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Poll of the Week: Most Memorable Phrase

Jona ch'Ranni

Poll of the Week: Most Memorable Phrase  

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  1. 1. In your opinion, what is the most memorable phrase from Star Trek? (BONUS: Let us know if you use variations of these phrases yourself in everyday life!)

    • "Make it so!"
    • "Live long and prosper."
    • "I'm a doctor, not a ..."
    • "Set phasers to stun."
    • "Resistance is futile."
    • Something else. (Tell us more below!)

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Words have power. As a community of writers, we can agree on that. 

Behind the special effects or fancy visuals, Star Trek is about people and how they communicate. The franchise has brought us many memorable phrases over the past fifty years. Some are so memorable that they have lodged themselves into the collective culture and will forever be linked with Star Trek.

The command "Make it so!" from Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a call to action for his crew. This signature line was said with such finality that it made you want to jump to fulfil the order. You knew that if you suggested a plan and the good captain uttered those three words, then it was up to you to carry it out.

Spock and his Vulcan brethren had the calm farewell/blessing "Live long and prosper." Its simple statement - a wish for health and prosperity - did not in itself imply nor evoke strong emotions in the speaker or hearer. Yet the wish for peace has touched many fans' hearts.

Leonard McCoy, with his rascally wit and sharp tongue, was fond of griping "I'm a doctor, not a (brick-layer, moon-shuttle conductor, physicist)!" Always with the emotional comeback, McCoy was the voice of exasperation that we all wish we could be but rarely have the opportunity to fill.

The chilling statement by the Borg that "resistance is futile" wasn't exactly a threat so much as their pure statement of fact. You knew when you saw the cube-shaped ship on the screen that the next thing you'd hear on the comm channel were those three words.

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Also, this seems a no brainer given my name, but "Dammit Jim"

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 I'll just have to make sure my calculations are accurate, Lieutenant.


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I chose Live Long and Prosper because I've actually used that IRL with other Trekkies. It's a statement that's universally recognised and even offered among those I've come into contact with.  While the others are certainly known, it is this one with which I've always either been offered in goodbye after such a meeting, or offered to them myself.  

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Another one that's often paraphrased, "Dammit Jim, I'm a (insert profession), not a (insert profession)."

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