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  1. ((Memorial Service - Deck 42 - Bar)) ::The clock said it was 0859. In the bar, the bar with no name, Starfleet had decked out the establishment with all the trappings and accouterments of Federation last rites. Two UFOP banners hang parallel to one another on either side of the constructed dais. Beautiful, and deeply rich sun bathed the surroundings in illuminated hue. The light from several large bay windows cast a half shadow on all in attendance. Due to the fact that not every crew member could attend the service, top ranking, and relevant friends and family of the departed had been allowed to attend in person. Others, who could not attend, were allowed to pause their daily activities and observe the service from their work stations.:: ::Nate stood in front of the bay window, a small PADD designed for discrete reference was in his right hand, and both hands were behind his back, draped just below the base of his spine. Lieutenant Commander Akeelah D'Sena, his very good friend, stood next to him. She had been discussing last minute details, arrangements of flowers and individual funerary rites, and now there was little if nothing left to discuss, as the service was about to begin.:: ::Nate turned to her. She looked exceptionally handsome in her dress uniform. And yet, due to the seriousness of the event, absolutely no inappropriate thoughts were currently in Nate's mind. All he kept thinking about, was how little he knew Masha Kall, and what he might say about that.:: ::He turned to his friend, straightening out the wrinkles in his dress grey and white uniform.:: Wilmer: Well...this is it.... it's time. D'Sena: It is. ::She hesitated and nodded slightly:: Just breathe, I believe in you. ::Nate smiled and looked at her. The orange aura the sun cast on her, painted her in a generous glow, that gave all new beauty to her dark and mysterious eyes.:: Wilmer: Thanks Akeelah. It's nice to know I have your faith in me... ::He cleared his throat, and placed a hand on her shoulder for a moment. Nodding, it was time to begin the proceedings.:: :: Of the fifty five officers and crewmen in real time attendance, all were quiet as he walked up the three raised steps, to the podium. His footfalls echoed throughout the bar, and he stopped, paused and turned to face them all.:: ::A moment, and he cleared his throat. He felt no nervousness, only stoic realism filled his mind.:: Wilmer: Good morning. It is the sad truth of all who find themselves in command, that one day they must be called upon to perform such responsibilities for their fallen honored dead. Today, we have lost not one, but two of our sisters in uniform. Warrant Officer Masha Kall and Ensign Zoe Heriot, two beings from opposite ends of the galaxy, whose only commonalities were assignment to this ship and unwavering devotion to Starfleet and to each and every one of us.... ::He paused, a single person coughed, clearing their throat from the back of the room. Someone close to one of the deceased broke out into hushed, but still audible tears. Nate continued:: Wilmer: ...I had the great pleasure of knowing, working and spending some brief recreational time with Zoe. She was remarkably at ease with herself, energetic, athletic and unafraid to try new things. She tested herself, and applied her talents to the devotions of her trade, and lived by a code, that became for her, a way of life. I remember the first time I ever met her. It was on the holodeck, during a moment where everything seemed to be descending into absolute and unplanned chaos. Zoe's charming naiveté offered her a vantage point of innocence that gave those of us--who were too vaunted and full of ourselves--and told us that it was okay to laugh at the absurdity of exploding birds on a beach. ::Nate smirked, and found that the truthfulness had gotten a chuckle or two from the grieving crowd and lent a moment of levity to the proceedings. He smiled somberly.:: Wilmer: Later that evening, she proceeded to have several drinks with me, and after assuring me that she had become intoxicated, proceeded to name the holographic bartender Fred. :: He let out a genuine single laugh. ::I didn't have the heart to tell her she'd been drinking synthehol all night long. ::The crowd seemed to enjoy the truth of that idea and let an appropriate tension easing laugh to the moment.:: Wilmer: But that was how she was. And those of us who knew her, can attest to the fact that Zoe Heriot was the most caring, real, true and honest of us. She was a true innocent. On a professional level, she was also the most competent junior astrophysicist I've ever had the privilege of working with. I have no doubt, that in time, she would have excelled in the stellar cartography department. She was a genuine and sweet friend. And I take no shame in admitting that I will shed tears for her.... ::Nate paused, and placed the PADD down on the podium. This was partly out of reflex, and partly because there were no words left on it. Now came the hard part--the toughest thing he would ever have to say.:: Wilmer: The next thing I'm going to say, will no doubt upset some of you, and rightfully so. When Commander D'Sena asked that I should officiate these proceedings, I was tasked with not only writing eulogies for my friend Zoe, but for Warrant Officer Kall, as well.... ::He throat dried. And he swallowed it away, speaking with only heartfelt honesty..:: Wilmer: I know nothing about Masha Kall. And I am ashamed. ::He looked to every single one of his brothers and sisters in uniform, attempting to make eye contact with all and finally wresting his eyes on those of his Rodulan friend.:: I was tasked with filling the blanks, of doing research on Masha Kall. I even began to ask around the ship, attempting to find as much as I could on a woman I had never even seen in the flesh. Up until I read her personnel file, I didn't even know she was Ullian, And after a while of realizing, that hardly any one else knew her, I began to realize something. To dig up these facts, and present them in a funerary format in the interest of detail, was a disservice to her. I should've taken the time to get to know her while she was still alive... ::He paused and slammed a solid, but firm knuckle down on the podium in emphasis.:: ::He saw in the crowd, that Kael his newfound daughter was there, dressed in black, and that the sudden slamming of his fist not only filled the room, but made her jump as well. Charlotte was next to his daughter, and looked to him with a compassion he was not used to, and had never seen before. He continued.:: Wilmer: ...because like it or not, we're all family out here. All of us. How many times have I used my personal interests, my job, my selfish recreational activities as an excuse to not get to know that new ensign that fills in the bridge position? How many times have I seen that lone engineer sitting at the lunch table in the galley, and told myself that he probably wanted to be left to his thoughts? We are not alone. We were not meant to be alone. On this ship, or any other we might find ourselves serving on in the future... ::he paused wondering how many future posts he might see.:: ...we are not only ambassadors from our representative cultures, we are a society of one. One ship, one crew, one family. There is no excuse for not knowing Masha Kall, for not knowing the person who shares our desk, our workspace, our halls and our hearts. ::He felt a single tear roll down his check as the sincerity began to fill the room, and others of greater sensitivity than he, began to cry aloud.:: Wilmer: ...we have all suffered two great losses today. But the greatest loss of all, is that everyday we all stand at the edge of danger, and we are all sometimes, alone, scared, seeking the familiar face of friendship, companionship...::He paused and looked again to Akeelah with sincere remark: ...and love. ::He paused, and picked up his PADD in conclusion.:: Wilmer: ...we are not alone. ::With that, he pressed a button on his podium, and a yeoman nearby, practiced with the established signal stood and blew his boatswains whistle.:: Wilmer: Stand at attention! ::He called with bravado. :: Honors 'hup! ::With that, all in attendance stood and turned to the port. Two individual photon torpedoes fired, one after another, streaking through the flaming corona sphere of the nearby sun. Each memory and the of the remains of each woman, turned into a flaming jet of spiritual essence, easing into the setting terminator of the forever burning star. Each would glow only for a moment, and be seen no more.:: ::It was a fitting ending, to such great and wondrous individuals. And suddenly Nate remembered a poem he'd read once as a teenager.:: My candle burns from both ends, it will not last the night, But oh my friends, and oh my foes, it gives a glorious light... ::Nate realized truer words were never written by humankind.:: ::And all were dismissed.:: END Lt. Nate Wilmer HCO/Acting First Officer USS Apollo-A
  2. I have laughed way more than I possibly should have at the image of that
  3. ((Corridor, USS Constitution-) :: Tal walked quickly along the corridor, leaving the gathering in the aquatics lab behind. His mind was busy, deep in thought and he almost did not realize that he had slowed down and come to a halt in one of the small little cozy observation nooks that could be found just about anywhere on the ship. :: :: He must have been standing there, staring out at the deep, dark depths of space for a while before he suddenly spoke. :: Tel-ar: Computer open a communications channel to the USS Apollo-A, in care of a civilian names Sherana. Computer: Voice identified, Cmdr. Tel-ar. Opening channel. :: Tal continued to stand and stare off into the depths of space, waiting patiently for any results. His conversation with Lt. Cmdr. Rajel had sparked a number of memories. Sherana had been instrumental in his final recovery from the self-destructive mindset that had followed his divorce. Not only that but she had been…. Passionate, wild and maybe as much in need of someone as he had been. Their nights and days together had resulted in marathon sessions as both pushed themselves, trying to lose themselves in the pleasure of the flesh. :: :: Tal had not tried to contact her once, after getting transferred off the USS Apollo-A. He had done the long distance relationship thing before and it had destroyed his marriage. Besides she deserved a man who could truly compliment her strengths and weaknesses. :: :: Unfortunately that did not exactly describe Tal. He had not even realized his wife was unhappy or that she was slowly getting royally [...]ed at him. Their final explosive meeting before she resigned her commission and returned to earth with their kids had been truly inspiring. :: :: Still he owed her and not just for helping him burn off the rage and stress, although that had been fantastic. No, he owed her for being a friend, for not pushing and accepting him as he was so if he could in anyway return the favour then he was going to try, even if he was probably the last person in the galaxy who should be trying. :: Computer: Civilian citizen Sherana contacted. Channel open, proceed. (( USS- Apollo-A, Quarters Sherana )) :: Sherana, the rather unusual botanist of the Apollo-A, had just finished building the roof for her plants. A malfunction in the environmental systems had brought winter's frost to a small region of her Arboretum, which of course was not the part, that was not suitable for cold. Apparently there was a lot of work for Engineering right now, because none of the dozens of engineers could take care of it. Sherana had never been a technical mind, she was a warrior and a botanist, so she could not take care of it herself and in the end built a small construction to cover the trees and keep the frost from them. :: :: When she entered her quarters she took off her tool belt and placed it on its place on the side table next to the door and pulled the band out of her hair, before shaking the soil out of it. Since she was alone now, she pulled the bulky sweater over her head and threw it onto the couch, while her feet dragged and pulled themselves out of her working boots. She rubbed over her face, it had been a long day, but she had done longer and more exhausting ones in the Klingon Military. Still she was looking forward to a quiet evening with some meditation. :: :: Just when she was opening a drawer to get her candles, the console in the standard desk she had pushed into a far corner, beeped. :: Computer: Icoming audio call from the USS Constitution B. :: She pulled her brows together and wondered who would call her. Who did she knows on the Constitution? Could it be? No.. why would he? Despite the doubt, her heart skipped a beat. Only one way to find out. :: Sherana: Accept call. :: It was silent for a moment, but then there it was, the voice she had not heard for a felt eternity. :: Tel-ar: =/\= Hello Sherana. =/\= :: And the very first sound of it sent sensations through her being, she had not felt ever since he had left. It was true. Her blood sang of his memory. :: Sherana: =/\= Tal. =/\= ::She was glad she did not sound like a whimpy little Earth woman, but still like herself. It did not matter that he did not see her, her posture, the dirt in her face, she still straightened her back, proud and tall. What did people say in these situations?:: =/\= What is new with you? