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  1. This sim is great on its own merits, but the fact that @Tony, aka Kells & @Alex Brodie explored these difficult topics in the midst of a tremendous amount of real world stress makes it especially personal and touching to me. Bravo to you both.
  2. Really fantastic work on this one, especially from our newest member Ens. Jehe Saja. Excited to see your name already showing up over here in Appreciations, I'm certain it won't be the last time!
  3. OOC: I've really enjoyed exploring the line between the serious side of Teller's character against his more jokey nature, and Alieth has been an absolute pleasure to write with. It's also allowed me to revisit some of Teller's early antics and the impact other officers have had on him. Been a real pleasure - thanks @Alieth! =========================================== ((XO's office, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Alieth: Sir... I am truly sorry for what happened. And I will strive not to disgrace this uniform again... nor the ideas and people it represents. Commander
  4. For all our advancements in technology and medicine, the loss of a friend is still keenly felt by all that knew and served with them. Here, Lt. Jg. Wilde beautifully commemorates the rich service of one such comfy colleague, speeding it upon it's way to Valhalla's basement rec-room. Great job, @Regan Wilde! Funny and touching in equal measure. ============================ ((OOC : You wanted a sofa funeral, you've got a sofa funeral...)) ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Main Engineering)) {{One Week into Shore Leave}} It was a truly so
  5. @Wes Greaves - you continue to paint a vivid and engaging picture of Marine life in Starfleet, and it's details like an amusing running cadence that bring such rich depth to Marine culture. Well done!
  6. Everyone's a critic Great scene guys, I'm glad everyone is having as much fun with it as I am!
  7. As our community has evolved so to have the relationships between players across ships, and I've been delighted to watch the friendship evolve between these two writers both on the page and off. Oh, and speaking from my perspective aboard the Thor - Alieth's new bodyart is 100% accurate. Great work! And now there's going to be so much groundskeeping.
  8. Beat me to it, I enjoyed this one myself. Great job you two!
  9. ((OOC: This was a lovely and wonderful gesture, delivered just when I needed a bit of good cheer. @Alieth continues to set the bar higher and higher, and the fleet is luck to have her as a member. )) [[Executive Officer's Office, Deck 1, USS Thor]] With malice aforethought, Alieth made her way from the Great Hall through the bowels of the ship to the upper deck, concealing her secret cargo. The few crewmen who had not been able to abandon their duties to attend the party in the lounge gave her astounded glances, not due to the fact that her presence near the bridge was somewh
  10. This was a lot of laughs to work on and I can't wait to see how it makes a mess of our upcoming mission! Thanks for sharing it with the fleet, @Alora DeVeau and my sincerest thanks to @Alieth & @Quen Deena for helping make this story come alive!
  11. I knew the dame was trouble the minute she walked through the door. Her goodie-two-shoes smile said 'trust me' but her razor sharp gaze screamed 'I'm watching.' The pay was too good, the job sounded too easy, and I knew I should've said no....but then I remembered that the only thing in my pockets was lint and a lousy crushed cigarette. Something told me right then that I'd be the one paying for this.
  12. @Quinn Reynolds & @Jo Marshall - Bravo you two. You managed to make a roadtrip in the family minivan into a nuanced, complex and emotional narrative that works for a lot of reasons. It's well paced, beautifully invoked and has a great balance of humor and heart. Well done
  13. It has been an absolute pleasure bringing this saga to an uplifting conclusion, and a wonderful opportunity to write with the exceptionally talented @Wes Greaves. All of this started with an idea of his making, and I cannot thank him enough for letting me build upon his start. Experiences like this are exactly why I enjoy 118!
  14. Why am I not surprised Sevo punched a dinosaur. Very on brand. great sim!
  15. ((OOC: I find one of the most interesting challenges in our format to be creating 'small moments' within the bigger arc of a plot that's going on, and it's why I think this sim deserves particular praise. Alieth has, in a few exquisitely poignant lines, established the simple lives and tragic deaths of nearly half a dozen characters, adding enormous emotional resonance to a scene and using a facet of her Vulcan character in a way I've rarely seen executed so beautifully. Bravo!)) ((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Thor, Five Hours & Fourty Seven Minutes until QSD Overload)) The pa
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