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  1. (( The Shadows. Seheik Settlement Starport. )) :: A hot wind from the west blew over the plains on the outskirts of the settlement, causing the tall, brown grass to wave over the horizon. A century ago, a Vulcan poet had dubbed the eastern grasslands the Amber Sea. And, standing from a third-story landing platform, Evan found himself making the same comparison while he collected his thoughts. The vista was a valuable reminder of how beautiful this place could be. :: :: With that thought in mind, he turned back towards the bodies and debris. The stench of burned electronics and flesh threatened to turn his stomach, but he forced control. :: Delano: The security footage? :: The settlement’s port administrator - a middle-aged Romulan woman named Koleen - had been staring at the wreckage since she’d called for his attention a few seconds earlier. The woman looked suitably flustered by the accident, and even as she processed his verbal cue, she had difficulty looking away from the carnage. :: Koleen: I’ve got it here, Sir. :: Delano pressed his lips together at the honorific. Seheik’s law enforcement was comprised almost entirely of civilian volunteers. Evan was an exception to that, if only because of his background. The elders had been concerned about some of the newest additions to the settlement and had authorized the sheriff to deputize some of the experienced volunteers. And that was why Evan was here. He was the only deputy with significant experience with explosives. :: :: Despite the title, however, Evan disliked the idea of people calling him sir. It reminded him of the life he'd left behind. Still, she woman had served on a Romulan warship until just a few years earlier. Evan knew better than most how difficult some habits were to break. :: Delano: Thanks. :: He took the offered memory chip and plugged it into his scanning device. The device was larger than a modern tricorder, and wasn’t nearly as sophisticated, but it did it’s job well enough. This deep into the Shadows, he wasn’t about to complain. :: :: He tapped a few commands into the device, then used the small display to view the moments leading up to the explosion. :: :: He counted four men loading a medium sized cargo freighter pushing an anti-grav unit containing a magazine of photon torpedoes. KDF configuration by the look of them, though Evan wouldn’t know for certain until he did a more thorough analysis of the wreckage. :: :: The footage continued, and Evan watched as the men parked the anti-grav unit on the ship’s cargo lift. One of the men tapped the controls to raise the platform to the ship’s cargo bay. Fifteen seconds later, the ship’s hull was blown open by an internal explosion. :: :: Though he’d take another look with a more sophisticated display, Evan saw nothing more than he’d expected to. The easiest explanation of the accident: A group of “scavengers” had acquired weapons and arranged to transfer them to another ship before returning to Shadow’s Edge - such activity was common here, and the elders allowed it in exchange for their discretion and occasional smuggling of passengers in and out of the settlement. The weapons had been unstable, or perhaps sabotaged, and now four men were dead. :: :: An unfortunate accident, perhaps, but nothing requiring a more in depth investigation. And yet, Evan couldn’t shake the sense that he was missing something. :: Koleen: I suppose we’re lucky none of our people were up here. :: Evan offered a polite nod as he reviewed the readouts from his scanner again. :: Delano: It might have been easier if they were. Koleen: What makes you say that? Delano: The agreement we have with the pirate factions. Seheik is supposed to be neutral territory for them. The fact that none of our people were here could be seen as evidence that no longer applies. :: The already pale woman blanched. :: Koleen: I see. :: Evan nodded his agreement, hearing the depth of understanding in her voice. Seheik was self-sufficient, and could survive without the pirates. But only just. In the best case scenario, there would still be some shortages. And given the rising tensions between the elders and some of the younger Reya-Laialara, that could mean trouble. That rosy scenario assumed the pirates didn’t try to retaliate. :: :: He continued the conversation while keeping most of his attention focused on the readouts from his scanning device. :: Delano: Don’t worry, it probably won’t come to that. I just need to rule out the possibility of some kind of attack. :: Evan was pacing slowly around a piece of debris