much to cope but missing him, thankfully there are subspace messages and such. Nyals: Do you have children or any other dependent? Do you plan to bring anyone aboard now that we have ship with civilian contingent? Laxyn: ::Laughing slightly:: No. I do not have children or anyone else that would depend on me apart from my patients. And we already had civilians before on the Apollo. ::She thought about what she had just said and added with another shake of her head.:: But of course you cannot know that since you have never been on it. Nyals: Thank you, I truly appreciate your answers. Do you have questions for me, S..:: cough :: Jalana? Laxyn: Since you know these things about me now… do you have family? Like a girlfriend, wife.. boyfriend, husband? Nyals: No family, but I have a dependent. Laxyn: And will they join us here? Nyals: I hope I will be allowed to bring somebody aboard. Laxyn: ::raising her brows:: Oh really? So, who is it? Nyals: Dosea Hosie. We lived in same orphanage… she is like a sister to me. Laxyn: So you are close with her? ::She had not seen him show much expression of emotion since he was on board so it made her smile to think that he might have this other side they had not seen yet. :: Nyals: oO Am I imagining this? Was that question sounding a bit jealous? It is just my wish. Oo I have not seen her for several years before meeting her on the party at the Academy campus. :: He cringed thinking of the day. :: She was drunk, drugged and was looking for customers. Yes, “that” meaning of customers. :: Jalana had of course heard enough and was old enough to know what he was talking about and she could imagine that it was not easy for him to see someone in that position that was like a sister to him. She decided to not ask more about her, at least not for now. :: Laxyn: Well I do hope I’ll get to meet her. ::Leaning back again.:: Tell me about P’Jem, please. You mentioned it during Dial’s party. Nyals: Well. :: He was not sure how much he was ready to tell her. :: I had trouble adapting to life in orphanage. Master Fabol knew me from before; when he offered to take me to P’Jem, government officials decided it is best for everyone. Laxyn: I am curious what would bring you to live that big part of your life there and how this experience has been for you. Nyals: At the start it was hard. :: Hard was understatement, but Nyals was ashamed of that time and did not want to talk about it. :: With time, I got used to order. :: Jalana watched the man before her and had the feeling that there was something he did not want to say. She was tempted to ask about it, but on the other hand it was not her business. Maybe he would tell her one day when they knew each other better after some time to work together, but right now she was almost a stranger to him, so she understood. There were things she did not talk about either. :: Laxyn: You mentioned that this Master Fabol knew you from before. Before the orphanage? Nyals: My… well mother probably, left me at the door of the Fana Monastery in the woods of the northern Dalar. Master Fabol was visiting the monastery often. I lived there until I was old enough for school. They were not suited to raise a child and I was like a wild animal. :: Now that was interesting. A wild animal? Jalana could hardly imagine him as such and was curious about what that actually meant. But he seemed uncomfortable talking about all this. .oO Maybe later, when we know each other better Oo. Again she left the topic and steered towards a question that sounded safer for Nyals. :: Laxyn: P’Jem is Vulcan if I’m not all wrong about it. Does that mean you follow the Vulcan philosophy? Nyals: My emotions were tamed; I mastered emotion suppression techniques needed to control my body and mind. oO Though it may fail sometimes. That is it, sensory failure. When she touched me, she caused disbalance. It caused my unusual body reactions when I am near her and that is why I have a need to stay close. I enjoy emotions I did not feel before. Oo Laxyn: Is that difficult? From your file I saw that you are Betazoid, that is quite .. different from Vulcan. Or didn’t you have much background in your Betazoid roots before going there? Nyals: It was… I did not… :: He was on a slippery ground. :: I remember my life in the woods. I remember Fana Priests fighting and me learning to follow them. I remember arrival to the city and the walls surrounding me, which were choking. I remember running away from it, but I could not escape. My first travel in the ship was shocking experience... :: He suddenly stopped talking. All the memories, together with her presence were too much. Sensory overload made him holding to the chair so tight his fingers hurt. However, his face kept calm as the night. :: :: Her eyes dropped to his hands, seeing his knuckles turn white and she knew that his face was only a facade. She apparently did hit a bad spot there and looked up to his eyes again and softened her voice. :: Laxyn: I apologize if that is too personal, I do not wish to intrude in your privacy. Nyals: Commander. :: He practically whispered it. :: It is too late. :: He opened to her as he never opened to anyone and while he wanted it, it scared him. Nyals was confused, he felt so much at the same time he could not control it. He knew his control was failing him. :: Laxyn: ::She was not sure what he was referring to and quietly asked:: Too late for what, Nyals? Nyals: There is no easy way to say that. There is no proper way to say it either. Just straight to the point. Laxyn: ::Her confusion only grew. It seemed like he was in his own little bubble that she did not have access too. She resisted the urge to furrow her brows. :: Say what? Nyals: I have a crush on you. :: He watched her with eyes wide... scared. He was scared from the words he just uttered. :: :: That she had not expected and her eyes grew almost as wide as his. Did she hear him correctly? Did he say a crush? Her mouth opened but what was she going to say? Thank you? Oh? Why?... No, nothing came out, she just looked at him, not even able to whisper a word in her surprise. :: Nyals: No woman ever touched me the way you did. It caused sensory failure and when you are close I cannot concentrate and my heart is beating fast and… :: Nyals jumped from the chair and vanished from her office and from sickbay before she could even inhale to say something. :: :: Jalana was stunned and speechless. Her mouth remained empty of words as he suddenly jumped up like stung by a bee and literally ran out of Sick Bay, followed only by her eyes. What had he said? Sensory failure.. was that what had happened when she had been under the influence of the gas? They would have to work together! It took her several moments before she finally found her voice and only one word left mirroring her confusion and surprise. :: Laxyn: What? :: Nyals was running through the ship. It was late evening and good for him was that only few engineers from the yards were still working on the ship. He entered the opened shaft to Jefferies tube and crawled through it until reached junction, then chose the way up and then crawled and climbed, until he reached Deck 4. After some walk, he reached gym where he left his wheels and when assembled both he exercised and exercised. Nyals knew he could not continue when he grips the wheel so lousy it twisted his hand until he felt a crack of the ruptured ligaments. Nyals did not care. Pain was familiar feeling, one he could control. :: --- Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer USS Apollo-A & Ensign Nyals Counselor USS Apollo-A
