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  1. The fact that the woman is his fiance suggests that if she survives, they will marry and produce offspring. Each life will have myriad ramifications for the future and change countless lives. In addition, each of those offspring might make momentous discoveries, inventions, etc, which could further change the entire culture.
  2. I voted for transporter as a huge time and resource saver, but I'd also love the holodeck...SOOOOO much more creative than tv or movies.
  3. For me it was the first time they actually destroyed the Enterprise. I sat in the theater feeling as if I'd gone down with the ship feeling every tree and boulder ripping through the bulkheads.
  4. It has to be when Spock is dying in the reactor core, and Kirk can do nothing but see him die after their long service and friendship together. It was that fact that this was the culmination of their many years that made this a great scene, and why it was so tone-deaf to reverse it in the newer movie where Kirk and Spock had no significant history together.
  5. I'm also with Jamie. Looks like they're substituting explosions for plot, but I'm going and hoping for a happy surprise.
  6. I would actually like it in the PAST. I would love to see a starship caught in our time trying to obey the prime directive while dealing with this culture. Think of it exploring Vulcan and all the other worlds as they were in 2015.
  7. Gibbs is a fun choice, but I'm going with Han Solo. Now given his talents, he might be best suited for tactical. However, it is clear that Han is not one to follow orders, so to get the best of his talents, he needs the center chair. He'd be in that swash- buckling tradition of James Kirk. He defeated the Empire with the rattle trap Millennium Falcon. Think what he could do with a first class starship!
  8. I have always wanted someone from Starfleet to travel backwards in time...long, long ago through a wormhole that took them far, far away to discover a society as advanced as the 24th century. Who better than Picard, who has had a wealth of experience in dealing with challenges to his assumptions? I'd like to see his analytical mind encounter the Force, not to mention the Sith and the Jedi. He enjoys fencing, so a good light sabre might be right up his alley.
  9. I immediately had to eliminate the Klingons since Johanna would starve. She just couldn't eat food that moves. However, Ferengar would interest her because her captain, Brek, is a Fire she'd like to understand better. Also, people tend to think they know everything about Ferenghi culture...business, business, business. Yet, there has to be more to produce people like Brek and other multidimensional characters from that culture.
  10. As a Terran/Betazoid hybrid I'd like to speak the languages of both cultures. In RL I am trying to learn Gaelic, one of the Celtic languages. It is amazingly hard. I do throw in an occasional phrase for my MacLaren characters.
  11. I prefer either Irish or English Breakfast Tea with milk and sugar piping hot....and NEVER in a Styrofoam cup.
  12. While Odo was the least likeable to me, I want a body guard who can always be where I need him.A guy who can be a cobweb or knicknack really fits the bill. He was always ready to drop a bad guy too. As to Worf, I couldn't have a guy around who drank prune juice and ate stuff that slithered on the plate! ( Excuse me while I gag.)
  13. Anyone who could maintain his temper around Wesley Crushed while remaining kind and wise would have to be great with his own child...Picard!
  14. I have to agree with Sal. TOS gets my vote if only because it was a ground breaker which opened sci-fi as an accepted genre on TV and inspired so many spin offs, not necessarily all Star Trek. It established something entirely new in sci fi at the time. It presented an optimistic view of the future with aliens who were rational and interesting. This was a huge step away from the sci-fi movies of the time which was nearly universal in its paranoia that all aliens were monsters bent on destroying or colonizing earth. I think it was also the first series in color. Prior to Star Trek only sports were in color. People who'd never watched sci-fi did it to see something in color other than football! The series hooked a lot of those viewers. Soon everyone was using terms like "beam me up" or "warp." The idea that this show stayed on past a first season with such an innovative approach to programming is testament to how extraordinary it was...despite the really cheesy looking uniforms. The following series all started with a popular foundation, but TOS was the pioneer. That said, honorable mention goes to NG which took the huge chance of replacing the handsome, swashbuckling captain with a bald, middle aged CO who was more diplomat than action figure without a Vulcan in sight.
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