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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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Welcome to the 2022 Awards Ceremony!

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  1. Attention, fleet mates! With the recent awards ceremony still fresh in our minds, an exciting new section of the wiki has just opened: the StarBase 118 Hall of Honor! Under the directive of Fleet Admiral Wolf, the awards and service ribbons pages have been completely transformed into a new comprehensive and integrated section of the wiki that serves to recognize the achievements of our fellow members. New Menus You can navigate through the awards and service ribbons through the new menus at the top of each page. Highlighting Recent Recipients Award recipients are given more prominence. For instance, the most recent award recipients are displayed right on the award overview pages such as the duty post awards, staff awards, etc. (For those wiki-curious folks, the recent recipient data for these pages is pulled directly from the individual award pages themselves, using transclusion similar to how the Fleet Roster works, meaning these pages won't need to be updated). New Individual Award Pages We hope the new Hall of Honor reflects the level of distinction that award recipients have earned. To be awarded a "fleet level" award should be something to be proud of, and the old table listings lacked the proper recognition. A full comprehensive table listing is still available for easy record keeping, especially come next awards season, but each award now has its own page. When you click on the link to an award (or the image of an award on a person's ribbon rack or display case from their bio page), you will be taken directly to that award's own page. If the award is a fleet level award (meaning only one person is usually given the award per year) or a length of service award, you will see all the recipients displayed like award plaques on a wall. For instance, here's what the page for the Rising Star Award looks like. Interactive Plaques Each plaque is interactive. Click on the name or picture to go to that person's bio. Click on the year to read the full awards ceremony from that year. Click on the writer ID number to go the user page of that character's writer. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!
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