  18. (( Quarters Laxyn/Lanius )) :: As good as it was for Jalana to distract herself with work, talking with Dr. Mike and Nyals and exploring the new Sick Bay, at some point she had to return into her quarters and that point had come sooner than she had expected. Upon return she had hoped to find him in their quarters, waiting for her with an explanation why she had not seen him for a few days, but all that greeted her was quiet emptiness and that has it been ever since. :: :: The night had been short and empty and her morning walk had not helped to calm her down. With a sigh she kicked off her shoes and dropped on the couch, turning slightly to look out of the window, seeing metal bars that held the ship in position and behind it Station 1. Maybe she should get over there and try to keep her mind off things. But instead she wanted to stay here, wait, wishing that the doors opened any moment and he would stand there with his [...]y smile and tell her that he just had a few too much to drink with his buddies and got carried away. Or anything that would make sense really. What was going on? :: :: Sun wanted to wait until they had enough information regarding what was going on with Viktor before talking to Jalana. While she didn't have all the details, and she wasn't sure if she would ever have all the information, she knew that if Jaxx disappeared like this, she wouldn't be able to handle it. So the longer she waited to tell her friend what she knew, the more pain her friend was going to go through. There was a different kind of pain that came with not knowing, than with knowing. :: :: Straightening her uniform, she walked towards the quarters that were assigned to her friend, the quarters that she was sure Jalana thought Viktor would be sharing with her. Taking a deep breath, she rung the bell. :: :: When the ringer of the bell went off she literally jumped off the couch and crossed the living room with running steps. That must be him, he had not been on board yet so maybe the computer did not recognize him as inhabitant yet. She almost banged into the door, if it were not for her slithering over the ground on her bare feet. With a bang of her hand, that was still in motion, on the opener next to the door the wings of it swooshed open and Jalana's heart dropped. :: Laxyn: Oh. :: Sun could only imagine who her friend was expecting when the door opened, maybe she was thinking that the computer wasn't programmed to recognize Viktor. But, she didn't take the tone of the word personally, or least she tried not to. :: Faranster: Hmmm... Not exactly the friendliest greeting I've gotten... Laxyn: What? No.. sorry. Come in. :: Sun stepped forward over the threshold as she spoke. :: Faranster: I probably should have contacted you first, I feel like I disappointed you. Laxyn: I thought it's Viktor. Do you want something to drink? :: Sun looked around the room, she knew Jalana was waiting for Viktor, it would have been what Sun had done. But the words, made it harder for her eyes to meet Jalana's. She was delivering almost the worst news possible, and the possible reactions Jalana could have. For the moment she focused on the offer of a drink. :: .oO That's right Sun, take this visit one step at a time. Oo. Faranster: Sure, a glass of water would be fine. :: The Trill walked up to the replicator and got their glasses of water, before walking to the seating corner and put both down. :: Laxyn: Please, sit. How was your shore leave? Did you and Jaxx have a nice time? :: After carefully picking out her seat, Sun sat, and picked up the glass of water, taking a sip.. She was glad that she had decided to wear the ring Jaxx gave her, on a chain, under her uniform. Not that she wanted to hide the news from her friend, but now wouldn't have been the proper time to discuss it. Right now, she was here for Jalana, so she needed to try to steer the conversation that direction. :: Faranster: It feels short, but I enjoyed my time. I did have to share my time with him, with his new duties... :: Jalana had leaned back, just to change her position again placing her arms on her knees, holding her glass, before sitting back again, pulling up her feet and took a sip. She then looked at her friend in surprise. :: Laxyn: New duties? Don't tell me he is leaving. Faranster: Rear Admiral... Apparently that's what got us all on this beautiful ship. Laxyn: Oh! That is great news. I'll need to congratulate him. You mentioned new duties, so I take it that some things change. Faranster: It requires more work, but I've been spending some time showing Shel Earth and the ship, when Jaxx is busy and I am not. Laxyn: ::smiling slightly:: It is nice that you got to spend time with your brother. I am sure he appreciated it. :: Jalana wished she could have spent her time with someone too, but of course that someone just did not show up when he was supposed to, and her family would have not been too happy to see her on their doorstep. Or so she assumed. :: :: Sun realized she was doing a lousy job of directing the conversation towards Viktor. Perhaps it was not wanting to break her friend's heart. But she needed to get to what she came to do. Why did the jerk have to go and get arrested? Surely he knew that when they headed back to Earth, there was a chance they would catch up to him, given his crime. :: Faranster: .oO I wish I was direct like my brother sometimes... Oo. :: She put down her glass of water and looked at her friend. :: I am sorry I didn't visit with you sooner. Laxyn: It's okay, you were busy with Jaxx and Shelter. Faranster: I can tell by the way you answered the door, that something is wrong. .oO And I am not sure if I am going to make it better. Oo. Laxyn: :: Jalana sighed and dropped against the backrest of the couch.:: That obvious huh? Faranster: :: Nodding. :: Just a bit. I don't think that's quite the way you mean to greet a friend, or least I hope not. :: She let out a half hearted laugh. :: Laxyn: When Viktor and I left the Aegis we arranged to meet in our quarters here just a bit later. That has been days ago. I am going crazy worrying that something might have happened to him. Especially now that we are going to leave again.. ::looking up to