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  1. Okay, this whole tree thing just got very funny. Kudos to @Amuro McKnight and @Noa T'Nessa Levinson for that. 😂
  2. OMG! I died from laughter! 😂
  3. Same sim from Kendrick's quote: Oh, I feel that pain! Serala doesn't much care for diplomatic missions either
  4. Okay, @Arys had a great one-liner about our First Officer. Thought I would share. oO Was… that a joke?… This Vulcan is defective. Oo
  5. Okay, I just couldn't resist. This was an absolutely delightful and funny introduction sim from our new Counselor! Great start! (( Lightside Station - Starlight Market )) Once Arys found herself on Lightside Station she couldn’t help but regret not being here for recreational purposes. She had visited the angry jellyfish that was Deep Space Nine and found some appreciation for the Cardassian aesthetic, but this was entirely different. There were large open spaces and botanical gardens, restaurants, gambling establishments, nightclubs, theatres.. a spa… There even was an authentic Irish Pub with real food. Should she not make it in Starfleet, she would settle down here. A small private practise close to one of the gardens. oO Great Arys, you haven’t even started Plan A and are already thinking about Plan B. How about you go and find your ship before plotting your exit strategy. And try not to get lost. Oo Arys hated to admit it, but there was a good chance she already was lost. She wandered through Starlight Market and every now and then forgot what she was looking for, and entered one of the shops instead. This time she found herself entering a softly lit establishment that smelled of foreign herbs and spices. At the back of the shop was a wooden counter where a small older woman smiled kindly at her. A cup of tea and half an hours worth of conversation later, Arys was directed to Deck 423 and made her way to where she hoped to find her new crew. oO I haven’t seen a single Starfleet Uniform so far, or I could just ask them.. with my luck this is the wrong Lightside Station. Or I got the wrong assignment. Or I missed them because I had tea… ::She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts:: Ooooor they are not in uniform. Since you’re not in uniform either. Now stop being a weirdo. oO She sighed and very subtly followed a brown haired human who looked like he was headed into the same direction. Surely enough, he eventually approached a large crowd gathering around a pavilion, and Arys watched him greet and smile at others before getting something to eat. Good strategy. oO Just smile and nod, I guess. These are a LOT of people.. I found seventy hard to deal with. How many people does the Juneau actually have on board? Five hundred? Seven hundred? Either way the number seemed a lot less intimidating when it had just been that - a number, and not all those new faces. Oo It was a bit of a relief when she noticed people smile and nod at her. Someone even offered a ‘great to see you again’. Which was amusing since she was pretty sure that she had never seen this person before, and she concluded that smiling, nodding, and blending in was an appropriate way of handling the situation. Deciding that her new life as a stalker wasn’t something she wanted to give up yet, she decided to approach the human she had been following as he introduced himself to a man and woman. Kendrick: My name is John by the way. John Kendrick. Qinn: response Falt: response Arys: I apologise for hijacking your introductions. My name is Arys, I’ve just been assigned to the Juneau, and I don’t know anyone here yet. ::She smiled a lot more confidently than she actually felt:: It is however very nice to meet you. Kendrick: response Qinn: response Falt: response Arys: I believe I am supposed to report to Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. Would you be able to point me into the right direction? Kendrick: response Qinn: response Falt: response ———————————— Ensign Trovek Arys Counsellor USS Juneau J239809TA4
  6. This is a great job in summarizing the previous mission's events and bringing the Counselor up to speed. Very well done @Elizabeth Snow!