he’d managed to identify as one of the ship’s cargo transporters. :: Koleen: I’ve been running this facility for two years now. We’ve never had an accident of this magnitude. How can you be sure it isn’t some kind of attack? :: He frowned as he recognized a familiar energy signature in what was left of the transporter’s pattern buffer. :: Delano: Do you know why they didn’t use this to bring their cargo on board? :: Koleen stepped closer as Evan crouched down. :: Koleen: I assumed it had something to do with the warheads. Maybe they knew there was something wrong with them. Delano: Maybe. Antimatter warheads can be dangerous to transport under some conditions. :: Break :: Koleen, can you remind me of the frequency the starport transporters use? I need to filter out some background readings. :: She was absently staring at one of the nearby bodies. The fire suppression system had reacted quickly, but the man’s remains had been mutilated and badly charred in the explosion. :: Koleen: 152.1 :: Evan examined the Romulan again, his eyes narrowed slightly. :: Delano: You’re certain none of your staff helped in loading the cargo? :: She looked up, expression concerned. :: Koleen: My “staff,” as you call it, is three people, including myself. We were all together when the explosion occurred. That isn't uncommon. Most of our clients prefer to handle their own cargo. Delano: Can you confirm their whereabouts? Security footage? Computer records? Koleen: I… yes, probably. Why? What have you found? :: Evan shook his head. :: Delano: I’m not sure yet. :: There was a long pause as the wind blew around them and Evan continued his scans. That last had been a partial truth. He wasn’t certain of the exact context, but what was clear is that someone had used a Reya-Laialara transporter - likely one of the starport’s - to beam something on or off the pirate’s ship moments before the explosion. :: :: He spent another hour collecting as much data as possible before finally allowing the bodies to be transported to the local medical clinic and the debris into an empty (and secure) warehouse nearby. :: :: After reporting the situation to the Sheriff, who would in turn speak to the Elders, Evan spent the rest of the day back in his apartment, pouring over the data. It was early morning by the time his analysis was over, and Evan's eyelids felt heavy. Despite this, Evan knew he wouldn't be able to sleep that night. :: :: The Reya-Laialara was an inherently peaceful group. They had no ships of their own, and few weapons beyond civilian grade sidearms like the one he wore when he was on duty. There just wasn’t any need for them. :: :: And that’s what made his findings so disturbing. Why - in a settlement almost entirely populated by pacifistic refugees - would anyone steal a shipment of photon torpedoes? :: === Evan Delano Deputy Sheriff Reya-Laialara
  2. ((Undisclosed Location)) :: Rune felt the bile rise and she swallowed hard. Denari had told her to wrap her head around who Kieran and Tra'Li Ramni’s murderer was. But she couldn’t. Jendar Tellinn was her Haemachuo sibling, her sister. They had grown up together. They had been closer than any blood relative Rune had. At least they were until they were separated following Rune’s “Attitude Readjustment” and forbidden to have contact with one another. But… :: :: The evidence was irrefutable. There were security logs, video feeds and photographs clearly showing Jendar following both Tra’Li and Kieran. What wasn’t included in the file was motive? Why would Jendar do it? What had Rune done to make her sister hate her so? So many questions still unanswered. :: :: The building was mostly dark with the windows covered on the inside, some with boards and others with heavy canvas. The darkness was fine with Rune. She blinked a couple of times to adjust her vision. In the dark, her gold-flecked amber eyes seemed to glow a soft silvery blue and her vision became sharper. :: :: Outside, the rain tapped rhythmically on the glass interrupted only by random claps of thunder. Rune stopped at the bottom of the staircase and listened, physically and mentally, for any hint of movement or presence on the second level. :: :: After a moment, she slowly began climbing the stairs, keeping her back close to the wall. Halfway up, a step creaked beneath her foot and she froze. :: :: There was the faintest sound of boots. If she had been human she may not have even heard it. Rune’s heart raced mercilessly. Then there, at the edge of her mental awareness, she felt her. :: Jolara: ::calling out:: I know you are here, Jendar. :: Movement. Closer this