Sun:: We cannot just leave without him. :: Her friend was as worried as Sun had suspected, of course Sun would have been surprised if Jalana wasn't worried. Part of her wanted to reach forward and give her a hug now, the other part told her that she needed to deliver the news, and then do whatever her friend needed of her. :: Faranster: I'm really sorry...:: She pursed her lips, they weren't leaving without Viktor, because Viktor was no longer with them, but that wasn't the way her friend would see it. :: Laxyn: ::Looking up to her friend and watching her for a moment. She had the impression that her friend knew something she did not tell her.:: Sun.. if you know something you need to tell me. Faranster: Jalana, can you put your glass down for a moment? :: When Sun spoke her request she was confused but then put her glass down on the table, shoving away some padds and other little things she had put there before she would sort them into their rightful places and looked at Sun with an expecting expression in her eyes that were filled with worry. :: Faranster: :: Sun tried to figure out the words to say. :: There were some attacks on Earth while Viktor was there, before we were on the Aegis. Faelrun Lanius III, and some associates of his were murdered in a titranium mill that was later destroyed, and the doctor that was tending to Mary Anne McCollough Lanius was attacked. :: Sun looked at Jalana, watching her reaction, this was part of what led up to the news, but it wasn't it. :: :: Listening to the words her face went pale. She had been there not that long ago and met these people. Well she had only seen his father, but the meeting with him had not been too well, but that he was dead now.. she could not believe it. His mother has not been well and the hospital she had been in was not the best, but why would the doctor be attacked? :: Laxyn: We have to tell Viktor, he will want to know that. Faranster: There was one suspect, and the authorities tracked him down. Because of the line of work of the suspect, I had a hard time shaking loose enough details, which is why it took so long to come to you. :: She paused, giving Jalana a moment to process where she was going. :: :: She pulled her brows together trying to wrap around what Sundassa was saying. If anyone should know, it was Viktor. Maybe she had thought to find him here? :: Laxyn: Why to me? Faranster: Jalana, Viktor is their only suspect, he was arrested on Starbase 1. Shel saw the arrest, but didn't know who it was. I suppose I hoped he tried contacting you, or having his lawyer contact you, while I tried figuring out what was going on. But, by what Jaxx has told me, it's not looking good. Viktor has been cut loose from Starfleet... :: It was like a huge hole opened up beneath her seat and swallowed her whole. Viktor was the only suspect? That was .. no. He could not be. :: Laxyn: That is impossible. :: Sun took a deep breath, she knew her friend would have a hard time with this. Denial was to be expected. :: Faranster: I don't know... Laxyn: Sun! Viktor would not do something like that! :: Sun wanted to believe her friend, but what she was able to shake loose on the investigation didn't allow her. For some reason, she felt like the man was off a bit, when he came back. But she didn't spend much time interacting with him since. :: Faranster: Jalana, are you sure there wasn't anything strange about his behavior, anything that might make you think he was capable of this? :: Sun spoke quietly, trying to figure out a way to get Jalana to tell her why it was impossible, or least realize that it was possible. :: :: Jalana stood up from the couch and walked up to the window. She had noticed that Viktor had been different, off from his usual self. He had been more distant and did not talk much with her, he also had a lot of these things to do he did not keep her around for or did not talk about. But could he actually do something like that? Could he really kill his own father and attack a doctor? She thought back to the visit on Earth they had made together and the way he had acted against his father and the people occupying the farm. He had been so angry.... :: ((Flashback - Earth Ireland - About a year ago)) Lanius: Where's Faelrun? He has to be here somewhere... McCready: Aye :: in a thick irish accent :: But ya can't see em. Not until I say it's okay. Not until... Voice: Mac... that's enough... :: He recognized the voice almost instantly. He knew that hard as stone voice from back in the [...]les of his childhood. It was his father. :: :: This felt strange, not at all as Viktor had described his home to her in the past. He was definitely right when he thought, that something was wrong. She was not sure why this man did not want him to see his own father, when he was apparently around. Carefully Jalana placed her hand on the small of Vik's back, a gesture she did not even think about.:: :: Then the new voice joined, authority swung in it that made her want to stand attention. Supressing that urge she turned her head to the source of that voice and the first thing she noticed was that the man had this ridge on his forehead, just like Viktor had it. Knowing it was an Acamarian trait she had no doubt that this would be his father. And that surprised her, he did not appear like a smooth talker to her as Vik had mentioned earlier. And that was not the only thing that was off to her. :: Faelrun: Boy... :: cracking a smile :: You're home... :: He held his hands out to the sides, as if expecting a hug. :: Lanius: Father... :: There were no words on the tip of his tongue. He was dressed in fine clothing, a suit and tie or sorts. Vik had thought about it on the way down, that his father must've had something to do with all this in some way, but the way things were shaping up, the way he talked to those lackeys, the way he was dressed. This was no farming man, no honest, hard working man at all. He was a thug. A want-to-be mobster from an age that died long ago along with his pride and integrity. Viktor's anger began to turn into rage. He and he released Jal's hand, realizing that he could've hurt her with the tightening of his fist. His worst fears had come true. :: Lanius: I see you've got yourself a fine little establishment here. Doing well? :: His tone was almost crazy sounding, but soft. He didn't look up to him until the very end of his statement. He looked him square in the eyes. :: Faelrun: Oh boy... enough. This had to happen. I suppose you're talking about the farm? Lanius: Right... I'm sure you throwing away your culture, your livelihood... had to happen... Didn't it. :: His voice unchanging. :: Faelrun: You know me... you know I can't finance my way out of a paper bag boy... Tallke offered me a way out. A couple actually. He said I could pay back my debt by selling the farm. Or I could keep it and work for him. I just figured... Lanius: :: interrupting