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Crossover Confusion, Part II

Kali Nicholotti

Crossover Confusion Part II  

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  1. 1. Who would you choose, from another sci fi series or movie, to join the 'perfect' starship crew?

    • Malcom Reynolds
    • Susan Ivanova
    • Han Solo
    • Jabba the Hut
    • Arthur Dent
    • The Doctor
    • Ellen Ripley
    • Rick Deckard
    • Aeryn Sun
    • Starbuck
    • Fox Mulder
    • Sarah Connor
    • Someone Else (Tell us Below!)
  2. 2. What Duty Post should they fill?

    • The Center Chair
    • Helm/HCO
    • Science
    • Medical
    • First Officer
    • Security/Intelligence
    • Marine
    • Tactical
    • Ambassadorial/Staff
    • Engineering
    • Something else?

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Last month we visited the idea that our favorite Star Trek characters could make some pretty awesome additions to some of our other favorite science fiction shows or movies. On the heels of that question, we will now consider the opposite. With so many well loved shows and movies out there, each with their own beloved characters, it might be easy to blur some of the lines to see crossovers in both directions. What? Is that Han Solo at the helm console? Is the Doctor over at science?

This week's poll of the week question asks, if you were putting together the perfect crew, and you could pull over one character from another 'universe', who would you choose and what role would they play? Consider the chaos that could ensue! There really is no limit to who you could pick, but be sure to let us know why you chose what you chose in the comments below!!

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I had to go with Ivanova, for XO (of course!).

It was hard to pass up Ripley, but IMO she's not a good fit for the Star Trek universe.

I absolutely would've picked Scully over Mulder (and maybe over the rest of the options, too!).

Fun poll topic! I love me some crossovers.

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs, as a Marine of course.

The best line ever came from him: "He's not a dog, he's a Marine."

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It's an interesting choice!

A lot of the characters mentioned are too independent I think. Han Solo, The Doctor and Mal Reynolds are not the sort of people I see following orders exactly!

I've thrown my lot in with Ripley as my Chief of Security. She's got the experience of working as part of a spaceship crew and she knows her way around a weapon or two! Plus she cares for people, and protects them, which is important in security as being able to shoot straight.

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I chose Rick Deckard - but not the movie one, the book one and as Intelligence officer.

If he is as it was more obviously pointed in the book one of the replicants, he may be pretty long living and and have lot of knowledge and connections.

I love the movie, but after reading a book it's not as fascinating and perfect as it was before. Every time I read a book before or after seeing a movie it reminds me of codigo_da_vinci_aotw.jpg

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Gibbs is a fun choice, but I'm going with Han Solo. Now given his talents, he might be best suited for tactical. However, it is

clear that Han is not one to follow orders, so to get the best of his talents, he needs the center chair. He'd be in that swash-

buckling tradition of James Kirk. He defeated the Empire with the rattle trap Millennium Falcon. Think what he could do with a

first class starship!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Han Solo as an unfortunate victim of a universe swap. B)

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