  7. Okay, I had a good laugh at this one. The Lieutenant can't hear the Seiuri's telepathic communication with Raga, so his responses to it are just hilarious! ((Chief of Security’s Office, Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka)) {{Day 27 of shoreleave}} Sam made a quick stop by his new quarters to check them out and had arrangements made to have his stuff brought to them. He then proceeded to deck eleven to meet his new Chief, again avoiding stares as he went. He inquired a little about who it was from Commander Kiax and was a little intimidated when he found out his new superior was an Al-Leyan. He managed to somehow get in a bar fight with one on Risa. He couldn’t remember much from that night, just that he woke up in a lot of pain the next day and his mother had to fill him in on what had happened. He was lucky he survived the encounter. Hopefully this wasn't that man. What an awkward encounter that would be. He took a deep breath, stepped to the door, rang the chime, and waited. Raga: Enter. He stepped through the door, passing another officer who was making their way out. He noticed vibrant sapphire eyes staring at him as he made his way into the room. He wasn’t sure if he should offer a friendly smile at the raven haired Al-Leyan, so he just offered him the PADD. Neam: Lieutenant Sameh Neam reporting for duty, Sir. :: coming to an attention stance :: Raga: Cool winds be with you, Lieutenant. And at ease. ::He nodded:: Sam took a relaxed stance as instructed, folding his hands together behind his back. He relaxed inside a little as the emotions coming from the Commander were neutral and relaxed, but he sensed another set of emotions. They weren’t coming from the Commander. It was a sense of calm and curiosity, but who were they coming from? He looked around the office as the Al-Leyan looked over the PADD. It was decorated with Al-Leyan decorations and what appeared to be climbing gear. As he looked farther, his eyes then met a pair of eyes from something that was staring intently at him. It was sitting on top of a metal perch, a bird of some sort, and he suddenly found himself intimidated more by it than the man that stood before him. He wanted to look away, but couldn’t pull himself to do so, until the Commander spoke again. Sylara: ~ Another mind voice animal. Afraid of Sylara. ~ Raga: ~ Afraid huh? ~ Well, it looks like everything’s in order, Lieutenant. He turned his attention back to the Commander and smiled. Neam: Great, Sir. Quite the pet you have. The Seiuri let out a soft hoot. Raga: No, you can’t eat him. Eat him? That was a joke right? Starfleet wouldn’t allow such a thing on board if it went around eating people. He wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. The owl’s head tilted slightly and she let out a slightly louder hoot. Raga: Because. ::He said dryly:: You ate the last one. The color drained from Sam’s face. The emotions from the Commander were that of relaxed demeanor and those from the bird seemed to fit that she was indeed hungry. Neam: Umm.. Sir? The Seiuri stretched her wings slightly then began bobbing her head up and down a little. Raga: Just don’t make any sudden movements and you’ll be fine. Sylara there used to hunt targs back on the homeworld. Among other things. Sam held as still as possible, even though his body told him to run. He nearly had a heart attack when the door behind him opened. McKnight: Am I interrupting something, boss? Raga: Response Sam still held still as the other officer spoke to the Commander and he remained silent. His heart was racing as he was still unsure if the bird was going to make a meal of him or not. Perhaps he should have stayed on the Churchill, but then again how did he know that coming to the Chin’toka would result in him being eaten by a large bird. McKnight: Sorry for that then, this will be quick. I have something I need your approval of. He politely walked past Neam and handed his friend the PADD. McKnight: Per your approval. Raga: Response Sam wondered how the man just walked in so calmly. Maybe the bird liked him? Maybe he could win the bird over? But how? Raga / McKnight: Reponses Sam let out a sigh of relief and chuckled. Neam: That was a good one, Sir. Your friend would certainly come in handy in scaring an enemy. That’s for sure. Raga / McKnight: Responses Neam: Lieutenant Sameh Neam. Nice to meet you, Lieutenant McKnight. Raga / McKnight: Responses ============ PNPC Lieutenant Sameh Neam Security / Tactical Officer As Simmed By Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow Chief Medical Officer USS Chin'toka NCC-97187 D238803EH0
  8. Our poor First Officer has tried this log entry multiple times now, with growing frustration, which sets up this selection. I had a good guffaw when I read it.
  9. This was a nugget! I almost missed it during the first read through, but this really cracked me up! Our newest Ensign is meeting the First Officer along with a couple of other new officers who are transferring in.
