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  1. http://screenrant.com/star-trek-fan-films-guidelines-paramount/?utm_source=SR-FB-P&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_campaign=SR-FB-P&view=lista Summarization: Anything resembling a real production is banned.
  2. http://io9.gizmodo.com/cbs-might-be-shutting-down-another-star-trek-fan-film-1772273712 It's almost a C&D, but it shows they're gearing up for their own media to be out.
  3. If .. someone asked me to, I'd place it immediately post Dominion War. The Federation is rebuilding after such a devastating war, which had consumed all of it's resources. With a dubious alliance with the Klingon and Romulan Empires needing to be maintained for as long as possible, and with many worlds crying, Starfleet has made the difficult decision to pull back it's exploration fleets while it repairs what it can. For one ship, the USS Vienna, an Akira class ship, it is a welcome relief. The ship has been patched and refit a thousand times, and it's combat weary crew want a chance to relax, and expect their new assignment - to repair the sphere of Federation space most damaged by the war - to be a relaxing one. However, they discover that several minor powers are plotting to take advantage of this moment of weakness, now that the Dominion is gone. And the dark gathers. > After the first season and a half, I'd probably transfer it to them being assigned to a new Deep Space 10, which is placed trailing and rimward (SW) from the Federation. With a tenuous peace turned into a more firm peace, they seek to explore the area that is north of what remains of the Cardassian Union, and deal with the remnants of war in this area of space on the side. But the war has left some fault lines, and some of the newer colonies want to secede, with the Romulans turning more and more hostile on their side of the Neutral Zone. > Deep Space 10 is a backing station, and is mainly referenced, almost never seen. >The goal is pretty simple. The name of the ship is a deliberate refrence - Vienna, referencing the Congress of Vienna. To maintain the peace requires understanding and hard work. And by placing it so far off, we can ignore Voyager entirely unless someone wants to do a callover to it.
  4. It would make sense. I'm both worried and happy that CBS has no creative control, as sometimes the networks do prevent creators from running with bad ideas.... and a lot more other times they are the source of terrible ideas.
  5. Ah, well. This very well might be the primary reason for the lawsuit: https://drive.google.com/a/kd-law.co.uk/file/d/0BxWHYHfCkIj2dFA3QlZaRFdLeDQ/view?pref=2&pli=1 Or: Don't admit you're using KS money (even though you could justify it) from a Star Trek movie to form an indepdent studio. CBS and Paramount WILL take exception to that. Edit: And even if you do the above do not use someone else's IP to make money. Such as licensing *your* brand, which is a subbrand of another IP for.. coffee.. that's just begging for someone to slap you with a suit.
  6. And they have (predictibly) gotten hit with a copyright suit from CBS/Paramount. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/12/cbs-paramount-sue-crowdfunded-star-trek-filmmakers-for-copyright-infringement/ I was afraid of this when they said it wasn't licensed. They got a lot of money and attention..
  7. Alex Kurtzman: Producer, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Robert Orci: Executive Procedure, announced, Star Trek 4 Star Trek Into Darkness (producer) Star Trek (executive producer) Star Trek Beyond (written by) (post-production) Star Trek Into Darkness (written by) Star Trek (written by) Don't get your hopes up. =/
