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  1. All options have merit so I have chosen other as I like all
  2. STO Give away 3 Tier5 ships Unlock account-wide, but faction based, there is the Avenger Class for Starfleet, B'Rel BOP Retrofit for Klingon's and the T'Varo Light Cruiser for Romulan. All these are VAdm ships roughly about 3-6k Zen, get them while you can STO players. When claimed they are unlocked on your account, the Avenger Class is an Engineering ship. I know most of you play STO so get them while the goings good.... If you want them!
  3. That is a very ugly ship, but also logical when you think about it, it was a transition period where Starfleet was starting to smooth its starship lines out after the Earth/Romulan war.
  4. When you are feeling down, always remember "Don't worry be Happy!"--- Hey thats good advice LOL Note to self also.

  5. Anyone know why I cannot get my signature back or my image Collective Button? both showing up as the file name minus the htmal coding.
  6. I read it, wondered how long it would take them filmmakers to adjust to the modern world
  7. I went for transporters as it costs so much to catch public transport these days.
  8. Hey All Do not know if you all know this, if you do not please click the link to read the article. The lawsuit against Axanar has been dropped by Paramount/CBS, below is the link on the latest news on what seems to be an excellent fan film. http://www.treknews.net/2016/05/28/axanar-lawsuit-update-proposed-fan-film-guidelines/
  9. Just thought you all should know that the Indie Fan film ST: Horizon is now complete and is over an hour long, it is on You Tube, but for ease of access here is the link.
  10. If any SB118 Members has an STO char and they want into the SB118 Fleet drop me a line in STO and the Char I have in the SB118 Fleet will invite you into the Fleet. My handle is @paulda73 I have numerous characters so it is safer just to supply my handle for STO. Paul
  11. Okay if anyone has been looking forward to the new Indie Star Trek film ST: Renegades it is finished and while the uniforms are subject to ones own opinion on like or dislike, the film is actually excellent for an Indie flick and currently it cost nothing to watch, this might change, but if you is interested click the link and be taken to the You Tube site. The Film is over 1 hour long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE2Wgop9VLM
  12. There was one of these for the Victory and I seen other ships with a simular topic, so here is a new one for a new ship, who wants to be the first to put up a funny Quote from one of the crew??
  13. Gah Browser won't allow me to log out

  14. Not sure if anything from STO is used, but in the game the Hobus Incident also happened and out of it came two factions Romulan Republic (this contained Remans as well as Romulan's) and the Romulan Empire granted a shadow of its former self and still controlled by an Empress but still a thorn in Starfleets side. Just some ideas here.
  15. My Dang Email went and put a bunch of IC and OOC Mail into my Spam folder for no reason so mad

  16. I also play STO, unfortunately I am already in another Gaming Fleet outside of the Trek RPG world, its a gaming clan that does nothing like we do. Those who play the game may have at some point seen a Fleet called =XA= Exiled Alliance, they have a Fleet on the Klingon side also. As for Starbase designs in STO, its a standard Starbase, an individual cannot design their own (unfortunately) I have 7 Characters with room for 2 More. I have the Following Level 50s Level 50: Alexandria Somers - Tactical - Flying the Armitage Variant Akira class (C-Store ship) - USS Tomcat she is Vice Admiral Level 50: Chris Kildare - Tactical - Flying the level 40 Promitheus USS Tintagel - Vice Admiral (Human Male) Level 50: Rushmore - Tactical - BOP Variant BGen - IKS Anvil (previous ship was the IKS Hammer lol) Human/Klingon Hybrid Level 50: T'Rell - Engineer - Nebula Class (Refit C-Store ship) - USS Silure - VA (Alien Species Blue skin/Hair and Red eyes) Level 48: Lapanya Sylani - Science (Nebula Class) - RAdm Upper Half - USS Prophets Son (she is Bajoran) Level 43: Mitt'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn) - Tactical - RAdm Lower Half - Prometheus Class - USS Independence (In tribute to my first active serving ship with SB118) [This one is also showing I am a Star Wars fan] - same skin and eye/hair colour as T'Rell Level 22: Paul Sharpe - Tactical - Cmdr - Akira Class USS Camelot But yes I have been playing STO awhile
  17. This that, and almost nothing

  18. Wondering why that after logging out and closing down my browser, I am still logged in when I come back to the Forums?

  19. Glad I can access SB118 services again

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