  10. Once again, Sil beat me to this. 😄 Great writing here! And yeah - no relation to Hamsan Dwich. 😄
  11. Sil beat me to it! I was rolling on the floor (literally) with this one! Great job, T'Lea!
  12. I believe it was the BBC edition of Top Gear.
  13. Commander Serala in red, Doctor Karise Indobri in blue.
  14. Congratulations @Wes Greaves and @Hutch! Well done! Absolutely! 💯
  15. As a supervisor in a Customer Call Center, this sim really had me rolling, especially the last part of the flashback scene, so I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. OOC: Flashback sequence & graphic were provided by Ensign Serren Tan (Gorkon) O238704AT0. This part (Lazarus XI: Epilogue) was never published as part of the original 10-part Lazarus Saga, which deals with the final arc of Alleran Tan. (( Brew Continuum, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka )) Chythar nodded slightly, pleased to hear the raktajino is worth the hype. Given the years of perfection that went into the recipe on Chris’s part, he felt that the secret was one worth preserving. He needed no such reminder, given his experience with being the Gorkon’s temporary morale officer during their time in the alternate universe. As painful and stale as his jokes were, he vowed never to serve biscuits like that ever again and stick to his job as a barista, since comedy didn’t suit him. Freki’s feline ears perk up at the mention of him from the Captain and he turned his head to the conversation, his paw tapping on Peter’s hand in a friendly way, so he knows that Freki is not ignoring him. Cadfael’s gaze was largely distracted by the comet, though he did turn and give a smile toward Freki once the counselor’s gaze once again returned to him. Azorius: Oh, but of course Captain :: He said nervously, sitting up just a little too straight. :: High morale is very important, I prescribe lots of enjoyment and social time for a healthy crew, also try the Raktajino, it’s to die for! Alentonis: Sorry, this is too fascinating for words. Um...I’ll have a full report on your desk tomorrow, lieutenant. Levinson: Response The captain reached up to tap his badge and make a call, talking with one of the crewmen. A moment later, the rest of the senior staff was summoned. That made sense, and the doc glanced at his watch before he reached up to touch his badge. Lael should just be getting ready to clock out about now, he thought. Skyfire: =/\= Dr. Skyfire to Commander Rosek. =/\= Rosek: =/\= Response =/\= Skyfire: =/\= Captain’s summoning the senior staff to the BC. If you’d be a dear and pick up Maddy before making your way up, I’ll be sure to have drinks ready when you arrive. =/\= Rosek: =/\= Response =/\= Once finished with his call, Esa made her way over to Chythar. Kiax: Looks like our work has been well received, wouldn’t you say? Skyfire: I would say it has indeed. Thanks for your assistance. Esa waved a dismissive hand past her face. Kiax: Oh, it was no bother. Besides, I’m happy to have helped. Got any plans for your first Expanse-Inspired recipe yet? Chythar glanced out the window toward the comet and considered. He hadn’t thought of one quite yet, but he figured he’d inquire of the scientists when they had a minute about who saw the comet first. Skyfire: Maybe something to do with that comet, perhaps. Once I figure out which of the blue collars discovered it first. Kiax: Ah, well I’m sure you’ll come up with something. I hear you’re quite good at these things… Speaking of which, I was sent a packet of Rose Capaya seeds from a relative of one of my previous hosts’ children. I was wondering if you’d fancy attempting to craft something with them? The barista quirked a brow in reply. “Interesting” was, perhaps a gross understatement and he didn’t recall having heard of that particular plant before. Skyfire: Interesting. I am certainly interested. :: Leaning forward. :: Tell me more. Kiax: It’s a fruit that grows on Trillus Prime. A bit like a raspberry, grows on a similar kind of vine, but bigger and far sweeter. They tend to grow to be about the size of a fist. I’ve never tried one, but I’m assured that they’re quite appealing. Ah, the Trill homeworld. He sighed heavily as he recalled his last visit to Trill and the letter he’d gotten in reply once he’d finished his dealings with a certain alternate version