  8. That is a terrible trailer. They should just strip Star Trek out of the title. It'd probably work better.
  9. Massive unrest on Cygnet XIV after revelation of planned bio attack By Amelia Kerellian Stardate 239211.20 Protests at the Federation Embassy have grown since the announcement of the planned attack and Starfleet's enforcement of a gag order by the Cygnetian government. CYGNET XIV — Protests and demonstrations erupted at the Federation Embassy and across the planet following the announcement that news of a planned bio attack had been suppressed earlier this year by the government and Starfleet Command. On stardate 239211.09, a terrorist plot to release a deadly bio-virus was detected by Cygnetian Security working with a Starfleet science ship, investigating anomalous power signals. While this would be major news by itself, it was eclipsed by an announcement by the Arellian Cry, a major news network. They revealed that the government had been aware of the bio virus being released as early as stardate 239207, but had placed a gag order on the order of the ruling body, the Council of Matriarchs. In addition, Starfleet Command had enforced this issue, restricting the knowledge to only two members of Starfleet. While they had made enough strides to isolate that something had been intended to happen to a planet somewhere in the Avalon Sector, the gag order had prevented effective sharing of information and action. When it was revealed the primary reason of the gag order was that the leader of the Council of Matriarchs did not want her connection to the terrorist, who was a member of the same clan, disclosed, as well as the fact she had gone to the trouble of disowning the terrorist’s daughter to prevent this, the long simmering resentment towards the centralization of power exploded into protests and motions of no confidence. While at first Starfleet had dodged a black eye, that came to an abrupt halt when it was revealed that the bio-virus was a biological weapon left over from the Dominion War that had not been destroyed. Protests at the Federation Embassy have sharply increased over the last several days "I’m unsurprised. The Cygnetian Matriarchy has typically been what Terrans would call a feudal system," said Professor Emil Arbelaez, chairman of political science at Pike City University on Cestus III ."Roughly three hundred and eighty years ago, the leading clans – the Ariadust, Hakashri, Eolia, Sequri and Fearhi clans – proposed a system that would give more ‘voice’ to the people.In reality, it gave them control of the Council of Matriarchs, the upper body. It actually centralized power, since all clan members now had to pull in one direction to retain their political power, as well as forcing the smaller clans to bond to the larger ones to allow them any political pull. This incident just allowed the simmering tensions to boil over." In the meantime, hard calls within Starfleet have started to emerge. "I would be more than interested in how such a weapon could be allowed to exist past the treaty deadline," said Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff for Trill and a presidential candidate, speaking from a campaign stop on Andoria. "I call on the President and Starfleet Command to start an inquiry as to who stopped the destruction and who issued the gag order. Such an act is contrary to the ideals of the Federation." Kthria declined to answer any follow up questions, citing a need for more information before baseless speculation. FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  10. They really can't continue the prime continuity very well unless they go post-Hobus.
  11. Well, we have. For example, we have businesses in a economic system that would have *none*. We have currency even though we shouldn't. The actual answer, long wise, is that there IS a Star Trek Universe. For example, in the "official" timeline, there's no Borg (cf STEU), and such. We've just gone another way.
  12. It's unlikely that we'd have image politics to the extent that we do now, so I'd argue we don't quite have parties per sa, but more coalitions on issues.
  13. Honestly, DS9. Even with the war, it seems like a good place to serve, and I don't have to hunt for the Reset Button every episode. (Something about growing a form of roots)
  14. ((Banquet Hall, Deck 21, Deep Space 285)) Faranster: Everyone take a seat, dinner will begin shortly, but before that, let's give you something to talk about while you eat. ::Cerissa had made of one of the tables at the margin of the room her base for this. She was feeling a little better for some rest a relaxation. Her run with Altair had been an enjoyable highlight, it helped make the job seem a little lighter. She turned her attention to the Captain as he spoke.:: Faranster: Now that everyone has had a chance to take a seat and quiet down, it's time for that special post mission ceremony. Thanks to you guys, we have one of the criminals terrorized this station safely behind bars. ::It should have been so many more, the whole mission – at least from the marines’ point of view – had been a failure. The only thing to take from it was that everyone was, broadly speaking, okay. She felt her heart beat a little faster at the thought of the