him :: Where's mother... Faelrun: You're Ma... she's... Lanius: Where... is... Mother? :: He looked up again, his voice squaring up with him. :: Faelrun: She's... in a home. It's all paid for! Tallke made sure of that... I just. :: His eyes flashed over for a moment. He couldn't even process what he had just heard. His mother was... in a home? He didn't even know what that meant. He really did know what it meant, but he just couldn't fathom that the shell of a man... of a beast that was standing in front of him, had done that. It took everything in him not to pull that phaser, point it straight at the man's head and press the button. His eyes narrowed... He was inches from losing his mind. :: Lanius: Where... :: voice still stern and low :: Faelrun: English quarter. Weatherly Place. Lanius: :: turning to Jal, :: Let's move. I've seen enough. :: The Trill was not quite sure what to make of all that. She did not know Faelrun, but she was quite sure that he was not the man that Viktor knew. Instead of the expected farmer's clothing he wore a suit and the way he talked.. somehow it sent chills down her spine. She nodded to Viktor and turned to head back to the shuttle.:: :: And just as he turned away, he heard the withered frail soul behind him speak. :: Faelrun: Oh, come on boy? No hug for dear ole dad? Lanius: :: he turned, keeping his hands near his sides. He moved within inches of the man's face, the goon guards coming in a bit closer, he leaned forward over the man's shoulder and whispered into his ear. :: You're dead to me... deader than your pride was when you sold out our name and our integrity. :: in Acamarian tongue :: Tu'lale Viocadre unt vio... :: He never spoke Acamarian... especially the words he had just spoken unto the man in front of him. :: :: Turning back to them when she heard the voices she saw Viktor getting right up into his father's face. She knew how angry he was, it was like a dark aura around his whole body, deep and flaring like a forest fire. She did not understand the last words, but she didn't have to. Before Vik could do anything he might regret later, even if he would not think so now, she stepped over to the men and placed her hand into his, reminding him that she was here with him, without looking at his father.:: Laxyn: ::Quietly:: Come. Let's see your mother. :: He could do little now but turn from him, and as he moved away he could feel a hand land on his forearm, trying to pull him back. He threw the arm away, heading for the shuttle. Jal needed no que to follow. He was dancing an awful ballet of anger, sadness and hatred at that moment as he walked towards the shuttle, the look of pure hate in his eyes... his long coat blew in the wind, with Jal at his side. It was raining now, the rain flowing off of his face. Faelrun stood at the entrance to his world, watching all that he had left of his family leave in an argo. He did little but turn and walk back into the compound. :: ((/Flashback)) :: The memory brought her a nagging thought she did not want to have. But the voice kept whispering .oO Yes, he could have done it. He hated his father. He hated that his mother had to be in such a situation. He he said that his father was dead to him. If you would not have been there who knows what he had done. Oo. A dark knot formed in her stomach, pulling her being together in its iron fist. Why... why did he do that? She could not bear that her conviction of him being innocent suddenly had changed into the doubtless thoughts that he had done the unthinkable.:: :: Moments passed, and Sun had been watching her friend from the seat, before standing and walking across the room. The quiet was disturbing, and she didn't have Jaxx's ability to sense her friend's emotions. Instead she had to rely on how she would feel in a similar situation and what she knew of her friend. :: Faranster: Jalana... Are you alright? :: Sun's voice pulled her out of her thoughts, but she kept staring out into the darkness of space, only interrupted by the metal of the claw holding the ship. She had to close her eyes when a wave of anger washed through her. How could he do that to her... to them? They had their whole life planned out, together as a family, even getting kids at some point and now he had gone and done something that stupid. So reckless without thinking about anything but his revenge. He had *killed* his father. Her hand clenched around the hem of her shirt, forcing herself to at least appear calm and whispered. :: Laxyn: I am fine. :: There was something about the way her friend was holding herself that told her something wasn't right. Adding the tone of voice when Jalana responded, Sun wasn't convinced. Sun stepped closer to Jalana, watching the fabric on her friend's sleeves move slightly as her fingers tightened on the skirt. :: Faranster: You don't seem alright, are you sure you are alright? :: It was not the words or the repeated question, but the whole pressure of the recent months, the worry, the stress and what Viktor had done crashed over her like a Tsunami, crushing her fragile being under it, making her want to fight, not only the wave but everything that had happened. Without really being able to control herself her arm slung itself backwards against Sundassa, hitting her in the attempt to push her away as her other arm got caught in the plant podest at the window which was then thrown through the room with her lashing out. :: :: Sun had started reaching out to her friend, when suddenly things changed. Whatever was going on in Jalana's mind, caused her to twist hitting Sun in her side, pushing her to the side. Quickly stepped backwards, tripping over her feet and falling on her butt, to avoid any further strikes, which luckily allowed her to not get hit by AFOs (angrily flung objects). :: Laxyn: ::screaming:: I SAID I AM FINE! Faranster: .oO You are not fine... Oo. Okay... :: The sudden jerk around twisted her leg in a way that she dropped down on her knees, shaking as she tried to contain the anger she felt raging in her veins, clenching her hands to fists on the rug that she began to drum on to let out her feelings. :: :: Standing, Sun watched her friend take out her rage, on the floor, she wished she had thought ahead to bring something to calm her friend. Sun was banking on her friendship, and realized that might not be enough with the way her friend reacted. Right now she was okay beating on the floor, but she wasn't sure how long Jalana would be okay with this, and wanted backup. :: Faranster: I'm just going to... :: She pressed her commbadge. :: =/\= Sundassa Faranster to Shelther Faranster, :: She lowered her voice as she stepped towards the door. :: I need something calming, at my current location... =/\= :: She didn't let him respond before closing the comms, and stepping back towards her friend. Hopefully he understood the cryptic message, as she had discussed the