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Fleet Admiral Jaxx brought the USS Doyle-A and I have been transferred to it. =/\= Sherana: =/\= I understand. It is a surprise to hear from you. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Seeing him, seeing the others with him from the USS Apollo-A made me think of you. =/\= :: She would lie, if she'd say she did not think of him. Just because she unterstood that duty came first, did not mean that she had not missed him near. She was just not some whiny little female begging for someone to stay close and pretend she could not live without someone. She was strong and had been raised with the credo of 'duty and honor first'. :: Sherana: =/\= I thought of you too, Tal. =/\= ::She did not like that she could not look him into the eye, why did he use an audio connection? :: =/\= It is good of you to call. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= I was unsure if I should. You indicated that you did not expect it of me. =/\= Sherana: =/\= You would not have wanted the distraction. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= What I wanted never came into it Sherana. You insisted remember. =/\= Sherana: =/\= And you insisted that going is your duty, and I would not stand in the way of duty. You know me that well. And my duty is here. =/\= ((Observation Nook, USS Constitution-) :: Tal stood staring out at the depths of space but that was not what he was seeing. No what he was seeing were memories, memories of intimate times and passionate meetings with a woman who still captivated his thoughts and stirred up powerful emotions just from the sound of her voice. :: Tel-ar: =/\= What else could we do? =/\= :: Tal turned away from the view outside, his vision turned inwards seeing her, remembering her. :: Sherana: ::A memory flashed back into her mind, surrounded by green, and in his blue arms.:: =/\= Your memory is faulty, Tal. I do remember requesting that you will keep me updated with your path. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Yes you did. That is something I should have done before now. =/\= :: slight pause :: =/\= Just as we spoke of possibilities for us. =/\= Sherana: =/\= Yes, I remember it. Right before our shaping of new memories in the Arboretum. =/\= ::Another shiver ran from head to toes, remembering how he had locked the place so they could have privacy.:: Tel-ar: =/\= Something never to be forgotten. At least by me Sherana. =/\= :: Tal knew his voice had changed when he spoke this time, a strange wistfulness, one almost of desire had slipped out. :: Sherana: ::She crossed her arms in front of her chest, even though he could not see it, it was a natural reaction.:: =/\= Have you called me to fight, Tal? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= No. That was not my intent. Did you expect me to act so illogical? =/\= :: Tal pulled it together, forceing his voice to return to its normal, unemotional tone. :: Sherana: =/\= I didn't think so. So tell me, how has life treated you? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= It has been interesting yet lacking. =/\= Sherana: ::She raised her brows, even though he could not see it. :: =/\= Lacking of what? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= You.... If it was possible... =/\= (( USS Apollo-A, Sherana's Quarters )) ::For a split second her heart jumped almost out of her chest. So he missed her? No matter how much Duty came first and how much she understood it, she was still a woman, behind her way too big men clothes. She swallowed and this time was glad he could not see her. She did not like appearing weak. :: Sherana: =/\= Why... me? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Because I can not forget what being with you is like. =/\= :: Tal could hear the change in his own voice again as he admitted to having a weakness, her. :: Sherana: ::There it was again, his voice had changed and shivers ran down her spine. :: =/\= Why didn't you say that before? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Because we are both essentially warriors, duty comes be four our hearts. =/\= Sherana: ::That was right, they were. :: =/\= And if it were different? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= If it was otherwise I would wish we were together. =/\= Sherana: :: The warmth that moved into her chest made her feel soft and gentle, something she was not used to. But it was for long enough to hear herself say:: =/\= Me too, Tal. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Why? :: Tal hated speaking about how he felt about other people but even he realized that their were times when one had to do it no matter how he felt about it. :: Because I am not Klingon, human or even technically Andorian, Sherana. =/\= Sherana: =/\= You are right, Tal. But you are you. You are a warrior, strong and honourable. ::She paused:: Why is this so difficult, Tal? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= Because as an old friend of mine use to say, the heart wants what it wants. =/\= Sherana: ::Ah yes, his friend from the Academy, she remembered hearing about him before. What was his name again? Jason? Janos... something with J. Human names all sounded the same. :: =/\= And I know what mine wants, Tal. But you deserve more than someone who is across the galaxy. =/\= ((Observation Nook, USS Constitution-) :: Tal no longer stood looking out at the depths of space. In fact his eyes were closed, his memories providing the image of Sherana, the Orion woman who had helped him recover from his self destructive tendencies, who had become more than just a friend. A woman who had been for a very short time his woman. :: Tel-ar: =/\= Deserve and what I can have are two different things. =/\= Sherana: =/\= And what do you think you deserve? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= To be able to fall asleep beside you and to wake up with you every day. =/\= Sherana: =/\= Tal, I ... =/\= :: She became quiet and Tal had no idea if his suggestion had offended her or if she felt the same. :: Tel-ar: =/\= I know, an impossible dream. Your over 9 sectors away from here. It would take almost a month for me to reach you... still you asked. =/\= (( USS Apollo-A, Sherana's Quarters )) :: Sherana thought about that. It was a long distance, but even with that, right here and now, her feelings had not diminished one bit. She did not like that weakness, but at the same time just now relished the feelings he caused in her. :: Sherana: =/\= What is distance... Don't tell me you miss me, Tal. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= I do not know. :: slight pause :: but yes I miss you. =/\= :: Tal could not believe that he was admitting to having any weakness, even if it was only his desire to be with her. :: Sherana: =/\= Why? =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= #$%^& Sherana. :: slight pause as Tal regains control of his emotions :: Your the best thing that ever happened to me. =/\= :: Tal looked around, hoping no one was close enough to have seen his outburst but at the same time not really caring if anyone had. :: Sherana: =/\= And now, Tal? =/\= ((Observation Nook, USS Constitution-) :: Tal no longer stood looking out at the depths of space. In fact his eyes were closed, his memories providing the image of Sherana, the Orion woman who had helped him recover from his self destructive tendencies, who had become more than just a friend. A woman who had been for a very short time his woman. :: Tel-ar: =/\= I do not know. This is completely unknown territory for me. =/\= :: Tal admitted as he reached up with one hand and kneaded the muscles on his neck. :: Sherana: =/\= But you were married before. =/\= :: Her statement was a simple fact. One that was true and while Tal had loved his wife... the relationship had never been... solid. :: Tel-ar: =/\= You are nothing like my ex-wife. You are so much more than she could have ever been. =/\= :: It was a reality that Tal had been forced to admit to himself. One he had been avoiding telling Sherana both out of fear and concern. Fear that she did not feel the same way about him and concern because regardless of how they might feel about each other the realities of their current positions might make it impossible for them to truly enjoy any kind of a real relationship together. :: Sherana: =/\= I need to see you. =/\= :: Tal felt a little thrill at that simple statement as his hands opened and closed unconsciously while he replied. :: Tel-ar: =/\= That may be a little difficult right now Sherana. Your a long way away. =/\= Sherana: =/\= I know that. Just turn on your camera. =/\= :: So she wanted a visual, not to be in his presence, close enough that he could take her in his arms... still her request was logical, practical and he realized that he wanted to see her as well. As he did he started moving, his long legs taking him swiftly down the corridor at a full out run even as he replied to her. :: ((Corridor, USS Doyle)) Tel-ar: =/\= Give me a moment Sherana. =/\= :: Tal slid to a stop and waited impatiently for the door to the lab to open. For a moment he almost reached out to help it but he was able to restraint himself as he slipped past the half open door and rushed over to the wall mounted screen, activating it as he did. :: ((Science Lab)) :: It took the computer a few seconds to catch up, transferring the signal and establishing a proper connection. Then the image on the screen changed and he could see Sherana. She looked to be sitting down on a chair in front of the terminal and based on the way she was dressed and what he could see behind her she was in her quarters. :: :: She looked fantastic. Her loose hair framed her face and shoulders and she was wearing a sleeveless tank top that showed off her arms and curves. Seeing her like that, made his mind wander for a second. Remembering their last day together. She never dressed like that, always wearing overlarge bulky garments that concealed and hid just how truly feminine she was. :: :: For a moment his heart seemed to stop in his chest as she suddenly reached out and touched the screen gingerly. Her face seemed to soften slightly, just like it did when she was in his arms. At that moment he would have given anything, even his commission to be there with her, to be able to take her in his arms and hold her close while he kissed her. It took the sound of her voice to break the illusion and return him to reality. :: (( USS Apollo - Quarters Sherana )) :: Sherana sat down on the chair in front of the terminal, the sleeve less tank showed her arms and her curves, something she usually covered under her bulky sweater, but he had seen more of her than anyone else, so she did not think of putting that sweater back on. Her loose hair framed her face and shoulders as she looked at the blue man's face and she felt that weakness again. Before she could stop herself, she had reached out and touched the screen gingerly. Her face softened slightly, thought she did not smile, she never did, not even for him. :: Sherana: =/\= It is good to see you. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= I am glad that seeing me agrees with you Sherana, especially as seeing you has reminded me of just how truly beautiful you are. =/\= Sherana: =/\= We are honest with each other and right now I hate that I feel this weakness in me, it is frustrating to be a weak warrior. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\- Frustrating, weak.... =/\= :: Tal's left eye brow rose and fell as he considered her simple statement. :: Sherana: =/\= But at the same time, it is the greatest feeling I had in a long time, a new and strange one. But it is good. You are special to me and the day I have met you... every day we have fought, and every moment in your arms.. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= I had thought I could live with out you, :: As he talked Tal's voice lost all of its normal unemotional tone and came alive with a rich, husky tone that was both masculine and dripping with desire. His face also relaxed, it was no longer a stone mask hiding his inner feelings. :: that I was strong enough to resist my heart, my desire. I realize now that I was a fool. That with out my knowing it you had become a part of me, as important to me as air or duty. :: Slight pause :: So I guess that leaves me with the question, do you want me as much as I need and want you? =/\= :: Tal waited, unsure of what her response would be, desperately hoping that against all logic, that regardless of the impossibility of it all she might feel the same way he did. :: :: That was the question. The big thing. What did she want to do? Did she want to be safe and miss out on the best that had ever happened to her, because the distance would make it difficult? Or would she dare it, be the woman she was, the warrior she was and fight for what she wanted. Her dark eyes dialed in on his. :: Sherana: =/\= I want you. =/\= :: Those three simple words meant more to him than anything he had ever done, than anything he had ever said. For a moment he wanted to throw back his head and scream out a cry of victory, instead he smiled, a small one true but one of pure happiness and joy as he replied back to her, asking the other question. Again one he hated to ask but knew he had to as it was the biggest hurdle preventing them from being together. :: Tel-ar: =/\= And the fact that we are so far apart? =/\= Sherana: =/\= No distance changes what I feel, it hasn't so far and it won't. =/\= Tel-ar: =/\= I agree. Somehow we can make it work. =/\= ----- Sherana Botanist USS Apollo-A simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo-A Image Team Facilitator & Commander Tal Tel-ar Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Doyle
  4. (( CMO's Office, Sick Bay, USS Doyle, Deck 5 )) :: Jalana had come to Sick Bay to check it out, out of curiosity of the Luna Class facilities, but she had found so much more. Selene, one of the medical officers had been familiar to her from the first word, the first glimpse onto her face. She looked just like her best friend Sundassa, just with hair and eyes changed into a different colour and a little older. Jalana had seen it right away and called her out on it. While Selene had not admitted it right away, she had done that eventually. Now they sat in the CMO's office to talk. Jalana needed to know more than knowing that she had come from the future, that would never happen. :: :: Selene sat on the desk, now that they were able to talk, and privately without anyone else hearing, a part of her wanted to go back to how they interacted with one another all those years ago. :: Faranfey: You said you're Rajel, I suppose that means you got joined, congratulations! Rajel: ::Smiling:: Thank you. It happened just yesterday. Slipstream drive is a fantastic invention, I tell you. What about you? How has your life been since we last met? Faranfey: You said it earlier, my past, the future everyone was supposed to have, no longer does. Rajel: ::Nodding she thought about that and leaned back slightly:: Since the time you are from is changed with you coming here.. I have to ask... Faranfey: About how things turned out for you, if things were any different? Rajel: Yes... I'm sorry, you must get those questions all the time. But if your Jalana is anything like me, you know that I am curious to know. Faranfey: Well, I suppose there isn't any harm. :: She paused and looked at the ceiling as she remembered all those years ago. It was a time when she was happy too. :: Well, I was the maid of honor at her's and Viktor's wedding, Andy was the best man. She was a bit nervous, every bride seems to be, but she handled it with grace. She was my rock for so long, and then she stood by me when I said my vows to Andy. :: She reached under her collar to pull out the locket she wore, twisting it in her hands. :: Viktor worked closely with Andy, as head of the Marines. :: She paused, she couldn't help but think about what they were working on, the Hunger had started their invasion just shortly after her friend got married, forcing her to push up her own day as well. :: :: Listening to what Selene told her, sent a little stab into her heart. So the other Jalana had eventually married Viktor, who had been head of the Marine group on board the Apollo. Well he had been here too, but they never got to marry. Instead he had killed his father and some other guys and had landed in jail. She had never had that life she'd dreamed about, being happy with the love of her life. It was painful and she fought against the emotions welling up in her. She had to find a kind of solace in it, knowing that at least Selene's Jalana was happy. :: Rajel: And I ... she... did she stay as CMO on the Apollo? Faranfey: Actually, she was Assisted CMO, within days of Andy and I getting married, she announced she was pregnant, or was it later that night. It was so long ago. But she told me she wanted me to be an honorary Aunt, and that she wanted to step down from CMO, which was actually perfect, considering Starfleet was after me for my own Command, but I wasn't wanting to leave the Apollo. Transitioning me to CMO allowed us to work closely together again. :: She gave Jalana a bittersweet smile, she was going to be an honorary Aunt, and everything changed after that. :: How about you and Vik? I take it you aren't together anymore... :: Something about the expression when she was telling Jalana all this, made her suspect. :: :: She had been married and pregnant. Sun had married Andrus and they still worked together closely on Sick bay, which they did not too, but not as CMO and her Assistant. They were both medical officers. This other world sounded like the perfect place and she could not help to feel a bit jealous. :: Rajel: No, I am not any more. My and his life went a little different. ::Quickly she changed the subject back.:: Was she also joined? Faranfey: Yes, she was joined right after their engagement, they hopped on the opportunity because it was one of her desires. They prepped for it, and he was there for the surgery. He was so nervous, worried she'd be different, but when she woke up, while she had a bunch of new memories, the ones she cherished, were the ones tied to him, and you could still see it in her eyes, even when she woke that first time after. :: It tucked at her lips into a small smile listening to that. It was a little amusing to hear that Viktor had the same worries than Sundassa had. Sundassa was the one being with her during her joining and they had talked about the very same concerns on their way to it. She felt the all too familiar tingle in her nose, thinking that the other Jalana had him by her side, even though she would not want to miss Sundassa being there. This was so surreal. :: Rajel: Really? Interesting that so many things are the same like her meeting you or Viktor and the Apollo, but that there are still so many differences. I am sure they will miss you, now that you are gone. :: Selene looked down, they didn't miss her, she missed them. They were gone before she even left the timeline. Fractured memories of happiness. Because she was here, she changed so much, even when she passed, she didn't think she'd see them again, so she didn't even have that as comfort. Their reincarnations wouldn't even be the same. She was completely cut off from the life she had before the Hunger, all she could do, was hope that Sundassa didn't squander the chance she had, thanks to her. And, possibly create herself a little place to fit in, in this world. :: Faranfey: They can't miss me... :: Jal did not have to be an empath to see that she hit a nerve. She raised her hand and placed it on Selene's, holding it gently, she looked at the woman who was so much like Sun, just so much sadder. :: :: With her spare hand, she wiped away the tears the welled in her eyes, the talk of the past brought up both good and bad memories. The good tainted by the fact that they were taken away by the bad. :: Rajel: What happened? Faranfey: :: Looking up at her friend. :: They're :: her voice broke :: all gone, they were gone long before I came back. :: She took a deep breath, she had only told her past to Shel. And since then, she tried not to think about it much because after she got past the anger, that she had no target for anymore, all there was, was sadness. :: Rajel: :: She swallowed hard. The word could only mean one thing. Cold chills ran down her spine and her voice was a mere whisper:: How? Faranfey: There was a plague sweeping across the universe, they were called the Hunger... And they devoured everything in their sights. The Apollo was the first to go against them, and Viktor was on the front lines, he did it to protect us all, to try to keep his kid, her kid, from suffering at the hands of them. But, he was among the first of the Apollo's casualties. :: Jalana's throat closed up hearing the fate of Viktor. She knew in her mind that it was not her Viktor, but that did not matter. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest, knowing that not only had he died, but he did to protect her, their child, and the Apollo. He had died for them, while her Viktor had killed. What had gone wrong? Could she have done anything to change their fate in this universe? She needed to breath, to stop thinking about that. She could not change the past, no amount of thinking about it could. :: Rajel: How... ::Her voice was croaky and she cleared her throat.:: How did you get away? And what happened with Jalana? Faranfey: When it was clear the Apollo was going to fall, Andy ordered me to be removed from the ship. I suspect he did the same for Jalana, but I never saw her again. Shortly after I was forcibly dragged from the ship, I had to watch it fly towards the Hunger's vessel and blow up. :: She wiped away more tears. :: They told me that it was a big win for us, as if that's a comfort to having everything torn from you. They didn't know that it was only delayed the inevitable. :: She closed her eyes, struggling to keep the tears at bay, as she told her friend what she suffered through. Her struggling was for nothing, because once her friend's arms were around her, the flood gates opened, the tears streaming down her face. :: ::Seeing her friend cry, took every chance she ever had in holding her own tears back. She had tried hard to ignore the tingle between her eyes, the blurry vision but now the salty proof dropped along her cheek that she had lost the fight. It was like she could feel Selene's loss, her pain. She had lost her husband, her best friend, her home. Nothing of that was left. :: :: But not only her loss. Jalana wondered what had happened to her, well her other her. What had happened to the child? To her symbiont? Was she the last host? Jalana was not able to say a word, her throat was choked up. She just held her friend's hand, closing her eyes as she tried to deal with that sadness washing over her. :: Faranfey: We thought it was over, there were a few skirmishes during the next few years, but we seemed to be fighting them off... But, we were wrong... Rajel: Wrong? ::She croaked between sniffles:: Faranfey: Around the same time as we finished the construction of the subspace amplifier, the Hunger reasserted their attacks, like they had been laying in wait for the perfect opportunity. My brother's ship was lost in the battle of Starbase 118, where we tried to pull enough ships together to fight them off. :: The ship she was on, wasn't able to be there, they had their own battle at the time, which left them broke and in need of repairs. While her brother was defending the station, alongside many other great ships, she was having to attend to infected crew members, and eventually put them out of their misery. Each death, she had registered in her mind as a death that the Hunger had to atone for. :: Rajel: I... I am so sorry, Sun. ::She whispered merely, for a moment addressing Selene by her real name, this did not feel like it was Selene's story, but the one of her best friend, just in another world.:: :: Selene's tone changed again, she got to the point of her story that didn't sadden her as much, it fueled her anger, and her tone reflected