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  1. ((OOC: This was a lovely and wonderful gesture, delivered just when I needed a bit of good cheer. @Alieth continues to set the bar higher and higher, and the fleet is luck to have her as a member. )) [[Executive Officer's Office, Deck 1, USS Thor]] With malice aforethought, Alieth made her way from the Great Hall through the bowels of the ship to the upper deck, concealing her secret cargo. The few crewmen who had not been able to abandon their duties to attend the party in the lounge gave her astounded glances, not due to the fact that her presence near the bridge was somewh
  2. This was a lot of laughs to work on and I can't wait to see how it makes a mess of our upcoming mission! Thanks for sharing it with the fleet, @Alora DeVeau and my sincerest thanks to @Alieth & @Quen Deena for helping make this story come alive!
  3. I knew the dame was trouble the minute she walked through the door. Her goodie-two-shoes smile said 'trust me' but her razor sharp gaze screamed 'I'm watching.' The pay was too good, the job sounded too easy, and I knew I should've said no....but then I remembered that the only thing in my pockets was lint and a lousy crushed cigarette. Something told me right then that I'd be the one paying for this.
  4. @Quinn Reynolds & @Jo Marshall - Bravo you two. You managed to make a roadtrip in the family minivan into a nuanced, complex and emotional narrative that works for a lot of reasons. It's well paced, beautifully invoked and has a great balance of humor and heart. Well done
  5. It has been an absolute pleasure bringing this saga to an uplifting conclusion, and a wonderful opportunity to write with the exceptionally talented @Wes Greaves. All of this started with an idea of his making, and I cannot thank him enough for letting me build upon his start. Experiences like this are exactly why I enjoy 118!
  6. Why am I not surprised Sevo punched a dinosaur. Very on brand. great sim!
  7. ((OOC: I find one of the most interesting challenges in our format to be creating 'small moments' within the bigger arc of a plot that's going on, and it's why I think this sim deserves particular praise. Alieth has, in a few exquisitely poignant lines, established the simple lives and tragic deaths of nearly half a dozen characters, adding enormous emotional resonance to a scene and using a facet of her Vulcan character in a way I've rarely seen executed so beautifully. Bravo!)) ((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Thor, Five Hours & Fourty Seven Minutes until QSD Overload)) The pa
  8. I think this situation highlights where our format can produce some incredible and dramatic storytelling - @Wes Greaves invoked these very accessible and believable newlywed officers in his first sim (The Cost, below) and I was immediately struck by the personal nature of the storytelling within the context of a larger disaster aboard ship. I spoke to him over Discord and, with his blessing, built upon his start. Lets hope things work out for these two
  9. Congratulations to all the exceptional people from around the fleet who show us, through actions and attitude, how to be the best there is. To my fellow vikings, @Wes Greaves, @Addison MacKenzie & @Ben Garcia I offer the heartiest congratulations - in the short time we've been a crew I have gotten to see greatness from all of you. I cannot wait to see what the year ahead brings for all of us!
  10. My sincerest congratulations to each and every one of you. The amount of work you do, born of your generosity and desire to build something wonderful, is truly staggering. As a fleet, we're tremendously lucky to have you. As individuals, it's a pleasure and an honor getting to write with you. Yours is the example we're proud to follow. Thank you all!
  11. I am humbled and staggered to be honored in such a way, and count myself lucky once again to have found such an incredible community. To everyone who is taking a ribbon home, you have my sincerest congratulations. Your contributions to the fleet are enormous and I can only hope to keep up with the incredible example you've set. To me, an award like this is a reminder of how vital and vibrant our community is, and the awesome opportunity I've been given to help people from all over the world tell their stories. It is, truly, an honor. Thank you all for continuing to be the most
  12. I'm flattered - I'd absolutely love to write with you as well - we might need to have the Thor stop by Ops for some shoreleave in the near future!
  13. Absolutely fantastic to see such an incredible group of award winners this year! Congratulations to everyone, you’ve brought yourself and your ships great honor!
  14. ((OOC: I think this small, personal scene has a tremendous amount of warmth and heart. The characters are wonderfully familiar and the whole tone of the thing is pitch perfect to me. Great job, @Ben Garcia)) (( Ben calls home from his quarters 05-1202, U.S.S. Thor. )) Samantha: Where are you? The room looks smaller? Ben? Garcia: Hi mama. Samantha: (Shouting over her shoulder.) Thom! Thoooaaaaaom! Thomas: (Muffled in the background.) Always the rush! (Shouting.) Coming! Samantha: I read the email Ben – is there two ships now? Both named Thor? Garcia:
  15. ((OOC: A splendid tale of piracy on the high space seas courtesy of @Wil Ukinix & the Veritas!)) ((Bridge, SS Somershire)) Tygin: ::smiling her wicked smile:: Octotriticale...::holding up two fingers:: 400,000 tonnes of it...plus enough equipment to start our own farming colony. Marths: They’re carrying *what*? Tygin: ::raising a brow:: ...grain...::placing her hands on her hips:: it makes the flour you fry your chicken in. ::taking a breath:: it's 3 bars a ton. A rare open mouthed smile slowly presented itself on the poultry-fanatic’s face, before he chuckled.
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