situation with him briefly. She might need a tranquilizer, but medkits didn't have them. When she got close, she sat down on the ground next to Jalana, just out of immediate reach. :: Faranster: Jalana... :: The Trill's fists hurt as they kept slamming against the rug on the floor, brushing over it with the coarse material, leaving reddish rashes on her skin. Her muscles grew tired but her anger had not subsided, just pushing her to continue as if the ground was the source of the endless pit of pain in her stomach. :: Jalana: NO... NO... NO... :: She kept repeating, with hoarse voice, that grew weak the more she said it. Her face reddened and wet of the tears that left her eyes. Tears of pain, of fury and loss. It hurt in a way she could have never described in words. :: .oO I can only imagine what you are going through... Oo. :: Part of her wanted to say the words, but she didn't know if they would actually provide what she needed. :: Faranster: Jalana, talk to me... Please? :: When the doors opened and her brother walked through, she felt relieved and stood to move over to him. He held up the hypospray and she nodded. Least he understood the message, and if he didn't, it was clear the way he looked at Jalana. Sun took the hypospray and held onto it as she watched Jalana. :: :: The usually sparkling green eyes were not twinkling as she looked around, searching, something to throw, to grab and tear apart.. anything. This hammering hurt her more than it helped her to deal with the pain. Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard the doors open, she had not locked them and a light came in from outside, a shadow casting over the room before the light vanished again with the swooshing sound of the closing door. :: Faranster: Jalana, don't be alarmed, Shel is here... :: Shel approached Jalana, from what Sun had said about Viktor the day before, she was going through something similar, but different than what Sun had. Of course when Marseen got arrested, it was a minor thing, and Sun put on a strong and brave face once she found out that Marseen didn't appear to be wanting to come back, but he knew everyone reacted differently and Sun's reaction had ended up with her on the other side of the Universe, or least it felt like it. The thing that needed to be done, was to get the woman to calm down. :: Shelther: Commander Laxyn, can I get you something? Laxyn: Get away from me! :: Shel ducked as he moved closer to the woman, trying to avoid any lashing out. He noticed Sun moving around the other side of Jalana. They both were taller, but he didn't think Sun would be much stronger than the angry red head. :: :: Sun had moved to the other side of Jalana, worried about her brother's safety, not sure how Jalana's anger would be directed. She realized that she didn't actually know what to have expected, she thought her friend would be upset, but for her, that was crying. Now, if Jalana had Tel-ar's strength, she'd be certain the ship would be destroyed. :: Faranster: Jalana, I'm not going anywhere. You're my best friend, I am here for you, whether you like it, or not. That's why I brought you the news. :: As Jalana had not found anything as a substitute and folded her body so her forehead touched the floor, her arms wrapped around her head as her body shook, washed over by the tornado of emotions.:: Laxyn: I want to be alone! :: With Sun trying to talk to Jalana, Shel moved into a position that he could grab the woman and hold her long enough for Sun to use the hypospray. Hopefully this would happen without getting hurt, but the woman was smaller than him, and he didn't know how flexible or determined she would be. :: :: The Trill did not see that they shuffled and moved around. Instead she felt that she had trouble keeping all those feelings at bay, they teased and laughed at her, threatened to burst out and take everything with them. Her fists dug into her hair, pulled at it but the pain did not help her to focus on that, too much tumult kept her in the whirlwind. And then the whirlwind packed her to pull her away from everything. :: :: No, that was not a whirlwind. These were hands, pulling her arms back and her body upwards. Her eyes jumped open, looking around like a hunted deer, seeing the tall man hovering over her, constraining her arms. Shelter! :: Laxyn: Let me go! LET ME GO! :: Her voice sounded foreign in its shriek, she did not even know why she was filled with such a panic as he grabbed her so tight, that she could not even wiggle out of it, no matter how much she tried. :: :: Sun watched Shel grab Jalana and wrap his arms around her from behind as she kicked and thrashed. This wasn't the way she wanted things to go, but least now she could give Jalana something to calm her down. She checked the vial to confirm it was Rexlin and then doubled programmed the proper dose to sedate Jalana. :: Faranster: Try to keep her from kicking me, Shel. :: Sun approached toward the side, and tried to dodge her friend's legs as she pressed the hypospray to Jalana's neck and administered the medicine. :: :: When she felt the cool metal and heard the hissing sound, Jalana's green gaze jumped in the other direction, looking at the bright lilac hair of her best friend before her body grew limb without her control and she had the urge to close her eyes. She tried to fight against it, but lost before her mind drifted into darkness. :: :: Once Jalana relaxed in his arms, Shel moved her to the sofa, unsure what his sister expected to do with the sleeping CMO. :: Shelther: Is here alright? Faranster: Yes. :: Sun said while nodding. :: You can go back to work, I'll stay with her for now, I now need to contact Nyals and Jaxx and tell them what happened. :: Sun sighed, looking at her friend, sleeping there peacefully, at least more peacefully than she seemed in a while. She heard the doors close and assumed her brother left. :: ----- Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A & Commander Sundassa "Bright Hair" Faranster First Officer USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A Also writing PNPC LtCmdr Shelther Faranster
  19. This happened while Shelther was trying to show Ar'jin how to interact with others during a party, they had approached Danara's husband and were asking if she was alright when she left suddenly.: :: He nodded, he wasn't sure if the woman had as hard a time socializing as Ar'jin or if the reason was legit, it probably didn't matter, he could catch her another time. But there was enough of a curiosity to ask. :: Shelther: I don't normally see her around much, mostly if we are both on the bridge at the same time. Does she get out? Ar'jin: oO We literally work on a spaceship flying around the universe. How the hell would she 'get out'? Oo
  20. I was going to say that's cute, but OMG that's detailed... down to the little uniforms in storage! And is that tribbles on Deck 3 storage?