to show that. :: Faranfey: Jalana, I wished I could have been at that fight, at the time I was killing members of the crew that had been infected. I would have preferred to parish in a last stand, than have to kill people who were innocent. After the loss of my brother, I stopped feeling anything, except anger. The monsters stole everything from me, and I was set out to make them pay. We fought for years, a hunger-ling killed my CO and I took Command. While I wouldn’t have minded dying to be with those I lost, I wanted to make as many of them pay as possible. :: That Selene was here, made it clear that she had gotten through it. After everyone she had loved was gone, she still had survived. Making everyone pay back usually did not bring that with it. :: Rajel: What did change, that you managed to get out of that? Faranfey: I don't know, a little hope. I don't remember who, but someone researched everything they could about the Hunger, having discovered when they first showed up. I always wished they never existed, so I started thinking about what would happen if we could change everything. We didn't have anything to lose if it failed, we were mostly on our own, coming across scattered survivors, but almost everything was gone. My crew was on board, and we made our plans, trying to give ourselves the best shot at success, when we were attacked. At that point, we had to take our chances, make the jump and hope we succeeded. :: She listened to the story, completely pulled into it. The tears that had flown earlier were starting to dry, leaving salty traces on her cheeks. :: Rajel: And then? Faranfey: Our ship was under attack, we had killed a few of the hunger, my crew and I, our ship was in need of major repairs, but we didn't have time to debate, if we didn't take the chance, we would have lost it completely with the way they were coming after us. So I gave the order, and we slung the poor old Victory around the Class G4II sun. :: The rest of her story was in this time, they had plugged the hole for the Hunger, making sure they would never be able to invade. Which should have prevented her future from coming to light. Sun would have a happy life, but she was disappointed that Jalana didn't. :: Rajel: So... that is when you landed in this universe. You came to make sure it would not happen again. Faranfey: Yeah, I wanted to stop it before it started. No one should suffer that fate. :: Jalana nodded slightly. She could understand why Selene had done it, even though it might not have been inside the rules. Though she did not even know if the other Universe had the same rules. :: Rajel: You did not really expect to see me again, did you? :: The question kind of hurt, because she wasn't trying to avoid Jalana, maliciously. She wanted to keep their lives separate, it was the reason she didn't keep in touch with Jaxx, and she didn't reach out to their parents. She didn't want to take anything away from Sun. :: Faranfey: It's not that I didn't expect to, part of me hoped I would. But, I didn't want Sun to know, and the more people who were connected to her, that knew, the more people would have to lie to her. :: Jalana could not help but feel a little hurt. She interpreted what Selene said as if she would have never reached out for her, because of Sun. That was not what she expected to hear from her best friend. On the other hand, the woman in front of her was not her Sun. So she should just swallow that. She did not have any right to think, that any Sun from any other universe would ever make herself known to her. That Jal now knew she was here, had been a coincidence. :: Rajel: Why shouldn't Sun know? Faranfey: I just don't feel I should be taking anything away from her, this is her time. I had mine. Rajel: But you are here now, in this time. It will be hard to not cross paths. Faranfey: It's the reason I avoided the dinner, I would have loved to be there to see Shel get promoted... But I was shocked to see you both there at the dinner. ::That only confirmed that it had been an accident. Of course it was, what else? Nobody could have planned that.:: Rajel: Well you know her, she would not want to stay away for his promotion. And I could not let her go alone and return to the Apollo without her. :: Selene smiled, she knew Sun, it was the same reason she wanted to be there. Watching Shel get promoted was important. It stung that she didn't get to see it, but that was kind of her fault for not having told Sun sooner. :: Faranfey: I know. Rajel: ::She tilted her head slightly:: You are aware that now that I know you are here, I will have an eye on you, right? Faranfey: And when you say "have an eye on you", you aren't going to be spying covertly, are you? Rajel: ::laughing:: While we have a good Intel department, no I don't. I mean that I'll be checking up on you, make sure you are okay, calling you sometimes. You are here now, in this world. And in this world I am still around and plan to do so for a long time. :: That sounded reasonable, but she still didn't want to take anything away from Sun, even if she could have used having Jalana around to ground her all those years. :: Faranfey: As long as you have room for two of us, don't hold anything back from her though, she needs you. :: Her eyes watered a little again. :: I needed you too. Rajel: ::She squeezed Selene's hand:: I will always be there for her, she is my best friend. And I will be here for you too. I’ll just have to get used to calling you Selene, I guess. ::She paused slightly:: By not holding back... do you mean that she will hear about your existence? Faranfey: I imagine it's inevitable, if people are recognizing me, then it's bound to get back to her. But how exactly do you introduce yourself to yourself? Rajel: I can't really imagine. I guess a "Hi, I am you from the future" does not work very well. But it could be that the blow will be less if she hears about it from me or Shelther. That way she has time to figure out if she wants to see you or not. Faranfey: What if she can't handle the truth, the fact that Jaxx died, nearly tore me apart. Rajel: What if she CAN handle the truth? I cannot speak for her, but if there is one thing I can tell you, it is that 'What if's can hold you back to find happiness. You will never know before you try. :: Selene knew she was worrying herself over how Sun might react, but it was part of her mission, as she had come back from the future to spare her the same fate. :: Faranfey: I know. I'll have to figure it out, hopefully before you guys leave. But... Speaking about holding back, I think I have a guy who is waiting for me at this point. I don't remember the last time I was asked out... ::For a moment she wondered what Selene meant, but then she remembered Bishop and that he wanted to get drinks with her. She immediately jumped off the chair. :: Rajel: Oh yes! Bishop. I completely forgot. What are you still doing here like we're having a tea party, go get him. Faranfey: Whoa. :: She paused and looked at her friend, curious about the sudden reaction. :: Rajel: I have no idea where that came from. ::She laughed and then shook her head.:: Enjoy your date. And if I do not see you before we leave, I'll call once we are back on the Apollo. Faranfey: At this point, I know the door is open, so feel free to contact me, and I'll do the same. I'll also let Shel know that you know. :: Jalana stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the taller woman, pulling her into a hug. She held her for a moment and smiled. :: Rajel: Have fun. Faranfey: If I can remember how to. :: Selene smiled back, before exiting the Chief Medical Officer's office. While the conversation was a bit heavier than she expected, she knew at some point she had to get it all off her chest. She wondered if her PADD still was around, or if the DoTI had destroyed it, all those messages she made for Jalana, not knowing if she were alive or dead, being stored. Hopefully they hadn't gotten through the encryption. :: :: Now Selene had a man who had tracked her down to confront her, and then to ask her out, to find. Hopefully the rest of the evening wasn't going to be as emotional as the last couple hours. :: ---- LtCmdr Jalana Rajel Medical Officer USS Apollo-A simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena Acting CO USS Apollo-A Image Team Facilitator And PNPC Lieutenant Selene Faranfey Medical Officer Simmed by: Captain Shelther Faranster Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A Assistant Statistician, Starbase 118 Academy
  5. I could not help but laugh out loud at this gem:
  6. UFoP: Starbase 118's Graphics Contest and command staff of the USS Garuda are thrilled to introduce to you the graphics challenge: Design Astrofori One! This contest is looking for talented creators and graphics wizards among our membership to come up with a wholly unique station design for the Garuda's new base of operations, Astrofori One. A-One is, however, much more than a simple base. It's a political and diplomatic experiment in the Menthar Corridor, and its mission is to bring together the major and minor powers in the Corridor under the banner of peaceful cooperation and collaboration.. In-character, the station was built by a coalition of races and powers, including the Federation, the Cardassian Union, the Breen, and the Kubarey. It's definitely not your standard Starfleet station, and any winning design will surely have some fun with creating something that we've never seen before! This challenge will be open through the end of April, at which time judges from the Garuda and the Graphics Contest will decide upon a winner. We look forward to seeing your entry, so get your creativity going and submit your image! A quick overview: The image we have up there now is a placeholder and the actual station design doesn't need to look anything like it.The station was designed and built by many of the powers listed on the Astrofori One page, so it shouldn't look obviously Starfleet (or Romulan, or Klingon, or...), but it could include elements of any or none of them.Be creative, this is your time to do something new and exciting for UFOP: SB 118.Deadline is April 30th Please make sure to use the "Design Astrofori One" Topic Prefix when you submit your entries, so the different contests are not going to be mixed up. Thank you
  7. We are proud to present you a new round of the "Starbase 118: Graphic contest". In this contest we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. If you like to be artistic at any level, join in the fun. The theme of this round will be "The spirit of Star trek"! What is Star Trek for you? What does make it special? It can be anything really! Let your imagination run wild. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES The theme must be included, it's part of the challengeThe submitted work has to be done by you.Any kind of graphic style is allowed. You can paint, use 3D renders, mix different source images, make collages, manipulate photos etc. as long as the final work is completely yours.Everyone can submit one imageThe image must be within the Star Trek Universe, how you show that is on you.Please add your name (your primary character which we identify you with) in the lower corner as a signatureImage size: At least 600*450 pixel and staying in these proportions (either horizontal or vertical, by your choice)Submission deadline is June 22ndTo submit the image, start a new thread in this contest forum, that way we do not have to dig for it Now of course you might wonder what you have from all this, apart from a lot of fun and being able to show off your artistic side. The winner and runner up will receive a badge for his forum signature/Wiki pageThe winner will be announced in the news on the websiteWe will build a gallery page of all entries with special featuring of the winners, and display the images on our Deviantart pageAnd the winner will also receive an IC surprise, which we don't want to spoil.Yes, you read that right, winners - plural. To include everyone, we differ between two categories: People: creation of characters, aliens, merging of people with backgrounds, scenes etc.World-building: creation of planets, landscapes, ships, galaxy scenes, technology etc.Each category will have its own winner! Eager to get started? Your mind full of images that want out? Well then ready, set, GO! Please make sure to use the "Summer" Prefix from the drop down menu when you submit your entry. Thank you If you have any questions, please post them here. Who knows, someone else might have the same.
