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  1. “”Shezhana: Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer too, now, down the hatch. ::she insisted.:: Martins: I hate you. ::She replied without much hate in her voice. She opened wide and swallowed.:: How long is this going to take?”” ahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! Yes... this was a LOL moment @Sal Taybrim
  2. What a great year! So many amazing people here. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!
  3. Congrats everyone! It’s been a great year and I look forward to many more! Awesome work ❤️
  4. ""Silveira: That’s a long story, right now we need to act quickly. ::Vitor tilted his head, brewing an idea.:: Perhaps you can be useful…"" from @Vitor S. Silveira The shanghi king of Ops hahah
  5. ""Lt.Cmdr Elspeth - Making a List, Checking it Twice"" @Taelon I pretty you sure would all be found naughty! Hahahaha @Solaris and @Sal Taybrim too haha
  6. @Vitor S. Silveira what about rigor in the mortis?
  7. From @Vitor S. Silveira Why does the Monty Python song "I am not dead yet' pop into my head here :? LOL
  8. Any volunteers? Promise you don't have to wear red shirts LOL @Taelon
  9. @Ishani Kasun Oh I will! again, and again, and again... AND AGIAN!
  10. @Arturo Maxwell What's with all these almosts? lol!
  11. '::But no hugs. He’d leave that for Ishani.::'' from Captain Taybrim's last sim. Hehehe
  12. This was a little funnier then it should have been. 🤣 (Quoting everyone)
  13. From K'Mal's sim The hug lol! And for some reason I could see us doing a group hug
  14. PNPC Mace Anders - The Blue Man and the Ninja in blue
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