  21. ((In a shuttle in space attacking a Borg cube)) :: Tal adjusted his flight path. As he had expected the Borg had not fired on him so their seemed to be little point in his continuing to tax the shuttles maneuvering systems when the enemy seemed to be ignoring him. :: :: Tal doubled checked the distance from him to the shield that was protecting the Borg cube. Soon… very soon in fact at the speed he was travelling so he reached over, tapped a couple controls and brought up the next song. Just hearing it brought back memories of that beach front tavern that Jason had always been dragging him to back at the Academy. After every beach volleyball game they would relax with a few drinks and enjoy the ancient music that the tavern was famous for. In all honesty it had been the only reason Tal had always joined Jason there afterwards. :: :: Good memories. Maybe his last if this stunt failed. He aimed the shuttle right at the center of the Borg shield, waited a few moments and then pressed the firing button for the shuttles phasor, holding it down as he felt a big smile appear on his face. Sometimes the universe did have a sense of humour he thought as he listened to the music. :: Music (Pat Benatar): =/\= Hit me with your best shot and fire away…… =/\= :: Tal held the firing button down, a continuous stream of energy leaping forward from the phasor emitter to strike the center of the massive Borg shield. Nothing happened! :: :: Time seemed to slow down as his shuttle continued to hurtle towards certain doom. As it did Tal had the absurd thought that in a few moments the 2 female Marine pilots would get a very graphic demonstration of just what happens when a bug hits a windshield. :: :: For a moment he almost pulled up, but he ignored the momentary twinge of illogical nerves. Even when the red light started to flash warning him that the phasor was about to malfunction. This had to work and if not then the USS Apollo was doomed. It had about as much chance of surviving an attack by 2 Borg cubes as it did of flying through the heart of a star. :: :: A loud annoying beeping sound started as the red light went from flashing to solid. The phasor beam fluttered in and out, then died as Tal glanced down at the console in front of him to see what the scanners were detecting. Borg shield was down to 9% but the power level was starting to climb back up as…. :: KER, BLOOWEY, CRASH, !!!!!!!!!!!! :: The shuttle slammed into the Borg shield doing warp 6, the Borg cube was traveling at warp 8.5. As expected the Borg shield won the match, but not by much. The shuttle broke through but the front half was totally destroyed, the metal compacted, twisted, smashed beyond repair. :: :: It’s speed was greatly reduced, a large portion of its left warp nacelle was gone, ripped off in the impact and it’s limited atmosphere was vented out into space from multiple holes, fractures and through the shattered forward viewport. :: :: What was left of the right nacelle was barely producing any propulsion and that was giving it the credit of the doubt. For the most part the shuttle just drifted towards the Borg cube, moving more and more towards the one side as it did so. :: :: Bells were ringing, weird flippant bells that were giving Tal a massive headache. He tried to open his eyes, something did not feel right. Where was he? :: :: Somehow Tal managed to force his left eye open, he was face down on what he thought was the floor, something tugged at his waist and left leg, slowly growing weaker as it did so. He pushed, feeling weak, his arms did not want to respond. It made no sense but he knew he had to move… why??? :: :: Forget why just do it he thought, pushing, feeling a massive wave of nausea sweep over him. One that had him puking in seconds. His head pounded, it was hard to think and for some reason the puke stayed floating in front of his face. :: :: He managed to roll onto his side, his vision blocked, blurred by the puke. Why was he wearing a helmet? He had to remember, it was important. He tried to shake his head to clear his mind but that only made it worse. He felt weightless, was he in space? :: :: He reached up to wipe his face, his hand stopped by the visor, visor? He was wearing a helmet. Why was he wearing a helmet? Nothing made any sense. He needed to see, he fumbled for the lock device at his neck, his hands clumsy, lacking control, feeling his way by memory more than anything else. :: :: He heard the click, the release and started to pull the helmet off. The puke, air, everything in the helmet was violently sucked out replaced by a cold so deep, so frigid that it instantly made his teeth chatter. It was like dunking his head in the arctic ocean, even the moisture in his eyes started to freeze. Without thinking he pulled the helmet back on, flipping the lock, wondering why he had been taking off his helmet in the first place. :: :: As the helmet refilled with oxygen his mind cleared enough for him to remember. He was in a shuttle; he had collided with the Borg shield. Somehow he had survived. Was he inside or outside of that shield? He had to find out and he had to do so now. As he thought about it he realized that he had to be inside the shield. At the angle he had been approaching if he had not been able to punch through the shield the entire shuttle would have been destroyed. As it was it must have been a close thing. :: :: Still he had to be inside the Borg shields and he still had a mission to complete so Tal tried twisting around until he was able to see that the shuttle was a complete write off. The [...]pit and all the controls were destroyed and there were numerous holes in what remained of the shuttles outer hull. His left leg partially lodged into one of the bigger holes. He was on the ceiling, rammed right up against the anti-matter warheads which were no longer so safely secured in place. :: :: Obviously the trigger mechanism was destroyed, so was the transporter. It was beginning to look like this whole mission was a complete bust, failure. :: :: He forced himself to sit up. Having to wriggle and squirm as he did so as he had very little space in which to move. It also revealed the fact that his suit had become damaged. Tal reached down to his waist, pulled off the repair kit, removed the small container and pressed it against the damaged section of the suit. It took about half of the sealant but he thought he had fixed the problem. :: :: He hoped so. Now that he was thinking better he needed to assess his chances. See if there was any way he could possibly salvage this mission. Problem was he could not see anything from where he was and what little he could see was destroyed and useless. He had to get outside the shuttle, see what he could see. :: :: Looking around he could see that there was no opening big enough for him to get out. He reached to his waist feeling for his phasor pistol but it was gone. A quick glance around showed that he had no idea where it was. :: :: Now what? He doubted that he had the strength to force an opening in the metal. Not the way he was feeling and he seriously doubted that he could have even if he had been in perfect shape. So how was he going to get out? :: :: Everywhere he looked he saw destruction, everything from the front half of the shuttle was completely destroyed. How he had survived was a puzzle. As far as he could figure the fact that he had removed the backrest from the pilot’s seat had probably saved his life. Other