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Lt. JG Alieth - Rom ar'kadan titaya

Karrod Niac

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((OOC:  This was a lovely and wonderful gesture, delivered just when I needed a bit of good cheer.  @Alieth continues to set the bar higher and higher, and the fleet is luck to have her as a member. ))

[[Executive Officer's Office, Deck 1, USS Thor]]

With malice aforethought, Alieth made her way from the Great Hall through the bowels of the ship to the upper deck, concealing her secret cargo. 

The few crewmen who had not been able to abandon their duties to attend the party in the lounge gave her astounded glances, not due to the fact that her presence near the bridge was somewhat unusual, but rather because of the quality of surreptitiousness that the minute Vulcan conveyed, even while preserving a perfectly neutral expression.

The code she had exchanged with a security crew member gave her access to the first officer's office and, with utmost care, Alieth secured the door behind her so that no one would discover her business there.

Once surpassed part of the ever-present mess on the office and the pile of pads that seemed to be multiplying besides on Teller's desk, the Vulcan opened a small space in the middle of the chaos, putting aside a couple of empty coffee mugs and what looked like a half-drunk cup of Vulcan tea.

And there, with great care so that it would be the first thing seen as the door swung open, she placed the box.

The box was small, barely 6 inchs of black lacquered wood, which seemed to absorb the dim light from the office like a black hole might.

On its top cover, a complex design of spirals and circles that she had drawn with delicacy and golden ink stood out on the dark surface, like a solar flare in the solitude of space.

Securing the lid was a complex lock. A game of logic that would keep the former engineer's mechanical interest busy for many hours, if Sern did not provide him the trick to open it.

Inside, three perfect and delicious golden gummy bears. Gummy bears that Teller would probably never get out of their captivity except with the force of a hammer.

The sugary delicacies had been wrapped in a small silk piece, with the same pattern as the lid, a phrase that the ensign Katsim had helped her to embroider on the fragile fabric, raising so many questions and getting so few answers.

Rom ar'kadan titaya .  The phrase circled twice around the initials of the newly promoted Commander.

Pleased with the display, Alieth allowed herself a minute smile, just before she sneaked out of the office with the same malice aforethought with which she had entered.



Rom ar'kadan titaya → aprox. Good job guarantee


Lt. JG Alieth

Medical Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607 

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding

Author ID number:  E239702A10  





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