mission and laid her hand on her leg to not leave a clammy hand print on the table.:: Faranster: So, for the first part of this ceremony. :: He looked towards the blonde woman. :: Petty Officer? Christin: Of course Captain. :: He watched as she picked up a stack of thin boxes from the table behind him. On the table were several stacks of thin boxes, and some smaller stacks as well as a couple small wood boxes the size of ring boxes. :: :: As she moved around the room, putting one in front of most of the present officers, except for Ensign Ezi, and Lieutenant Holly. When she was finished, Shel started speaking again. :: Faranster: Please don't open yet. :: He signaled to the Petty Officer, who grabbed another stack. :: The boxes in front of you, have a companion. :: Cerissa watched as the second round of small boxes were circulated.:: Faranster: As you open up your boxes, remember before we joined the Doyle, and were joined by Commander Lizner, we were requested by Starfleet Science and Technologies to investigate the USS Thomas Edison's disappearance. ::Pause:: Because of our involvement in stopping the anomaly from disturbing the temporal flow, and because of our assignment to Task Force Silver, on behalf of Starfleet, I present you each with both the Prometheus Ribbon and the Defence of Temporal Flow Ribbon. ::The Edison. That seemed like a lifetime ago, and had been her first mission since graduating. She looked down at the two ribbons – happier times. Then again, it was easier to be happy when things were going well…and there had still been a huge loss of life in that operation too, the Edison itself being lost with all but three hands aboard.:: Faranster: Lieutenant Hakashri, during our last mission, you handled yourself with grace under fire. Despite numerous challenges and threats, you helped the Doyle face them head on. For that, I would like to award you with the Legion of Merit ribbon. Well done, Lieutenant :: The award to Ariadust passed by but Cerissa’s focus was called back to the proceedings when the Captain spoke next.:: Faranster: Due to the secrecy of our last mission, some of our officers weren't as well prepared as they should have been and due to this, there were several injuries. ::BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM:: ::Cerissa gulped as she fought another wave of nausea at the memory of the fight in a miserable street in Mith. She watched, thin lipped as the Captain called Tel-ar up, followed by Danara.:: Faranster: Commander Tel-ar returned the members of his away team to safety before taking a savage beating that nearly cost him his life. Due to this, he has earned himself .oO Another Oo. The Purple Heart Ribbon. Tel-ar: Captain. ::As Tel-ar turned she could only see the flash of his knife as it slid into the wounded man’s throat. She gripped the underside of the table as hard as she could.:: Faranster: Lieutenant Danara was part of Commander Tel-ar's task force, and during their search for their target, they were ambushed and she was stabbed in the arm. For this injury, I am awarding Lieutenant Danara the Purple Heart Ribbon. Danara: Thank you Captain. ::Cerissa managed to get her hand out from where she was hiding them and applauded with the others, her hands tingling and shaking slightly from the adrenaline.:: Faranster: That concludes the award section of this ceremony. Thank you. :: He paused as he moved back to his seat and stood there looking at Joella. :: Now for an important task. ::There were several more boxes distributed to various members of the crew who were called forward – well deserved promotions she was sure but she could say who had been awarded what. Her mind was firmly locked on the surface of Mith. ::As the last recipient stepped back from the Captain, the Doyle’s commander signalled to the wait staff who moved in with platters of food to set on the table.:: ::Suddenly Cerissa didn’t feel hungry for anything except fresh air.:: TBC --- First Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren, SFMC Marine Officer USS Doyle-A NCC-80221-A
  15. Pirates: A Persistent Threat Editorial by Lixa Dansha Stardate 239205.13 I hope I've caught your attention with that title. While piracy has been a small trend throughout the Federation, recently it's become a plague, especially on the outlying colonies. (You've probably heard of the Federation Transport Union strike and the letter written by the Colonial Coalition). Its time to examine this more closely, and see what might really be going on. A (Brief) History of Piracy from the Launch of the NX-01 The history of pirates is a long one, with Nausicaan pirates being the first known threat, until Starfleet began to deploy more ships to patrol the space routes during the nascent days of United Earth. Later, Orion pirates began to supplant Nausicaans as a major threat - establishing the Orion Syndicate. During the Earth-Romulan war, the Romulans would often fund pirates to force Starfleet to divert resources to protect its cargo shipping and merchants. After the Earth-Romulan war settled, the Romulans still remained active as sponsors of piracy - they funded the Elasi, a species native to the planet Menalvagor, so that they could continue acting against the Federation. While Starfleet