than that…. It was a mystery. However that did not solve his problem. :: :: A sudden wave of nausea washed over him and he had to fight to prevent vomiting again. His mind was not working right, fading in and out. He had to have some internal injuries. It was the only thing that made any sense. He closed his eyes, tried to relax, to slow his breathing, his pulse. :: :: After a few moments he opened his eyes. He still felt like crap but his mind was clearer. Hopefully that would help. It took a few moments for him to realize what he was looking at. There just in front of him was the buckled, shattered, destroyed side hatch, or at least what there was left of it. That was not what had caught his attention. What had were the activation controls for the emergency hatch release. Basically a set of tiny explosive charges designed to blow the hatch off in an emergency. :: :: He reached forward, groping for the activation switch with 2 fingers, reaching, pushing, wriggling his fingers trying to activate, to hit the button. :: BBBOOOMMMBBBBB!!!! :: A sudden explosion blew shrapnel in and out of the shuttle. It also created a massive jagged hole, one that he might be able to fit through if he got lucky. Unfortunately a glancing blow had damaged his visor. Now not only did it have puke residue it was cracked with a fine network tiny spider lines. :: :: Something else was wrong. He glanced down to see a large chunk of metal stickling out of his left leg. His blood was already starting to leak out and float off in tiny little bubbles. :: :: Tal grabbed the chunk of metal but forced himself to stop before he pulled it out. That was a sure fire way to bleed to death. He spotted the canister of repair sealant floating nearby. It looked damaged, probably in the explosion as it had been working perfectly just a while ago. :: :: Tal managed to reach it, pull it closer and inspect it. Pain was starting to flair our from his leg. He had to do this and do it now before he passed out so Tal yanked the metal out and activated the canister. Nothing happened, so he smashed the jagged piece of metal covered in his blood against the top of the device, again and again. Suddenly the top broke off and the contents started to come out under pressure. :: :: Tal stuffed the end into the rip in the suit and felt a hot flash of intense pain as the chemicals in the sealant, sealed off both the wound and the hole in the suit. In reflex to the pain he crushed the canister in his fist, forcing the last of the goo out onto his leg. :: :: Tal had to fight to get his breath back as the waves of pain threatened to wash over him, drowning him in a flood of agony and nerve shattering delirium. Slowly it passed but even before it had Tal started to move, to pull himself forward, swimming through the weightless interior of the craft until he had managed to wriggle out through the hole. :: :: Now he could see. He was close. The towering shape of the Borg cube took up almost all of his vision until he turned to look around. In the distance he could see the USS Apollo, still fighting but even from this distance he could see that it was badly damaged. :: :: This distance…. There should have been no way for him to see the USS Apollo. Not just by looking. They were getting closer. This cube was going to the aid of the other one. The Apollo must be winning. Now more than ever he had to trigger the anti-matter. There was no way the Apollo could survive the attack of the 2nd cube. :: :: Looking around Tal spotted the photon torpedo attached to the rear of the shuttle. It had not deployed as it should have, probably because the impact destroyed the controls before they could activate the release. It looked damaged but maybe it still worked. :: :: He forced himself to crawl over the exterior of the shuttle, hand by hand. As he did he could tell the cracks in his visor were getting worse. The residue from him puking was flowing across the interior of the visor to collect along the thin spider web of lines. He had to hurry. No telling how much longer he had and a quick glance up showed they were getting closer to the main battle. He could now see tiny bits of detail on the Apollo. He had to hurry. :: :: He reached out, his hand touching the exterior of the missile. Using it to pull himself closer, examining it as he did. It was damaged, scratched and dented but still seemed to be in one piece. That’s all he needed. :: :: Tal pushed, forcing it to move, feeling the pain ripple through him. He definitely had internal injuries. He was going to fail, the Borg were going to win, to assimilate him…… :: :: NEVER…. Rage ripped through him, the pain serving as fuel. He would die before letting those [...] parasites get their hands on him… He pushed, ignoring the pain, ignoring the weird sensations inside him, pushed with all he had, like his life depended on it. :: :: The torpedo shifted, altered its angle. Not as much as he wanted but enough that his idea should work. He had to rest for a moment, breathing deeply as black spots danced in front of his eyes. He was going to pass out. He could feel it. He fought it, desperate to stay conscious. His hands fumbling with the torpedo, snagging the damaged side panel, ripping it open so he could activate it. :: :: Nothing happened, the torpedo just lay there. The Borg would win after all. Tal glanced up to see the Apollo take a massive hit, one that seemed to do more damage than it could take but the edge of the Borg cube blocked out the details, preventing him from telling just how bad the damage was. :: :: In a fit of rage Tal kicked the torpedo, again and again. The sudden activation of its engines ripped him free from the outer hull of the shuttle as it started to pick up speed, being pushed haphazardly towards the center of the massive cube that towered over him. :: :: He had to get away. Now that his mission was completed he had to escape. He reached down, feeling for the controls for the propulsion unit. His fingers felt weird and the black spots were back, dancing a weird hula dance before his eyes. :: :: The controls had to be there. He could feel the propulsion unit still on his back so he kept fumbling at his waist. He could barely breathe. That didn’t make sense. He had a 4 hour supply. He must have lost more oxygen than he thought… that or he was losing some now. Who knew how many holes there were in his suit. :: :: Suddenly the Borg cube seemed to drift away from him. He must have hit the controls… it was nice out here… so peaceful…. The stars were fading… everything was fading… for some reason his mind drifted back to the music… he had… given the Borg his best shot………………………………………………. :: Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar Chief Operations Officer USS Apollo, NCC-71669 Director of the SDC
  22. Somehow I found this 'Frozen' Star Trek Parody while looking for 'Let it Go' parodies for my son who loves the music. Anyways, I thought I'd share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7h7Mfe8BDw
  23. I thought this was cute. ::Loleh looked confused at the screen and tried everything she could think of to get to her sensor data, but nothing worked. Shrugging she stepped out into the corridor and saw that many others were looking baffled. With a sigh, she returned to the lab and looked desperately at the screen.:: Rejock: ::to herself:: Why can't this ship ever have a completely normal day? ------------------------------ No... No it can not...