time. A shadow caught Rune’s eye and she took another step up. :: Jendar: ::out of sight:: You are early as usual. :: The voice cut right through Rune. Confirmation that it was her. She had still held out the slightest little hope Denari and all the evidence was wrong. :: :: Rune began moving up again while trying to get an exact location on Jendar. :: Jolara: Come out so we can talk face to face. Jendar: Talk? Please. We both know exactly why you came here and it was not to talk. Jolara: You are wrong. :: Almost to the top of the stairs, Rune turned so she could see under the railing. :: Jendar: How is Krystyan? I bet he is growing fast. It really is a shame Kieran never… :: Rune didn’t even question how she knew about Krystyan. Jendar’s taunt ignited and fueled Rune’s anger. :: Jolara: Stop! You have no right to even speak her name! Jendar: tsk… Struck a nerve did I? Jolara: ::face skewering into disgust:: Why? Why did you… Jendar: To make you suffer and in turn to make Laro suffer. ::She finally moved into sight, leaning casually against the rail with her arms.:: You always were her favorite. The things she has done… Ah but you do not even remember do you? Jolara: Remember what? :: A low-pitched shrill drew both their attentions toward a table along the far wall of the second level. Jendar raised up and looked back at a computer monitor set up on the table. :: Jendar: You disappoint me yet again, Runica. :: Without giving Rune a chance to respond, she launched herself over the rail. Her shoulder slammed into Rune’s chest sending her backwards. Rune landed hard on the floor, her head hit the wooden slats with a resounding thud.:: :: Dazed, she raised her arm in automatic response to movement above her. She barely made out a glint of light. A scream escaped as the blade slashed into her arm. She lashed out with her other arm, her fist made enough contact with Jendar to knock the woman off her. :: :: Both women scrambled to their feet as quickly as possible. Rune stumbled backwards and shook her head. Jendar took advantage of Rune’s disorientation to deliver another blow. Her fist struck Rune in the jaw sending her stumbling back further until she hit the wall. :: :: Jendar rushed at her, but this time Rune lashed out with her arm simultaneously pushing away from the wall. Jendar staggered back but quickly recovered. She launched her entire body at Rune. The collision sent both women crashing to the floor. :: :: With Rune pinned against the floor, Jendar thrust her blade upward slicing easily into Rune’s abdomen. There was no pain… at first. Then the dark haired Al-Leyan jerked the knife out and thrust again and again. :: :: Jendar pulled the knife out again but this time she didn’t get the chance to stab Rune again. Rune couldn’t see it, she barely registered it. A bolt of phaser fire struck Jendar in the shoulder, sending her backwards screaming out in pain. :: :: There was footsteps approaching. A form knelt down beside Rune and touched her. Denari. She could feel the Bajoran’s controlled rage through the touch. It was an odd sensation in complete contrast to the sudden peace she felt. :: :: Denari stood, picked up the knife that had fallen from Jendar’s hand and moved to stand over the woman writhing in pain, holding her shoulder. She looked at the blade covered in Rune’s near black blood. She knelt down and poked the tip of the knife against Jendar’s hand.:: :: Rune managed to roll onto her side, facing the other two women. :: Jolara: Denari… please… don’t… Collim D.: You had your 20 minutes, Rune. ::She pressed the knife down. Jendar screamed.:: Now it’s my turn. :: Rune didn’t get a chance to see what happened next as the world went dark. :: ...tbc... Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara Intelligence Officer - On Leave Writer ID: A238909RJ0
  3. ((Earth, LlamaSong Farms)) Moonsong: Most of these horses are ours, but we stable a few for neighbors. ::She glanced at Rune.:: Did you want to ride or just walk around? :: Rune looked around and drew in a deep breath. While she couldn’t really smell the air, it felt cool and refreshing. After the last couple weeks, it was exactly what she needed. :: Jolara: They are beautiful creatures. Peaceful… ::smiling:: They don’t mind us riding them? Moonsong: Not at all. It is what they were trained for. And these are used to telepathic touch. Their minds simple but full of warmth and affection. Jolara: ::smiling:: In that case, perhaps a ride while we talk. Moonsong: Of course. You can tell me about the sadness you are feeling but trying to hide. :: Rune let out a chortle and shook her