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Found 9 results

  1. I came across this today and thought it was pretty cool http://www.datascopeanalytics.com/startrekviz/ You can put it a show, movie, set of characters, etc and it will show you how they interacted with each other. Nice little visualization of Worf for instance.
  2. Check out the link below. I'll definitely be getting these for my daughter! https://www.georgetakei.com/star-trek-golden-picture-book-2623045672.html?utm_content=inf_10_4221_2&tse_id=INF_66a28900fdc611e8b433ab68d22425b2
  3. So I think you all would be the perfect people to ask this. Recently at work I pitched a column. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Expanded Universes. The idea being that I was going to review big pillars of EUs from across all franchises and see how they stack up as just stories themselves, entries into their respective IPs, and how fans,old and new, respond to them. Naturally I want to put some Trek stuff on there but the only ones i currently own are: Typhon Pact #1: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Legacies: Book 1 by Greg Cox And DS9: Millennium Book 1 by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (which i only bought at a Half Price Books on a whim because I had Book II as a kid and i read it a ton (despite it not really ever making sense) and i NEED to know how this bonkers story starts and ends) What else should i add to the list and or do you have any extra battered copies of insane EU books you can send me for work? I have been told I have to read the DESTINY trilogy before i start Typhon Pact as it is all one big story, yes? Legacies looks fun, especially since Number 1 is coming back on DISCO soon. Help me, fellow crew people.
  4. I've just discovered these updated guidelines for Star Trek Fan Films and thought you guys might be interested to read them. http://www.startrek.com/fan-films
  5. http://www.startrek.com/article/strange-new-worlds-fan-fiction-contest-returns-for-2016 https://youtu.be/enANdJpvkk8
  6. I got this in one of my school emails. Any academics out there might find this interesting: Type: Call for PapersDate: November 30, 2015Subject Fields: American History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Popular Culture Studies, Social History / Studies Star Trek: The Next Generation was far more than a simple reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s original sixties television program. A decade after counterculture’s end, the Watergate scandal and American “malaise,” and now in the waning days of the Reagan Administration, the crew of theEnterprise 1701-D addressed the “next generation” of social, political, and cultural shifts in American society. The television show’s phenomenal success not only spawned four feature films and several television spin-offs, but also changed the face of science-fiction in the twenty-first century. Without Star Trek: The Next Generation, the millennial reboot of Star Trek would have looked vastly different, if it occurred at all. From the moment Captain Jean-Luc Picard walked out of the shadows in “Encounter at Farpoint,” Star Trek: The Next Generation has expanded into the cultural consciousness beyond the confines of television screens. Comic book adaptations, video games, and an “expanded universe” in novels, comic books, and video games have extended Gene Roddenberry’s and his successor’s visions of the future. Terms such as “replicators,” “holodecks,” and “resistance is futile” have entered the public lexicon alongside the old terms “warp drive,” “phasers,” and “beam me up.” This anthology is the first book-length study to consider Star Trek: The Next Generation as an exclusive whole, including the television show, movies, non-continuity extensions, and fandom. (The characters from The Next Generation have appeared in other Star Trek spin-offs, and while those appearances can be addressed, the focus should remain on The Next Generation).The show’s rapid ascent from 1987 to its mixed ending in 2002 offers multiple rich readings about its historical and cultural contexts. The anthology will concentrate less of the filmic plots and life in the twenty-fourth century and more on how these various factors reflect the cultural milieus of their origins. Potential topics include but are no means limited to: The Masterpiece Society: Creating the Twenty-Fourth Century in a Revitalized Cold WarHolodecks: Recreating Narratives in Science-Fiction FantasyPicard: Defining Leadership in Reagan’s Cowboy DiplomacyQ v. Guinan: Questioning Mysticism and Godliness in the Age of TechnobabbleDropouts: Childhood Expectations from Alexander to WesleyCrusher, Rozhenko, and Single Parents: The Collapse of the Nuclear Family on the EnterpriseImzadi?: Defining Monogamy in the FutureAssimilating Outcasts: Starfleet-izing Ro, Barclay, Pulaski, and NonconformistsTroi: Expressing Individuality in a Uniformed CrewGreed is Good: The Ferengi as Failed VillainsThe Short-lived Miniskirt and Veiled Queer CultureCrusher: The Cure-All Hypospray and Medical HumanitiesWhy LaForge Can’t Keep a Beard: The (sight) Sensitive Masculine ModelUndiscovered Countries: The Klingon Civil War, “Unification,” and the end of the Cold WarMeasuring Life: Sons of Soong and the Human Question MarkYar’s Fate: Assertive Women in the “Backlash” EraThe High Ground: Militarism in a Mission of ExplorationWorf: Ways of a Warrior in a Pacifist SocietyResistance: The Borg, Transhumanism, and IndividualismNexus of Possibilities: Why Couldn’t Kirk Survive in the 24th Century?A Real Nemesis: The End of Utopianism in a post-9/11 ContextAbstracts should run about 250 words and are due by November 30, 2015. All submissions will be acknowledged. Final papers will run approximately 20-25 pages, reflecting Star Trek’s broad audience of fans and academics alike. Contributors’ first drafts will be due by mid-June 2016 and final drafts by September 1, 2016 with a 2017 publication date. Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Contact Info: Peter W. Lee Drew University plee1@drew.edu
  7. Never thought this day would actually come... another article on TrekCore with some mock ups of the book's layout from its publisher. The Okudas noted on facebook it won't just be 300 new pages tacked onto the back of the old version and that the first two JJ Abrams films will be interspersed in the main section of the text like "any other alternate timeline" that was featured on Trek before. Unfortunately, so far they're saying info from the third nuTrek film Star Trek Beyond won't be available in time to make their publication date (come on! Surely they can find a way!). But anyway... new illustrations! Maybe some new background info! ALL of prime Trek in two volumes! Yay 2016!
  8. I discovered Trek novels long ago and far away, and I've been somehow addicted to them for quite a few years (mostly TOS but also DS9), then I went into a hiatus and sort of lost touch with the published Trek universe. I was wondering which novels (if any) would you suggest as the most useful for relatively new players on SB 118
  9. http://comicsalliance.com/star-trek-comic-book-guide-dc-marvel-idw-john-byrne/ Wow! This is quite the resource. And also indictment of really bad comics. At the bottom there's a link to what I believe is software that contains every single comic published up to 2002, which is pretty amazing!
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