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  1. Aine's wearing department colors with some Starfleet licensed earrings and necklace.
  2. Our new medical officers first sim and it's like he knows us so well already, welcome aboard: Chaos, that was the description of his final exam and his first assignment.
  3. Can confirm, everyone does. I think I was even doing OOC before I reached the Nusin line.
  4. For me, the idea of unlimited power, more than anything, seems boring. No sense of wonder or discovery. No challenges.
  5. This appreciation post, as seen in the topic, is for Justin ( @Yalu). It's also for his co-writers. @Genkos Adea, @Meidra Sirin, @Etan Iljor, and @Addison MacKenzie. The writing by all of them was perfect. The emotional journey for this reader was, at times, difficult. There is so much that is touched on in this series, I almost can't talk about it, you just have to read it. I genuinely don't know what to say except thank you to the 5 of you for giving the rest of us something so amazing! So, everyone, take some time to sit back and read about the Zhian'Tara of Yogan Yalu. ZhiantR&am
  6. Agree with point 1, but only if they change point 2.
  7. Before reading, I'll give some background. Rossk Shes Ar-Dev is a Hypermale (third sex) of the Nascaik. A highly militant society. Hypermales are dying breed and no more are being born and this is also causing population loss planetwide. After much disagreement and a terrorist attack on them by a lone Thama, the Nascaik and the Thama have now agreed to help one another rather peacefully. Foss is Ar-Dev's son, who has voiced his free will of not wanting to become a Hypermale through genetic modification. It seemed as though the boys voice was the voice of change and reason. The voice that
  8. Justin is cementing his All-Star heavy hitter (as a writer) status. This has been such a well written antagonist. This sim in particular shows a friendly cultural misunderstanding and even a little jab at his own PC. MVP all the way. (( Transporter Cube 1, Nascaik Transport Vessel 318-559 )) Shes observed His son carefully from behind the control panel of the Transporter Cube. He had ordered the boy to stand at attention nearly 10 minutes ago, and he was. Foss was highly disciplined for being such a young boy; he would go far in the military. Far, but by a quirk of genetics
  9. Oh, I thought of another one! Opening scene to all of the Picard series. Specifically when Picard say, "I don't want the game to end."
  10. I got a few. Jean Luc breaking down after fighting his brother. His fears all spilling out. Lwaxana being faced with mortality when she learns the man she fancies is going home to die at age 60. Sarek's true feelings towards his wife and son coming out of Picard. This one gets me right in the feels.
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