settled this by making peace with the then ruling faction who joined the Federation, drying up the Elasi threat took several years, and during this, the Orion Syndicate continued on. "The Orion Syndicate is a menace against all of us, and collectively, we must take steps to provide for the safety of our shipping," declared Fleet Admiral Morrow in 2284, shortly before increasing patrol activity along the edges of Federation space. Soon, with the discovery of the Ferengi, Ferengi pirates also joined the fun, causing Starfleet to have to divert resources from exploration to patrols within the Federation. And finally, we cant forget privateers and on that subject: State-Sponsored Piracy I've alluded above to the Elasi (which occurred in the late 23rd century.), but it happened shortly before and after the Dominion War, with Breen privateers spotted in 2372. There has always been a certain amount of tension, but starting in 2390, the incidents of piracy on the outer edge of the Federation began to rise sharply. While there has always been rogue Klingon pirates, the High Council and the Great Houses formally disavow any such dishonorable activity. "Sure, they disavow any activity, but there's nothing saying they turn a blind eye. I mean, the Klingons are a race of warriors, and this is a form of war," said Dr. Katoh Erasi of the Federation Border Defense Think Tank, located in Terra Nova. "However, each time we've turned someone over, they have executed them. If they are allowing this, it's with a blind eye to any activity." When the FNS approached the High Command for a quote, they said simply that any Klingon who would pirate such would be punished as soon as they are caught. The Nausicaans have always been privateers, but Starfleet does dedicate a certain amount of resources to that sector to stop them from getting out of control (with mixed results - after all, Operation Safe Harbor is going as well as Starfleet wants it to.) Personally, I suspect the Cardassians, based on rising tensions throughout the Menthar Corridor and the push they have made to nonaligned powers to bring them in to the Cardassian Union or as satellite powers. That said, though, it is only 15 years since the end of the Dominion War, and they are still rebuilding, as well as establishing deeper ties with the Federation. While sanctioning piracy would enable them to 'war on the cheap', it is unlikely they would wish to provoke the Federation - at least right now. (They also have a persistent piracy problem, although not on the scale as the outlying colonies of the Federation.) That leaves the fractured Romulan Empire as a major sponsor. While that might be possible, the new government of the Empire has been focused up to now with suppressing the internal factions of the government, and it's unlikely they are funding piracy on a grand scale. There are, of course, the Breen, Tholians and Vaadwaur. Maybe even the Maquis Reborn, for that matter. The Current Threat There are a number of reasons why pirates are a current threat now. First off, the Dominion War caused a huge diversion of funds into fleets and rebuilding. Shortly after the war ended, many of the ships were scrapped, but a great deal of ships that weren't as new were sold to planetary governments (mostly core worlds, although the program itself is still ongoing). The conflicts after that have ensured that Starfleet's resources are still stretched a little thin, causing patrols to be understrength. Secondly, the growth of the Federation has meant that bases are now more widely spread out rather than to a set distance as before. (It's of note that often, planetary governments over this distance often get ships more often, presumably due to the distance from the nearest Starbase) But the reason why I went over state sponsored piracy was that the pirate ships often can exceed speed of the ships assigned to Operation Safe Harbor. This has raised many suspicions as to what exactly is going on. The ability to burst over Warp 9.2 or maintain a speed over Warp 7 indicates advanced engines and ships are being used. The fact that they can evade Starfleet patrols indicates some organization and the ability to gather intel on where Starfleet is going. Convoys But that said, while I'm sure Starfleet Intelligence is investigating, that doesn't solve the problem now with cargo activity shut down. What we need, is convoys. Rather than have the ships patrol and respond at incidents, have them escort convoys in transit, allowing Starfleet to conserve resources and be far more efficient about chasing them down. The need for secrecy might stretch resources, but it'd save the ships, and therefore the cargo, and therefore the Federation. Also, Starfleet should start upgrading the fleet in general - the Romulans and Cardassians largely have, and the Ronin class could easily replace many of the Nebula class ships, as well as assigning more Dakota class ships. But at this point, we should ask: what do our new prospective leaders want to do? Of course, Kevin Steiner has called for this as part of his agenda of expanding Starfleet. Lily Ventu, on the other hand, has put out a statement: "I urge any Federation citizen concerned with the notion of piracy to frame those concerns with caution and compassion. 