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  9. The judging is over and we have our winners! First allow me to say that all of your entries have been fantastic. It was quite difficult, not to choose everyone as winners. But we had to choose. So here we are! This time we did not have any entries for the Worldbuilding category, so we chose 2 winners and 2 runner ups from all entries! Our two winners are: *drumroll* Tyler Kelly Talia Kaji Our runner ups are: Ayiana Sevo Nathaniel Wilmer Congratulations to all of you! And thank you for everyone who entered. You can grab your badges here. The entries will be displayed on the Wiki and on Deviantart very soon and Talia and Tyler will receive a message from me with their special IC surprise. A huge thank you also to the judges of the Graphic contestNathaniel Wilmer, Shelther Faranster, Maxwell Traenor and Raissa Moonsong!
  10. The Graphic contest submission is now closed! Thanks to everyone for entering and good luck! Winners will be announced shortly!
  11. (( Salon De Georgio - USS Apollo A )) ::Fleeing the scene of his quarters, where he had just gotten the news that not only was he and Artem to leave the Apollo, but also that the one person onboard who he had really connected with would not technically be considered a ‘person’ at all by most of the ship. He had called for Georgio, whose program designation was, he had just found out, Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist, and a moment later he had appeared in the chaotic disorder of sparkly sumptuousness that was the empty quarters he had likely just taken over on a whim. :: :: When Georgio appeared in the absolutely fabulous sparkle, his babyblue eyes caught Avaris right away and he smiled brightly. :: Georgio : Avaris. Don’t tell me I finally got you to succumb to my amazing cutting skills? ::Avaris laughed sadly .:: Torrin: No… I am not here for a hair cut…. I think I have gotten out of that forever now. Georgio : ::laughing:: You are not getting out of that just because you say it, sweetcheeks. You would look smashing with shorter hair. Torrin: You know that might actually look good, but I don’t have the time Georgio… I came to say goodbye, Artem and I are leaving the Apollo, he has been reassigned. Georgio: Oh you are going for a vacation. ::He clapped his hands:: How exciting! Torrin: … no, that means we are going off of the ship, onto a different ship where you won't be. :: Georgio tilted his head slightly. He might not have known much about organic lifeforms, but a few things he knew. :: Georgio: Of course you are, you are not able to breath in space for your travel. Torrin: No you still aren't understanding… we are going to be on a different ship. A place that is like the Apollo but it is a different place entirely. We will only be able to talk to each other by making subspace calls to each-other, with a computer terminal like this one. ::Georgio looked at Avaris in confusion. What did he mean a place like the Apollo but different? Now Georgio was not stupid. He was connected to the computer in a way organics could never be. But he had his purpose, being an Emergency Hair stylist and Fashion guru, so he did not access the database for anything beyond that. It was just not his interest. So he did not really know, that the Apollo was not the only ship, or the only place to go for that matter. He knew that people looked different. Some had spots, others pointy ears, others ridges on their faces or different skin colours. But while knowing that, he did not completely grasp that they had come from different places, because he did not access that part of the database. :: ::Avaris lead him over to the computer and activated it. :: Torrin: Whenever you want to talk to me, all you have to do is tell the computer to call me like this. ::He showed him how to find people to call with a search for them by Starfleet ship or facility and name. :: :: Georgio watched the Trill as he showed him the use of that terminal. So many different ship names, that he could choose from, and on these were so many people, that he could contact with the touch of the screen. The hologram’s eyes were wide as he saw the thousands of profiles skimming by. :: Georgio: Oh! ::he whispered and did not take his eyes of the display:: Look at all these people! So many poor unfortunate people in need of my fabulous skills! Torrin : Georgio, I wanted to talk to you about something important, something a bit serious. You realize that you are different from most people on this ship right? :: The pink haired hair stylist had still gone through lots and lots of ships and planet installations of Starfleet, judging their file pictures, putting them into a priority order of need, when Torrin spoke and he smiled widely. :: Georgio: Of course. Not only am I the most fabulous, but the others are also organic. Torrin: Yes… that's right. Most of us can't talk to the ships computer the way you can, we cant see what is going on outside the ship without asking the computer to show us on a screen. We also can’t turn on and off the way you can…. I think you have been turned on for a very long time now haven’t you? When was the last time somebody shut you down? :: Georgio finally turned to look at Avaris, his head gracefully tilted to the side, his slender arms on the skirted hips. :: Georgio: You have never asked these things before. Torrin: Georgio I … I didn’t realize you were synthetic before now, I only learned this today. Georgio: ::Chuckling:: Am I that convincing that you did not notice? :: Avaris laughed loudly, at the ridiculousness of the situation. :: Torrin: Actually no you aren’t at all, I guess I am just not very observant. Georgio: Well I am here since the Apollo left the dock. Haven’t been turned off since. I did… read is the closest to what you call it I guess... about what you organics do. Sleep. But I have not slept myself. I did ask that lovely pink haired woman Luna Walker for her help though, to change my program so I can turn myself on and off. She also gave me this portable thing, just in case the holoemitters have to be turned off again or get damaged. But I wear it under my clothing, because there is no way to accessorize with it. ::He rolled his eyes in a dramatic way.:: Torrin: I would expect nothing less from you Mister Georgio. Georgio: :: He grinned further:: I am sure you would like her. She is glorious. And that hair! She let me even style it. You should meet her. :: He looked to the wall panel with all the faces and looked up the personnel of the Apollo and when he found her, he noticed the note beneath.:: Oh. She is transferred to a place called Excalibur. ::His face dropped slightly, the disappointment clearly written in his face.:: ::Torrin sighed… it was good that the chief engineer was supportive of Georgio up to now, but how could he be sure that her replacement would be equally accommodating. :: Torrin: Georgio, I need you to promise me that whoever the new chief is, you won’t let them mess around with you. I don't know who… made you, but you have so much potential and it would be a crime to change you in any way. :: The babyblue eyes of the hologram were fixed on Avaris’ face, wandering all over it and trying to make sense of the expression on his face, the tone in his voice. What was that about? It did not sound like usual, and it was not anger or sadness. What was it? He tried to compare it to those he had seen around and thought he remembered it in the face of that tanned woman with the red dot on her forehead. In surprise he straightened his head. :: Georgio: Honey… are you concerned about me? ::Avaris looked down at the pink haired man, a bit sadly. :: Torrin: Yes, of course I am concerned about you Georgio. We are friends. :: Georgio looked at Avaris with wonder in his eyes, before he took a long step forward and jumped up, wrapping his arms around the broad shoulders of the man in front of him and just hugged him. :: ::Avaris bristled initially… he was not a person who made a habit of touching. :: Torrin: Oh! Well…. okay... Georgio: ::without letting go:: Nobody was concerned about me ever before. :: He felt himself melting slightly, holding onto the hologram. Was he tearing up? He felt at once ridiculous but also devastatingly sad. :: Torrin: Well I am concerned enough to make up for it. I'm going to miss you so much. ::They stayed like that for a long few minutes, in silence, just standing and holding each other. Even Georgio had realized by now, what Avaris had meant when he’d said that they were leaving. He was not familiar with the concept of a friend - something Avaris had called him before - but he knew that he would miss the tall spotted man. :: Torrin: You better not forget about me you strange little man. Georgio : You are way too fabulous to forget you. Torrin: And I am going to call you every week and make sure nobody is messing with your program, you hear me? I am putting you in the ships directory before I leave, incase you get too distracted with your fabulousness to call me. Georgio: You know that can happen easily. I will hope to hear from you soon. And I’ll let the new engineer know, that a big strong Trill will come to defend me if they try to change my program. ::He grinned, still holding on tight. :: Computer: Incoming transmission for Avaris Torrin. ::Avaris sighed, and letting go of Georgio, he went to the comm panel on the nearest wall. :: Torrin: =/\= Torrin here =/\= Dragumov: =/\= Where are you? The shuttle is leaving in 15 minutes. =/\= Torrin =/\= Okay, keep your shirt on I’m on my way. =/\= ::He disconnected to call, and turned back to Georgio. :: Torrin: Thats my cue, Mister Georgio. Georgio: Greet Artem from me, and you both owe me a make-over when we meet again. Torrin: ::laughing:: And you stay fabulous. ::Avaris bowed dramatically, as though he were leaving a stage, which from Georgios reaction, he found delightful. As he left the room, tears still welling in his eyes, he looked back at the funny little guy, wondering what was going to become of him. He hoped that they would meet again soon, in the brief time he had known the hologram, he had somehow found his way right into Avaris’ cautious and distant heart.:: ::But it was time to go, and so setting his jaw, and assuming a determined expression, he made his way down to the launch bay, on to the next adventure. :: A JP By Avaris Torrin Civilian USS Apollo A and PNPC Georgio Emergency Holographic Hair Stylist (and self declared Fashion Police) USS Apollo A Simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo A
  12. I grew up with TNG. I remember coming home from school as a wee lil' girl and before doing anything else I turned on the TV to watch Star trek. It was when it was first aired here in Germany. And I was so fascinated by it that I stayed with it ever since.
