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  1. Oh wow, makes me want to buy the whole Etsy store of that guy
  2. White glittering diamonds. That was the first thought slipping through the young boy's mind when he stepped outside the new house, his father had bought on this strange planet called Earth. Last year at this time, actually not even two months ago, they had been on their home world Qo'noS, but after his mother died, his father wanted to honour her life with returning to her home world, so the boy would learn from her roots from those who knew more about it than himself. G'Tok stood now in front of the door, looking up into the sky where soft bright flakes slowly floated down to join their broth
  3. I am considering to participate in the writing challenge for the first time and would like to make sure that I understand it correct. The story can be either about one of my characters or an imaginary new character, right?
  4. Excited for finishing my first book, but it takes a lot of time from Simming. I'll sim for a bit before going to write the second book lol

  5. Trying to find a way to wake up the Captain, though welcoming date night with Viktor to relax a bit before my head explodes of too much work.

  6. Boarded the Apollo, looking foward to a lot of great Roleplay :D

  7. Thanks again for the welcomes. I just finished my Academy training today (the last Sim of the CO was sent) so I am curious now where i'll land I have a lot of fun so far and hope everyone new who just joined will have that as well
  8. Pleasure to be in training with you :)

  9. Yay Monday *checks her emails every 2 minutes all day long*

  10. Can it be monday already? Pretty please? lol

  11. Short question. I have made this account last night but still did not get this Email Validation email for the forum. Is there a way to request a new one? I have no junk folder or spam filter on this email adress so it could not have landed in there.
  12. Hello, I just applied and reading this handy 'Where to start' page I found this link. So let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica, and I am going to be 33 soon. I was born, raised and am still living in Germany. I have been a Roleplayer for about uhm.. 20 years I think. Starting with classics like D&D, going over GURPS, different Pbems (one of them I am still part of - 12 years Star Trek RP in German and still having fun), IRC RPGs and Roleplay in a virtual world named Second life. Some of them were in German others in English, which I actually prefer a lot. I do not work right now, a
  13. Nervous. That was the one word Jalana could be described with right now. Since she had set foot into the transport she was a wreck and everything had started so good. The morning at the Academy had been sunny and her mood splendid. But now being on the way made her aware of what was to come. And four years of training had not been able to prepare her for that, she still wanted to turn around, head into the next shuttle and fly back to rather do those four years again. In those moments she wished that she already had this Symbiont but she was still in the program, waiting and hoping. Maybe it w
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