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  1. (( CO's Office - StarBase 118 )) :: It had been another uneventful morning in the Operations Tower Hub. That was, until Theo had been alerted to the distress call from the civilian cruise liner Meridia. He had braced himself for an emergency situation, but had pleasantly surprised- and amused- by the fact that the vessel's engines had shut down because of targ urine. He had had to stifle a chuckle, but had allowed himself a grin at the news. Now the Meridia was safely ensconced in the cradle of the station's docking bays, where Rusty Hael's engineering teams were busy repairing the damage. For once, Theo was privately relieved he was no longer an engineer. He did not envy those unfortunate officers who were now draining targ urine from every square inch of the Meridia's warp drive. Theo left it an hour or so before he ascended from lowest level to the door of Captain Taybrim's office. He rang the doorchime and the door opened a moment later. Poking his head around the doorframe. Seated behind his desk was Sal Taybrim, waving him in.:: Taybrim: Theo! Just the person I was hoping to see! :: Whittaker: Have you heard the news? :: with an unabashed grin. :: It was targ urine. How on earth... :: he trailed off into a snicker. :: ::Sal nodded, leaning forward.:: Taybrim: I did just speak with Captain Doreln. She was mortified to find out the cause. I get the feeling that her transition from moving freight around to taking a command where the vast majority of the people onboard are arrogant passengers has been a difficult one. Whittaker: I think I can relate. :: not the first time, he was reminded of the vast difference :: beat :: I hear that the Captain invited us for dinner aboard the Meridia this evening as a show of gratitude? ::Sal nodded an assent.:: Taybrim: I already accepted her invitation. That's where you come in ::his dark eyes sparkled:: I promised her that I wouldn't be the only guest. I need you to wrangle the senior staff - get them to come to dinner tonight. Whittaker: That shouldn't be a problem. Although I hope that this dinner will be better than the last one we attended. :: he made a motion with his fingers indicated himself and Sal, while also recalling the misadventure almost two years before, a relic of which lay cooing quietly in a habitat near the Captain's desk. Taybrim: She told me dress nicely. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it is a fancy dinner on a very impressive cruise liner, so perhaps encourage everyone to wear whatever finery they feel most comfortable in. :: For the first time since Theo stepped foot into Sal's private sanctum, his smile wavered. To many Starfleet officers 'finery' meant dress uniforms, and he was no fan of the white monstrosity that the service made it's officers and enlisted personnel wear. He visibly blanched at the idea. :: Whittaker: :: with a note of despair. :: Dress uniforms? Taybrim: ::He chuckled evenly:: Oh goodness, no! No dress whites. Just... nice dress. :: Relieved, the smile returned to Theo's face. A formal dinner without that hated uniform was an idea that he could get behind. He nodded eagerly. :: Whittaker: I think I can arrange that. Do you have any idea what you will be wearing? :: he asked, as he mentally decided on the ruby red suit he had brought several weeks previously. He had been looking for an excuse to wear it. :: Taybrim: ::He shook his head:: I'm sure you have better fashion sense than I do. ::He leaned forward and spoke in a nearly conspiratorial tone:: I actually like dress whites because I don't have to think about what to wear. Whittaker: :: with a raised eyebrow. :: You are a strange, strange man, Sal Taybrim. :: a chuckle. :: What time is dinner? Taybrim: ? Whittaker: Understood. I'll have everybody dripping with opulence. Taybrim: ? (( Time Jump )) (( Executive Officer's Office - Starbase 118 )) (( Twenty Five Minutes Later )) :: It had not taken Theo long to finish composing the memorandum to the senior staff and nor had he found it particularly taxing. He had had to alter some of the Beta and Gamma Shift duty rosters to ensure that every members of the Operations Tower's senior staff could attend- again not a difficult endeavour. He was sat behind his desk, checking the wording of the message he was about to send out and sipping leisurely from a hot cup of black, gingerbread-flavoured coffee. :: To: Operations Tower Senior Staff From: Commander Theo Whittaker, Executive Officer, Starbase 118 Operations Tower Subject: Formal Dinner This Evening. You are cordially invited to a formal dinner aboard the starliner Meridia this evening at 1900 Hours, Local Station Time. This is a show of gratitude from Captain Doreln for our quick response to her distress call. Attendance is mandatory, although you are not required to wear dress uniforms. Please arrive promptly and dressed appropriately. Any dietary requirements must be passed on to the Meridia's head of catering no later than 1600 Hours. Bring your best smile! :: Smiling at the last comment, he was satisfied he had not missed any important detail and thus, he sent the message. Sitting back in his chair, he hoped the night would pass without a major incident. The last thing he wanted was for a repeat of last year's tribble convention. oO I hope Sal keeps a lock on Moby's habitat. Oo he thought with a snicker. :: (( Time Jump )) (( Meridia's Berth - Starbase 118 Main Hangar Bay )) (( Time Index: 1855 Hours, Local Station Time )) :: Theo caught sight of his reflection in the transparent aluminium window and- not for the first time since donning his suit- checked himself over. The suit fit perfectly and his hair was laid perfectly. A good job since there was enough product in it for five people. He had swept his fringe to one side in a prepatory style. The stubble he had allowed to grow into a quasi-beard had all been shaved away thanks to a last minute trip to a barber shop in the Commercial Sector's San Francisco District. He had gone back and forth about whether to keep the stubble or not, reasoning that without it, he looked like a 16 year old boy- not exactly something he wanted to project given his position in the station's command structure. In the end, however, he could not deny that he looked smarter without it and so he had had it removed. oO I'll just have to look like I'm too young for the academy. Oo. He nodded approvingly at his reflection, touching his hair for good measure. oO I look good! Oo he thought to himself. Turning to the gangway that led from the departure lounge and towards the Meridia, he realised that he was not the first to arrive. A moment later, it dawned on him that they had seen his display of vanity a moment ago. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as they turned red with embarrasment. :: Whittaker: E-evening! Did you see that just now? :: he jerked a thumb to the transparent aluminum. Aitas: It is my job to be observant, sir. Whittaker: I don't do that all the time, I really don't. oO Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Oo. Aitas: ::still smiling:: You look good, sir. I find myself feeling as if I didn't have quite enough to properly prepare. -- Commander Theo Whittaker Executive Officer Starbase 118 Operations / USS Columbia C239203TW0
  2. Hiya Sarah! We are happy to have you with us! I have no doubts that you are going to have a blast with us and we with you! Best of luck! Or if you're the superstitious play-actor type Break a Leg! I'm sure you'll you do great though.
  3. One more weekend of the Haunted Hayride... And i couldn't be happier! Funny how that works :P