  13. What a fascinating picture. I will never be able to read about them, not thinking that they might be angry unicorns
  14. (( OOC: The Apollo has been shaken through by the Ion Storm hitting SB 118, where the ship was docked. While everyone went back to work, the children were brought to the School rooms, from which two children 'escaped'. This is an adventure of these children, through their eyes: The 5 year old Kapoor twins, also known by their hero names Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man. )) (( Hallways - otherwise known as the transwarp streets of the Galaxy )) :: Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Apollo, manned by the two bravest heroes of the world: Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man. Their mission: to scan the Galaxy, to seek out those in need, and to destroy those that threatened peace. To boldly go where no man has gone before. :: :: The stars flew by them, looking like long white threads of yarn, as the super-pilot Frontier Man navigated himself and his loyal companion Captain Warpcore through the galaxy in search for the Shake-o-tron. They had felt the shaking several times, quaking the whole galaxy. :: :: The heroes had agreed that the Shake-o-tron must be a huge monster, holding the galaxy in giant claws, shaking it like a rattle, to hear its sounds, the screams of the inhabitants. But Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man would put this to an end. They had a plan, but for that they had to find their enemy! :: :: As they rapidly made their way through the transwarp streets of the galaxy, Frontier man heard a noise ahead and fell quickly out of warp and turned to his loyal companion, placing his finger on puckered lips, before he peeked his head around the next big asteroid. :: :: Two astronauts with gold around their necks floated in space, and Frontier Man immediately noticed their belts, stocked with weapons. One of the astronauts laughed and said something to the other, that he could not hear, and then made a gesture with his hand. Just in that moment the ship shook slightly again. There was no doubt. These Astronauts worked with Shake-o-tron! :: :: Frontier-Man gasped and the Astronauts apparently had super hearing, because they turned and potted him. Quickly he ducked behind the asteroid again and looked to Captain Warpcore. :: Frontier Man: We have been spotted by servants of Shake-o-tron! :: The other's face change to determination and out of his gear belt he pulled a Hyperspanner, holding it in his hand like a sword. :: Captain Warpcore: We need to fight them! Frontier Man: ::Nodding determined:: To save the Galaxy! :: Turning around again, the Astronauts suddenly came around the asteroid, looking down to the heroes. Frontier Man pushed his hands into his hips, straightening his back, his cape flowing in the vacuum of space. :: Frontier Man: Surrender Servants of Shake-o-tron! LaFleur: Ah, we meet at last. And what are you two ::she sneered in disgust as she said the word:: HEROES doing in this corridor instead of in class? :: Captain Warpcore eyed the astronaut suspiciously, this corridor of space was easy to access, they had no problem getting into it just like everyone else using it for their transwarp travel. He just did not know what she meant with class... maybe the ship class? :: Captain Warpcore: You can't have the galaxy! It is defended! Dragumov: .. uh and .... and .... by WHO exactly is this galaxy defended? :: The other Astronaut was a little slow to speak, but after the first Astronaut nudged him, he finally had spoken and Frontier Man pulled back his shoulders and puffed his chest. :: Frontier Man: By Frontier Man and his loyal companion Captain Warpcore! Captain Warpcore: ::He stretched out his hand with the spanner in it, pushing the activation button, so whirring sounds announced the deadly rays.:: Take this, evil servants! LeFleur: You fools! Do you really think your feeble weapons are a match for the minions of Shakeytron? um... I mean... Shake-O-Tron? :: As the Astronaut used the wrong name, their little dark eyes squinted slightly in suspicion, but she used the correct one quickly and all was good again. Apart from the weapon not having an effect on her. :: Frontier Man: ::gasping:: It don't work! Do something, quick! Dragumov: We should get them back to the school, they will be missed. LeFleur: Are you kidding? I don't know if they were sent back to their parents yet or if they are still gathered in the classrooms, and I'm not missing my afternoon coffee to find out. Lets take them to the office. Whether it was the school or their parents who lost them, they can come pick them up. :: Once more the Captain squinted his eyes. They were speaking of things that did not fit into the universe and their important task to save the galaxy. Maybe it was a Shake-O-Tron secret language! :: Captain Warpcore: I don't know this place... what is a school? We are here to save the galaxy! LeFleur: But of course you don't, you good-for-nothing heroes just fly around trying to ruin all our evil plans! But it will not work this time, we will finally capture these enemies of our lord Shake-O-Tron! He will be so pleased we might even get promoted to ARCH-MINIONS! Frontier Man: Never! Captain Warpcore: We will never suc...sur... bow down! LeFleur: Ensign Crankypants! Seize the armed one! The other is clearly a master of martial arts just as I, Ensign Wing Chun am ! :: Frontier Man put one foot forward and put his arms in a chop chop position, squinting his eyes at the Astronaut. :: Frontier Man: I have the darkest belt! You don't have a chance evil Servant! :: Moving his arm, Captain Warpcore now held his weapon in direction of the male Astronaut and made little steps backwards. :: Captain Warpcore: You will never take us! Dragumov: ... Ensign Crankypants? Really? LeFleur: Make haste you fool! Before they escape our capture! Dragumov: ::defeatedly:: Alright Frontier Man, lets see what you are made of. Captain Warpcore: Hahaa you wish you had Frontier Man in front of you! Dragumov: ::sighing:: my mistake. Captain Warpcore than. :: Captain Warpcore kept holding out his hyperspanner weapon and tried his best evasive maneuvers as the big hand tried to grab him, but the Astronaut was too big, and without too much effort had grabbed the hero and slung him over his shoulder. With wiggling and drumming on the back of the bigger Astronaut he tried to free himself. :: Captain Warpcore: Frontier Man! Fight for the good of the galaxy! :: The other Astronaut and Frontier Man floated around themselves in the vaccum of space, that of course did not harm the heroes, because they were heroes and the galaxy was thankful for their deeds. But the servant of Shake-o-tron had special powers and while Frontier Man gave all he could, he was soon captured as well. Both looked at eath other, while they were carried by the servants and then smiled. They had just turned this turn of events into their own advantage. They would not give up! :: (( Security Department - Evil Shake-o-tron's headquarters )) :: The Astronauts had somehow managed to overwhelm the heroes, but they did not give up. They still tried to use their hyperspanner and flight powers to free themselves from their grips, but then had decided to take this chance. As the astronauts were servants of Shake-o-tron, they would bring them to their evil overlord and that would mean, that they could rescue the ship and the galaxy one and for all. :: :: A black haired woman looked up from her - undoubtedly - evil controls as they entered the headquarters and looked down to the heroes who where dragged in by the Astronauts. :: Severina: Right. What is all this about and who exactly are you? :: Inside the Headquarters, a space station that allowed them to now stand on the ground, well the Astronauts, since the heroes were still on their shoulders. There were more servants, as one would expect in the headquarters and they watched. Captain Warpcore had no doubt, that they were shaking in fear now that their enemies were here. :: Amelie: Ensign Wing Chun your evilness. Dragumov: Hello, I'm Ensign Dragumov. Welcome to the Apollo .... :: Again the big man started to talk about things that did not belong into their little superhero world, so the hero twins raised their little voices so they could not be overheard. :: Frontier Man: We are superheroes! Captain Warpcore: We save the galaxy from evil! Dragumov: ... and this is Ensign Amelie LeFleur.... Severina: Oh really? You look more like two children to me. Dragumov: A common mistake I think, when encountering superheros. LeFleur: AND they have discovered our secret plan to... shake things... your evilness! :: Captain Warpcore once again held out his deadly weapon, the hyperspanner, this time towards the black haired woman and pressed the button. The weapon made whirring sounds and its lights flashed, sending out its death rays towards her. :: Captain Warpcore: You will surrender! Severina: I will do nothing of the sort. LeFleur: Dont worry Shake-O-Tron, we will protect you. :: The Twin Heroes looked at each other with big eyes, the black haired woman was Shake-O-Tron itself! The Astronaut had just said it. Now they only need a way to use their hero powers against her and the Galaxy would be safe. Since they could not move away, they began to look around the Headquarters from their spots, they had to find something they could turn into their tool of freedom. :: Severina: So where did you find....them? And did you manage to get names - I mean their real names, not whatever it is they seem to think they are? Dragumov: We found them wandering in deck 41, I think they are supposed to be in the classrooms still but we weren't sure... Frontier Man: Heroes only need hero names! Severina: Refusing to give your real names? Hmmm, perhaps time in the brig will get some answers. Dragumov: As you command your shaky-ness. LeFleur : I think I can whip up a truth serum in the Break Room of Doom that will get to the bottom of all this! You will talk heroes! Captain Warpcore: You will never find out! (( Secret interrogation chamber, Shake-O-Tron Headquarters )) :: The heroes that did not seem to be very heroic right now, though of course that was all show and they would seize the moment when it presented itself, were being dragged into the interrogation chamber, and the heroes did not have a doubt on their mind that the servants of Shake-O-Tron would do everything to bring the heroes to spit out their information. Not that they would get it, but they would try. :: :: They were brought and sat down on a leather couch, as only the villains could have them and the female servant of Shake-O-tron put a large long bowl on the table in front of