head. She had tried so hard to keep her real feelings locked away. :: Jolara: Only if you tell me about yours. ::Raissa led the way to the stables and asked the stablehands to saddle a couple of the horses. She usually road Chet, an old cream colored Arabian. For Rune, the gentle Mist was saddled. Raissa showed her how easy it was to mount them and how they were guided. It was obvious her friend picked up quickly how to ride these animals.:: Moonsong: I will show you the trail I ride the most. It is very peaceful. :: It took Rune a little while to feel comfortable upon the horse. They rode in silence for as long as Rune could stand it. :: Jolara: Everyone is worried about you. ::beat:: What is bothering you? Moonsong: ::blinks at the break in silence.:: Bothering me? Jolara: ::soft smile:: As I said before, I am here as a friend not a counselor. ::Raissa was silent for a moment. She knew her family was worried about her. She was having a hard to pulling out of that. Though in a way, she didn’t care and that bothered her a little.:: Moonsong: Did you know that I can count the number of my friends on the fingers of one hand and still have fingers left over? :: Rune knew very well how that felt. It was difficult for her to get close to others and let them get close to her. When she did, well those rarely turned out well. And here she was… trying. :: Jolara: It is more than that though, is it not? Moonsong: ::Quietly:: The truth… I am empty. I have given all I could to others. I have nothing left. I have a future of more of the same… Because I cannot imagine there being anything else for something like me? ::she looked at Rune.:: Is that what you wished to hear? Jolara: I did ask for the truth. ::She paused for a moment. Her brow creased.:: Something like you? What do you mean by that? Moonsong: I am not naturally a telepath. I was born a touch empath. That has changed. I dare not touch without being prepared with my mental shielding firm. My DNA has been changed. I am… not as I was. Jolara: ::tilting her head:: Is that what you really think? ::Raissa didn’t answer for a moment. She stared out over the horse’s head, his gait steady beneath him. Was that what she really thought? She recalled Saveron mapping her DNA after the Community had left her. The power she had shared with them was still with her and barely controlled and unfiltered. It had been a struggle to regain control and sanity and still do her job.:: Moonsong: Yes… I think of myself as a freak. Humans are not naturally T6. :: It broke her heart to know her friend thought of herself that way. In a way she could understand. After all, Al-Leyans were not telepathic by nature either and here she was… whatever she was. But this wasn’t about Rune and she’d be damned if she even tried to make it that way. :: Jolara: ::softly:: I know. Moonsong: ::Her hands tightly gripped the reins.:: I had to change nearly everything I was to survive it… to learn to live with it. ::a bitter laugh:: And barely anyone noticed. They just saw the Counselor. My friends tried to understand. Saveron came the closest. He compared it to the breaking of a Vulcan Bond. Nobody realized what the Community meant to me. The love, the closeness… Then it was gone. I touched Carter, a non telepath and it put him in sickbay. He could not understand what I had become. I would always have to hold back. That was why I ended our relationship. I did not have a choice. Jolara: Why do you feel you have no choice? ::Rune had opened the floodgates and everything was spilling out. Raissa had made a habit of keeping her personal feelings inside. Now she was talking and couldn’t shut up. The horses had stopped walking and Raissa slid out of the saddle. Chet pressed his head against her and she clung to the warmth of the animal.:: Moonsong: I cannot touch anyone without making sure I will not hurt them. I have learned how to harm thanks to the Nygellians. The high priestess that possessed me turned what I was into a weapon and I could not do anything about it. I was once able to touch and be touched. It was recommended that if I should pursue a relationship it should only be with other telepaths. Except for the fact that other telepaths can tell immediately that I am damaged goods. :: Rune was finally starting to understand what was really behind Raissa’s downward spiral. She drew in a breath and slid off Mist’s back. She said nothing as she moved to stand near her friend. :: Moonsong: Except of course when it comes to my job. Being the Counselor. Somehow people seemed to think I am highly skilled at it to the point where I am now getting