  24. (( Apollo Camp, Medical tent, Planet Eridea )) :: Standing next to Sundassa she looked down on her friend. Something did not make sense to her. She felt a little strange, so light and as if something was missing, but she could not say what. Sun was hovering over a patient, running scans with her tricorder as the communicator beeped. :: Jaxx: =/\= Jaxx to Commander Faranster. =/\= Faranster: =/\= Glad to hear your voice, it got quiet here. Jalana's out... =/\= Laxyn: WHAT?? .oO What is she talking about? Oo. I am right here? Will we need to make an eye exam?? :: But the lilac haired woman did not react to anything she said, actually her talking had been mingled with the voice of the Captain who had kept talking as if he had not heard her objections. What was going on here? :: Faranster: =/\= Hurry back. :: She paused, and added, :: and please be safe. =/\= Jaxx: =/\= Always. Jaxx out. =/\= Laxyn: What do you mean that I'm out? Sun! :: She tried to reach out and touch the shoulder of her friend but that hand went right through her. With wide green eyes she stared at her own hand and tried again but the result stayed the same. .oO That is impossible! Oo. :: Faranster: You hear that Jalana? They have it... Laxyn: .oO She talks with me! Oo. Yes! Yes I hear it... :: But there was no reaction to that either. As she stepped closer to Sun, she suddenly got up and swooshed right through Jalana's body. .oO What the...??!Oo. Gasping the Trill petted over her chest and arms where Sun had gone right through her when she saw it. Her own face, her own body, lying down on the bed on the floor. Her stomach sank and she suddenly felt very sick. :: Laxyn: ::Whispering:: No... No that can't be. Faranster: I'll go help them, Jalana, I'll be right back, don't get worst... Laxyn: By my spots... I don't think it can get much worse. :: It was a rather strange sensation seeing herself lying there without moving. A bit afraid of seeing the result she moved her gaze from the face down to the blanket covered chest. .oO Please.. please breath Oo. The chest moved, slightly, first she thought that it was an illusion caused by the blanket, but it happened again. A sigh of relief left her mouth, she felt like crying for the comforting discovery that she was not dead. :: Laxyn: At least not yet... ::She quickly shook her head:: No, don't even think that. Sun will manage! :: With that she turned, not able to look at her body any longer and walked out of the tent to follow Sun. She wanted to see what happened outside. She saw the new guy van der Weghe, she had helped in the mines and there was Frost and Williams. Triston joined them to help and she hated that she could not do anything but watch. Neither Williams nor Frost looked fresh as the morning anymore. :: Laxyn: Don't tell me they got poisoned too... :: She sighed, aware that nobody would hear her.:: :: Not able to do anything she followed back to the tent, watch Sun work, that she was supposed to do. But right now she was thankful that someone else could help with their medical knowledge. She would have hated to wake up and hear that someone died because she had gotten herself poisoned. When the mayor's monitor began to beep Jalana jumped right to her to help but fell through everything and found herself outside of the tent on the other side of the wall behind the major, with her bumm in the grass.:: Laxyn: Curses! This is annoying! :: Pulling herself back up she sighed. She was usually a pretty positive person but this wasn't really what she needed right now. She poked her head through the tent wall and watched that Sun used a neural paralyser on the mayor. .oO Good that I packed for the most cases I could come up with Oo. She hoped that Sun's plan worked to keep the mayor on delay with that tactic, that way the poison would not spread through her as fast which should keep her alive longer. :: :: Since she could not do anything inside or anywhere for that matter she walked around for a while, nervous about the passing time, but confident that Sun would do everything she could to help everyone. She did not know how much time passed but at some point she saw Andrus heading up in the direction of the camp. He was Betazoid? Maybe he could hear or at least feel her? She had no idea but had to try so she hurried in his direction.:: Laxyn: Andrus... Andrus can you hear me? :: He simply walked on, not paying her any mind. Sighing she followed. .oO What is this even? If I am not a ghost, why in all spots name am I even here like this? Oo. In no time they were up at the tent back with Sundassa and she slipped through the wall into the tent watching them both from the inside. They talked about the Antidote that he brought, thankfully. Of course in that vast pile of equipment she had packed they had everything the needed to replicate the antidote, they just needed to make sure that there would not be any re-infection with it. And of course Jaxx wanted her to get back to work once she was on her feet again. :: Laxyn: So much for getting some rest before going back to work. :: She smirked and shook her head. After this, rest was the last thing she wanted. Her gaze wandered down to her body and she really did not like that view. With a sigh she dropped down on the bed, or rather on the ground beneath, the bed half stuck through her ethereal body as she waited to be able to return into her own body. .oO Of course, what else would happen when I try to sit on the bed. That certainly won't be a new trend. Oo. ----- LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer USS Apollo Image Team Facilitator
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