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  1. ((I just love the interaction and reactions here ❤️)) Taybrim: Janul alone is not enough to ensure full attendance. But… we can force that hand. ::he paused and offered gravely.:: I am going with him. There was a clatter as a PADD hit the floor, a reaction that was entirely justified as the CO of the station proudly announced they were ready to go careening into the afterlife. DeVeau: I’m sorry...come again? McLaren: The Commodore will be going with Janul. Tatash couldn’t help but chuckle, it was the sheer insanity of the situation, m
  2. what an incredible yet creepy mental picture of an impending conflict:
  3. I just love seeing cross-ship JPs. Lovely sim ladies! <3 ----------------- ((Starbase 118 Ops - Jalana’s Guest Quarters)) Since Alora hadn’t gotten to sleep until past dawn, she had spent the rest of the morning sleeping. After a few hours, however, her body insisted that she get up, far too used to keeping a certain rhythm and schedule. Because it was shore leave, the day offered up opportunities to do some more pleasurable things, such as introduce herself to people she hadn’t had the opportunity to really meet very well other than a quick greeting at the party, i
  4. Agreed. Spider Barclay is what sticks in my mind!
  5. (( Starbase 118 - Commercial Sector - Cabo Breeze )) The party had been going well. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. The Commodore was just stepping down from his speech and recognitions. Sol caught the eye of the band and nodded. The music started to fade and then pick up in to a slightly more upbeat tempo with just the drummer drumming along with occasional hits from the other instruments. Sol started moving just a bit to the beat as she made her way up to the stage. She stepped up to the mic, reaching one hand behind her back to loosen the laces of her ubiquitous
  6. He's not the hero we asked for, but the hero we need! <3
  7. Earth-Romulan war. Not only is Balance of Terror an excellent episode, but it really gave viewers a sense that the Earth-Romulan war was a creepy, dramatic, lonely war like old submarine warfare. Lots of ghost stories and crew bonding.
  8. OMGz, I loved this sim. Poor Lazarus! And the one-liner:
  9. what a fantastic description of desserts, especially to an alien species! Way to go @Sheila Bailey!
  10. I do so love watching a difficult emotional scene where the characters are genuine, flawed and vulnerable. This was a lovely JP you two!! ((Starbase 118 Ops - Holodeck 24)) The Denobulan hybrid sat at the helm of the shuttlecraft, there on the holodeck. It was a relatively small shuttle, nothing fancy. Room for four in the cockpit. All around him was open blue sky, little puffy clouds in the distance on the clear and calm day. The shuttle was in the atmosphere of some planet, which could have been Earth. It appeared warm and Mediteranean in climate, from what one could s
  11. ((Bajoran Temple Gardens - Starbase 118 Ops)) ((Day Two - Bajoran Gratitude Festival)) Ashley was feeling better since being treated for the love poisoning at the Gratitude Festivals first day. He’d slept well, a solid three hours that night, and felt *great* actually. Probably due to his long pseudo-hibernation nap the day before. He was definitely well rested. Things were still bustling on the second day of the festival, and it didn’t appear the energy would ebb off for a long while yet. Plenty of people were drinking, but no one was out of
  12. While the Catullans were laughably bad, they were neither evil nor boring. It's a goofy space romp with a silly moral. But Shinzon... oh. he's terrible. Just horrible. One big pure pile of gold-pressed latinum gilded targ droppings. He's gotta win this golden razzy.
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