of Marlee Whale, prior host of the Tan symbiont. (( Flashback -- Skyfire’s Temporary Quarters, Starbase 118 Ops )) Chythar sat staring at the screen with a mug of coffee in his hand as he read over the letter for the fourteenth time, reading what it said. Dear Doctor Skyfire, My name is Chrel Bo, Second Minister of the Trillian Department of the Interior. I write to you today to express my sincere apologies regarding your recent experience on the Trill homeworld. The kidnapping of Starfleet officers is a matter we take extremely seriously, and rest assured we are exercising our due diligence in investigating this matter to the best of our abilities. We have no record of a “Jerra Syn” in the Symbiosis Committee records and are forced to concede this is likely an alias. Authorities in The Ring have been open and cooperative regarding evidence gathering, but the rooms in which you and Miss Whale were held appear to have been sterilized and we do not hold out much hope of any actionable evidence being recovered. Accordingly, while this case will be left open, it is with palpable regret that we are forced to conclude that the likelihood of reaching an acceptable conclusion is low. Please accept my sincere apologies for this incident, and accept the apologies of the Trill people for your experience. The computer chirped and then an automated message was spat out. Thank you for visiting the Trill homeworld! Please rate your experience on our planet using our travel guide program, Trilladvisor. Your recommendation out of five is: __3.6___ (Disclaimer: suggestion automatically generated based on previous recommendations) A complimentary T-shirt has been dispatched to your registered address. The doctor arched a brow as he read the 3.6 over and over again, then knocked back the remainder of his coffee and closed the screen. With a sigh, he made his way to the bed to begin packing his bags in preparation for his return to the Veritas. (( End Flashback )) Skyfire: I regret I never had the opportunity to do any sightseeing of the botanical gardens on Trillius Prime last time I was there. Kiax: My first host had quite the green thumb - won awards for his orchid collections. I can’t say I share his aptitude for it, but the one who sent me the seeds thought that I might enjoy indulging in botany as a pastime. So far, I’ve only managed to grow one or two orchids in the flower beds down in the Hydroponics Bay. Skyfire: Interesting. I’ll have to take another look. Kiax: ::With a wink:: Yeah, the white ones in the bed next to the tree. They’re mine, though I don’t tend to publicise it. Skyfire: And why not? I’d be happy to teach you what I know, and you can exercise those memories a bit? Kiax: Response Skyfire: In all seriousness, Esa? I would be delighted to work on new plant cultivations with someone of your host’s expertise for the BC here. Kiax: Response Skyfire: I noticed you were asking Cadfael about the other BCs. I can’t attest to the one on the Juneau, but I took good care of it on the Veritas after Teller left. The Astraeus was all my doing, though it admittedly was less complicated than the one here. The hologram, which you may’ve seen briefly on your way in, was the most complex piece of the puzzle. I’ll put it back once the majesty of the comet wears off. :: Momentary pause to glance over at the dogs. :: Devlin's the little beagle. Odin is Mei's rottweiler. Kiax: Response Off in the corner, Devlin was nuzzling Odin once again and giving his muzzle tender little beagle kisses in between a tug-of-war on one of the ropes. While it did look to Chythar that Devlin might’ve been winning, he guessed that the rottweiler was more just laying there for effect and to let the little beagle think he was winning. === Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD Medical Officer / Barista USS Chin’toka NCC-97187 O239002CS0
  16. While I went with one of the choices, I wouldn't mind seeing a spin-off type series told from the perspective of one of the other races (Romulans, anyone? - big surprise I would go that way, I know). It might be interesting to see the other side of the story.
  17. Oh, and the response from T'Lea in the subsequent sim is equally funny... Kendrick: Please don't tell the Captain. And then he slumped down leaving T’Lea to wonder... T’Lea: Did that jerk just die?
