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  1. New Academy Graduates

    Same to you, Zoe!
  2. Academy Training

    I second that! 😊
  3. Suggestions from Cadets

    Thanks! :-) Yeah, maybe it could be included in a "welcome to training" email or perhaps provide the link in one of the tutorials? Just a suggestion based on my own shortcomings really! Haha!
  4. Artistic Licence?

    Thank you for the fantastically thorough and informative reply. I will bare all of that in mind. The "monoculture" comment is a particularly good point. Luckily, there's enough info on the Bardeezans for me to get a good feel for them as a species, but there's still plenty to add. I don't have anything specific in mind at the moment, but I'm hoping my character has a long career in Starfleet so hopefully there should be plenty of opportunity to flesh out his culture in the future. :-)
  5. Artistic Licence?

    Hi everyone! So I'm completely new to simming and am playing a Bardeezan Cadet called Gogigobo Fairhug in training right now. I was just wondering how much artistic licence we have over species on which there isn't much background info? For example, can I make up sports they play on their home world? Festivals? Even words from their language? Species of indigenous animals? Looking forward to your replies Hugs and kisses. James (Gogi)
  6. Suggestions from Cadets

    Hi all! I'm currently in training and am new to simming. I was just thinking that it might be helpful to cadets to let them know what sort of equipment they would be issued with (phaser, tricorder etc.) and the capabilities of the equipment. I've had a good look around the wiki and there is plenty of information which is great. I just thought it might help people like myself who are Star Trek fans but are maybe not so up on all the technical stuff to be given a quick run-down on the standard issue stuff for training and beyond. Really enjoying training. Looking forward to getting my first posting! Much love, James (Cadet Gogigobo Fairhug)