requests for consultations from other ships. ::Tears had filled her eyes and were flowing down her cheeks.:: Being counselor is what I do, not who I am. Yet that is all they see and I cannot seem to change it. I listen. I guide. I help them to navigate their lives and they thank me and move on. I give and there is nothing left of me. ::a deep shaky breath:: Do you wish to know the saddest part of it all? I cannot imagine doing anything else. It is a calling I cannot ignore or deny. ::Finally she stopped. She felt drained of the emotional storm she had let loose. She waited for the inevitable response. Suck it up. Get over it. Stop being selfish.:: :: Rune carefully considered her words. She reached up and wiped the tears with her thumb but didn’t let her touch linger, not out of fear of being hurt but simply because she didn’t want to make Raissa feel uncomfortable. :: Jolara: You have every right to feel the way you do. Except perhaps the freak part. ::smiling warmly:: Then again, who am I to judge? ::turning serious:: You have bottled all this up for too long and… you have denied yourself some of the most basic needs we all have out of fear of hurting others. ::Raissa didn’t realize how much she had cried until Rune touched her face. In that brief touch she felt how much her friend cared about her.:: Moonsong: ::sniffles:: I am… I am not sure what you mean... Jolara: For one, letting someone truly care for you. For another, physical contact… a simple touch or hug without fear or reserve. Moonsong: I have to be careful… always… Jolara: Perhaps you have been selfless long enough. Moonsong: ::shakes her head.:: I am not selfless… I am selfish… Wanting what I cannot have… :: Rune took a breath and shook her head. :: Jolara: That is not being selfish. Letting people in, letting them care about you is not being selfish. Moonsong: I do want that. I want to touch. I want to be touched. I want…. ::turns away.:: I want to matter. :: Rune’s brow furrowed and her head tilted. :: Jolara: You do matter. Why would you think you do not? Moonsong: Well the truth is that I have little use on a ship during missions… I believe that is why I have been re-assigned to Starfleet Medical. Jolara: That is not true. I know for a fact you have been a valuable asset to the crew during every single mission we have shared. Moonsong: ::shrugged slightly:: I will be useful to SFM I suppose... Jolara: ::shaking her head emphatically:: There are a number of reasons to re-assign you to Starfleet Medical. It certainly is not a punishment or because they think you have little use. If nothing else it is a reprieve. A break from all the madness out there. :: Though Raissa hadn’t said it, Rune felt it. Her throat tightened. She realized she had been feeling much the same way or.. Maybe she was projecting. It was hard to tell when her own emotions were starting to sneak up on her and mingle with what she was feeling from Raissa. :: Jolara: But that is not really it… being assigned to Starfleet Medical. It is being taken from Invicta, from the only friends you feel you have… being truly alone. ::Raissa looked away. There was too much painful truth in what Rune had said. The friends she had before she had joined Starfleet had moved on with their lives. She had little in common with them now. Even her ex-fiance has married someone else and had a child. The people that had become important to her were ‘out there’ scattered like snowflakes in a storm. Her second family scattered to the winds. She looked at Rune.:: Moonsong: You… you feel the same… Jolara: ::nodding:: Yes. Very much so. Moonsong: Perhaps… we have both lost… and grieve…. Jolara: ::quietly:: We have and we do. oOMore than you know.Oo ::pause:: But we can not give up on living. I tried that once and I was wrong. ::Raissa scrubbed at her face. The drying tears making her skin itch and feel tight. Moonsong: I am trying… not to. Jolara: Besides. If you give up who will be Krystyan’s… I believe humans call it… godmother? ::Raissa stared at her startled. She knew it wasn’t an Al-Leyan custom. But Rune’s using that Human custom reached Raissa’s heart.:: Moonsong: Me? Are you… sure? Jolara: ::smiling:: Yes. I am. Moonsong: ::She looks away for a moment and after a pause meets Rune’s eyes.:: I would be… honored… Jolara: It is I who should be honored. Thank you. END =/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\= Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong Counselor Unassigned =/\==/\=G239107RM0 =/\==/\= and Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara Intelligence Officer - On Leave Writer ID: A238909RJ0