  18. I really loved reading Kendrick's sim here. It got a few comments in our Discord channel, and I had to agree with them. His internal monologue is great and really gets you to feel for him. And that touch of humor at the end right before he passes out is great. Well done, Ensign Kendrick. ((DaiMon Kaybay’s Mining Camp – North Tunnel)) While the young Bajoran doctor Rel examined the creature’s bite in John’s neck, T’Lea checked her tricorder readings once more. John’s eyes drifted upwards to what appeared to be some kind of graffiti. He pointed his palm beacon up at the wall, hoping to get a better look. Rel: Well I don’t think this is life threatening. You might feel some irritation though, I’ll give you something for that, hold still. John was too focused on the graffiti to even notice doctor Rel injecting him with an antidote. Rel: That’s better. The symbols appeared to be Vulcan, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to read them. Luckily for them, there was a half Vulcan in their presence. Kendrick: Commander, my guess is those are Vulcan. Correct? As he made circular movements with his palm beacon to draw the Commander’s attention upwards to the wall. The commander’s headlamp took aim at the symbols John was indicating. T’Lea: Indeed. It is Golic. Golic? The name was unfamiliar to John. Rel: Interesting. I don’t suppose this is a coincidence. John watched as the Romulo-Vulcan frowned at the glyphs on the ceiling of the tunnel. As her headlamp shined on further down the tunnel, they discovered more of these symbols. T’Lea: It looks like a math formula of some kind. An engineering concept perhaps? There’s more that way… As the Commander started walking further down the tunnel, meanwhile making recordings of the ceiling with her tricorder, John followed her lead. Rel: It seems to be less stable now, like whoever was writing it was doing so faster. Kendrick: A mysterious message written in the Vulcan language, deep inside a tunnel on a planet dozens of lightyears from Federation space. It just doesn’t make sense. T’Lea: I have no idea what it means. It is definitely a formula for something, but it is beyond my expertise. Let me send it to Dekas and the Captain. John stopped as he watched Commander T’Lea fiddle with her tricorder, attempting to transmit the data to the Captain and Ensign Dekas. Her tricorder however didn’t seem to respond to her command entries. She rolled her eyes at the blinking device in her hand. John could’ve sworn he heard her uttering a swear. Not very Vulcan-like he thought, but then again, the Lieutenant-Commander was also half Romulan. T’Lea: I can’t get a signal through, can either of you? Rel: Nothing. John took off the tricorder from his belt and flipped it open. Little lights started blinking, indicating all systems seemed to be working properly – except the antenna. John looked up as he put the tricorder back on his belt. He shook his head. Kendrick: No, Sir. T’Lea: It must be interference from the cave. The Commander glanced over John’s shoulders, back in the direction they came from, as if calculating their next move. Without anyone really noticing, John shook his head. Earlier that day the Captain had ordered Ensign Dekas to join the Lieutenant-Commander to explore the surrounding areas of the Jem’Hadar colony. But it was John's reaction to Second Osasad’Mon’s hostile attitude that forced Major Han to change those plans. If only he had kept his calm, Ensign Dekas would be here in the tunnel instead of him, perhaps solving this Vulcan puzzle as if it were child’s play. Suddenly he felt Commander T’Lea looking at him. He quickly shook off the regret that was taking hold of him again. T’Lea: Are you feeling well enough to continue? He placed his hand on the back of his neck as he turned his head from left to right. Kendrick: My neck feels a bit stiff. Almost like I was in a shuttle crash and I’m suffering from a whiplash. T’Lea: Are you sure you are not feeling any ill effects from the bug bite? He glanced at doctor Rel, and with an almost boyish smile he tried to convince her he was feeling well enough to continue the mission. Kendrick: I’m still feeling like myself doc. The alien creature doesn’t appear to have taken over any of my cognitive functions. oO Although that would be a perfect excuse to explain my stupid behavior today. Maybe I should… On second thought, I better don’t. Oo The Romulo-Vulcan officer looked at doctor Rel for confirmation. It was only now that John noticed her beautiful blue eyes. He quickly diverted his eyes back to the doctor, awaiting her evaluation. T’Lea: Is he? Rel: As long as you are feeling okay, Ensign, I’m