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  1. Alieth is like that family member from the city who returns to her hometown every summer because she misses the place but makes every effort to keep busy so she is EVERYWHERE except with her family because you know what happened last time. So, yep, Vulcan. Who needs sunglasses if you have two pairs of eyelids
  2. The Walsh saga keeps going on, after a couple of hopeless and devastating sims (which I strongly recommend you to read in Thor's group because of the wonderful @Geoffrey Teller and @Wes Greavesknow-how about writing drama) it seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Here Teller displays an excellent prose, and a wonderful new point of view of this micro-history within the mission intermingling a select handful of cultural and spiritual references of our beloved Bajorans, creating again a deep, dramatic and highly recommendable scene to read, introducing us fully into the world of Star Trek. Another Good Job Guarantee for sure @Geoffrey Teller
  3. I think there are few Tellarites written and should be written more often. They are terrific fun to read, and they provide a very interesting balance between Vulcan stoicism and humans, for example. In this SIM @Sirokwrites Zheg in all his flowery glory, a character quite different from his main character and at the same time full of personality, with an amazing capacity (as is his habit) for technobabble and, to crown it all, reconnecting two SIMs a little bit different so that everything works. What more can you ask in a SIM? Add to all this that English isn't Sirok's main language. I try to avoid posting Sirok's SIMs here because I'm obviously biased, but you deserve this one. Good job.
  4. It is always extremely difficult to introduce or let out a character in the very middle of a mission, even more so when a good part of the mission premise is a race against time in which the life of the whole crew relies on working together. Just for that reason, how this SIM solves that conundrum, is worth to be in appreciations, since it does it in an extremely intelligent and elegant manner, becoming a wonderful prelude for the next part of the mission. If we add to that the emotional significance of the scene and how much in character both officers are, conveying the gravity of the situation and the bonds that link them, what we have is a treasure. Thank you very much for this exhibition of good work and great writing @Geoffrey Teller and @Addison MacKenzie (and, again, you'll be DEEPLY missed in the Thor, BOSS!)
  5. This is a beautiful example of what a counsellor can do in a crisis situation, and how a seemingly reserved and always composed character can bring a lot of emotional weight to a scene and assist another writer's character development. It's a wonderful sample of collaborative writing, scene timing, and prose. Besides killing ourselves a little bit inside for adding one more tear to the sea we are crying with this mission. Thank you for that, @Alex Brodie
  6. Jo Marshall, a woman of vast and profound wisdom
  7. My vote is on replicators, since they would help to solve a LOT of current world problems plus being the first step in the development of the others. Also insta-coffee
  8. This kind of stuff is why we can't have anything nice on the USS Thor... and why I love hate writing with those nerds Good Job Guarantee @Geoffrey Teller
  9. This is a direct punch in the feelings, you are warned. This is Mr. Walsh's first (and so far only) SIM, the view of what is happening on the USS Thor from the viewpoint of one of those nondescript characters that fill the background of our scenes, that manages to summarize, rather promptly, the emotional cost of what the "officers at the top" are trying to fix. Really, really well written and an excellent sample of the good work of @Wes Greaves I won't forgive you this, sir.
