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Poll of the Week: Christmas With The Crew

Genkos Adea

Which crew would you rather spend the holiday period with?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Which crew would you rather spend the holiday period with?

    • TOS; Kirk, Spock, Bones and the gang?
    • TNG: Picard, Riker et al?
    • DS9 - Sisko, Dax, etc?
    • VOY: Janeway, Seven of Nine, and the rest?
    • ENT: Archer, Phlox and the OG Enterprise
    • DSC: Burnham, Saru, Killy/Tilly, the whole kaboodle.
    • PIC: Old Man Picard, Raffi, that lot?
    • LD: Boimler, Mariner, usw.?
    • Other? Let us know in the comments!

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We rarely see the holiday season in the Star Trek franchise; with a plethora of cultures, species and systems of beliefs, that makes perfect sense. Ignoring that one scene with Jean-Luc spending a Christmas in the Twilight Zone, I mean, um the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations, of course. So... if we did get a one-off Christmas episode, who would you rather spend it with? Rocking around the Christmas tree with Data, Crusher and Riker (his leg posed on a large snowman)? Having a happy Hanukkah with Kirk, Spock and Bones? Spending Winter Solstice with Archer on the original Enterprise (and not just because it's the shortest day of the year)? Perhaps you'd like a krazy Kwanzaa with Janeway doing that face parents do when you open your presents and they know exactly what they've got you? Chakotay, of course, wouldn't have a clue what he’d got you, and Neelix would make a banging dinner. Perfection. But of course, there are plenty of other options of winter holidays that you could choose from; but that’s not what we’re asking for here. 

What we want to know is WHO would you choose to spend some time with over the holiday season? Below there are all the different crews from the Star Trek shows to choose from, although I’m sure some of you might select a crew not from one of the lead ships. Perhaps you’d rather spend an extra cold Christmas with Shran and the rest of his Andorian band? Or maybe take in some bloodwine at a Klingon opera with Gowron and his magnificent stare? Whatever you choose, let us know why in the comments section!pexels-photo-6181847.jpeg?auto=compress&

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ahhhh. Too many good choices. For me it was really a tie between Enterprise-D and Voyager. I went with Enterprise-D, though, because I think good ole' Data would just make the whole event wonderful. But Neelix's cooking was very tempting, I must say. 😋

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I chose Lower Decks, because it would be amusing for me, and hilariously frustrating for my character!

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