  4. It is finally here! My local Haunted House is now open! So happy because I volunteer on the hayride and scare people! Mwahaha... er... Hehe

  5. Why does it take so long to get use to everything? This is crazy. We all should be able to snap our fingers and... Boom! back into the flow of things

  6. Rustyy Hael wasn't anything impressive to look at, even for a Human. He stood at 5'5" but had broad shoulders and large forearms. No one knew how built he was because he always wore long sleeves to cover his tattoo on his inner arm. Rustyy was clean cut though, his hair shaved on the sides and across the back. His hair on top was thick brown and combed to one side, made it easy to get ready in the morning. Rustyy was one of seven kids born and raised in old Americas Alaska. He was the oldest one sent out to make a good example for the rest. Not likely though, Rustyy was a problem child, always getting into fights at school. Rustyy was 17 looking at some serious trouble with the law when a local recruiter found him. Gave him a chance of a life time to not see time. Now here he was, four years later,22 years old, he as far from home as he never wanted to be. About to transport over to his new temporary home till he was a signed to a long term assignment. Rusty hated transporters, and hated large groups. Yet he liked action and being in the middle of a fight. *The choices I make...* Rustyy thought as transporter took him away. Next thing he knew he was standing on the transporter pad of the Star base. A portly man stood at the console, the kind of man that doesn't like to move around to much. Rustyy picked up his old american military duffle bag and slung it over his shoulder. The man behind the console gave Rustyy a dirty look dripping with judgment. Rustyy grunted and rolled his eyes. "Hey," Rustyy said getting the mans attention "What level are the training quarters?" The man looked Rustyy up and down, shaking his head, "Level four section three." Rustyy nodded and walked out into the corridor. He had to step back a bit when a group of ensons walked past talking loudly. *To many people already, this is going to be rough.* He turned down the corridor towards the nearest turbo lift, avoiding as many people as possible. When we made it to the door he reached out to press the button, and nothing happened. *Really? Come on!* He pressed the button a few more times before kicking the door in defeat. "Uuuuuhg!" Rustyy groaned out, "You have got to be kidding me." He dropped his bag at his side as a Lt. walked up on him. "Are you lost, cadet?" asked Vulcan female. "Nope, just standing here like an idiot. Question does this lift work?" he asked with his head tilted back and side looking at her. She gave him a blank stair, "No it is in process of being repaired." Rustyy nodded as he threw his bag over his shoulder, "You know, there's nothing wrong with using signs. Not everyone knows what's going on." The Vulcan female gave him a long look before turning on her heel and walking off. Rustyy grunted as he pinched his lips together in annoyance. But he trudged onward down a ways to the next turbo lift. He pressed its button, it opened immediately. *Thank goodness!* Inside the lift there where two Tellerites and another Vulcan. Rustyy grunted once again in defeat, squeezing in next to the Vulcan. *At least he won't start talking to me.* Rustyy kept his head down, listening to the conversation taking place inside the lift. The Tellerites were engineers, they were discussing the work needing done on three of the turbolifts. Rustyy sighed. The lift came to a stop on level four. The Tellerites got off first, now in an argument over where to start and insulting each other. *How do they get anything done?!?* Rustyy shook his head as he disembarked the lift, leaving the Vulcan alone. Rustyy looked around at the intersection, trying to decide which way to go. There were lots of people to the left and straight ahead, and he didn't want to interact with any of them this early upon arrival. So he turned right, and he got lucky. He walked past the next intersection to see 'SECTION THREE' on the wall. Two doors later and he was at his quarters. *About freaking time.* Rustyy had yet to successively deal with large groups while at the academe. At least there he could go off to the small local bars and blow off steam, here he wouldn't have such luxury. Rustyy entered his room and tossed his bag onto the floor next to the bed. He flopped onto the bed on his back, boots still on. He threw his arm over his face, unsure if he was just going to lay there or sleep. Minutes pasted by in utter silence. Suddenly, Rustyy sat up propping himself up on his hands. *Stations have bars, bars has booze. Booze puts me in good mood.* He jumped up, walking into the washroom to check his appearance. Looking into the mirror he saw his hair was slightly disheveled but he shrugged it off. *Good enough.* Rustyy went out of his room and went back down to the working turbo lift, heading towards ten forward.
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