  10. On the one hand I think that quarters have the special quality that they are something very intimate and one of the few moments in which we can develop our characters in the privacy in which they can be themselves without being an officer. BUT I decided to vote for "others" because there are really many ways to do character building and many great chances come from interacting with others and putting our characters out of their usual shoes. So I think that flexibility is the key
  11. I'll make a confession: I'm a verbose person. I begin to write and I easily exceed the number of words I had intended. That's why SIMs like this marvel me. It has many good things and, its conciseness is only one of them. In a very succinct way, without dialogue and with a very short and elegant description, it shows us a very intimate moment of a character that, in a usual way, is a force of nature. With very few lines and in a very subtle way it reflects what past events have meant for the character, how they still weigh on her and what she is dealing with. All in a missive to home, a sweetened message to really conceal what is in her mind. A true delight for its succinctness, its intimacy and the vulnerability it displays. Thanks for this gem @Addison MacKenzie ! ____________________________________________________ (( Room 0502, Deck 5, USS Thor )) Addison sat on the couch in her quarters with her feet up and re-read the letter composed on her PADD. To: Priscilla MacKenzie, 34 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, MA, Earth From: Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Hi Mom, I know, I know – I don’t write or call enough, and you’re right, so let’s just get that out of the way now. Things have been crazy, as you well know from the bits I’ve been able to send you. I’m on my third assignment in a year and a half, which either means they really like me, or they really hate me. Time will tell, I’m sure. We recently got took on several new junior officers, including a Vulcan doctor. While she’s a colossal pain in my [...], she’s an excellent addition to this crew, and so too for medicine as a whole, I’m sure. The rest of the lot are a good bunch and will make fine officers. Hopping the galaxy does have its perks, though – I had the best burger of my life at a greasy spoon on Ketar V. While I wouldn’t recommend The Shoals as a destination hotspot, these burgers might be worth it… I know Ryan would love them. Sorry I don’t have time to write more. Try not to worry too much – Geoff is still here and keeps me in line. Give Dad and the bunch a big squeeze for me. Next chance I get, I’ll be home to visit. Promise. All my love, Addy She decided not to mention the part where she had been abducted and abused, though it was likely her parents already knew – they always seemed to have a way of finding things out. Addison took a deep breath and hit send. She desperately hoped she was able to keep that promise. --- Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Chief Medical Officer USS Thor V239601AM0
  12. Even if technically isn't a "Lost Colony" quote: 😜
  13. Congratulations to all the winners and well-deserved prizes! I want to especially congratulate my fellow Vikings for the stack of awards they are bringing home because they are MORE than well deserved. @Addison MacKenzie, boss you deserves this! our department would not be as great without you and i'm here to learn all the dirty tricks from the bossier Boss, you never dissapoint! @Wes Greaves I'm quite GLAD you win this, you've made me enjoy deeply write with marines and you're the best representation of them in trek i've read in a long, LONG time. More than well deserved, keep like this always! @Ben Garcia... You're still grounded without gummy bears congrats!!!
  14. Congratulations for you all! Those awards represent a tiny recognition for the tireless work that entails keep the group moving and that we all enjoy the trip. Thank you deeply for your time and dedication
  15. I want to say that I never expected that, among all the talented and passionate people with whom I share community, I would be the recipient of this award. I am humbled and proudly grateful that I have been acknowledged with it and to the people who have deemed me worthy of it. After having shared so short time with you in this community I am genuinely proud to be part of it and, most importantly, for all the dedicated, passionate and simply GREAT people who are part of it and to put on record that this is, in my experience, the best community I have ever been in and the most welcoming, by FAR. You all are who made this place special, and i'm so glad to been allowed to contribute to it. I would also like to give special thanks to @Jo Marshall who was my CO at the Academy and had to endure me not only that week, but to tolerate me in the image collective as well and let me join her zombies shenanigans @Samira Neathler who was my XO in the academy and put me on track to join the community @Tony (Kells) to be and AWESOME Captain and let me lost his character in our first meeting, because the best way to join a crew is to lose your captain @Alex Brodie for being my mentor and being the very best that anyone could wish for @Geoffrey Teller for being a reference to look at and being the excellent XO that he is. Even though he doesn't deserve any gummy bears. @Wes Greaves& @Sirok for being excellent classmates and having made my entrance into the community a delight and being the best classmates I could wish for.A special mention to Sirok because I've been behind for months in our "secret project vs 2.0" and he still hasn't cracked the whip to finish it, despite all the delays *kiss*. @Jalana for the wonderful work she does organizing the collective and for having trusted me so soon and supported me practically from the first minute. And to each and every one of you who spends time with me in discord or on the ship, especially those of you who pass through the Thor decks or have pointed ears and let me mess with them in doscord. You are the best and thank you for everything.
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