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  1. A feast of a JP from the Thor's junior officers! 😍 An imaginative scene full of mischief and good humour - it's great to see the characters off shift ... getting up to no good! Cannot wait for this to play out. "Pranking The Brass" ((Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Peri was going to owe Cassie big time. Although she’d already traded shifts with her once, this was going to cost her more, and Cassie wasn’t the type to forget it. At least she had found some humour in the plan, and seemed willing to help them out, for which Peri was grateful. The questi
  2. Cheers Alieth, that's really kind and it's so good to be back with the team
  3. Like a lucky bag - who knew those Vulcans had a sense of adventure? 😛
  4. Tea. Lukewarm is fine. Special occasions, include cake. On a side plate, not in the mug 😛
  5. Hi and welcome! SB118 is a great place to write and geek out on Trek. There's a variety of vessels in operation and each has a stellar crew! Hopefully you've found our discord too!
  6. Good point! Is there a secondment scheme? I'd be interested to hear if so! 😛
  7. I felt compelled to vote warp drive ... but a little voice inside me said no. No, it has to be the Universal Intuitive Mood Lighting (UIML). Need a red alert? Red back lighting and pulse bars already on it. Telling an end of mission joke? Soft, pearl bridge lighting sets you up. Unsure what's going on, but want to sty true to the Prime Directive - saw that coming, that's why UIML set the mood to curious but cautious egg yellow. Then there are the doors - imagine life without that swish.
  8. As a HCO officer, I dig procedural sims - it's great to see how the ship ticks over. This post by our talented Chief Engineer @Sirok and mighty marine @Wes Greaves ticks lots of boxes for me. I like the inter-departmental collaboration, the fact that we see a team struggle to get the basics right and two department leads having to figure it out for the benefit of the ship! Nice one! ((Marine Quarterdeck, Deck 9, USS Thor)) The quarterdeck was oddly quiet for being mid-morning on a duty day. Hannibal’s reassignment had been abrupt and equally as shocking to the Marines
  9. Shore leave is a great time to ... sort out all the paperwork 😛 I always look forward to @Alex Brodie's mission reports at the end of a mission! Maybe I should get more paperwork done, so I can enjoy shore leave haha
  10. The geeky pride I have right now is off the charts. It's only outmatched by my gratitude to the folks that took the time out to put a nomination in Congrats to all the other winners and to my fellow Vikings bringing the shiny trophies home to the Thor! P.s - a huge thank you to @Tony (Kells) for kind words in the presentation too!
  11. Congrats folks! Lovely dedications that reflect the work of our amazing staff members - thanks for all you do behind the scenes
  12. Great to see such talent and commitment recognised across the fleet. Extra big cheers to Vikings bringing trophies back to the Thor!
  13. Congratulations to all those recognised - great to see the hard work and dedication in shiny ribbons Such a great group to write with and to learn from!
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