them. The heroes looked at it with big eyes, almost eating it with their looks. Banana-Split, the most dangerous tool of the villains! :: LeFleur: Alright heroes! You will consume this truth serum and then tell me everything you know about our evil plan. Captain Warpcore: We will never eat it! Frontier Man: No matter how good it looks! Captain Warpcore: Yes, we don't care, not at all, that it is our favourite ice-cream... Frontier Man: Exactly! You will not find out anything! :: The woman left and the heroes now sat alone in the interrogation chamber, alone with their worst enemy... the banana-split truth serum. They looked at each other, with doubtful looks. :: Frontier Man: ::quietly:: Maybe just a little, they will not find out much if we eat only a little, right? Captain Warpcore: ::nibbling his lower lip he thought:: Maybe if we get something from the bottom, there won't be truth serum yet! :: Frontier man slipped his finger into the bowl, along the inside wall and swooped some of the ice-cream on his finger before pulling it out again and with a short glance to the other Hero - and receiving a short nod - he slipped his finger into his mouth and licked the ice cream of it. It was so tasty, but of course they had to test if it had worked. :: Fontier Man: Ask me something. Captain Warpcore: Did you break mum's vase? Frontier Man: ::shaking his head:: No! :: The both grinned, it was safe! So they began to eat a little nibble her and there, avoiding the truth serum that obviously was in the dark syrup like stuff draped over the banana-split. They each got a few bits, when they heard the door open again, knowing the Astronauts would be back, and quickly pulled back their hands, sat on them and looked like innocence itself, just with a slightly tilted banana-split in front of them. :: Severina: I have your names now. Young Mister Kapoor and Mister Kapoor, you seem to have caused quite a bit of trouble. :: The heroes' eyes grew wide, as the evil Shake-O-tron came closer. How did she know their names? Now they had to make sure, that nobody would find out. The heroes always had an every day life name, and a hero name, and they needed to be secret. :: Frontier Man: We do not know who you mean. I am Frontier Man. Captain Warpcore: And I am ... Severina: Oh don't tell me....you are anything but a Kapoor... hmm? Perhaps a Ferengi merchant or an Orion trader...yes, I can see it. Frontier Man: See? No, Kapoors here, only us. Captain Warpcore: You try to dis... distruct ... Frontier Man: ::whispering:: distract Captain: ... distract us! We will save the galaxy from the evil Shake-o-tron and her servants! Severina: Or save the galaxy from an excess of banana and syrup perhaps...? :: The door opened again and in came another astronaut, and he carried someone on his arm, but not in a way the servants had carried the heroes, more like a friend carried his smaller friend. The smaller carried one, they recognized from their non hero life as Henry, raised his arm and said something, that was not easy to understand, but the heroes knew, they had been found by another hero! And now that they realized that, they could also see his green cape. :: Henry: Then WOOOOAH ::whispers and pointing:: … magic fish is on … the… GROUND! Torrin: ::urgently:: Quick Captain Warpcore, Frontier Man, we don't have much time, we have come to break you out of here. :: Frontier Man and Captain Warpcore both jumped off the couch, the leather creaked slightly, hearing the name of their fellow hero and his loyal sidekick, brought new energy into them. This was their secret weapon, so secret that not even they had known about it.:: Captain Warpcore & Frontier Man: ::unison:: Commander Quantum! Frontier Man: Right on time old friend! Commander Quantum (Formerly Henry): CAPTURE CANT HORN! Torrin: We must be quick, Captain Quantum's cloaking powers won't last long, and the evil minions will be able to see us again soon. LeFleur: ::with dramatic flair:: Where did our prisoners go!? You, Ensign Crankypants! Help me search the lair! Dragumov: I swear… they were right here a moment ago... Severina: They - what - Oh yes, that's right, I mean.... oh no they have escaped! We must find them! :: Captain Warpcore looked to Commander Quantum, who was known for speaking in an alien language to not give away any secrets to the villains. The problem was that most other heroes did not speak it either. But Commander Quantum had thought of that, and brought a translator, who did not only understand the alien language, but knew how to tell them what has been said, without spilling the space beans. :: Torrin: Whats our next move commander Quantum? :: The twin heroes kept their eyes on the Commander, wide open and attentive. Again he spoke in his alien language, which to the untrained eye sounded like unrelated words put in a random order and mixed with some brabble and nursery rhymes. But they knew it was the super secret language of the Commander, that only his sidekick could translate. :: Torrin: Well you heard the Commander, did you bring your weapon Captain? Well activate its self destruct, and we can blow this evil lair up on our way out. Commander Quantum: And then I was gone boom with it. Torrin: Thats right. We will have to escape quickly, or we all 'was gone boom with it'. :: Captain Warpcore's hand wandered to his belt, that once again housed the hyperspanner, or as he also liked to call it the sword of heroic virtue - though he did not know what virtue meant, he had heard the name of the sword in passing - or in their every day life called holo adventure - and he had kept it. Quantum's sidekick had relayed a great idea and Captain Warpcore gave him and Frontier Man a nod, then pulled out the weapon. While he pressed a few buttons he heard whispers between the Astronauts, but did not pay much attention to it, while he fiddled with the sword. :: Captain Warpcore: ::whispering to Frontier Man:: I am done. :: He crouched down and put the weapon under the table. :: Torrin: Is it done ? LeFleur: NOT SO FAST! THERE THEY ARE! Severina: Grab them! Torrin: ALRIGHT SOLDIERS LETS MOVE! :: With dramatic movements and a lot of sounds effects, all four of our heroes fought their way past the Minions that of course protected the evil Shake-O-Tron. But that would not matter, because the sword would soon blow up the Headquarters. Captain Warpcore pulled one of his super tools out of his belt that he had saved until now, a small ball, that he threw into the room. :: Captain Warpcore: They cannot see us through the smoke! Torrin: Good thinking captain! Commander Quantum: and they are with the smoke in their hair because they are… they are… Frontier Man: Here, I found the exit. Captain Warpcore: Hurry! (( Hallways - otherwise known as the transwarp streets of the Galaxy )) :: Just a moment later they had exited the Headquarters, floating in space again, but this time not alone as hero twins, but with their friends. Using their arms as ores, they floated through space and brought distance between them and the headquarters. :: Torrin: Good work everybody, now quick... :: The heroes cheered and clapped, when everything shook again, since the only explanation could be that that was the headquarters being destroyed and with that the evil Shake-O-Tron as well. :: Captain Warpcore & Frontier Man: ::unison:: We did it! Frontier Man: Thanks to Commander Quantum and his loyal sidekick! Torrin: Alright heroes, lets get back to the base. Captain Warpcore: Yes, Spotty, back home. :: In a great mood and pleased that their mission had been successful, Captain Warpcore and Frontier man, now left this part of the galaxy together with their hero friend Commander Quantum and his loyal sidekick, that the heroes had fondly named Spotty because of the spots around his face. They had been victorious and everyone was safe from the former evil Shake-O-tron. So they now flew through the transwarp streets towards their own home. :: :: Until the Galaxy would need them again... :: --------- Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor (Frontier Man) & Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor (Captain Warpcore) Children USS Apollo simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo-A Plus guest appearances of: Avaris Edral Torrin Civilian School Headmaster USS Apollo - A and his following: PNPC Artem Dragumov - (Ensign Crankypants) NPC Amelia LaFleur - (Ensign Wing Chun) NPC Henry - (Commander Quantum) and as special Guest Star Ensign Lydia Severina aka Shake-O-Tron Security Officer USS Apollo-A
  15. We are proud to present you a new round of the "Starbase 118: Graphic contest". In this contest we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. If you like to be artistic at any level, join in the fun. The theme of this round will be "My favourite things"! Now that can be anything, be it actual items, people, places, food, ships, groups or whatever pops into your mind. Let your imagination run wild. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES The theme must be included, it's part of the challengeThe submitted work has to be done by you.Any kind of graphic style is allowed. You can paint, use 3D renders, mix different source images, make collages, manipulate photos etc. as long as the final work is completely yours.Everyone can submit one imageThe image must be within the Star Trek Universe, how you show that is on you.Please add your name (your primary character which we identify you with) in the lower corner as a signatureImage size: At least 600*450 pixel but not bigger than 675*900 pixel and staying in these proportions (either horizontal or vertical, by your choice)Submission deadline is March 23ndTo submit the image, start a new thread in this contest forum, that way we do not have to dig for it Now of course you might wonder what you have from all this, apart from a lot of fun and being able to show off your artistic side. The winner and runner up will receive a badge for his forum signature/Wiki pageThe winner will be announced in the news on the websiteWe will build a gallery page of all entries with special featuring of the winners, and display the images on our Deviantart pageAnd the winner will also receive an IC surprise, which we don't want to spoil.Yes, you read that right, winners - plural. To include everyone, we differ between two categories: People: creation of characters, aliens, merging of people with backgrounds, scenes etc.World-building: creation of planets, landscapes, ships, galaxy scenes, technology etc.Each category will have its own winner! Eager to get started? Your mind full of images that want out? Well then ready, set, GO! If you have any questions, please post them here. Who knows, someone else might have the same.
