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Poll of the Week: Would you join the Fenris Rangers?


Would you join the Fenris Rangers?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you join the Fenris Rangers?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No, but I support them
    • No, I don't support vigilantism
    • I AM THE NIGHT (Tell us more in the comments)

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The Fenris Rangers - an organization that sprung up after the Federation withdrawal and the Romulan collapse to help bring justice to the oppressed, and to fight the warlordism that the region could descend to without an organization to bring peace to chaos. With its own ships, beacons and well known among people operating in the zone, good people and ne’er do wells.  

While many say that there is an organization within Starfleet that does a similar job, the Starfleet Rangers, any Fenris Ranger might argue that they're often too timid to do what must be done, and too bound by the fickle political will of the Federation and restrictive rules of engagement of Starfleet. Some officers left Starfleet to join the Fenris Rangers, such as Icheb and Seven of Nine, and while it has had mixed results, it was undoubtedly a force for stability within the former Romulan Neutral Zone and bordering sectors.    

Would you be one of these officers who leave Starfleet? To join an organization attempting to be justice in a dark galaxy by any means necessary? Or do you feel that vigilantism, even well-intentioned, is a danger to people as justice can become vengeance? Let us know in the comments!


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11 hours ago, Devon Romjin (Rune) said:

I would mostly because I would follow Seven of Nine to hell and back.

Good point! 

Is there a secondment scheme? I'd be interested to hear if so! 😛 

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22 hours ago, Blake said:

Remind me again who holds these guys accountable?


14 hours ago, Devon Romjin (Rune) said:

I would mostly because I would follow Seven of Nine to hell and back.

this up here GIF by Chord Overstreet

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