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  1. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the awards another success this year, and to everyone who makes this community the place that it is. You can just feel the camaraderie... In fact I'd even go so far as to say that we're Killying it out there.
  2. Huge congratulations to all the duty post award winners! I think this is my favorite day of the awards presentations, because I get to see who's really innovating in their respective areas. One of the things I've seen as a member of the awards committee, and that I think about myself as a nominator, is how nominees for duty post awards really stand out in their department or division. The winners tend to be those that are doing things that I haven't seen before, and so I really value having their perspectives and great simming in the fleet!
  3. Huge, huge congratulations to all the staff awards winners -- you inspire me and are so important to the longevity and vitality of the community! Thank you so much for the Honor of the Admiralty -- I'm, well, honored! Also lololol at Wolf of the USS Administration. They're the very definition of desk-bound officers!
  4. So many congratulations to everyone on this impressive and incredible list! Whether you've been recognized because of your length with the community or because something you've done this year merited special recognition -- you are amazing and make Starbase 118 a wonderful place to be!
  5. Congratulations to everyone! The simming you do and the energy you put into this community is amazing!
  6. To probably no one's surprise, it turns out that choosing an actor who played James Bond gives a lot of formal options. This year I chose both white and black!
  7. I'm obsessed with how weird and amazing this development is. The orbiting statuary! @Ben Garcia --- (( USS Ra, Cruising Orbit, Zet Homeworld. )) Even at a distance it had been an imposing figure. 93 meters. It oscillated on a vertical axis, running from the statues’ crown to the hem of its gown. The metal had been sculpted into ripples so fluid that Ben could almost hear the breeze rustling across the stars. Until he remembered space was a vacuum. Scans showed an internal power source maintained the statue’s position and axis rotation, although Ben wasn’t able to understand the mechanisms of the technology making it possible. The Ra glided to a stop at the statue’s base. The detail of the sculpture was elaborate and fine. Open jawed, Ben leant across the helm console in disbelief at the intricacy of the sculpted gown: its weft warped and bowed in proportion to the furrow of the fabric’s crease. It was beautiful. It was wasted. How could such craft be appreciated like this - in the dead orbit of space? Lovar/Rouiancet: Response? Ben gave a slight whistle with a nod of the head. Garcia: Odd title for a sculpture. Lovar/Rouiancet: Response? With a trickle of thrust, Ben edged the Ra forwards, weaving through the orbiting statuary, towards the Zet Homeworld. Garcia: Any sites of technological interest we should priortise for the recon fly over? Lovar/Rouiancet: Response? Garcia: Ideally we want a site near something touristy:- that’ll be our excuse for being in the area. Lovar/Rouiancet: Response? Tag/TBC! _____________________________ Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia Second Officer/HCO USS Thor NCC-82607 Author ID number: G239102MR0 SB118 News Team
  8. First, love this poll idea. +1 to you, @Jo Marshall! Second, it's gotta be the Kazon. I mean, when even the Borg reject a species as not worth assimilating because they detract from perfection, YIKES.
  9. I agree about "The Thaw" ... but I had to go with "Schisms." Saw that one when I was a kid and it stuck with me, to the point that I haven't wanted to watch it again as an adult. The clicking! The clicking!
  10. "All members of this chapter must wear skants." --Chapter Master Aronus 'Battle Skant' Kellus, who went with the most frightening quote he could think of
  11. Gotta jump on the "In a Mirror, Darkly" train. The Mirror Universe felt so fully realized, and we got so many nice and plot-relevant Easter eggs -- the Constitution-class! The Gorn! The Tholians!
  12. Great Bird, I wish we could've had more of Julian living his 007 fantasy.
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