  4. Astromycologist! Hmmm... sounds like a "fungi/fun guy." Okay...
  5. ((SS Yze))oO Who names a ship "ship"? Oo::"Yze", in Brekkian Seritonan, quite literally meant "ship". So when she'd boarded the vessel on it's way to the fifth colony, she was a bit skeptical of it's captain's competence.::"It's time for you to take a leave of absence," her own captain had said. "Go home and see your family", she'd said. It'd taken a quiet argument with Zhou and co. literally pushing her aboard to get her on a transport to the Delos system.::It would be a quick trip, much more so than she was used to. Two days, if that. And then she would be in Seritona.::::Sky Blake had plans. Before being forced into heading to her home, she'd arranged travel back into the Shoals, the area she was most comfortable with. Now she was being confronted with seeing her young children once more. ::She threw a ball, catching it again when it bounced off the bulkhead of her guest quarters. Thinking about her own kids shouldn't bring dread, but the truth was she hardly remembered them. She did not remember carrying Faith to term, or the important parts of their relationship. And Ayeden . . . ::Thinking of Ayeden dragged memories of Sabor to the surface.::::Her bondmate. His death had left a hole in her head, a space that constantly ached and mourned. Happy memories of him holding Ayeden, spending those short four months as a father. For a Vulcan, having felt it necessary to keep his emotions collected together in a neat little bundle and for expression only in his private times, he'd been the most emotional person she'd known during that period. ::And then the fatal mistake, having taken Sky to Meridarna following a seizure, itself a symptom of a much bigger problem.::She'd lost Sabor because she'd trusted the safety of her own planet. She'd ignored the warning signs of an impending attack and hadn't gotten the hell out of there when she'd had the chance. When she woke up, he was gone - for months on end, she felt cold. Lifeless, even. After the procedure, she'd tried to step back into Skyleena Blake's life and carry on without him, but she just kept hitting brick walls. She couldn't do it. So she ran off in the middle of the night in such a childish act that she cringed every time she thought about it.::oO Mother of the Year. Oo::She'd spoken to her mother, of whom was currently looking after them - Faith and Ayeden. Lila would no longer act as their caretaker, a demand likely trying to prompt some sort of motherly responsibility from Sky that would drag her back home. It hadn't worked, but Sky hadn't wanted to push the issue, saying she'd find an alternative. She'd considered Hannibal Parker or Hannah Martinez - they were both listed as her childrens godparents - but she couldn't bring herself to ask them to look after her kids when she didn't remember much about them. Not to mention, how does one get away with dumping her own kids onto someone else with little reasoning?::No decision she'd made was logical. But the truth of the matter was, she intended to relocate her children. As soon as she said her final goodbye to Sabor.::((Bintac))Caronx: Dishes are all washed up. ::Sky was rubbing her eyes as she walked out of the bedroom she'd set her kids down to sleep, a controlled yawn going with it. It'd been a long day - Faith had been nothing but excited, babbling on about mommy being home and encouraging Ayeden to do the same to little avail. It was draining, but relieving at the same time. Despite her obvious absence for two years, her daughter was as loving as she'd initially imagined her to be.::Ayeden was every bit his father's son. That was what hurt the most - Sabor's eyes reflecting back to her own, slightly pointed ears signifying his Vulcan heritage. Ayeden had clung to her and refused to let go for hours as they traveled to the relative safety of Bintac, Ornara - where she knew security was high, where she knew they'd be safe from terrorizing maniacs that wanted "justice" for their Brekkian comrades affected by Ornara's uplift. It was a decision she should have made years ago.::Blake: I can't thank you enough. For all of this.::Veitan Caronx was her partner during her time in Bintac's LE, the woman having kept Sky on the track of sanity for many a year, long before the Veritas showed up to pull her back into the Starfleet fold. Fears that Sky was developing a borderline drinking problem had Caronx nipping it in the bud before the Brekkian Betazoid hybrid had even begun. "Here, learn koJuta instead - when you beat me you can drink". She'd known all along that Sky, whom was not aware that koJuta was a martial art, would not pin her to the floor. Ever.::Many a bruise later and Sky was still trying to deny anything close to alcoholism as well as trying to kick Caronx to the ground just to prove her wrong. But now here Caronx was, setting Sky's family up with a small place in the ever-rainy Bintac.::Caronx: It's nothing, Blake. But . . . let me know when you need a hand looking after those