not worried. But let me know at once if that changes. The Commander took a moment to consider their options. Having come to a conclusion, she looked at both John and doctor Rel. T’Lea: :: firmly :: Let’s finish what we started. This is obviously leading somewhere. Rel: Yes, ma’am. Kendrick: :: nodding :: Agreed. If the Ferengi find out we discovered this tunnel, they might decide to send in more men to secure the area, making it more difficult for us to move in and out of this tunnel network without being detected. The group continued into the cave, following the writing on the ceiling. After about ten minutes, the darkness around them seemed to recede. They turned a corner and suddenly saw a blindingly bright light in the distance. It looked like a lamp or flashlight. Before John or anyone else could say anything, the light went out again. From behind him, he heard doctor Rel flip open her tricorder as she started taking scans. Rel: I’ve got a life-sign. Humanoid. T’Lea: Response The doctor tuned her tricorder for more specificity but shook her head. Rel: I can’t tell what species. Kendrick: Whoever is out there didn’t come through the same tunnel as we did. If they did, we wouldn’t have had to push our way through these cobwebs. As he spoke, he felt a scratchiness in the back of his throat. Perhaps the moist and cold of the tunnel was starting to get to him. John listened to the tricorder readings as they tapered off. Doctor Rel did her best to get them back but apparently wasn’t successful. Rel: It’s gone. No sign of life now. At this range I should be getting full data, but I think the cave is still causing interference, maybe the tritanium is causing it? Based on this, I would say the life sign is moving away from us. John heard the doctor’s words, but it was almost as if they were spoken from afar, as if they were an echo of sorts. He felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Was the temperature rising in the tunnel or was the anxiety getting to him? T’Lea: Response John wiped the sweat of his forehead and nodded. Although he wasn’t feeling all too well, he was determined not to let it affect his job and the mission. He took out his tricorder and tried to take some scans of the tunnel ahead as Commander T’Lea started to pick up the pace. Kendrick: Careful Commander. We don’t want to move too fast down here. These tunnels might have been equipped with defense mechanisms against intruders. Rel: Like booby traps? We can’t be too far behind, I can’t see them being able to set up traps for us… Suddenly John felt an excruciating pain coming from the bite wound on the back of his neck. Rel: Ensign, stop! As the pain got unbearable John couldn’t walk any further and dropped down to his knees. His hand reached for the back of his neck where he felt the bite wound swelling up. Kendrick: Doc :: sounding miserable:: Doc. He barely managed to get the words out of his mouth. His tongue felt stiff. Kendrick: What’s happening to me? The bite mark on his neck was growing, changing color. It was almost as if something living was growing inside of him. His face turned blue as he reached for his throat, barely able to breathe. This was it, he realized. He was about to die. Tears started to run down his face. Tears caused by pain as well as by the fear of dying. He would never see his family again, he realized. He would never be able to make amends with his father. And then it felt like he was cut open by a knife as the bulge on the back of his neck burst open. Hundreds of almost microscopic tick-like creatures fell out of the wound, moving crisscross over his uniform. With a sudden retch, he started vomiting all over his uniform before landing on his hands. As the little alien creatures darted away in the dark, John crawled towards the tunnel wall. He turned around to rest with his back against the wall and felt the swelling in his throat starting to go down a bit. Perhaps he was going to survive the ordeal after all, he thought. He looked down at his vomit-stained uniform. Kendrick: :: chuckles :: Looks like I made quite the mess. He looked up at both the doctor and Commander T'Lea. Kendrick: Please don't tell the Captain. And then he passed out. T’Lea: Response Rel: Response
  19. Oh, I absolutely lost it when I read this one! Thank you @Mei'konda for a great sim! And thank you @Elizabeth Snow for posting this. 😃
  20. Kira and Odo - That kiss! On the promenade after all the clear tension and the climatic argument leading to that kiss.... How can you not love that moment?! 😍
  21. Yep. I gotta go with Spider-Barclay myself.
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