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  1. @Kayla Drex and @Maddi Hyden this was a great read, I really enjoyed it, good work ((239109.14 - Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, CA - Earth)) ::Kayla hadn’t been in the gym long, but her heart rate was already well over 130 bpm. The beating she was giving the holographic sparring partner looked like he’d said something particularly offensive about Kayla’s mother. The door to the gym hissed open, but Kayla didn’t register the sound at all, focusing instead on her training. ::She didn’t hesitate as a large Hirogen fist barrelled toward her stomach. Def
  2. I also liked this aspect of the Klingon language appearing so much in the show. Star Trek and LOTR are very unique in that kind of world-building, and even if some may complain that having it being there so explicitly for so many scenes is just a strategy to appear clever (because I've found that complaint for some reason?), I believe it adds to that richness and that they should actually exploit it. Back when I was deciding which of the main three Elf languages that Tolkien invented to learn, I researched about fictional languages in media, and I was surprised how few actually have a made-up-
  3. I liked that teaser a lot! Thanks for sending it! I'm very thrilled about everything that's going to be covered in s2. I hope they do a great job with everything they're creating, and I can't wait for it to come.
  4. It's strange to think that such a basic aspect of the Federation affects everything else we see in Star Trek and yet it's something not many people understand and are confused by. It's really a utopian society isn't it? I also began to wonder that for example, it's really common for people before going to university to want being something that is in their heart's desire but end up studying something much more economically convenient because what they want doesn't matter unless they want to starve. And it really is unfair, because if you're not developing your skills as much as you ca
  5. And I hadn't thought of that, actually. It does make sense for some people to do that, and yeah there are plenty of people in the Federation. And if their ideals are those of free determination and self-improvement, which would be the necessary incentive for people to learn and do things with their own lives instead of expecting any other reward. Makes sense, while it also ensures there is no corruption or theft because there is not even a need for it. Win-win situations are always the best. Again thanks for the answer! It sure got me thinking, while it also made me a little better how to
  6. Pretty deep on the analysis of the subject. I think I have a much better view of how this works now. We really only see capitalism against communism in the world, and since I'm not really knowledgeable about economics at all, it was specially informative. Thank you so much for sharing that, I think I'll use it for reference throughout my entire life
  7. So it's been mentioned quite a lot in Star Trek media that by the time of the 22nd century, human kind no longer uses currency at all. It's a perfect society where hunger, need for acquisition and disease have been eradicated. It's strange. We don't know what it's like to live in a society like that. We want to eat? We pay. We want go on vacation? We pay. The system may make many people corrupt and so but it works to be just in what you receive. But if we try to imagine it... If you were in the Federation you go to a restaurant and what? You leave without giving anything? Why would
  8. I think this is basically my attitude toward the whole thing. And I haven't personally seen anything from Tarantino, so I can't give my opinions on him, but if you asked me if I would want another reboot I would say no thanks. We don't need another flashy star trek film. But still, I'll just hope for the best. I agree with this as well, but I don't want just another senseless sci-fi film with no meaning and only becomes popular because of its violence like it's trending these days. If however, those elements you mention can be added without losing Roddenberry's vision, I would
  9. I know, the Klingons are simply unforgivable, but it's really not that important to the plot, so you manage. And short answer to your question is that there is no release date yet, but I found a very interesting article regarding Discovery's season 2, if you'd like to read it. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/star-trek-discovery/feature/a843066/star-trek-discovery-season-2-release-date-cast-episodes-klingon-theory/
  10. Now that you say it, I guess it doesn't make much sense. But at the time I was just focused on how much I'd loved how he viwed his situation, his respect for Vina, and how his conflicts were laid out, tired of space or not. I guess it was even a part of said conflicts, how he realised that an ordinary life wasn't in fact for him. I wasn't complaining about Kirk or the rest of TOS at all, but I do have a certain special appreciation for Pike, even if it's not completely logical. I hope DSC makes a great Captain Pike
  11. Yes, I read about that, and I was in fact going to mention the series finale and how much I loved it, but I didn't want to give too much away. But oh damn, am I excited. I can't wait for season 2. Pike may have had only one episode in the prime timeline, but I have very fond memories from him. I remember watching The Cage without a clue of what to expect from Star Trek at all (I barely knew of Spock and Kirk's existance, I'm ashamed to say) and I was like "Oh, he's nice and respectful and the pilot has a very deep meaning, I can't wait to see more", and then Kirk showed up next episode a
  12. Ohhh, that makes sense, sorry about the confusion. I'm headed there now, thanks.
  13. Update: I've decided on joining the FNS but I tried to submit the form and it said there was an error? How do I proceed?
  14. Okay, thank you very much! I'll just have to decide which one to join first and then I'll send the application.
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