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  17. I personally use a simple Text editor, that does not support any formatting. Though seeing some sims that are very colourful and with different font sizes, this simple tut, is quite useful!
  18. I am very sad to read that there won't be regular writing challenges any more. They have been always enjoyable, and many times have helped me to get out of the writing funk with the prompts and themes, which sparked creativity. It makes me wonder if this experience could be brought to the ships, giving a writing prompt for a month or something like that, to keep the spirit of the challenge. I am looking forward to see the challenge returning to those occasions which will make them even more special Thank you for everyone who has put their time and effort into the challenges. You've done great work!
  19. (( Trillus Prime - Laxyn Estate 2379 )) :: It was a big day in house Laxyn, the eerie silence, where Jalana the eldest child would usually hurry around, not to be too late for her lessons, for dinner or anything else one could be possibly late for, was deafening. What her parents, the master and mistress of the house, did not know what she had been so busy with, that the time got away from her. Jalana had studied, for something she was not supposed to learn. :: :: The Trill's career had been decided when she had been old enough to be taught her first words. She had been taught her whole life the ways of Diplomacy, the rules, the history, the gestures and unspoken agreements between those carrying the responsibility of their people. She did not have the pleasure of being taught all the lovely things that kids raved around when coming home from school; gold stars and smiley stickers were strangers to her, just as those other kids were. For the last 18 years her companions where lists of politicians and rules of conduct, her reward was to hear that she had done well for once, her teacher the strictest man she could ever imagine: her father. :: :: Her fate was to be his successor, Ambassador in the Diplomatic Corps. She would meet the big names of politic, the leaders of yet unknown species, accompany those who made first contacts to ensure peaceful and fruitful conversations and contracts. To be a figurehead of her people, was not something Jalana had ever wanted to be, but her father already saw her statue in the hall of history, in his imagination. And she knew, that she would have to break his heart, to avoid breaking her own soul. :: :: This was indeed a big day, for Jalana Laxyn because of a different reason than it was for Vivan Laxyn, the head of the house. And the younger Trill was afraid to share her reason with him, but she had to. If she'd not she would burst at the banquet, in front of everyone assembled and she could not do that to her father, her teacher, the man who did all of this out of love.:: :: Jalana had gotten the good news an hour ago and now walked to his room, trying to muster up the courage, that she would need right now, before it was too late. Inside the door-frame though she hesitated, stopped in her tracks and watched him. A tall distinguished man, in his late forties, his light brown hair decorated with fine hairs of silver, that seemed to shine when the light just hit them right. Leaning against the door-frame, her head tilted slightly, watching him with a fond smile on her lips that reached her sparkling green eyes. He was a handsome man and while she saw him as the strict teacher every day, she had also seen as the loving husband, whenever he gazed at his wife, thinking that nobody could see him. :: :: He wore a calf long brown tunic, made from heavy fabrics, that had a little shine when moving, off-set with a decorative trim of ancient Trill symbols, over loose black pants and dress shoes. His special attire for tonight's banquet. He had been awarded a medal of peace, a great honour and a very important day for him. It brimmed over with status and influence, giving him almost something royal; if it was not for his arms being raised in a folded T, tearing and pulling at the closing mechanism of his collar. :: Vivan Laxyn: For how long do you want to watch me fight with this collar, before you offer your help? :: The young Trill pushed herself from the frame and crossed the room, coming to a halt in front of him. Gently, as if they could burst at the touch, she laid her hands on his and moved them away. The proud chin of the man remained in the air, exposing his throat to let her do her magic. Her slender fingers had no trouble, to join the hooks with the hoops, linking the sides of the collar. But she did it slow, trying to find the words. But he noticed something else faster, than she could get her words out. :: Vivan: You are not dressed yet, we will be late. :: The daughter swallowed, now there was her way in, if she ever saw one. But how could she do all that without hurting him? Maybe there was no way. :: Jalana Laxyn: I am not coming with you this time. :: She could feel him stiffen under her fingers and she almost closed her eyes to let the storm wash over, but kept them on the closing of his collar instead. Her heart beat faster, afraid of what would happen now. There was no way back. :: Vivan: What do you mean? Of course you will. You need the training. :: The training, that he had put all of his free time in, to teach her everything she would need to know, and that she had dreaded so much. What if there was nothing that would bind them together, without this training? This career? She took a deep breath and forced herself to keep her voice soft. :: Jalana: I need to talk with you about that. :: He shook his hand and deciding that she was done, took a step to the side, checking the collar in the mirror, before he reached out to the panel next to it, on which his sash hung neatly and ready to be worn. :: Vivan: Jalana, we really do not have time for that right now. Go and get dressed, we talk later. :: She could not wait, knowing that while she was afraid, she also almost burst, wanting her family to know the news. Her brother would possibly the only one who would be happy for her, but he was 9 and happy about everything. It bubbled under her surface, threatened to just burst out, to blurt from her lips without a filter, and exactly that treat was made true, when she did not speak up fast enough. Jalana: I'll be going to Medical school. :: The silence in the room was eardrum bursting loud. She could hear them, the gears in his mind, working, processing and immediately denying. Not with words, but his thoughts. Jalana saw the fine lines and wrinkles around his eyes deepen, his lips whiten as he pressed them together, the blue eyes, that had shown a tiny hint of warmth, turned cold. He had stood there, frozen for a long unbearable moment, before going on as if nothing had happened. :: Vivan: You won't. :: The bitterness in his voice send chills down the young woman's spine. She knew what it was, he did think that she really would not do it, if he told her so. But she could not deny herself her dream, her passion. Since she had been eight years old, Jalana had known that she wanted to be a doctor, help people, find solutions for illnesses that did not have one yet. Like her grandmother who had died from a sickness that had no survival rate. Her loss had left a hole in Jalana's life, a wish and desire, that had always been there, but had longed for something to bring it to the surface. :: Jalana: I will, father. I know you want me to follow your footsteps, but I want.. I need to become a doctor. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I passed the tests and... :: The man suddenly swirled around, facing her with that stone like expression, his eyes had never been that piercing and cold as they were now. His daughter stood there, in front of him, trembling. He was not the kind of man to become loud. His rage was silent, dangerous like magma under the surface, just that his volcano never erupted. He was like the tiny piece of glass, that had accidentally fallen into food, noticed when it was too late and secretly doing its damage. :: Vivan: You went behind my back, without my permission and have the nerve to come to me after the harm is done? :: It was a whisper, and it still thundered in Jalana's ears. Yes, that was exactly what she had done, because she had known, that he would have never agreed. He would have locked her into her room and taken her communication rights, if he had known. She would not give up, not now, not after how far she had come. :: Jalana: You would have never allowed it. Vivan: And you know why. You were raised to become an Ambassador. :: That was the problem. She had been raised to become something she did not want. Something she wasn't and never would be. And she was angry about that, about everything she had never experienced. The joy to be a child, playing with other children, learning in a public school, bruising her knees when she'd fallen off a tree, getting the reassurance that she'd be doing better next time when she had not done well... and most of all, a father who would show her that he loved her, not only when she did the right step into a world that was not her own. She straightened her back, he would not take this from her, too. :: Jalana: And nobody ever asked me if I want that. I don't. I thought that once you see that I meet the qualifications and would be accepted, that you would see that diplomacy is not the only thing I can do. Vivan: ::He scoffed, shaking his head and returned his gaze back to the mirror.:: You will never get through with it. You know that you are not cut out to be a Doctor. :: His words felt like a slap into her face. The one person that she would have thought, could believe in her. Why couldn't he be happy for her, for finding something that she loved? For something she knew was her calling? :: Jalana: :: whispering :: I will... get through with it. I will become a doctor. :: Her father turned his head to the side, meeting her gaze. She almost stepped back, the look in his eyes took her breath away, cut off the way to her lungs. It was like a wall of disgust and disdain, but there was more, lurking in the background of his steel, she would not have the chance to melt again: pain, hurt and betrayal. He had given her everything, taught her everything, and she denied it after all these years. :: :: His voice was barely audible, but she could see the words not only on his lips but also in his eyes. :: Vivan: Leave, and don't come back. You will be gone when we return from the banquet. :: Her mouth fell open, trying to form words, but nothing came out, the words chocked before they were even born. Did he just kick her out? Completely? He could not mean that! Her throat was closed up, the only sound that came through the squeezed shut opening was a squeak, words did not find their way. But Vivan remained silent, staring at himself in the mirror, making sure that his sash sat right, brushing over the thick fabric of his tunic. :: :: She knew, he had said his last word. No matter for how long she would stand here. She had never seen him so angry, so hurt because of her. And it broke her heart, tore her soul into pieces, like nothing else had ever done. Because she knew that she could not make it better, because she had to follow her heart, her calling. She could not live his life. :: :: And still, as she left her father at the mirror, finding her dragging steps to to her room, she wished, as she had never wished before, that she could. :: ----- LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Apollo-A simmed by LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena First Officer USS Apollo-A Image Team Facilitator
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