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  1. Huge congratulations to all of this year's award recipients, thanks to the folks who put so much work into getting this whole thing organised - and thanks as well to each and every member of the fleet for helping make this such a fun place to write!
  2. Great to have you with us, guys - welcome aboard
  3. Assuming nobody *insists* on uniform, you can't go wrong with basic black. And in deference to public the occasion, it'll even be an outfit more in keeping with Terran fashion than Orion
  4. Congratulations on your graduation, Lukas, and welcome to the fleet! Here's to a lot of fun times ahead
  5. Charming and diplomatic as ever...
  6. Seems there was even a reason for the music in the first trailer...
  7. Writing it wasn't exactly a party either... but I'm glad you thought we did an okay job of it
  8. Probably, yes. But what really hammers it home is what comes just that tiny bit later... And this is the guy we let be FO? We're doomed. Again.
  9. Seems the -E is getting a lot of the love
  10. Is it possible to be amazed and not even remotely surprised, both at the same time?

  11. A Britishism that is perhaps not as widely used as it might be. Try "opted" instead
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