'Piracy' is now and always has been a loaded term, one applied most often, historically, by the individuals who hold personal success to those who do not. Piracy is, by its most basic definition, a form of lawlessness, but I would remind all citizens that one generation's lawlessness is the next's revolution and the following's order. Far be it from this candidate for the great Office of the President to suggest that piracy is excusable, of course, but where some may advocate harsher punishments or stricter controls, I will always advocate for the ways of peace and understanding. Let us know these pirates, let us understand why they have turned to piracy -- and in doing so, let us see what parts of our own cultural practice may require reevaluation." I am sure that the families of the freighters hit appreciate her high minded views, although as many are not even Federation races, I'm not sure how evaluating our cultural practices helps. One can take it though, that she would not be in favor of enhanced patrols. So I will end this differently for me: I'm interested in hearing *your* views, dear reader. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • FNS Team
  16. ((Sickbay, USS Constitution- ) ((OOC -- Sidesim? I'm not really sure where this fits, since I had left Sickbay on my last post, but I'm going to have some fun here.)) :: Time must still be playing tricks here, Alex was certain he had left sickbay, but here he was again, with Tal looking over him. Maybe he had been daydreaming or something, but the large blue man was standing over him, giving him a look. :: Bishop: Hello to you too Commander. How can I help? Tel-ar: Medical. Bishop: You really need to stop playing with toys that will sear your flesh. This is starting to become a habit I see. :: Alex said with a smirk. :: Why didn't you come here sooner? This does not look like it just happened. :: Alex pulled out his scanner to see just how injured the man in front of him was. :: Tel-ar: You have been informed at my earliest convenience Lt. Cmdr. Bishop: So, convenience is how you judge whether you should be allowed to keep a working hand or not. Good to know. Glad you're not in my field of work. Personally, I would have come sooner. Tel-ar: My shift ended approximately 7 minutes 23 seconds ago. Bishop: You really should seek medical attention at the time it happens, instead of waiting until you feel like you can spare the time. The difference between the two time frames could mean the difference between keeping your hand, or having to need a prosthetic one. :: Alex was certain after looking at the hand that it wasn't going to come down to that, but he wanted to make sure that his patient understood that medical attention is not a convenient thing, it is a necessity. He reached over for the medspray to apply an antibiotic. :: Tel-ar: Illogical but I will keep that in mind. Bishop: I don't see how that's illogical. If you don't seek medical attention after getting hurt like this, then you risk complications. Tel-ar: Of course. Bishop: So in the future, you're going to come to sickbay sooner when you injure yourself like this, right? :: Alex injected a small dose of steroids in both hands to help them retain some of their strength while they healed. :: Tel-ar: Small talk is illogical. :: As he said that the Dr. gave him an injection in both hands. :: Bishop: Then it's good we're not having small talk. I'm berating you on your choice in when to seek medical assistance. I'm not sure why you're thinking this is small talk. :: Alex was certain that Tal was smarter than he was appearing to be, but it was like they were having two separate conversations here. :: Tel-ar: I will take that as a compliment Lt. Cmdr. Lt. Cmdr. Udas and I are most definitely not similar. Bishop: Ok, so who's starting the small talk here? You're a very inconsistent person, did you know that? :: Alex sprayed a liquid sealant over the wounds to keep out any additional infections. :: Tel-ar: He is Andorian by birth. I am Andorian by genetics. Bishop: One of these days I will have to try to figure out how that works, since they are both essentially the same thing, unless you're talking about having genes spliced into your DNA after you were born... Tel-ar: For me it is an important distinction. Are you finished? Bishop: Yes. We are all done here with your treatment. Remember what I said about seeking medical attention in a timely manner. Tel-ar: Thank you Lt. jg. :: Tal nodded slightly before he turned and walked out. :: Bishop: oO What a very awkward conversation.... Oo ~ Lt JG Alexander Bishop Chief Medical Officer USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B
  17. Axanar, but that's mainly because I've seen Prelude to Axanar - and something of that quality bodes well.
  18. FROM: Lt. JG Ceciri Ariadust Re: Nikael Kaire's open message If we stand for something, stand for something. It's not like he refused to run Maronda Shiir's message, and both sides of an argument must be allowed to run. Unless, of course, he's hiding actual actionable threats. But I doubt that. The right of free speech and an independent press means from time to time that the FNS will post unsettling things, but that is never a reason to censor speech.
