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  1. I'll just have to make sure my calculations are accurate, Lieutenant.
  2. This arrived in the mail today, so me and Bey will start learning to play, as was both our New Year's Resolutions.. Open disclosure here. I had never even heard of Terrace until I was researching games on Memory Alpha. The game is currently out of print, and so I had to go hunting for a used copy.
  3. I'd like to personally learn two new skills/hobbies. Me the writer, not one of my characters. For instance, I've started learning about knapping (making objects out of stones like flint, etc.) because it's an odd thing to learn in the first place, and I find it's easier to write about something if you have a little "hands on" knowledge on the subject matter. The more you read, research and actually do something, the more believable your writing is.
  4. I have to confess that I initially thought Shran was calling Archer "pig skin," rather than "pink skin." I know I am in the minority in this viewpoint, but Enterprise is, if not my favorite, one of my favorites in the Star Trek franchise for a number of reasons.
  5. As Senior Cadet Beylanesh "Bey" Semu readjusted her grip on one of her traveling bags, a passing Betazoid gave her an odd look. Bey suppressed a smile as she continued on the route that would take her to her temporary quarters. She was used to that reaction from telepathic species she encountered. Her medical file had a polysyllabic description of the genetic gift Bey had received from her Argelian mother and whoever her human father was. Bey herself just referred to it as the "Fry Syndrome," after a character in an early twenty-first century animated comedy. (Courtesy had always required that Bey acknowledge retired Senior Chief Specialist Liqa Semu as her father, but she always had her doubts about Senior Chief Semu's status as the "sperm donor"). While she was at Starbase 118, Bey was supposed to visit an establishment in a sector of the station known as Little Risa. Supposedly Bey's aunt and cousin on her mother's side had an Argelian bar there. Or pub or tavern or whatever they called such establishments on Argelius II. Bey's mother swore up and down that Bey's cousin looked just like Bey. Bey didn't know if this was true or not. The petite, dark-skinned senior cadet had never met her cousin, and truth be told, would not be disappointed if she never did. But Bey's mother wanted Bey to meet more of her family. And even after emancipating herself from her mother and the rest of the commune at the young age of thirteen, Bey still didn't want to (completely) disappoint her mother, even if she was distancing herself from her mother's hedonistic lifestyle. A curious look from another telepathic sentient being made Bey shake her head to get out of her mental woolgathering. First thing's first, Bey told herself. Get settled in her quarters, report her arrival, and find out when and where she needed to report for her cadet cruise. Then she'd decide if she wanted to go look up long lost relatives or not. With that decision made, Bey headed toward toward her temporary quarters.
  6. Hello all, I'm Cabra in real life, I live in the American Midwest, where I teach Math and Physics at high school, as well as serve as a curriculum adviser for the district (which is more headache than prestige). I saw an advertisement for your group at Fall Fest. Looking forward to getting started.
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