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Although I am using @Kettick's sim for this post, credit really goes to all the writers in this scene ( @Oddas Aria @Freck @TLea. It's a hilarious spin off of the old "Who's On First?" routine, and actually starts with that. Great job and a fun read...

((The Beach, Denali Station, Ring 42))

Kettick: I never understood the one about Who, What and bases, but apparently humans find it hilarious.

Captain Oddas tilted her head sideways slightl.

Oddas: ::puzzled:: Baseball?

T’Lea:  How did you get baseball out of that?

Freck: What in the world is “baseball”?

The Remmilian tilted his head backwards, trying to remember his rather disjointed conversation with Ryan, before nodding.

Kettick: I think I remember 'baseball' being mentioned, yes. Although I can't say I know anything about it. Have you played, Captain?

Oddas: Played, never - I'm afraid I'm not particularly athletic.

T’Lea: Baseball… that’s the one with a long stick and people run around the circle tagging each other with a ball?

Freck: Wouldn’t that just be stickball? Or something? I think I heard of that one.

Kettick: I thought the name had something to do with primates and their tendency to climb trees. But I could be wrong; I rarely took part in this kind of activity back at the Academy.

Remmilians did not have sports, per se, and while he could see their interest for training purposes, the competitive aspect was completely lost to him.

Oddas: response

T’Lea:  What’s the one where you throw the ball at people and try not to get hit?

Freck shrugged. Kettick shared his frustration.

Kettick: Is that the one with the ballistic weapons that fire paint balls? I think it's called paint balls. Or paint tag?

Oddas: response

T’Lea: I think that’s the one where you use your feet and kick the ball at people standing in a big net. ::beat:: Dodge ball!  That’s the one I was thinking about.  Brutal and slightly cruel in certain curriculums.  ::pause:: We should choose an official Denali sport and have a friendly annual game.

Kettick chose not to comment. Although if someone entered a competition against Commander T'Lea and believed it would remain friendly... well, he guessed the Universe did noy need every idiot it produced.

Freck: Maybe we could have a tournament of sports to decide the official sport? Assuming we can weight the scores properly, it might work.

The Remmilian scrateched one of his feelers against his faceplates.

Kettick: Wouldn't that method weight the choice in favour of the game with the most accomplished adepts, instead of the most popular?

Oddas/T'Lea/Freck: Response

Kettick: I believe Medical would have a few choice words to say about the inclusion of some Romulan or Klingon bloodsports. From what I understand, they already consider Parrises Squares as borderline.

Oddas/T'Lea/Freck: Response
Kettick: I cannot say I practice any sport, unless you count the standard physical fitness program. But I suppose since I am looking into leisure time activities, I will have to investigate the subject.
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