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Poll of the Week: Most Interesting Villain Award

Jona ch'Ranni

Poll of the Week: Most Interesting Villain Award  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. This week we want to know who makes the best villain in the Star Trek universe?

    • Khan
    • Mirror Universe counterparts
    • The Borg
    • Q
    • Someone else (Tell us more below!)

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Star Trek is full of men and women of principal and moral character. It is this focus on the good people crewing our favorite ships and installations that makes the universe such an appealing place. But many of the storylines found in our favorite episodes reveal villains that give the good guys something to fight. It's this conflict that makes Star Trek such great entertainment.

Who makes the best villain across the franchise? Is it the cunning and deadly intellect displayed by Khan in Space Seed(TOS), Star Trek II and Star Trek: Into Darkness? He's human and yet more than that. The ruthless way in which he goes after his enemies would give anyone pause. Do you feel that the familiar yet completely opposite counterparts from the mirror universe send chills down your spine? We see familiar faces that act in ways we wouldn't expect or condone. They are our favorite characters - and yet not. Perhaps the soulless, ever advancing Borg with their declaration "resistance is futile" make the best enemy. How do you even reason with them? Q is another example of a recurring villain that causes havoc for our heroes. Pairing nigh-unlimited power with arrogance creates a deadly mixture which may be why Q has shown up repeatedly since his introduction in TNG.

No matter who you choose, we can all agree that without the bad, the good would not stand in such stark relief. Here's to the good guys! But raise a glass to the baddies too!

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we can assume now that Gul Dukat is the "someone else" here?  XD


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Oh wow! How could we have missed Gul Dukat! Seems like we hit a nerve there. 😛

But its true, he's such a snake in the grass with a deliciously sickly-sweet smirk on his face!

Thank you so much to all of you for expressing yourselves here.

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ha! Dukat was my first thought, too!

He's an incredible 'villain' because he's such an excellent character. Everything he does, he does for a reason, and it's mostly for fairly unselfish reasons too - he's as much about Cardassia as he is about himself.


That said - my vote has gone to the Borg. I think they represent such a perfect villain to the Federation because they are so similar, yet so different. The Borg want to unify everyone as one peaceful whole, not that dissimilar to the Federation. But obviously their methods differ... and they are in many ways the antithesis of the Federation - diplomacy simply doesn't work on them. They can't be bargained with, or talked around with a well-reasoned Picard monologue. 

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Thank you, Vedek Bareil, for reminding us how the Sacred Texts can be so easily misinterpreted.

My vote goes to Winn Adami, for seven years of slow burns.

Edited by Yalu
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