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  1. As much as Teller is guiding one of the scenes of this mission to a adrenaline filled and high paced scene, @Tony, aka Kells Here shows us the other side of the CoĂ­n with a cold, restrained and Intelligent scene with a slow by highly dramatic pace, a challege of linda with our main antagonist. GORGEOUS (( Anroc's Private Villa, Level 801, Saldanian Corpate Hegemony HQ )) Kells: (deadpan) You mentioned something special. What would be special, Aron thought, was a straight answer, and a quick exit. But he listened to what Anroc had to say. Anroc, however
  2. This sim is a roller coaster of adrenaline with a perfect pace, increasing the urgence of the scene slow and steady till the cliffhanger-y end. @Geoffrey Teller Delivers again? Oh yeah he does ((Damaged Yacht, the Skies above the Zet Homeworld)) Katsim: Are...are you sure this is going to work? The craft rocked, another near miss marring the deckplate near Nenni's skull. Geoff felt that made a more convincing argument than anything he could say, stepping back from the console and working his way towards everyone else. Alieth: ::Trying to imp
  3. And Bob the Blop. BTW i need Err as a sb118 canon specie for REASONS
  4. Amanda is a really talented person and I love that she has been willing to embrace the scene even though it' s completely out of character comfort zone, she also has dared to let her speak a bit and even retort to her First Officer. Of course it's a bad idea my dear Peri, it's Teller's idea. I love seeing your little scientist taking part in the action, I can't wait to see what else she dares to do next!
  5. @Brutus as Saja Jehe: radical napping when a chance arise
  6. @Wes Greaves has a delightful style and wonderful prose in which he is able to slip in little personal details, leaving room for the scene to unfold around him, while at the same time he is able to mix touches of humour with a beautifully described serious scene. And, for the record, after this mission Greaves-fly-in-the-wall is canon. ____________________________________ Capt Wes Greaves - Old Words, New Meanings ((Transporter Room 1, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Wes had expected to find the skipper on the bridge. As soon as the away team was b
  7. Antagonist you love to hate. Setting the bar high here @Geoffrey Teller! (just.... THAT signature) ________________________ ((Anroc's private villa, level 801, Saldanian Corporate Hegemony Headquarters)) Sher’ok Borac had somehow survived the last few hours without being summarily liquidated by staying as invisible as possible. Anything at all that could've brought the wrath of Anroc down on him had been handed off or deferred until a slightly less lethal time could be found. Sher'ok had been lucky so far, but his luck had come to an end with this new alien horror.
  8. If i recall well, Jo made it in some former polls, so there is still a chance!
  9. Even if every one of this are fascinating, i'll go with other and vote for the First Federation-Cardassian War. It's something that has been left as some important part of Picard or O'Brien history, yet we know barely a thing about them. I'm here to see more cardassians being themselves
  10. The level od SASS that @Quen Deena can percolate sky rocket in this sim. I loved it! ____ ((Transporter Room 1, Deck 1, USS Thor)) She still had to make that punch-card for Teller. And probably Alieth, too, while she was at it. Both of them had been among the injured beamed over from the Penetrator. Deena would have liked to say she was surprised, but… she wasn't. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she ought to start a betting pool: every time one of them leaves the ship, guess the number of minutes before they come back knocked out. Maybe the Zet would f
  11. Absolutely biased to "Family" so a good deal of stuff going on there ❤️
  12. @Wes Greaves is a great scene creator, and the flavour he give to each scene he creates could introduce you fully in a strange new world, as much as give a LOT of space for his fellow writers to developt the plot themselves. Awesome cooperative writing on display of a great writer. Good job man! -------- Capt Wes Greaves - Extravagance Greaves’s Personal Log – It’s a strange feeling. The skipper put me in charge the away team to meet with one of the Zet. A pretty important one by all accounts. I’ve led teams before, but not like this. This is
  13. I wasn't prepared for Zet's hell @Sirok 🤣
  14. @Geoffrey Teller speaks in Corporate JUST TOO WELL and I don't like it (well, I LOVE it, and it has killed me, 100% ROI here) _____________________________________________________________________________ (( Basic operating chamber for impulse and energy / Reactor chamber - Endless Golden Penetrator)) Jehe: We really are here to help sir. Let the doctor take a look at you, and then we can go tend to any of your...colleagues. The Vulcan nodded briefly, her attention focused on the device she was holding in her hands. Alieth: ::monotonously::
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