two. They seem like a handful.Blake: Faith, yes. She will bounce up and down these walls if you let her. But Ayeden? ::She took a deeper breath.:: Ayeden is just like his father. Settled.Caronx: You never wanted to talk about him before.Blake: I still don't.::The Ornaran raised her hands innocently.::Caronx: I'm not asking you to.::She picked up her bag off the bench, sliding it onto her shoulders.::Caronx: I'm gonna head off. I'll talk to you in the morning, yeah?Blake: Yeah. ::By the time Caronx had left, Sky found herself standing at the doorframe to the bedroom, watching over her children as if there were a threat headed her way.::The problem Sky was facing now was simple: she didn't want her kids to be without either parents, but she didn't want to drag them through what she considered to be her hellhole of a life either.::::A knock at the door pulled her back to reality.::::Caronx hadn't left anything behind - not that Sky could see. Eyes flickering to the door, the Brekkazoid pulled a BLE stun baton into her hand, twirling it round as she stepped closer to the door. She didn't call out - she'd never hear the end of it if she woke Faith - but she wasn't taking chances either.::::Ever so slowly, she inched open the door, peering past into the hall. The figure had almost turned their back to leave again.::But the minute she recognized Syb, she'd dropped the baton. When she'd made it into his arms, she was a tearful, blubbering wreck.::Tbc . . . Sky BlakeOn Leave
  6. (( Flashback. Stardate 239212.31. New Year’s Eve. )) (( The Lighthouse Lounge. Starbase 74. )) :: The Lighthouse Lounge had a reputation as being difficult to get into. That was doubly true tonight. This close the the Sol system, New Year’s Eve was a popular holiday, and many of the Starbase’s 200,000 inhabitants were hoping to spend it here. With only a hundred tables, Evan had been forced to call in a lot of favors to make it happen. :: :: And though this was Evan’s first time in the Lighthouse, it quickly became obvious why it was so popular. The lower tier of the restaurant was built around a stage where, tonight at least, a series of jazz performers had been entertaining the room throughout the night. The second tier, where Evan had managed to secure a table, was on a balcony that provided a perfect view of the round viewscreen set above the stage. Tonight, that screen displayed a crystal clear image of a starfield looking towards Sol. This close to Earth, the star easy to identify. Occasional pop out displays would show celebrations of the New Year taking place throughout the sector. :: :: Dressed in tuxedos, Evan and Mei’konda were seated at an elegant square table, quietly talking about everything that had happened over the last few weeks. It had been a difficult time for them. Between Evan’s court martial and Mei’konda’s father effectively returning from the dead, they hadn’t had much time to just talk. And, as Evan prepared for his next assignment, they both knew it could well be a long time before they saw each other again, even if Evan hadn’t been able to share the specifics. :: :: In any case, the night was doing exactly what Evan had hoped. Mei’konda had been tense and as work-focused as ever since taking on the Astreus refit project, but tonight, he seemed more relaxed than Even remembered seeing him since their last shore leave together. Evan waited for a lull in the conversation, then began to ask what he’d come here to ask. :: Delano: So, listen. That assignment I told you about… I got word this morning that it’s about to go into effect. My transport will be arriving in just a few days. :: Mei’konda’s mood visibly dropped as Evan brought up the painful subject. Evan forced himself to continue. :: Delano: I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t think it was the best thing for me right now. After Invicta… after Ross… I need to find a way to be useful again. :: Mei’konda’s conspicuous silence continued, though Evan could tell it was more a matter of not knowing what to say than of not wanting to say it. :: Delano: But I want you to know, I love you. We’re as good as family at this point. And I promise, I’ll be back. Eventually. :: He paused, then reached into his pocket and produced a simple titanium ring comprised of scrap taken from Garuda during it’s last trip to drydock. :: Delano: This is to prove that I mean it. :: He held the ring out to Mei’konda, who looked at it with a mixture of trepidation and happiness. :: Mei’konda: Evan… Delano: I know it’s not the best of circumstances, but I’ve realized that if we wait for that, it’ll never happen. And I know now this is what I want. Mei’konda: I… I do too, Evan. But, you don’t even know how long you’ll be gone. Delano: Does that matter? :: The Caitian looked at the ring, then back to Evan. After a long pause, Mei carefully took the ring from Evan’s fingers. :: Mei’konda: No. I suposse it doesn’t. :: As Mei’konda slid the ring onto one of his fingers, Evan had to fight back a surge of mixed emotions as he tried to memorize every detail of this moment. Mei’konda’s tuxedo. The happy expression on his face. The images of fireworks playing in the background. The gentle music wafting up from below. It was as perfect a moment as any he could remember. :: :: As the night continued, people began to stand so they could better see through the viewscreen as several ships lined up in preparation to launch what promised to be an impressive fireworks display. :: oO I will be coming back. Oo :: Evan thought to himself as he placed a matching ring onto his own hand. At that moment, he wasn’t sure if that thought was a promise to Mei’konda or himself. :: === Lieutenant Evan Delano On Leave ID: T239007ED0