  19. A retrospective on the Maquis By Lixa Dansha Stardate 239202.08 With the recent events occupying the news, I recently was thinking of the past. With the 20th anniversary of the Dominion War rapidly approaching, I feel that now would be a good time to revisit the original Maquis. A Brief History The roots of the Maquis began with the treaty negotiations in 2366. From the start, the Federation chose a policy of appeasement. For interesting reading, I advise you to find and read Ka'zhchi Afrnia's The Phoenix Incident: Roots of Appeasement and Betrayal, published in 2381 that reveals that even as far back as 2367 the Federation was aware the Cardassians were bargaining in bad faith. And the Cardassians being Cardassians, took advantage of the Federation's weak posture. In 2370, when they signed the treaty establishing the Demilitarized Zone aka the "DMZ," the Cardassians took the chance to start a reign of terror through intimidation. The Federation Council stood idly by, betraying its core principles as it so often does when they prove inconvenient. The Council chose appeasement over truth, and appeasement over doing what is right. The Maquis were born from a policy of appeasement by the Federation towards the Cardassians. Now, to be fair, I've had the pleasure to meet and converse with many Starfleet officers, and I honestly think that many of them were also outraged at this cowardly action. And in some fairness, I suppose, to that body, they had to worry about the entire Federation and not just those colonies. While I find the Vulcan philosophy rather devoid of life, there is merit to the typically Vulcan phrase "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." But as the Dominion War ultimately showed, it is sometimes necessary to fight for those Federation ideals rather than preserve a tenuous peace with a devious people. Had it ended there, I think the Maquis movement might have been more muted. The issue with the treaty is that it didn't care about where people were living, and when Starfleet tried to forcibly relocate colonists to other planets, they ended up having to leave them there. While at the time the Cardassian Central Command acquiesced, it didn't take a Daystrom scholar to see that they didn't want Federation citizens on their property. A campaign of oppression and harassment soon began, with the Central Command smuggling in weapons. The Rise of the Maquis At this point, the first Starfleet officers defected, and several more continued until they began what is widely considered their first open attack: the bombing of the Cardassian freighter Bok'Nor at Deep Space Nine, which killed all 78 crew members aboard. The attack rapidly spiraled into a shooting war between the two sides as both opened fire on each other, on Cardassian assets, and on Starfleet. They believed, and with good reason, that they had been abandoned by the Federation and started to fend for themselves. I will take a moment here to paraphrase the Emissary - it is easy to be perfect in an idealized paradise. But in the DMZ, there are just people. Angry, scared and determined people who will take any action they need, regardless of what the Federation dictates. With some attempts by the Cardassian government to smear the Federation, the war began to rumble on. In many cases, Federation officers who saw their true higher duty joined them, causing a constant stream of qualified officers to join, which gave them an edge over the Cardassian and Federation military forces. With the collapse of the Cardassian Central Command and the start of the Klingon Invasion, the Maquis rapidly became a power in its own right in the areas they controlled with the added support from the Klingons. (For those interested who can read Klingon, you may be able to find a copy of The Klingon-Maquis Connection by K'krih.) Bolstered by their successes, the Maquis launched an aggressive campaign employing the use of biogenic weapons to drive Cardassians out, which was only halted after Starfleet and the Emissary used biogenic weapons themselves in order to catch Maquis leader Michael Eddington. Do as I say, not as I do? ...And the Fall It seemed as if the Maquis were on a roll and were posed to declare themselves an independent nation. And then the Dominion hit. The story from this point is fairly well-known to everyone. There is a bit of an interesting coda to the story though. In 2378, the USS Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant via a Borg transwarp conduit. The Maquis on board were all pardoned. Starfleet, perhaps quite reasonably, may have decided that seven years stranded on the other side of the galaxy was punishment enough. The remaining Maquis prisoners in various Federation prisoners were not. Indeed, to this day they are still there in a move that is frankly baffling given the Dominion War. See, one thing about the Federation is that no one leaves the Federation. No one. Among many in the Federation, there was a sense of betrayal, and this perceived most heinous of acts has kept the former Maquis locked in their cells. From the Ashes Now, the Maquis Reborn have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. With the attacks on Deep Space 10 and Starbase 285, the Maquis are back in the news again. The original had a cause, a reason, whereas the reborn group appears to mainly be the gripes of people who just generally dislike Starfleet. But is this phoenix one the Federation needs for its rebirth as it debates its course at the turn of the century? Now, the Federation continues to walk the path between a military force and an armada of explorers, and it's signs like this that show that the Federation has many temptations to fall off the path. Lixa Dansha is an editor and foreign policy analyst for the Federation News Service based in the Bajor Sector. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
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