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Lieutenant (J.G.) Hallia Yellir - Ablative Skin


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This scene has some amazing mental imagery and I thank @Hallia Yellir for including me!

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4 hours ago, Yalu said:

@Hallia Yellir combines scientific curiosity with overactive imagination and unquenchable optimism.  It makes her a joy to read, and reminds all of us that there's more than enough room in Starfleet for FUN.


((Security Control, Deck 3, USS Resolution))


Yellir: Oh! Perfect! I need… ::checking her PADD:: two type one phase— wait, make that three, three type two phasers and fi…— no, six! power cells. I need them for an experiment.


Aine's eyes went wide. oO That's quite a requisition for a science experiment. Oo Aine wondered what kind of experiment it was, and with scientists the way they were, who really knew? Sometimes it was better not to ask. Luckily, part of their resupply was included phasers because of the worry the effect the Skarn homeworld may have had on them...and one was missing. And being still docked, they could always get more.


Hallia tilted her head slightly. A little alarmed by Aine’s reaction, she looked down, wondering if she’d said something wrong. The security officer seemed a little caught off guard by the request. But then again, not many science officers request directed energy weapons for an experiment. Part of her felt a little bad, but then again, it was either this or try and make one out of lab equipment. Which probably wouldn’t go well, as Hallia was all thumbs when it came to engineering. Perhaps actually learning more about the subject might benefit her. 


Sherlock: Um, yeah, that should be no problem. :: gesturing towards the weapons locker ::


Standing, Aine made her way across the room. Pressing her finger onto an access panel, the door to the weapons locker slid open with a quiet hiss. Hallia grabbed the phasers one by one, and held them in her free hand.


Sherlock: So, what kind of experiment is this?


Yellir: ::smiling, Hallia mumbled quietly, almost unable to contain her voice to such a volume:: I made a chunk of what I call synthflesh.


Sherlock: A what?


Yellir: ::Nearly yelling:: Fake skin! ::covering her mouth and quieting herself:: Well… not exactly. It’s a layer of… skin really. It’s not real in the sense that it’s a part of someone’s body. However! I replicated it from leftover protein samples I found.


Sherlock: What's it used for?


Yellir: Oh, I’m SO glad you asked. It’s a regenerative layer of skin that can be easily grafted onto a patient. It skips the proliferative phase of the humanoid body’s natural healing ability. Ensuring that, potentially, in a matter of seconds and or minutes, depending on wound severity, it can knit back ripped open flesh and allow the immune system to focus solely on clearing out bacteria. It’s a little redundant, given we have dermal regenerators and whatnot, but I thought it could be fun. Maybe useful in the rare case someone is intolerant to the devices or something.


As Aine grabbed for powercells, Hallia rambled on and on, explaining her process behind the idea as well as the parts she found most interesting in her mind. The Yelikan nodded, thinking of the security officer as such an amazing listener. 


Sherlock: That's fascinating. :: handing the power cells to Hallia :: So :: beat :: what do you need the phaser for?


Yellir: Well, you see, in non-scientific terms, I’m going to shoot it and see what happens. I want to see if it offers any resistance to directed energy weapons. 


Hallia’s arms carried the lump of items. Using her chin to steady the pile, she continued talking.

Sherlock: Response?


Yellir: I mean, my hypothesis is that anything above stun is probably going to absolutely smoulder it. But, you never know! Maybe it’s somehow resistant to particle weaponry? ::jokingly:: We could outfit the ship with ablative skin in that case.


Sherlock: Response?





Lieutenant JG Hallia Yellir 

Science Officer

USS Resolution


Alora and Hallia need to meet.  I mean...RIGHT NOW. 😄

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On 7/13/2021 at 9:41 AM, Alora DeVeau said:

Alora and Hallia need to meet.  I mean...RIGHT NOW. 😄

I'm always open to make that happen! The two would definitely be a fun combo 😄

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On 7/13/2021 at 9:02 PM, Etan Iljor said:

This was so much fun to read! @Hallia Yellir

Thank you!! Y'all are so sweet, it was GREAT fun to write, and @LtJG Aine Olive Sherlock is an amazing scene partner to work with! 

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