  7. Washington on the inside: Washington on the outside:
  8. Written by @Luna Walker ((Somewhen else)) :: In the distant past, two races fought. The details, while significant to each of them, were as dust...much like their original systems. Each felt that the other would doom the Universe if they weren't stopped. Unfortunately, each were equally matched in technology and production. A deadlock that spanned centuries without visible end. And so it was for all of their long memories, until, finally, an answer was created. The Omega device, too large to be called a ship, a hull as intransigent as the beliefs that helped create it. The plan was for it to destroy every trace of their opponents. And initially, it seemed the end to the violence between them both. Until, their weapon, seemingly of it's own volition, turned upon them as well. Due to an unfortunately literal interpretation of the command, the race that had created the device was a mirror of the target.. and therefore a trace of it. The idea that their own creation would turn against them had never been considered, the scientists behind it destroyed in the initial attacks. Millennia passed. The markings of that ancient race burned away by radiation and kinetic impacts against the nigh invulnerable hull. The device itself constantly driven by the command given at it's inception. Destroy all trace... :: ((Khitomer system, Now [2267] )) :: Omega had completed the task of eliminating the three of the system's planets. If a measure of satisfaction could be held by a computer program, it would have felt a taste of that. Only to have that taste turn to ashes as it noted the presence of an active mobile target. When the starship had previously limped away and fallen off the sensor grid, it had determined the likely destruction at 85%, something that had been determined sufficient for it's goals. Calculations churned within the Omega device. After long moments, the algorithms shifted priorities of targets. The planetary bodies remaining in the current system would not significantly shift in the duration it would take to remove the more mobile target. The decision made, additional time was utilized to determine the optimum thrust and pathing required to destroy the target. The path that allowed for the rapid follow up destruction was selected and implemented. The optimum energy output was provided to the engines, driving the device on a precisely calculated path to the target's destruction. There was a calculation made, as always, that determined the known means of the Omega devices own destruction. There was no exhaust port that would allow an explosive charge to destroy it. Previous Wars in the Stars had attempted and failed there. Nor was there an interface that would allow someone to attempt to remotely reprogram it. Millions of Independent races had tried that their Day. No, quite simply, the risk was vanishingly small. It would destroy the current threat, then continue it's effort to fulfill it's programming. As it always had, as it always would. ~ Fin The program of the Omega Device as simmed by Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker Chief Engineer, USS Invicta I238010BW
  9. Also... Twenty quantums?! She brought aboard twenty for a parade?! Rahman: oO Note to self, do not let Walker get involved with planning of Taz's 16th birthday party next month. Oo
  10. And the award for this year's Worst Girlfriend Ever goes to... "Ooops."
  11. Looking good there, commander! ;)

    1. Rune Jolara

      Rune Jolara

      Looking pretty good yourself, Captain. ;) 

  12. I must have this picture! Do we have an avatar for T'Sara? Photoshop Wizards, make it so!
  13. 50 years ago today Star Trek premiered on television! To celebrate, let's share our first Star Trek memories! Mine was flipping through channels one day and discovering the funny head of Mr. Worf. I stayed to watch and got hooked. The sad thing was it was 1994, right at the end of the series. Fortunately though it was still early into the 90s golden age of movies, multiple series, and more! And yup, over twenty years later, I'm still hooked. What's your first Star Trek memory?
  14. Klingon Official: Is that... is that man wearing a dress? Rahman: What? I have no idea what you're talking about. ::looks over at King::
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